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  1. We went to look at a house that had an open today. As we haven't been here very long, not too sure on the rules etc, but they had a price range for the house. Does this mean that you have to offer the minimum they say or can you offer less? We basically asked the agent and she told us that no they would not accept under that price and to be honest I wouldn't even bother to write it up. Now I thought that any offer that was made even if silly offer,(not that we would make a silly offer!) they had to put to the owner, or am I wrong? Any advise would be great please :wink:
  2. Mazza227

    Best savings account

    Thank you for your reply Andrew. I will have a look at those accounts, I guess we could tie it into a bond for up to 6 months if it means we would get more interest in that time. It looks like there are accounts with bonus rates for first 3 months though with normal accounts so would we be better with one of those?
  3. Mazza227

    Best savings account

    I wonder if anyone can help please. We have transferred our money into our NAB account, which is just a standard account, ready for our arrival next week. We need to try and find a savings account to put most of it into as this will be our deposit for a house when we buy. Can anyone recommend a savings account which gives the best interest rates, but we don't want it tied into anything where we will not have access to it at all. Thanks in advance.
  4. Mazza227

    2 weeks to go

    Omg this time in 2 weeks, we (me, hubby and 2 girls) will be boarding our one-way flight to Adelaide! Can't believe it's almost time after all the planning, visa application etc. I've gone through a range of emotions, with leaving work being the hardest so far, I loved my job and the people I worked with. Now after selling our house just before Christmas, we are staying with family until we go, which I thought would make it very difficult to say goodbye when the time comes, but me and my parents drive each other mad when we live together for too long so it may actually help with the goodbyes! All our furniture has arrived and just cleared customs, and we have a rental sorted, so will get all our stuff the day after we arrive. After being on an emotional roller coaster for the last few months, I actually feel really excited now, and just want to be there, and start our new life together. :wink:
  5. Mazza227

    Paying rent, not got keys?

    we have very good friends out there who we trust that viewed it for us, so we know it's a nice house in a nice area. We are going to Adelaide, and the rentals get snapped up and me being a little fussy would rather know we have somewhere lined up. They struggled last year to find something. Not sure why really, they are friends of friends So not sure of their circumstances but whenever I look at them on real estate they all go within a week of being on there.
  6. Mazza227

    Paying rent, not got keys?

    Our thoughts were that the whole cost of visas/moving is a massive expense anyway so in the grand scheme of it, paying a little extra rent isn't a big deal, as it puts our mind at rest knowing that our children will have a home to move into straight away without having to move into a short term first (which would have cost more for furnished anyway) Also after hearing stories from our friends that struggled to find a rental, I could do without that stress when I have 2 young girls to its it being Xmas coming up we weren't sure how many rentals would come up between now and then that we liked.
  7. Mazza227

    Paying rent, not got keys?

    Yes I did thank you :-)
  8. Mazza227


    We used Go Matilda. Would definitely recommend them. I couldn't fault them. Always call back or reply to emails the same day, great people to deal with etc.
  9. Our stuff got shipped 23rd oct and we fly out on 12th Jan. I would rather be without stuff this end and have our home comforts there for when we arrive. With it being Xmas too, we were told it needed to go then to arrive a few days before Xmas as it will take longer to clear customs due to less staff working. We are managing fine without things really. We have have borrowed a few things here and there. It's surprising how many people offer to lend you things actually :-)
  10. Mazza227

    Paying rent, not got keys?

    Thank you :-)
  11. Mazza227

    Paying rent, not got keys?

    Because we are not out there, our friends are signing for keys for us. We offered to pay 3 months in advance, as told it would be good on application to be considered. Save having to keep transferring money out there every 2 weeks too.
  12. I'm after some advise please. Basically we are moving to Adelaide in January but for peace of mind and after finding a long term rental that our friends viewed fore decided to apply for a rental, which we got! We had to agree to pay rent from last Monday as a think others applied too that could move sooner, but we were happy with this as peace of mind to have somewhere to move to on arrival. Anyway estate agent confirmed receipt of our 3 months money and bond on Monday as agreed, but then said he had arranged a locksmith to go in and change the locks and cut more keys, so would let me know when my friends could collect the keys. It's now 4 days later and we still do not have keys for a property we are paying for. Is this normal? My husband thinks this is wrong and we should not pay rent for the time we do not receive the keys for?:confused:
  13. Mazza227

    New purchases

    we are a family of 4, with a 4 bedroom house. So to replace everything we have would cost a fortune! ;-)
  14. Mazza227

    New purchases

    We are paying for a 20ft container anyway so just got a couple of new bits which will all fit in there no problem. It will cost us a heck of a lot more than the £3500 shipping costs to replace everything we are taking, also can't stand shopping so the thought of having to go round the shops out there to start buying everything would drive me mad! so for us it was an easy decision to take everything. Plus I like to think having my furniture which is not that old, will give me a more homely feel when we arrive ;-)
  15. Mazza227

    New purchases

    That was my next question, do I declare them and an ironing board I've bought? Only other things are new duvet covers etc but I've washed all those so they can be seen as not new I guess