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  1. Hi we also live in Narangba. Been in oz for 5 years now. We have a daughter in high school here and a son in primary. If you want to meet up pls send me a pm. Hope to hear from you. Sam
  2. Generalis

    Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

    Oops we thought they were lol
  3. Generalis

    How well do cats travel? Dilemma!

    and as you know the expense is massive
  4. Generalis

    How well do cats travel? Dilemma!

    Hi we brought our two cats out. They were about 8 and 9 years old. They did their time in quarantine then flew them up to Brisbane. They were very annoyed at us for a day or so and then they got on with it. One was long hair and suffered a bit with the heat and found all the bugs a bit daunting at first but they had a good life here. They have both passed now but I don't regret bringing them. Its up to you really. If you could leave her and this person sounds nice thats not a bad thing to do as you know cat will be looked after.
  5. Hi is there a meet up soon? Not been to one for years. Might be good to get out and about again meeting new pio 'ers.
  6. Hi Tiff82 Im in Narangba been here 5 1/2 years. Have a girl 14 and boy 9 so our kids might be too old but if you're interested in a meet up Im happy. I work weird shifts as a nurse and at uni at the moment and husband is a 9 - 5 guy. But he loves poker nights, meet up with a drink or two and days out. PM me if you're interested.
  7. We have a set of friends here and their daughters have just gone back to UK. Although they loved it here with the climate they found they missed their friends and remaining family in UK. Also night life here is so much more expensive that they anticipated and they miss the club scene in Newcastle so I think this was a factor. That and one of the girls boyfriends was here for a while and he went back for his mum so one girl followed and so did the other.
  8. Generalis

    Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

    Our story is good too. Been here 5 and 1/2 years now. Came out me hubby and 2 kids. Husband got a job after a week and I stayed home for a while and did a bit of casual work. Found it hard to get a job as a secretary but then decided to retrain as a nurse. Did a diploma course now on the last few weeks of bachelor course. Kids are doing well at school. One more than the other. One may have autistic tendencies so just trying to get that properly assessed. One paediatrician said it may have been because of the emigration when he was 3 that he is acting up now. We have a good life here though. We bought a house couple of years ago have the nice cars and pool so it would look like living the dream. It does have its great, good and bad times tho and you just go with it. We miss our family and friends in the UK but some have shown they are not the people we thought they were which is sad. On the whole tho we are happy and that's what matters.
  9. Hey have a great day at the zoo. Looking forward to seeing some of those pics later
  10. Generalis

    Congrats to PIO member Generalis

    Fast forward and Im still training believe it or not. I qualified with Tafe Diploma in nursing and now in last year of bachelor degree. Its been a long journey.
  11. Generalis

    Strangely enough

    Hello Kev sorry I missed you the other day. Sam
  12. It looks to me like the white line reflecting off the road. Stop trying to knock money off they need money more than ever to go back. Typical poms honestly you get me mad
  13. Generalis

    Congratulations to PIO member Generalis

    Thank you all and to Johndoe for starting post. It was challenging at times juggling it all but recvd some wonderful help with my child care issues and everything really from Johndoe n his lovely wife which was amazing. Heres to what I hope will be a wonderful career ! Now the job search starts
  14. Hi everyone, not been on here for a while but wondered if anyone could help. I would like to bring my mum over on an aged parent visa and apply onshore. I have been reading up on this and keep seeing a condition of 8503 not being put on the visa and wondered what kind of visa my mum would need to come out on that would not have the 8503 condition normally attached to it. Can anyone help please? Then we are thinking of applying for onshore and getting bridging visa until application looked at some 15 years later. My mum would be ok as she would be living with us but we cannot afford to pay the $42k for contributory parent visa and mum has no money to fund this. Thanks Sam