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Found 78 results

  1. Guest

    houseshare when i arrive

    Hi everyone, I have finally booked my flight to australia and will be arriving in jan. My company have provided 1 months accomadation when i arrive but i will be looking to houseshare after to save a bit of money. I was just wondering if any one on here wants to houseshare or anyone who can help thanks chris
  2. Hi All We are arriving in Sydney 28th Nov 2011 and we aren't really sure where to stay while we try and find somewhere to rent. i was looking around on stayz, but just wondering if thats our best option. Also, once we have found somewhere we want to rent, how long till we are able to move in. We're not sure how long to book short term accomodation for? thanks
  3. claireg

    Arrive next week 6th October

    Getting pretty excited now. Have said our goodbyes to good friends and family back home which was tough and now have to do it again this week and next as we are currently in Portsmouth visiting my sister and then heading to Wiltshire for 5 days on Thursday to visit Pete's family. It's a glorious day here today in Portsmouth and we are making the most of it and are off to Southsea seafront with the kids. Looking forward to getting to Canberra and starting our new life and hopefully see you all at the next meet up on 30th October. Cheers Claire, pete and family
  4. hakn449

    Want to arrive in different city

    I have been granted VE 175 visa. I mentioned Melbourne as the city where I will arrive, in the application form but now I am thinking to arrive in Sydney. Can I arrive anywhere in the Australia or Do I have to notify this to Immigration Department as this will be my first trip to Australia.
  5. We're booked to arrive in Perth February 2013. I was thinking about looking for jobs 3-4 months before then. Do you think that's reasonable, or will Aussie employers be more interested in those who can work right away?
  6. Hi All, We arrive next week (20/10/11), OH is a nurse and will be working at the Mater hospital Townsville, as for me I am a stay - at - home dad to our son Victor (who is 2) while its great to read about the mums and kiddies clubs/ coffe clubs etc and very encouraging that Townsville offers familes so much, what about us dads (or am i the only one lol) does anyone know of dad and kids clubs or a mummy club that allows the odd honery male member, all help/advice welcome :chatterbox: thanks for taking the time to read, look forward to your imput :notworthy:
  7. Our first things to do were the usual - register with Medicare, find somewhere to rent, rent a car, etc. We;ve moved to beautiful Port Macquarie in NSW. Things to note on arrival are as follows - and we wished we'd known before we set off: RENT You will definitely need rental references, proof of bills payments, proof of income (these papers are all with the shippers, except we'd never rented before. Good job my son-in-law's brother had been a real estate agent and could put a good word in for us!) You only get one chance to look round the property; this will probably be with several other families also hoping to rent the property. If you’re only there 15 minutes, this is ALL you get to look around – no second visits! We were asked to pay one week’s rent as deposit ( it was then taken off the market). On signing the contract, we paid one month’s rent as bond (bank cheque into a Rental Board Bond) and one week’s rent. Two week’s rent was asked for in advance (we’d already paid one week as the deposit so only needed to pay one further week). At the contract signing, you are given an ‘’outward report’’ of the condition of the property, listing ALL defects. Once you move in, you are given 7 days in which to complete your ‘’incoming report’’ where you list any defects you may find that they have missed. You need to check everything carefully as you cannot add to the report once you have handed it back to the agent. (Even dirty marks on the wall, dirty/damaged fly screens etc., etc.) Best way to do this is to start cleaning - you won't feel like it but you'll see any faults!) SETTING UP We only brought our clothing and hygiene stuff as we were only allowed 23 kgs each plus hand baggage. Here’s what we needed to buy to get started: laundry basket, clothes airer, scrubbing brush, insecticide, cobweb brush, tin opener, pans, non-stick frying pans, mats for doorways & bathroom/toilet, towels, tea-towels, crockery, cutlery, baking tins, dishes (oh, why did we have to send it all with the shippers?) We also purchased a bed & bed linen (mattresses much more expensive than UK but bed linen OK for price), dining table & chairs, TV & cabinet and several small rugs for doorways. We had to borrow a 3-piece suite until we could purchase one and also borrowed a set of drawers. Oh, and we bought a fridge-freezer and a car. We’re not buying anything else till our stuff comes …… SHIPPERS Talking of which, we estimated our goods at 300 cu ft and paid up front. However, whilst in Hong Kong on our second day out of the UK, we got a message from my sister saying that the shippers maintained that our goods in fact measured 400 cu ft and we had to pay them an extra 580 quid before they would ship our goods! I’ll let you know what happens when they arrive and we find the boxes are only half-filled! We'll certainly be trying to claim some of the extra costs back! OTHER STUFF Insects: Ants crawl everywhere – they can smell a rice-sized bit of sweet stuff from metres away and tell all their mates – who then form a long line from their entry point to the sweetie! You’ll need ant-killer (or a wet cloth). Cockroaches – our place has been fumigated so none yet but the last place had a few – and they’re not all small, either! Stamp on ‘em, sweep ‘em up or spray them – it’s not very nice to tread on one during the night (or hear one trying to claw its way out of a paper carrier bag in the middle of the night - as happened to me – I laid awake for 3 whole hours till the alarm went off and my husband awoke as I daren’t get out of bed or even peep over the blankets! Could have been a snake, though? And one other thing - paper wasps! They start building small nests in the eaves but apparently they can sting several times and often do without provocation! If you see any nests (they look almost like small wall hooks) - remove them with a cobweb brush immediately! Storms: Many, beautiful, colourful sheet & fork lightning, long-lasting and buckets and buckets of heavy rain! People: Very friendly and speak to you on the street to say Hello (most of ‘em anyway)
  8. Going to land in Brisbane and do the relly tour - fun !! Anyway, got no idea where to stay - we want to chill on our own for a bit - get stuff etc sorted too. Any ideas ?? It has to be as cheap as but not grotty. And with all our bags too - 5 of us - real pain when it comes to 'hotels' as it bumps up the price - i.e two rooms. All ideas welcome - but we won't go for tent till we have our bags sorted - and bought one for that matter !! Are we best to rent a car as soon as we land given that there are 5 of us and heaps of bags??
  9. Good Day! Im new here! and been looking for a thread like this for so many times. we're Filipinos. I would like to ask your help..My husband and 2 kids (5 yrs old and 1 yr old) is coming on Canberra on Aug. 20, i would like to ask if anyone out there who can help us to find accommodation, we need house/apartment/townhouse/ for rent for one year..our budget is $400/pw. Really appreciate your help. cciara
  10. Good Day! Im new here! and been looking for a thread like this for so many times. we're Filipinos. I would like to ask your help..My husband and 2 kids (5 yrs old and 1 yr old) is coming on Canberra on Aug. 20, i would like to ask if anyone out there who can help us to find accommodation, we need house/apartment/townhouse/ for rent for one year..our budget is $400/pw. Really appreciate your help. cciara
  11. Hi experts, recently we got our 176 visa granted and planing to move soon. Can I open a bank account before arriving @ Commonwealth Bank of Australia. If yes how (any link) ? your valuable responses are much appreciated ... :notworthy: Thanks, Horizone..
  12. Hi, We are flying to Sydney over the weekend. We will be on a 176 Perm Res visa (Head to Canberra the following day on a bus). When we arrive in Sydney, do we just go through the gates as normal or as we're emigrating do we need to go to a special gate? I'm sure it's all done electronically and therefore no need to do anything? Cheers, Mike.
  13. surhythms

    When do you arrive in Canberra?

    Hey Guys Well maybe its just me being nosey or maybe Im getting overexcited as we are due to set off next week. Just wondered when people are due to arrive in Canberra, what you have planned, any jobs yet. Here are our details anyway: Leaving Ireland Tuesday 31st May Arrive in Sydney 2nd June Drive down from Sydney to Canberra in a hired car. Arrive Sunday 5th June. Staying in short term accomodation for the month of June - in Tuggeranong - Langley Heights to be precise (costing us AUD 2295) for the month - doesnt have a washing machine but we will survive! Its a 2 bed apartment off a main house 7 high school appointments made for week one - Belconnen High, Canberra High, Lyneham High, Melrose High, Merici College, St Clares College, Stromlo High - tried to spread the highschools around most areas apart from Tuggeranong. Looking through rentals trying to set up appointments for week one aswell Start work on 13th June ( a week after we arrive !!!) OH still looking for jobs and applying for everything under the sun!! - he works in IT Suzanne
  14. Hi Everyone I have a dilema, I have 3 children but it is my 16yr old that concerns me the most. He is about to take his GCSE's in the UK and we are due to move to Melbourne end of Aug. I have been intouch with the secondary school and have advised me that he will start the end of yr 10 progressing to Yr 11 in Jan 2012. However he will be older than his peers at this stage. I have heard about continual assessment whereby he could use his GCSE as his first Yr of VCE and therefore go into YR 12 in Jan with his age group. Is this possible or did I just dream it somewhere. Any clear advise on this would be greatly recieved, as I am starting to feel a little frazzled by the whole moving lark right now.:wacko: Thanks
  15. Hi all, Sorry if this is a repost, but is landing an IT job before leaving the UK a possibility? Do you know of anyone who has managed this before? I work in IT Networking, predominantly in Cisco. I have previously applied for jobs via Seek, but received no response. There does seem to be a lot of Cisco networking jobs available in Aus right now. Would it be worth calling agencies to show my eagerness? Thanks all
  16. I just thought I'd share what's turned out to be a bit of a lifesaver. We moved over to Oz last Sunday, and spent the first 9 days in a friends' flat, where they had home broadband with WiFi. That was a huge help, as we spent a lot of time on the property websites looking for rentals - in fact, 8-10am every morning was spent going through domain.com.au and realestate.com.au, plus other sites, pulling out new properties, phoning agents, making notes and scheduling on an online Google spreadsheet, and then hitting the road. The first thing we did was get an Aussie prepay SIM - an Optus pack from a newsagent for $30, which is still going strong on the original credit despite a lot of iPhone internet/local call use. I then got another one, and put it in an unlocked MiFi that I bought on eBay before I left. One such auction here, although this isn't the seller I used, and I have no affiliation with them. The MiFi is the thing that's been the lifesaver... you pop a local SIM in, and it connects to the 3G network, and broadcasts it out to your Laptops/iPhones as a private WiFi hotspot. I have it sat on the sideboard in our new house, and it's giving us decent broadband speeds to both laptops and both iphones, for the cost of one prepay SIM subscription. It worked just as well out and about - such as in a cafe while we were reviewing our days' viewings. It should hopefully serve us until we get home broadband ordered. So - if you're preparing to move, it's definitely worth getting one of these and setting up the WiFi part before you come out; make sure it's unlocked to any network, of course. Sure, you can use internet cafes, wired USB dongles, share Wifi from your jailbroken iphone, from your handset via bluetooth, etc. etc... but with this thing, you turn it on, press a button, and it works: End Of. I have enough on my plate without having to be IT support as well! D
  17. DIAC have just released their 2009/2010 stats http://www.immi.gov.au/media/publications/pdf/emigration-2009-10.pdf
  18. Can anyone give me advise on what they did when they arrived about car seats. We have a company car waiting for us but with no car seat! We have been told it isnt worth takling our UK ones as they dont meet Oz standards, which is fine! But what do you do when you leave the airport?? Was anyone else in the same postition? What did you do? Can you rent one from somewhere or is there a shop at Melbourne airport you can buy from? Cheers
  19. paul1977

    what to do when we arrive

    We will be arriving in oz next year and im just wondering if i have covered the basics of what to do when we arrive... tax file number medicare centerlink bank account driving licence any more thoughts would be appreciated
  20. Hi I am looking into all the possibilities of where to stay the day we arrive. It looks like it is going to be a hotel or apartment type thing. Hopefully North of the River Im interested to know what you guys did, where you stayed and how long you stayed for. Also how much is a good price for a hotel. We will be there at the end of june this year. Our first priority is to find a rental property. How long does it usually take for all the paperwork to go through from saying yes to moving in.
  21. Hi, We're planning a campervan trip before we settle down in Brisbane and have found a great place that will convert a van so that we can have something with lower mileage and a brand new interior for our money. The company that does the fit out has a waiting list but they will reserve a slot for us so that we don't have to wait 6 weeks before we set off. We also have someone who can check out a van for us and tell us if it's in good working order. What we don't know though, is whether we can own a vehicle as non residents (ie before we arrive) and how we can get it insured. Does anyone have any advice? We have an address we could use for registration purposes. Will dealers or private sellers have an issue with our non resident status? Thanks, Nicky
  22. So, I was wondering....those of you who have arrived in OZ on PR visa....what happened at the airport? Do they drag you in a room and check your papers, or maybe they just stamp the passport and you're out in no time, or do ye need to report somewhere.....??? Thanks for your feedback :cute: Cheers B!K3R
  23. Guest

    Arrive in Sydney in 2 Weeks!!

    Hey All, I am due to arrive in Sydney in 2 weeks time on an inital 12 months working holiday visa. I seem quite stuck on what I need to be doing before I arrive. I don't have a job as yet, but have appointments set up with recruitment agents. Iv not got accomodation sorted yet, but have a hotel booked for the first week, but then hope to get an apartment sorted near the city. Other than Travel Insurance, is there anything I need to sort out before I arrive, or should I just sort out everything when I get there, ie Bank Account, Tax File Number, Mobile Phone etc. Also, I am coming across with my girlfriend, we are both 25, and was wondering what the best way to meet people was. Neither of us know anyone out there, but was assuming it would be easy enough once we get out and about to make friends etc. Again, does anyone have any advice about this? Thanks Adam
  24. hi everyone, well this is my 1st post as myself, husband and 1year old little boy will be moving out to melbourne mid november. Im so so excited as my sister lives in south yarra so were hoping to move to the bentleigh area or around there. my one fear is spiders ( prob stupid to some i know!!), ive tried gettin myself use to spiders looking at huntsmanns, redbacks u name it, but it just terrifies me and i end up just having nightmares after ive looked, the sheer size of theses creatures just scares me. Im ok when there outside but on the ceiling or just generally anywhere in the house jusr freaks me out, how common are they in suburbs ?? is it worse in the summer ? i need to get over it , coz other then spiders im so so excited !!
  25. So we have 15 weeks till we arrive in Brisbane and it has suddenly occurred to me that we have a lot to do when we arrive!:chatterbox: So can anybody help me as to what or where we have to go and whether I have forgotten anything? 1. Go to bank to activate account and pick up cards. 2. Medicare (where?) 3. Change driving licences (where?) 4. TRN (where?) Thanks guys JOHN