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      Found 320 results

      1. Partner Visa points

        Hi I got skilled assess in accounting and my wife skilled assess in hairdressing, my skill is in MLTSSL and my wife skill is in STSOL. can we share partner points ?? while we are applying for 190 or 489 strem ? we both have 6 each ielts, both 45 less, and already assess our qualifications. Thanks
      2. Hello everyone, my name is Andreas and this next november-december I am going to travel to Australia. My problem is I do not know where to go. I studied something related with construction and my experience in that area in my opinion is medium. Where I do not have experience is in english language. I have to say that will be a big problem for me at the beginning but I am sure I will solve it quickly because I love english. I am under 30 years old, I like big cities but does not necessary have to be Sydney or Melbourne, I think small city (1M people) can be better to find a room and know the differences little by little between my country and your country. I looked for information about Perth, Adelaide and Canberra. At the end, all the information I have found about them is: it is okay but they are not Sydney or Melbourne... During my Visa time I can move around the country as much as I want, so I prefer arrive in a small city, spend there (2,3,6... months) to speak and understand your language better than the first day and then if I have a good feeling move to Sydney (for example). What is your opinion about my idea? During that first stage I assume I will work in unskilled work, but it is okay for me. Now knowing my profile which of those cities I told you before would you live in? Thank you for your time, sorry for my write mistakes I thank you for your help. Andreas
      3. Hi guys, I've moved to Canberra to try and apply for a visa 190 as a Graphic Designer. I'm looking to apply in Feb 2018. The criteria for me to be eligible is: -Working full time for an ACT employer in your nominated occupation for at least six months immediately before applying for ACT nomination. Student visa holders (with visa condition 8104) working 20 hours per week are deemed to meet the full time criterion. Since I'm currently working as a sole trader/contractor (freelance graphic designer), I was wondering if this is still ok when applying for the visa or do I have to get a full-time job? Thanks!
      4. Myself and partner are in our mid 30s with a, currently 5 month old baby. We've just received our 190 visa and clueless of where to move to in ACT, despite reading up on the suburbs....there are just too many! My partner is the main applicant and was sponsored as 'ICT Support Engineer'. We will have a vehicle to get around but arriving with minimal funds. We would like somewhere reasonably priced, that is safe and suitable for our age group with a young baby for at least a few months until employment is found. Any advice would be appreciated. Contacts/associates/friends to gain and meet up with also would be nice Bex
      5. Moving To Canberra in July

        Hi All, We are a couple from Sri Lanka & we secured a class 176 VISA last year under ACT nomination. We are planning to move to Canberra by July this year & we are very excited. We need some assistance from you all getting some information regarding 2 things. First regarding temporary accommodation, any recommended places/locations & the price range to look for. Secondly, regarding the job market in the financial & banking sector since both of us are qualified management accountants with banking experience. Any recommended job agencies & most probable job hunting strategies? We already got loads of information from the internet about settling in Canberra but hands on experience from anyone who has recently migrated would be very much appreciated. Have a great day….. Cheers…….
      6. We're not surprised: http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/541603/20140304/act-canberra-australia-livable-city-adelaide.htm
      7. Thoughts on Lyneham?

        Hello, Our family is coming to Canberra for a few months for work (next week!) and we're looking at renting an apartment in Lyneham. It would be great to get your opinion on what the area is like, and what to look out for - both good and bad. The Lyneham wetland looks great, with walking paths and stuff. If anyone knows anything about schools, that would be good to know too - our children are primary school age. Thanks in advance for your help.
      8. June 2014 arrival

        Hi guys My wife and I are moving to Canberra in June and are getting very excited. Can anyone recommend good temporary accomodation, which we would need for about 4 weeks. There are websites around, but a personal opinion is always handy. Thanks in advance.
      9. Hi, I was lucky enough to have made the move to Canberra just over 2 years ago and haven't looked back. I know things have been a bit tough in the job market recently, and wanted to share a couple of opportunities for Professional Accountants with CA/CPA/CIMA qualifications. Ideally you will have experience within a large and complex commercial entity. Please PM me if you are interested.
      10. Hi, I currently have a number of roles for Accounting Professionals with CIMA/CPA/CA qualifications and experience in either management accounting or financial/commercial analysis. Ideally you will have experience within a large and complex commercial entities. Please PM me if you are interested. Jenny
      11. hi there, I finally got subclass 190 nomination and I am collecting documents to submit to DIAC... I am wondering if - after getting the visa- I am supposed to land at canberra within a certain period or if I have the choice to postpone the landing for a few monthes or even a year ??? And BTW, is there any multimedia or graphic designers in this forum ?? I would love to help anyone with similar conditions to mine out of experience... thanks guys
      12. Hello guys, this is my first post here so I have to thank all of you guys for your contribution it helped me a lot so far. there is a special place in heaven for you :notworthy: so, anyway I just finished lodging my application for nomination and successfully uploaded all the right documents including a copy of the verification email (of my limited occupation) and I will pay the fees in about two hours. My question is : what is the possibility of refusal of my application and why the reason might be ? obviously that question is out of worrying but you can think of it in a statistical form ... what is the success percentage of nominating a limited occupation after successfully being verified ??? BTW I know this forum is mainly for brits so I can`t miss the chance to greet u guys from the land of the pharaohs itself "great old Egypt" :hug: I wish I can meet some of you when (and if) I become canberran (is this even a word ?!!)
      13. Hey!! i am moving from Karachi, Pakistan to Canberra by end -October and was wondering of anyone else from the region is in the same boat....if so then lets use this forum to connect!! Tc
      14. Hi all, I'm desperately trying to talk to someone at the British High Commission (Canberra, Melbourne, anywhere really!) but all I get when I call the number is a hugely irritating voice message that just directs me to the website. Does anyone know how I can actually talk to someone? Thank you so much for your help, Rachel
      15. This is a fantastic car, still under Honda's new car warranty, and just had it's 30k service. We've owned it from new, and it is in excellent condition, on the road since November 2011 only. Over 3 1/2 years of the full Honda warranty & roadside assistance remaining (through to November 2016). It has a full service history with fixed price schedule of service costs. Includes Honda Civic official accessories including: Alloy wheels, Bluetooth, Floor mats, and Tinted windows. We've bought a second car and hence no longer require this one. Location: Canberra Price: $17,000 Please PM/Email if you are interested. Serious offers only.
      16. Hello friend, This is my first post, And i think i am on right forum to get answers of my questions. I am coming Australia to study Master in Business Informatics ( Related to Finance+IT ) in University of Canberra. I have'nt got admission yet, its will be soon in process. I want to know, Which City offer more jobs to students ? 1) Canberra ? 2) Perth ? or 3) Brisbane ? And please also let me know, About the expenses of each city, which is cheaper and better to live and study !!! :skeptical:
      17. Hi all. Curious about 457 temp visas. We have the opportunity to go to Canberra on a perm 190 but heard Canberra is not all that for fun loving partying 30 something's. So the other option is to go to Perth on a 457 but we are concerned that if hubby loses his job or gets made redundant he only has 28 days to find another job. If that happens can he get a temporary job or does it have to be another permanent job? I understand it has to be in the same field of work. What does everyone think? 190 in Canberra for 2 years or 457 to Perth? Thanks
      18. Hello everyone! Please refer to this old thread in relation to what I am talking about.. -- http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/jobs-careers/170232-417-visa-canberra-what-do.html Well i have relocated to Canberra, and it seems that all my suspicions where correct about the economics here.. (Vastly Public Sector, State or Federal) and the private sector is extremely limited in employment opportunities given the fact that I have a 417 visa. So what has happened now? Like i said in my previous thread, my background passion and experience is definitely H.R and Recruitment. I have gone to a few interviews that were open to the idea of 457 sponsorship. I am awaiting to hear back from 1 company for an answer (did interview on Tuesday.. today is friday, find out today, monday or tuesday according to them). However I do not have any backup options.. why? The temporary job market only exists realistically in the Public Sector - which I am not eligible to apply for The private sector does not have any temporary jobs that are willing to take on a 457 as it's temp to perm The private sector does not have any temporary jobs that are sponsorial regardless I do NOT want to go into the temp side of things - I am thinking long term in Australia, and i would like to get sponsored in the H.R and Recruitment side of things (obviously they are 2 very different things, but I have experienced in both). There is options are out there for SOME what of employment.. like temporary work as kitchen hand.. or doing things in hospitality.. do I want to do that? No. Will I eventually become desperate and do this.. well i have to. In Perth I was doing recruitment / H.R, and earning good money - however the economic / job market climate here is completely different. What i'm i looking for? Advise! I have a degree that specialises in H.R and Recruitment, as well as Business and Human Geography (Distinction with Honours), as well as 4 years experience in H.R, Recruitment, as well as work in Marketing, Sales, and Administration work. If anybody knows any routes I could take - people to talk to - or any opportunities you know out there in my situation - it would be wholly appreciated. My frustration is in regards that I'm ending up unfortunately quite clueless on what steps to take, and ending up a bit desperate. Hopefully some locals from Canberra can help me in this respect, and / or any east coast people in general. I appreciate everyone reading this and I hope I receive some replies on what to do. Cheers, Cory.
      19. Hello, My 1st post here as i got my skill Assessed and now the big question which state to apply for SS. been reading previous posts and yes extremely helpful. General stuff such as weather, cost of living, people and places all understood. Also I checked job websites, compared various states for prospects. But still undecided as none if this information helps me draw a conclusion. Now would really appreciate if someone shed light on the job prospects for a Master in Business Administration degree holder with Human Resource specific 6 years experience. Could really use some on ground tale of happily ever after.
      20. Hi All. Till recently my husband and I had an extremely comfortable and well settled life in Pakistan and had no intention of moving anywhere. I work for a multinational Beverage company as an Advertising Manager and my husband owns a farm. Last year we had our baby and it made us rethink our life here. Our friends' children were being sent back home from school owing to 'security threats' and we decided that we didn't want to bring our baby up in such an environment. After a lot of due diligence and reading we thought of the Australian Skilled Immigration program. I have recently started my application process and my credentials are currently with VETASSESS for verification. Given my skill set, I had to apply for the Regional Sponsored Skilled Immigration (190) and the only state requiring my profession (advertising specialist) was Canberra. Honestly, having read up on Canberra, it's very exciting as given the basic premise of our move is to give our baby a secure environment to grow up in and a good education, Canberra seems just the right place. We look forward to building a good life for our small family there. The only problem is that Advertising Specialist nominations for immigration are limited in Canberra and I have to lodge an application with MIS before requesting a regional sponsorship. In my application, among other things, I have to send proof that there are opportunities available for Advertising Specialists. Now unlike New York, where I have lived before, I cannot come across any good Marketing/ Advertising recruitment portals. All opportunities seem to be in states other than Canberra. If anyone can guide me, I will be very thankful. Just need to know if there are any portals or newspaper classified links which may point me towards Communications, Advertising or Marketing jobs failing which I fear my application will not be strong enough. I've tried the popular ones, Seek, Michael Page, Hays and a few others but it seems as if Canberra (or ACT) has no such opportunities. Looking forward for some positive support Thank you Allie
      21. We have 2 cars for sale in canberra. We have to return to the UK hence our move forces the sale 1) Hyundai i45 sedan petrol, manual, gunmetal grey, 2010 model but first registered nov 2011, 9100km, very comfortable family car $19,000, 2) Kia Rio S 1.4 manual, 5 door hatch, petrol, blue, Nov 2011, 7000km, very economical nippy run around and surprisingly spacious for a small car. $13,500 Come and see for yourself!
      22. Where to live in Canberra?

        Hello, we'd really appreciate some local advice on where to live in Canberra for a year. My wife and I are moving to Canberra in January. I'm in the British Army and we're coming over for a year while I go to the Defence College in Weston Creek. My wife will be working with her company in central Canberra and probably spending a day or two each week in Sydney. We're really looking forward to it but trying to work out the balance between inheriting our predecessor's life versus rearranging things to suit us. My predecessor lives in a 4-bed house in Jerrabomberra. It would be easy to take over his house but it strikes me that (a) it's on the wrong side of town for Weston Creek, (b) public transport into town is poor, © it's not particularly close to the centre for socialising and (d) there seem to be some administrative hassles with being in NSW and not ACT. Can I ask where people would suggest living? We don't need a 4-bed house, so somewhere smaller and more central would be fine. Key criteria will be making the commute to Weston Creek relatively painless (happy to cycle or run) for me and into the City Centre easy for her. And if there's somewhere nice and green or near a lake that would be awesome! We definitely don't want to be running two cars. I don't know exactly what our rental allowance is but it's currently covering a 4-bed house in Jerrabomberra if that helps. We'd be really grateful for any advice! Thanks, Mark and Beth.
      23. Majorettes in Canberra or NSW?????

        Hi PIO friends I have been searching Google for the past 2 hours trying to find a majorette troupe for my girls. Can't find a thing! Anyone know if they have majorettes over here? :err: Thanks Sam
      24. A Consulting Company urgently need people for a contract that currently runs for 3 years from 1 July. Will need to be Australian citizens/permanent residents and achieve NV1 security vetting. · Teradata Support Specialist · Informatica Support Specialist · Cognos Support Analyst · Security Specialist · Storage Support Analyst · Identity & Access Management · PMO Analyst · DBA – Oracle · Performance Tester · SAS / ESSRI Support Specialist This is a great opportunity for those heading to / already in Canberra. If you are interested please send me a pm asap!
      25. Australias Most Liveable Cities

        THE Property Council of Australia has released the results of its nationwide My City: The People's Verdict survey, conducted by Auspoll in December 2011. Some 5231 Australians were asked to judge their city's performance in 17 areas, including design, safety, education, housing and government. Yesterday, the Property Council used the release of the results as a backdrop to launch their Make My City Work initiative. The online campaign aims to get a range of government, business, professional and community groups working together to make our sities more liveable. Here's how our capital cities fared this year, ranked from one to 10. 1 - ADELAIDE OVERALL Australia's most liveable city for the second year running THE GOOD Almost three in four locals saw Adelaide as an affordable place to maintain a good standard of living. The city ranked highest for health services, with 67 per cent satisfaction. Four out of five believed the city had an attractive environment that encouraged a wide range of outdoor activities. THE BAD Fewer than half - 48 per cent - thought Adelaide had job opportunities, the worst result for a mainland capital city. Just 42 per cent felt Adelaide had a good public transport service and satisfaction with entertainment slipped from 75 per cent to 68 per cent. Residents were dissatisfied overall with the State Government's performance, particularly in terms of property taxes and making housing affordable. 2 - CANBERRA OVERALL Maintains its status as Australia's second most liveable city for the second year running, but housing affordability remains a concern. THE GOOD The ACT did well in several areas including: having a good road network and minimal traffic, being a safe place for people and property and being clean, well-maintained and unpolluted. THE BAD Canberra performed relatively poorly when it came to having a vibrant cultural scene and a good range of quality affordable housing. 3 - MELBOURNE OVERALL It might be one of the world's most liveable among international judges, but Melburnians are less than impressed with their own city. Residents rated Melbourne's liveability down to equal third on a nationwide basis, alongside Perth. THE GOOD Melbourne scored the highest rating of any city for its cultural scene and architecture and also ranked highly for its health care and education services. THE BAD It lost points for traffic congestion, high property prices, general cleanliness and climate. Melburnians also gave the State Government a bare pass, unhappy with its management of urban growth and the imposition of high stamp-duty charges. 3 - PERTH OVERALL It's not perfect, but Perth residents are falling deeper in love with the WA capital. Perth scored 62.1 out of 100 for liveability, up 1.5 points on last year. THE GOOD Sandgropers enjoy Perth's climate, outdoor recreation and natural environment. The city also performed above average in education and health services. And, though adequacy of public transport scored poorly everywhere, Perth topped the list with 49 per cent. THE BAD The cultural and entertainment scene was slammed, ranking equal bottom with Newcastle, Hobart and Darwin. And only half of Perth people agreed that the city had a diverse range of people who got along well, the second lowest result for the country. 5 - BRISBANE OVERALL Not good news for BrisVegas - its residents have ranked it fifth in terms of capital city liveability. THE GOOD Top marks for climate, but the floods of the past year even pushed that score down, from 83 per cent to 77 per cent. Above average for vibrant cultural entertainment, good health care, attractive city design and a lack of pollution. THE BAD Public transport rated above the national average but still only impressed less than half of residents. Fewer than half believed a good standard of living was affordable in Brisbane and just a third said there was quality affordable housing. Only 50 per cent felt Brisbane was a safe place. 8 - HOBART OVERALL A poor eighth place out of 10 cities and a lack of strategic planning has Hobart's future looking bleak. THE GOOD Hobart scored quite highly with its residents for its range of recreational outdoor activities, attractive natural environment, look and design. THE BAD Performed poorly in key areas such as education, health, employment and economic opportunities. The Property Council of Australia's state executive director Mary Massina said Hobart has also missed a chance to grab a fair share of Commonwealth Government funding to fix its future problems. She called the city's submission to the recent Council of Australian Government call for capital city strategic plans as "briefing material, minimal statistical analysis and a set of stated future intentions". 9 - SYDNEY OVERALL Sydneysiders believe their city is more beautiful, entertaining, cleaner and safer than it was 12 months ago. THE GOOD In the Auspoll study, Sydney had the greatest jump in liveability than any other city. It also recorded significant gains in transport and health services. Almost 10 per cent more people said Sydney had good public transport and fewer were dissatisfied with the service. Satisfaction with health services rose from 48 per cent to 60 per cent, while education and recreational facilities had improved. THE BAD Traffic congestion is still a problem, with two-thirds of commuters thinking Sydney's road network needs addressing and just over half saying the State Government was doing a poor or very poor job on keeping up with overall infrastructure. 10 - DARWIN OVERALL Darwin is unaffordable, unsafe and a bad place to be if you are unhealthy, according to its residents. THE GOOD Darwinites were positive about community harmony, with 70 per cent of respondents believing people of diverse cultural backgrounds got on. Residents also thought Darwin had good employment and economic opportunities (77 per cent). THE BAD Apparently the Top End is a tough place to live - Darwin's residents say their city is expensive (78 per cent), unsafe (67 per cent) and does not have good health care (62 per cent). Darwin also ranked lowest in residents' satisfaction with education, with 40 per cent of respondents saying the city does not have good schools or education facilities.