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  1. What do you do with spare time?

    Seems like you've got a few "domestics" going on there mate. You've been here 30 yrs and you're missing your mates? What mates after 30 yrs? Mid life crisis? Don't have to work but haven't yet found something to fill that work gap? Your mates have a harder life than you and yet (your words) "they have a ball"...............what? down the "all pervasive" (or so it seems) culture that Brits can't let go of? Splashing your cash on drinks and company that could be had much cheaper at home without the clanging of the pokies, juke box, and other distractions................but hey?...................something about Brits think pub life is wonderful................but for myself, as an ex pub landlord.............I'm happy to entertain at home..............I'm assuming that "pub life" is what you mean when you say, "they have a ball"? or do they go ballroom dancing, play footie every weekend, surf, hang glide or whatever? Isn't it just that your lacking something in your life ATM so you see other's life more attractive? You've been here 30 you really think that you can just bale out from a life that seems to have suited you and your kids for so long and not expect (serious) repercussions/disappointments? Have you no mates here after 30 yrs? Are you going to bale on them? Where are you located?
  2. Photos of Queensland

    South Bank Wheel by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr Eagle St Pier (5) by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr CBD From South Bank by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr
  3. Social worker - children's

    I've heard that said by so many poms (here) in so many fields of expertise. In nursing for example, in my experience, the ones i know that can truly nurse in a caring and highly professional manner, speak highly of nursing standards and practice here. Those that don't are invariably those who shirk,"get up folks' noses" and struggle to make friends. Likely they would whinge whatever country they were in. My experience of Child Safety is that it has come on leaps and bounds both in personnel and practice/legislation since I was fostering and that carers are now treated as equals and their opinions held in high regards by staff who genuinely do care but nevertheless, are still under heavy workload/pressure.
  4. 2 years back.....

    If you consider this statement to have some relevance as to contribute to what you don't like about Australia then what exactly does it say? Because I'm at a loss as to what you are inferring? Do Canadians know how to say it in Inuit? Do US citizens know how to say it in Cherokee? Does that say a lot about the USA and Canada and precisely what is that "lot"?
  5. Brexit

    Don't discount it. I had DAF turn up to check my prickly pear (the legal species) as I had them advertised on Gumtree. I also know of blokes who've been heavily fined because they posted a picture of a no-take species on a fishing forum that was monitored by DAF and another bloke fined for keeping a noxious fish species, their info being gleaned from an off topic (similar to chewing the fat) thread on an aquarist forum so it shows that they monitor any thread that takes their fancy.
  6. Brexit

    Warning! Red Herring alert! No, I didn't consider that as she is a personal friend and freely admits to "loving my food"
  7. Brexit

    Well I guess that sort of labeling is a change from your usual labeling of nationalists or racists. Please explain where "greed" comes into it? I have in the past, sacrificed a great deal of my time helping others, including having as many as 9 foster kids in my home at a time. That said, I never put myself on a pedestal claiming "altruism". I did it as much for my own satisfaction and feeling of "contributing" Honesty is good
  8. Brexit

    I think that the vast majority of posts "invoking the world wars" have been from the remain camp who have used the peace since as proof that the EU has prevented another. I haven't "thrown my hat in the ring" since the start of this thread purely because I could see which way it would go. I will say though, that some will, at the first opportunity, label those who are patriotic and are in fear of the consequences of uncontrolled immigration as racist or nationalist. Putting a label on someone purely because you are dismissive of their fears is frankly, the surest way to lose the debate and/or your credibility
  9. Brexit

    The relevance is that you inferred that your intelligence and education meant that you were making the right choices/forming the correct opinion and that it somehow gave you the 'right' to attempt to educate/persuade others. Apologies if my intelligence and education isn't sufficient enough to place the correct interpretation of what you inferred. My comment was irrefutable proof that being educated and intelligent does not necessarily mean that one will make the right choices, in particular, even when one is well versed in a particular subject (in this case health). Would her altruism (to quote your subsequent post) be of any benefit when lecturing others on say, diabetes or diet, or is it more likely that her audience would be less respectful/mindful of what she has to say due to her appearance/propensity to overeat? As in the propensity of some in this thread to constantly berate others' rights to an opinion eg accusing them of being "on the right" just because they are pro brexit? You claim "altruism" is a reason for your continued posting but past posts show that you clearly promote socialist ideals and berate anyone who is even slightly to the right. personally, I don't think that there is such a thing as altruism. The human condition is such that "selflessness" rarely exists. Any act, even one that benefits others at one's own expense cannot be selfless/altruistic as there is always an element of gaining self satisfaction from that act.
  10. Brexit

    Please explain ":education" and "intelligence"? I know of a nurse that got credits on all her assignments prior to qualification. 3yrs on from qualification she weighs 95 kilos and is diabetic. Is that "intelligent"? And no, I am not "way off". Ethics and morality has always been expounded as a "social attribute" and yet is something that historically has been ignored/manipulated by the ruling class. Your analogy as to "rip tides" why do you know there are "rip tides" are these "rip tides" an analogy of Brexit consequences? Can you see "the rips"? Stand on a beach and few can. They only see the possibility of a rip based on the landscape/ tide etc..............multiple factors that (may) come together to create a rip. I really don't know why I'm wasting my time here because your statement above "are we all going to deny our intelligence simply because people don't like to be told anything," sums up your supercilious attitude. You (supposedly) wish to educate, and yet you commence your education project with the assumption that those whom you wish to "educate" are somehow inferior. You're pissing in the wind and IMHO, to paraphrase your last line, it's you in your own fantasy world.................all that makes us human conscience/morality/ethics can only be "taught" if someone is listening. "Gobbing off" and adopting an air of superiority based on one's own beliefs, is an "own goal"...............nobody listens to a "smart arse" no matter what they have to say.
  11. Brexit

    And that's what worries much extrapolation with regard to Brexit...............but apply that extrapolation to the left and right politics in relation to this and we are really into the unknown with regards to how they will exploit it.............or are we into the "known" but don't realise it? Subjugation of Germany via the Versailles treaty and all that led to? Bad deal via Brexit and what could that lead to? Extreme thinking, I admit, but just illustrating that it's the "unknown," and with all that Europe is facing with the "refugee explosion" I've finally realised that my (oz) family is safer here. That said, I have 3 son's "darn sarf" (Salisbury) and being military since the age of 16 I dare not get into a discussion with them (iYKWIM)
  12. Brexit

    You really are your own (and "the cause") worst enemy (just like Scargill). You dismiss the genuine fears of others and label them as nationalists, racists, xenophobes, because of their fears. You continually pontificate, and even, as in the above, infer that anyone who differs from your opinion, is less educated and less intelligent. "Promoting one's own intelligence as an advocate for superior political opinions/outcomes is the refuge of the insecure" (my quote) As in so many scenarios throughout the struggle to advance Socialist ideals, the advocate's (poster's) ability to advance those ideals, is sorely lacking and serves only to further drive a wedge between the working class......................."Divide and Rule", albeit the oft quoted function of the ruling class is also well represented by those who prefer to "sound their own socialist trumpet" for personal gain/gratification, as opposed to "treading softly" and presenting arguments that are more likely to be listened to/provoke thought/conversion. (superior) Intelligence/education is in no way an assurance that the person is "perfect" in their choice of moral/political stance and serves only to support that (perhaps) they are capable of making "better choices." In reality, despite them having the intelligence that should support better choices, those choices may not be based on morality/ethics/love for fellow man etc but merely on an inherent or adopted need to "contradict" in order to assure ones self that one "has a voice" and is a "player" as opposed to a "spectator"............Socialism as a way to represent yourself as a supporter of the give you some (personal) value as a human being.............been there, done that...........totally ineffectual, even when married to deep conviction for the cause. It detracts from the cause because it becomes personal. A true socialist abandons all personal considerations and listens to the voice of "all the people"............their genuine concerns..............even though those concerns may not seem "valid" one doesn't ridicule them by labeling, but attempts to reason without promoting one's (perceived) superior intelligence Ridicule of anyone who differs in opinion/politics, in conjunction with an assertion that the ridicule emanates from a source that considers itself more educated and intelligent..............leads to what? Your ridicule of nationalism is ironic because it reeks of National Socialism being as it is, based on your inference of others as being less intelligent Get a grip man.................I know what your trying to say, but you're presenting it in the same manner as "the intelligentsia" and they were the first to go in the progroms
  13. First thing I thought of doing after my marriage break up after 31 yrs was to head "home" I have 3 sons in the UK and 2 here but the two here know only Oz as they were rugrats when I brought them over. It took me nearly two years to realise that the yearning was not particularly for "home" as I have a good home here, (which I didn't realise, or chose to ignore at the time) but was simply a yearning to go back to "before the marriage" an attempt to "wipe it out" IYKWIM and to seek comfort from the surroundings and family that my ex had taken me away from (it was she who wanted to come to Oz). My head was all over the place, as yours must be. As Simmo says, you need to get mentally well before making decisions whilst depressed and as B1K3R says, things can never know what's around the corner........... but you need to be well to turn that corner. You seem to have career prospects here but will you have those same prospects returning to the UK? The move will put added strain on your mental health if you are likely to encounter difficulty. Get yourself well, seek counselling, and when you feel well enough, go with your gut. One thing I will add is that seeing your son being fathered by another man will likely devastate you if you are not mentally well so it is imperative that you get well in order to be prepared for that Good luck
  14. Brexit

    Even more cringeworthy than Trump's efforts, the only difference being that Trump "shoots from the hip" and gobs off without thinking whereas Abbot speaks hesitantly, obviously thinking about her replies, but despite that, still spouts crap
  15. What's Brisbane really like?

    With regards to the humidity. Feb and March are the worst but all the other months are comfortable. These are the only months that I use the aircon as I can stand the heat but humidity pees me off. That said, it's only about 6 weeks of it. Edit to add: June to Aug can be a bit of a pain if you have eczema or other dry skin complaints so keep moisturiser handy. I always get "scurf" in my scalp and eyebrows these months but never get it any other time Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Annual Relative Humidity (%) 65 62 64 64 66 65 67 72 73 70 68 66 66.8 Average Dew Point Temperature °C ( °F) 8.5 (47.3) 8.7 (47.6) 11.4 (52.5) 13.6 (56.5) 16 (60.8) 17.3 (63.1) 18.5 (65.4) 19.6 (67.2) 18.7 (65.7) 16 (60.8) 12.7 (54.9) 9.8 (49.6) 14.2 (57.6) Interpretation A bit dry A bit dry Very comfort- able Comfort- able Ok Ok Humid Humid Humid Comfort- able Comfort- able A bit dry Comfort- able