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Found 143 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am writing because I would like to know if those who already worked at fantastic framing can give me a testimony of what they did. Also maybe you can give me more details about the accommodation they give? Am I taking risks in this company ? This company seems to have the "dream job" but I am not sure. Thanks for your answers
  2. Hi all We are looking to see what options are available for short-term accomodation (up to 6 weeks) until we find a rental property. Looked on the likes of WOTif etc and AirB&B, Stayz but looking to see if any other options are out there. A family of 2 adults, 1 toddler, 2 cats. I will be looking for work in / around Brisbane CBD so most be able to commute. We are thinking about renting longer term Karana Downs area. Thoughts or Suggestions? Thank You
  3. meharvey1

    Couples WHV

    Hi, My partner and I are planning on starting a WHV at the end of September, likely beginning in Sydney. Has anyone got any experience/advice for travelling with a partner to Oz on a WHV? Particularly in regards to accommodation or jobs. We are not keen on staying in hostels, at least, not with other people. Is it common for WHV people to rent? Is it affordable in Sydney, or other places? What sort of pricing can we expect? We have yet to send out CVs and find jobs, and I predict that where we will want to live will depend on where we are working. But any advice now would help! Thanks
  4. Hi Guys, Loving the forum. My beautiful wife has just gained her 489 Visa thanks to the NT Government. I am lucky enough to be married to her. She is a restaurant manager in the UK and is planning to do the same in Darwin when we land. I am a Construction / Project Manager and will be looking for employment when we land. Quick question: Is it possible to secure accommodation prior to arriving in Darwin? It would be easier for us to rent an apartment via the internet for the first six months in the CBD, is this acceptable to letting agents in Darwin? Second quick question: We will be flying into Perth to collect our car after a friend sorts out the Rego and collection etc. It is a 2005 BMW 650i with 250K Kms on it and a decent history. Does it have a resale value in Darwin or is it better to change it for a 4X4 in Perth? Third quick question: Is it really as easy as people say to secure employment in Darwin for hard-working people? We are both really work-orientated and throw ourselves into it. Any assistance you guys could provide would be happy received. Rob & Evvy. (Soon to be living the dream in Oz)
  5. Hi I am travelling the East Coast for 4 weeks before planning to settle in Melbourne for a couple of months to work and earn before travelling again. Does anyone know the best way of finding a more permanent accomodation as staying in hostels for 3 months while working obviously isn't ideal. I'm thinking flat or houseshares - or are there specific letting agents that cater to those on WHV? Any help would greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. I'm 18 years old and I went to Australia for a month on holiday in November 2013! Ever since I was 8 years old, I've loved Australia, I've always watched Neighbours and Home and Away, the aussie soaps and its been my dream to go live and work there! So basically, since I'm due to finish college either this year or next year, I've always planned after college to go to Australia on a 12 month working holiday visa! I'm excited but very nervous cause I'll be doing it on my own and I feel a bit panicky about how much there is to think about, for instance, setting up an aussie bank account, getting a tax number, accomodation and just in general being on my own! I do have family on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, and if living with them wasnt an option, which I don't think it will be, what could I do for accomodation? I'm nervous about hostels as I can be shy at times and find meeting new people sometimes daunting! I really want to do this and must not quit on my dream, its just a bit scary, and I hope somebody on here can help! I also don't really wanna do the whole back packer thing where all you have with you is a back pack, I'd rather take a suitcase, get a job and live and work in Aus like I already do in the UK! If anyone has any advice at all, please help! I want to do this, but feel a bit panicked!
  7. RandC

    Short term rentals

    Hi everyone My girlfriend and I arrive in WA on 14th September and start work with WAPOL on 6th October, spending 13 weeks at their training academy in Joondalup. Is anyone currently looking to rent out a room in their apartment/house close to this area or know of anyone who is? Any contacts would be much appreciated. Thanks RandC
  8. melthemelon


    How long would people reccomend booking a first (well researched, popular, GOOD) hostel for? Coming out in December (high season, hard to extend booking?) and unsure how long to book for... On the one hand, moving hostels is such a hassle, but if you hate your hostel and youre stuck there, it can be miserable So.... - 1 week and hope you get a house share sorted? - 2 weeks and just enjoy just aclimatising and sorting out a job first?
  9. Hi, I'm moving to Sydney for 6 months in December this year. The first few weeks I will be spending with family friends in Chifley and Bondi, but after that I'll have to look for my own place. I was just wondering if anyone could recommend any suburbs that are particularly reasonable for renting? I won't be looking for a one bed place, probably more likely to be a 4 or 5 bed. I'm a 23 yr old guy, too, so I want to be in and around where it's busy or where there's stuff going on. Obviously, I realise I'll have to pay top dollar to live near the beach or near the town centre but equally, although it would be considerably cheaper, I don't want to be living way out of the way either. So what I'm looking for is a compromise. Thanks! Joe
  10. littleLinnie

    Sydney August 2013

    Hi I'm going to Sydney on a WHV in August. Does anyone have any recommendations for accommodation? ​Thank you
  11. We are moving to Perth next year and although staying with family for the first 3 months, I would be interested in having some ideas of good areas to live. You may ask why we don’t ask them, always best to have several opinions in my book! My wife and I have a 2 year old daughter and 2 month old son and have been looking online for property near Midland, Perth area as I will be studying at TAFE MIDLAND CAMPUS - LLOYD STREET (Polytechnic West) come February 2013 for 2 years. We don't need to be next door, I don't mind commuting as long as there is an accessible train line and doesn’t take me any longer than 30mins - 1hr in either direction. We are looking for a 2-3 bedroom house ideally with a garden, child safe. Furnished would be nice but there doesn’t seem to be many of them about or within our budget. We are looking at $300-450 a week although we would be willing to pay $500 per week if the house is fully furnished! We would appreciate somewhere reasonably priced as the above rental figures won’t leave us with much unless I can find a good paid job quickly amongst study time. Can anybody help and suggest some good areas?
  12. Hello, I have accepted a job to move over to Sydney and will be moving in between 4-6 weeks. I have friends already living in Coogee and would ideally like to move in with them if possible (providing we can find a 3 bedroom place). They have told me that Coogee is a really nice area with a nice beach and good sports facilities. It sounds fantastic however my office for work will be based in St Leonards (North Sydney). I would realistically only be required to be the office 3 times a week due to the nature of my job however I just wondered if this commute between Coogee and St Leonards would be manageable? Does anybody on here do a similar commute and how bad is it driving through the city and across the bridge ? I could potentially use public transport but I understand that from Coogee it would be buses not trains so would still have to sit in traffic. I would like to live near the beach but at 28 and with a 'proper job' I dont think living in Bondi would suit my lifestyle. Although I enjoy going out at weekends I want to live somewhere with a less party atmosphere. Any advice on what the Coogee to North commute is actually like or any other recommendations of places to live would be greatlt appreciated. Thanks Graham
  13. Hi, My Family are coming over for a month at christmas to visit me. I am looking for an apartment for them to stay in between the dates 13th December to 8 January. A 2 bedroom flat/apartment would be suitable for my parents and two young sisters. If anyone in Melbourne is going away over chrismas, maybe back to the UK etc and would be willing to rent out their place for a while please PM me. Thanks, Ryan
  14. KirstHelloKitty

    I want to live with fun people!

    Heeeey. I am moving to Brisbane in January and have been looking for somewhere to live with people similar to my age. My ideal accommodation would be like student living but obviously I am not a student anymore (I'm 23). I want to live with a group of Australians around the center of Brisbane area (or roughly around there) so I signed up for different flat sharing websites but all I seem to get it creepy replies and one bedroom flats which I would find so boring. Can anyone help? Thaaanks :notworthy: Kirst xx
  15. MsJulz

    My Top 10 Emigration Tips

    Here are my tips to help with a smooth transition, I hope it may be of use to some people in your Aussie adventure... Pre Move 1. Pack up your life and streamline – shut down all your hardly used bank accounts and credit cards, have a big house hold clear out - don’t bring stuff from one loft to another. Utilise Gumtree, ebay and car boot sales. Unlock your phone. Change all your addresses to a family members or friends or at least set up a years’ postal redirection. Sort your CV. Shut down or change address on sports memberships, libraries, car insurance, child benefit, doctors, dentists, gas, electricity, council tax, home and mobile phone, internet, home insurance, life insurance, pensions, banks – oh the list goes on and on but you get the idea. Much easier to do all this from the UK so try to be thorough, although I guarantee there will be some you will miss! Also, have a look at any up and coming birthdays and buy cards and presents before the move and leave with friends to post for you. One less thing to think about when you first arrive. 2. Pre plan / book ahead – there are many things you can do in advance of your move to make life easier for yourself upon arrival. Things such as book your hire car, set up your arrival accommodation, set up a money transfer agent, open a bank account and transfer some funds over, pre-order an online shopping (www.coles.com.au) to arrive on your first day. 3. Don’t over pack but do – as I said in number 1, definitely have a big clear out of clutter but it is worth bringing over all your main household items, everything costs a lot here especially when you are using £s from the UK to buy items before you start earning $s. If you are buying a full container, it’s worth filling it. Our child will be ready for a ‘big bed’ soon so we bought one at tesco and brought it with us. We also brought the kid’s birthday and Christmas presents. Get friends and family to give you birthday or Christmas presents that you can add in too. Everything costs more here so if you do have extra room, use it. We brought a large box worth of our favourite toiletries, kids nappies and wipes, makeup, kitchen sprays and razors, etc. It is great to have your familiar products as well as helping to lessen the cost over those first few months. Also, treat yourself to some new summer clothes, you’ll need them and the clothes shops here are pretty crap and expensive. 4. Don’t stress – easier said than done but really don’t stress too much before the move. Try to enjoy time with family and friends, visit your favourite restaurants and places, take advantage of friend’s hospitality for goodbye lunches and dinners. Relax – it will all work out once you are here. 4.5 The flight – It is never as bad as you imagine, especially if you have kids. The airlines are geared up to help you, they have games and books and colouring in as well as the movies and kid friendly food. At one point in our flight (Singapore Airlines) my OH and I were both sleeping as was our youngest, my older child was bored so wandered up to the back of the plane where the crew played cards with her for over an hour!! They really are great. Pre and Post Move 5. Gumtree (and Garage Sales) – mentioned in point 1 as a great way to get rid of old furniture, clothes, books, cds, dvd etc. But it is also great to use once here. Gumtree is extremely popular in Australia as are local garage sales, great for big items such as white goods that you probably had to leave in your house back in the UK. We have also bought car seats, garden equipment, lawnmower etc. Local and always cheap. We bought a washing machine and fridge freezer for $300, both in excellent working order and the guy delivered them in his van too! 6. Money & lots of it – you have probably realised by now that it is an expensive business emigrating. Even if you are lucky enough to have a sponsored company helping with the costs, the money seems to disappear and quickly. There are a number of large initial outlays – visa costs, police checks, health checks, sorting your house for selling or renting, flights, shipping, insurance and that’s before you have even arrived. Once here you’ll need a car, short term accommodation, Sat Nav, your Bond (usually 4 weeks rent) plus 4 weeks rent upfront for your longer term rental, food shopping including all the staples like herbs, oil, cling film etc that you just threw away!, mobile phones, the list goes on. Needless to say, make sure you have some savings that you can access easily from Australia. Post Move 7. Internet – sometimes I wonder how those £10 poms did it! Where would we be without the Internet! Make sure you bring a laptop and are renting somewhere that has internet access. It will be your life line in the first few weeks. From looking for work, long term accommodation, accessing PIO (!), finding a car, to locating your nearest chemist or supermarket. You will need the Internet. Also, join local Facebook groups to keep abreast of what’s happening in your local community. Make sure you and your family and friends have set up Skype and Viber accounts for free video and phone calls. 8. Sat Nav – buy one as soon as your arrive. Even if you are moving to a fairly small town, it just makes life so much easier. They are fairly inexpensive too, you can get a decent one for $100, less on Gumtree. 9. Ask Questions – the best source of information is the people around you, most have been here a lot longer than you and are familiar with the area, how things work, places of interest. Good areas to live, good schools and catchment areas, commuter distances, childcare, sports facilities and social groups, best places to buy things. People are usually more than willing to give advice and information, so ask questions. 10. Enjoy! Remember why you moved – quite often it was for a better way of life for you and your family so take advantage of the lovely weather, enjoy the parks and beaches, spend lots of time together. Make friends, socialise and explore. There will be days when you just want to be ‘home’ but look around and soak it up. If it lasts forever or you only stay for a little while, make the most of it, you’ve done it, you made it to Australia and if it turns out not to be for you, at least you tried. Remember you only live once! Julie
  16. In the process of finding suitable long term accommodation, and have started looking at Inner West suburbs. In particular, I'd like to hear people's thoughts on Burwood? Went to view some apartments there, generally good value for money. Transport links seem good, on the more direct trains its 3 stops to Town Hall, about 15 mins. It also seems good for shopping, cafes, restaurants etc with a large Westfield there. It does seem quite diverse ethnically which I don't mind, but it does seem to be under a flight path. Any thoughts, opinions would be appreciated :smile:
  17. Hi, we (me my partner and son aged 3) are moving to Brisbane in March next year and need to find some short term (around 4 weeks) accomodation in or near the CBD while we look for a permanent home. We are looking for the apartment or house to be fully furnished and clean while reasonably priced. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks :biggrin:
  18. Hi guys I am moving to Sydney on 11th januarywith a 457 and I would like if you could recommend me a temporary accomodation around Newington, Strahfield, Homebush etc.. It is being difficult find apartments around that area just for 1 month until I find the permanent house, so your help will be very grateful Thanks in advance
  19. Hi. We are a family of 4 and I have a baby due in March and we have just had our visas approved and flights booked for 14th December. We are heading for Joondalup but because its holiday season we cant find any place to stay while we look for a house to rent for our family.! Does anyone know of either a family who may be going away and want to rent us their house, does anyone have a room or two we could rent for a while, or know of anyone who has an empty rented place? Do they do an equivelant to B & B's over there? lol ANTHING ??!! Failing that can anyone loan us their carport? - we could get a few sleeping bags :eek:
  20. Hello, We are 2x 23 y.o. British Graduate's looking for accommodation and casual work in Perth from 20th November. Available for casual, part-time or full-time work and working unsociable hours/weekends over Christmas/New Year is fine. We have got working visas and intend to get a back account set-up before we get there. Is HSBC a better option as they have them in the UK? I have looked on a few websites for jobs/accom but could use a bit of advice. Don't know if its worth getting an RSA certificate for bar work as also interested in a christmas retail job? Are there companies where we can work and stay? I've seen an example of this in a backpackers hostel. We are on a budget. Can anyone help please?! Many thanks
  21. Hi All We are arriving in Sydney 28th Nov 2011 and we aren't really sure where to stay while we try and find somewhere to rent. i was looking around on stayz, but just wondering if thats our best option. Also, once we have found somewhere we want to rent, how long till we are able to move in. We're not sure how long to book short term accomodation for? thanks
  22. Hi mates I am arriving Sydney on January with my company, and I will be based in Lidcombe. I am looking for advice about how to look for a temporary accomodation while I found the house for living, as I cannot rent the house directly from my country. I hope to find the house soon, as I know the area in which i would like to live, so my target will be arrange from my country as much as dates with houses around the area to visit all when i arrive to O My question is what people use to do in this kind of situations, to get a temporary accomodation? Something that was not extremely expensive as I will be there as few days as possible . Thanks for your advice
  23. Hello, Family and I are coming over to Melbourne on the 17th January and we are looking for some fully furnished accommodation for about 4-6 weeks. I have a couple of places we maybe able to rent, however nothing is confirmed yet so I wanted to see if anybody can recommend anywhere. It will be for 3 adults and one child (11 months old) so we are looking for a 2/3 bedroom property. We are looking for anything along the Mornington Peninsula as that’s where we would like to live long term. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Hayley, James, Elsie and Bella. ps It also has to be pet friendly as we have a dog.
  24. rustyspanners

    Vist accomodation

    Has anyone used "Accommodation Services WA Pty Ltd" for there holiday rental did you find them ok or not.
  25. Hi there, Family of 5, husband, myself and 3 children, twin sons(3) and daughter(1) arriving in Melbourne 3rd Oct. Oh the thought of this flight. Husband just found out yesterday has a job in Bayswater, unsure when he is to start, dilemma is, will only have 1 car. If has to start straight away, the only accomodation available is a bit on the rural side, 10 mins from Berwick. Anyone know of anywhere close to transport, not too far to Bayswater? Looked on the websites I had seen on here, only seemed to find long term rentals, or way out of price range. In touch with Moving to Melbourne, unfortunately as it is so close, place we had looked at, not available, thankful to her for the one option, not booked yet but would love something closer. I am hopeful all will come together, or it will be all up at 0700am taking Daddy to work yeah!!! How are Opticians and glasses prices? Read some of the Dentistry threads Yikes! Lastly any recommendations for car hire? Thanks in advance for any info. Head is buzzing now.