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  1. Johndoe

    The Voice Referendum

    But they're pushing for it.
  2. Johndoe

    The Voice Referendum

    It's divisive and promotes a "them and us" attitude. Just how many voices are needed?!!!!!! The whole bloody fiasco infers that Aboriginals don't have a voice. I could list all the advisory bodies, Aboriginal Pollies, health /intiiatives proposed in the past BY Aboriginals blah blah blah but I don't have a whole day to spare. As the judge said.................."it's a No from me"............and I've been Labour/Socialist all my life but misguided good intentions will be Labours eventual downfall.
  3. Another Grandson! Archie Fraser Dickinson 🩵Born 4.8kg/10.5lb on 15 Sep 23 to Josh and Gabby. Shares his birthday with Josh's brother Jake.
  4. Been off my feet with little sleep for 4 days. Left foot swollen badly and so very painful that I nearly went to ER. Finally got in to see my GP this morning who sent me for bloods and prescribed prednisone and oxycodeine and it's easing already. Likely culprit was a Bass that dropped off the hook as I was fetching it on board. I was wearing boat shoes but it's spines went right through proving to be as painful as a catfish piercing. GP reckons either it was that or the dam water entering the puncture when I was trailering the tinny. We'll know better when he gets the blood results. Serves me right for not using the landing net! No wonder folk rock up to ER with the way appts are round here!
  5. Offered to folk with ongoing (very) frequent hospital visits such as dialysis by Qld Health but not for a procedure that requires a barrage of tests/scans etc before the op.
  6. Had my final CT scan with contrast on Tuesday...........................so I thought! Medical Imaging rang me this arvo to go in tomorrow for another because the feckwit of a case manager had only requested for chest when the consultant had clearly asked for chest and abdomen. I am not happy considering how much has been spent on hospital parking fees the last 3 months! 3 days left of my 3rd category 1 (30 days) listing for the op which obviously isn't going to happen in anywhere near that time frame.
  7. Got my third category one dated from 10th August. This is the 3rd that I've had going back to May. I'm guessing the other two were for an ultrasound and then an angiogram (their likely excuse), and that this one is for the op? If that's the case, only 11 days to go till they send me yet another Cat 1 I know that they're still clearing a backlog since Covid but give me a break!
  8. I'd never have guessed it!
  9. Josh has made it to 1st Lieutenant in under 2.5 yrs on return from the pictured last trip to sea. Covid was the best thing that happened for him. As a personal trainer he had no job security at the time and this was his route to job security. 2nd from left. Some of the long term members here may remember him as a teen
  10. Leichardti Bob (Southern Saratoga). Yeah, this big gal gave 3 amazing leaps although they don't pull half as hard as bass. Sorry to hear that your health ain't so good. Keep ploddin' old feller!
  11. That's sad I've been out of the loop here what with poor health whilst juggling admin on two FB groups and being Secretary and Duty Officer Coordinator of our local fish stocking association. Seems like I've got busier as I've got older and more decrepit I'm going to be a grumpa again in a few weeks.
  12. Thanks Bob and nice to see you still here. We lost all the big bass over the dam wall with the last flood. It was just unlucky that it was breeding time and they were all downstream looking for the salt when the rains hit. Still plenty around the 30cms range but I've been focusing on the toga and yellers and have managed 16 toga in the last 3 months.