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  1. Got a new left eye this morning. Think I'll give Xmas a miss as I have to save for the right one..............I shouldn't be looking at a bright computer screen yet but just had to check if the expense was worth it...it was!
  2. Johndoe

    Australia’s Best Fish and Chip Award

    And the best fish and chips. I could have guaranteed that you'd pipe in with those answers even though it's a dead cert bet that you haven't tasted either from all around the world. <yawn>
  3. Johndoe

    Australia’s Best Fish and Chip Award

    I'm not a lover of chip shop bought chips and there's no way that I'll have deep fat fryer in my house. I recently tried Bird's Eye Golden Crunch Made with Tassie Potoatoes oven chips and they were the best chips I've had in 23 yrs. I don't like the other bird eye brands but these Tassie spud ones surprised me. Just 15 mins in the oven and nice an crunchy on the outside and fluffy spud inside. If you're expecting "greasy spoon" type pommy chips you won't be suited but if you can appreciate them for taste and texture, you'll be surprised.
  4. Johndoe

    Terror attack in Melbourne CBD

    I'm not saying that it's a fair argument in any way Paul. What I'm saying is that he more than likely committed the act, because he was mentally ill, and also likely, he wouldn't have been radicalised if he wasn't. We''ll probably never know if it was the chicken or the egg. Odds are, if a mentally ill white Christian committed a similar act, little would be said about his faith or political leanings.
  5. See it as a correction not a crash. Doom mongers on this forum have been predicting a crash for over 10 yrs and it hasn't eventuated. New builds, particularly units, are springing up all over Brisbane and I'd sooner put my faith in those dedicated building companies knowing where to sink their money than in doom mongers and 60 minutes. Housing markets are not immune to the capitalist cycle and just as the wise buy stock at the bottom of the cycle so should potential home buyers. See it as an opportunity to invest wisely.
  6. Johndoe

    Terror attack in Melbourne CBD

    OK. dispense with Muslim terrorist angle. Yes he was, but he also has psychotic episodes according to his parents where he saw himself being attacked by "people with swords". There is a lot of Muslim literature about the crusades and if someone is "not quite right" they may go "ape shlt" Yes he was Muslim, yes he was radicalsed, but that radicalism seems to be the result of mental issues which is so often the case and so often overlooked or "buried" for political purposes.Political correctness aside. odds are he will be found to have been "looney tunes" unless there is more political milegae to be gained in suppressing that.
  7. Johndoe

    A shameful bonfire night

    Is it "faux outrage" in todays context of "comedy"? How many of those outraged would laugh heartily at a stand up comedian at the Hammersmith Appolo? In particular ethnic comedians who "make mileage" from the fact that they are Muslim and then crack jokes about IS or suicide bombers? Perhaps they were right wing racists reacting to the inferences that there were many illegal immigrants in the tower? Perhaps they were just a few numbskulls who didn'trealise how offensive their sick humour could be to some? Let's face it, sick humour seems to be endemic in lower socio economic classes, although not exclusive to them. Folk who somehow feel deprived themselves, have a tendency to laugh at the expense of others so deprived.
  8. Johndoe

    Lest we forget

    The poppy is a symbol of the fields of Flanders and those who fought there. It is "politically negative" in that representation, and anyone who infers that it has some other significance is attempting to make political gain at the expense of those who made the supreme sacrifice that gave them the freedom to make that inference.............Lest We Forget
  9. Shame that work location is not disclosed as that has a great impact on income. If you rent in a suburb for easy public transport access to work, and stick to the outer suburbs (cheaper rent) then it's doable if net, but not too good if, as you say, it's gross. Still doable but not too comfortable I would guess. Once you get your work location you will have a better idea of your outgoings 482 is only a temporary visa and you need to be sure if it's short term stream or media term stream as the short only allows you to stay for 2 yrs and the medium 4. I'm not sure what benefits you can claim with this visa
  10. That's the Xmas tree up!
  11. I believe so. Originally intended for dairy farming purposes but I don't know if it has been altered since eczema sufferers latched on to it's properites
  12. Whilst on the subject................are we? Cow udder cream works great for eczema. I know someone who's suffered badly all their life and this cleared it up in a few weeks.
  13. Johndoe

    what are you doing right now?

    Just back from hearing test. The gov't has introduced some changes to their free hearing aids and in some circumstances you can now be availed (for free) of programmable ones which they've said I need. Makes up for having to pay for the cataract op I guess