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Found 102 results

  1. I just thought I would let people know what a fantastic company I have found in Oz and how much I wish I had known about them before I got here. They are called Oz House & land, We Make Building Property Easy! - Oz House & Land - they are a real estate agent with a difference. They source land (nice plots) and put that together with the most suitable property,most important you know they are in good areas. You actually buy the complete package. Buying a property over here works very differently to the UK and they have been a god send with info and recommendations. You buy the property off plan, so you enter into a new build contract, but, the best thing is, other than signing the actually paper work you don't need to lift a finger. Oz House & Land do everything, all the administration, all the chasing, you literally do not need to be in the country. I have bought one and am looking forward to seeing my house being built !!! The most annoying thing is, if I had signed up a year ago when I was still in the UK, I could have saved 1000's due to the fast increase in real estate here. The house build would have been going on while I was in the UK and I would have arrived to a ready made home that had increased dramatically in value since purchasing it. Anyway, that is my experience and just wish I had known about this before when at home, take a peak...!!!:idea:
  2. Guest

    FIFO/Fly In Fly Out

    Fly In Fly Out When one partner regularly works away from home, extra challenges can arise for the family unit. Though relationships/families can have problems stemming from FIFO, there are just as many people who enjoy such a lifestyle. They often say it gives them room to be themselves and to follow individual interests. This seminar can help in this shift from seeing FIFO relationships in a negative light to a more positive one. This one-night seminar explores differences between FIFO relationships and others particular ways in which FIFO impacts on relationships the range of emotions associated with FIFO relationships, including loneliness, resentment, mistrust, isolation – a feeling of being left out importance of effective communication to lessen harmful impacts. Fee: $25 per person Concession Fee: Concession rates available DateLocationTimeEnquiryWed 27 JulWest Leederville Details EnquiryMon 26 SeptEast Vic Park Details EnquiryTues 18 OctPerth Details EnquiryThurs 10 NovWest Leederville Details Enquiry http://wa.relationships.com.au/Courses/One%20Night%20Seminars/Fly%20In%20Fly%20Out.aspx Hopefully this may be of interest to some of you guys and gals ! Susie x
  3. just had my daughter come and tell us she's decided not to come with us after all, I'm totally deverstated as we fly to Perth on Saturday, can't beleive she has waited till now to say she's not coming, everything we have is already out there as we sent out container 6 weeks ago so we would have all our belongings as soon as we arrive, not going now is not an option but how do I leave her here. sorry for any mistakes cant see throught the tears
  4. Hi, Just seen some family who are visiting the UK but live in Perth. We were discussing the cost of flights and I was shocked to find out they have paid $2000 each for a return flight. Does it cost that much from Australia to come over to the UK? I have no immidiate plans to go back to the UK once we get over there but it is worth keeping the money spare in case of emergency's. It seems a big difference considering it is technically the same flight but just in the opposite direction. (I know things are relative) but they were compeltely shocked by how little we pay to visit them in comparison. I just wondered what other people have paid to come back to the UK?
  5. Angela820

    Fly or drive from sydney to canberra??

    We got our visa - it took only 1.5 weeks!!! Anyway - we are travelling to Sydney on the 6th NOvember with two kids aged 3 and 4 and LOADs of luggage! What I wanted to know is what the the best way to transfer from Sydney to Canberra central? Cost is less of an issue but its more about which is the less stressful?? We would need to go through customs etc (how long does this take) and then either transfer to the domestic terminal and check in and fly from there or would it be easier and less time overall getting a hire mini bus type thing? Any advice on this would be great as we are holding off booking this transfer as we cannot make up our mind which is easier and quicker? Angela x
  6. Guest

    Fly into Adelaide, out of Brisbane

    Hi, I've only ever flown into and out of the same airport (or had a one way ticket and purchased the return a year or so later). We need to validate our visas and are planning end of Jan/beginning of Feb, probably 27th Jan and return sometime around the 11th/12th Feb. We want to fly into Adelaide and spend a few days looking around, then an internal flight to Sydney, probably hire a car or van and make our way up to Byron to see friends (we want to pop in at Yamba also so not going to fly). We will then fly out of Brisbane. Anyway, can anyone suggest the best /cheapest/easiest way to arrange these flights? I don't mind which London airport we fly from, but Heathrow would be preferable. Thanks!
  7. From November 8 CSair start flying into Perth. Perth-Guangzhou-Beijing. It would be a 2 stop trip to UK but worth a look if it's cheaper. More competition for International flights in and out of Perth is good. Flight schedules are..... Beijing-Guangzhou CZ319 17:30 20.45 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Guangzhou-Perth 22:00 Next day 6:30 Perth-Guangzhou CZ320 9:55 17:50 Wednesday, Friday, Sunday Guangzhou-Beijing 20:00 23:10 *During the initial stage after the flight course will be put into operation, adjustments might be made to the time to put the flight course into operation and the fight schedules due to the uncontrollable factors, such as government operating standards and airworthiness requirements. For more information, you can find the notice on the website.
  8. Hi My visa was granted yesterday and we're hoping to fly Oakley out before the changes on 1st Jan 2010. But I'm waiting on the import permit which I applied for last week, we can't book his flights/quarantine until we have this and I am worried about Sydney quarantine station being full when it comes to the point that we can actually book it. So, I'm thinking that I'll take him to the vet tonight to get his rabies jab just in case we can't make it out there before the rule changes come in to play. What I'm worried about is whether the fact that he has the rabies vaccs now, would that have any bearing on him being able to fly out before 1st Jan? I don't think it would but o/h has been questioning it and I just want to make sure! Thanks Julie
  9. Guest

    we fly today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi folks the day has finally come, we fly today and cant wait :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: so we will be off line for a few days, but will be back here to tell you all how we got through that horrible flight :eek: and how we are settling in. many thanks to all you who gave help and advice and made this process a lot easier speak soon John
  10. Hi all, Our dog has just arrived in melbourne and we are now wondering how shall we get him from there to adelaide. We know it is about an 8/9 hour drive each way, but that is not really an option with a 2 year old and work commitments. Does anybody have any recomendations of internal pet travel companies that could fly him to us? Thanks beck
  11. Proview220

    Fly to Australia in a few hours.

  12. luckymallen

    Do we send him before or after we fly??

    Hello All, Just want people's opinions, or what decisions you have made about when to send you pet. Now the new Rabbies policy has been introduced for pets, out agent has calculated that if our cat travels a few days before us (which is ideally what we wanted) then he would have to stay in quarantine for about another week or so on top of the minimum 30 days) before he can be released. We could however send him four days after we leave and then he would only have to spend the minimum 30 days in quarantine. Obviously, the less time he spends in quarantine the better, but I just feel i want him their safely before we fly! But thats very selfish on our part, isnt it? Also, due to the flight times and opening times of the quarantine station, Heccy has to change planes in Singapore, the agents have assured me this is very quick and safe, but I feel very anxious about this - eek, I am beeing neurotic! :animal-cat:
  13. Guest

    We fly 4 weeks today

    Hi all, Just thought I'd give a bit of an update. We fly to Melbourne in exactly 4 weeks and am feeling fairly organised! We've had the visa (175) since Sep-09. Validated in Mar-10. Booked flights to Melbourne for Oct-11. Opened a bank account with ANZ and transferred some but not much money. Applied for the animals import permits and Jun-11, received them early Jul-11. Got all animals their boosters. Booked the container to come 19th Sep. We booked a 20 foot sole use container and packed all the furniture ourself. It arrived yesterday and was only about 3/4's full! All went off without a hitch and should be in Melbourne in 42 days. OH managed to sort himself a job, contract will be posted from Oz this week. He has been in touch with loads of real estate agencies about renting with pets, all very positive so far, some have sent us houses to look at already. Got the dogs their blood tests yesterday and the topical treatment applied. A dog behaviourist is coming on Thursday to get the dogs used to crates and to deal with separation anxiety. One car sold and gone, the other sold and will be gone 30th Sep. We have 3 different hire cars booked till we go - we need a big car to bring all the animals to Heathrow. Notice handed in work, we finish 3 weeks tomorrow, our leaving party is next Friday and that's about it. All we have to do now is finalise the animals and bring them to Heathrow and then we're done! If I can help with anything just give me a shout.
  14. Guest

    Fly fishing in Perth

    I am putting this post on for my hubby. He has a lot of fly fishing gear and wondering if there is many places to fly fish in Perth and whether its worth him bringing all his stuff out with him :eek:
  15. Guest

    Fly fishing

    hi there im moving over to perth next week and i was just wondering what the fishing is like. Is there any type of flyfishing as im from scotland and love fishing for trout and salamon is there anything like that over there if not then what is the fishing like# thanks
  16. For so long we have been looking forward an "fantasising" about our new life in Perth, and now were all booked up to go, the worry is starting to set in, were asking ourselves have we done the right thing ????. did anyone else go through this ? Any advice ?
  17. does anyone know if i can get my parents to buy myself and my child tickets to fly back to the UK? They have the pounds but i certainly don't have the dollars to get home for an important trip. Is this legal- or possible?
  18. Guest

    fly in fly out

    hi iam new to this, my husband has been offered a job in perth, but he will have to work away for up to three weeks and then he has a week of. Does any one else have this situation how does it work for you, we have two young children aged 3 and 5 any advise would help thanks.
  19. The last 5/6days of our reccie we were going to go up to Cairns from Sydney for a break and to see the Reef. I've tried finding a holiday, but aren't having any luck.........can't seem to find the right websites to search, and have thought about hiring a camper van and driving up, along the coast. What do you think? and where do I lokk for van hire or holidays, do you need to book in camp sites? thanks Cal
  20. just to make sure we have a good flight as its my boyfriends first time flying over
  21. roflie

    I fly on Wednesday

    ... on my own with Singapore airlines and i'm going through numerous lists to make sure i have everything i need... I'm convinced i'm going to forget some important document and just wondering what people think i am likley to forget...... obviously i have my passport (with visa stamp) travel insurance pdf of flight tickets proof of aditional luggage with singapore driving license baggage inventory ...can't think of much else right now, as part of my visa i have to enrol with medicare to act as health insurance so i have that letter too... not sure if thats everything.... ...oh and have a copy of references from previous rentals and also 5+ no claims discount letter cheers
  22. mr luvpants

    Do we a visa to fly out of oz?

    Hi guys We have been living here for 5 months ( loving it btw) and am off to Thailand for a few weeks next month. We are on a 176.Do we need a residents return visa to be able to get back into oz when we return? John Ps. Just realised that I missed a word out on the title and can't edit it now!
  23. swifty99

    So tomorrow we fly

    So finally after years in the planning and a year on the market the house is now sold and tomorrow we fly out of heathrow ready to start out new life in Melbourne, SO EXCITED........... :biggrin::biggrin::jiggy::jiggy:
  24. Hi, It looks like I'll be flying to Canberra\Sydney in a month to start a new job in Canberra. It looks like I'll be going out on my own for the first 4-6 weeks, secure a 6 month rental and then fly back to UK to pick up wife and 2 kids and fly out. Our visas are 176 State Sponsored Perm Residency. None of us have validated our visas and I am the main applicant. I'm aware some airline offer extra baggage when validating visa, would I be able to claim the extra baggage when my wife and children are going (and me with them), or as I will have already validated will I have used this up? Has anyone else done it this way round and have any advice? Many thanks, Mike.
  25. Hi everyone, We have a validation date of 23rd March 2012 and was wondering if anyone knows the cheapest months to fly to Perth from London-eg: weekdays or weekends, night flights or day flights, which would be cheaper etc....... Any help very much appreciated as always! I have started searching on the internet but it's driving me mad to be honest, wondering if it's worth getting a travel agent to do it. Don't want to be ripped off and would be great to just pay a deposit so it gives us time to save a bit longer. Also, should we avoid holiday school dates when booking a flight? But would it be holiday dates in UK or OZ to avoid? So much to think about!!! Look forward to any replies. Many thanks in advance.:cool: