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  1. I lost my wallet! Had to be either in Coles or on the car park.............dropped out of side pocket whilst getting into the fourby. Not handed in, card not used and I've waited 4 days vainly hoping for someone to drop in my letterbox (address on driving licence). What a pain trying to change card details for all my providers/standing orders! All emailed utility bills have been deleted once paid so I can't access any of them without a customer reference number. Online replacement of driving licence needs old licence number.....fat lot of help that service is! I've forgotten the passwords needed to access mygov/centrelink and linkt as it's that long since I actually used them and there doesn't seem to be a way to request new password. Looks like I'll be on the phone for hours tomorrow!
  2. My first spring yella (Golden Perch). Most of the bigger bass sadly went over the North Pine dam wall during the last flooding when they released the gates just as the fish were downstream looking for the salt to spawn and got sucked into the vortex Some of them managed to survive the drop, get down the pine river, into moreton bay, travel South and then into the Brisbane River as can be seen from this tagging certificate. A distance of 126km since the gates were opened early July. Isn't nature amazing!
  3. Johndoe

    Brisbane Family Suburbs

    Rental is tough everywhere atm. That said, from my experience, new migrants tend to get first shout as the realtors know that they're cashed up, won't trash the property, are reliable for rent, and are keen to get a foothold. Basically, migrants are considered to be top tenants.
  4. Johndoe

    Brisbane Family Suburbs

    5 minutes from Sandgate Take a look at Bracken Ridge. Lots more town houses since I posted this review 6yrs ago and many of the older cottages have been sold and redeveloped as has the shopping centre. Bus and train to the city every 15minutes. Now also has a nice public pool and huge skateboard park. Also Fitzgibbon. A relatively new development bordering Bracken Ridge.
  5. My grand daughter is now living with me along with her German Shepherd. She has moved up from Melbourne and is currently looking for acreage in the Kilcoy area. The spare bedroom has become her workshop for the time being. I am so proud of her. Her latest creations:
  6. Johndoe

    Cost of Living.

    Likewise. I've always had the cupboard and freezer filled with "specials." My freezer is currently filled with spag bol, chilli, and savoury mince from those 3 packs of costco mince. Took me 2 whole days to do it. I even plan the "exercise" for a couple of rainy days so that I'm not missing out on any outdoor activities.
  7. Johndoe

    How is Megan doing so far?

    A lot easier now though as they didn't have to point their toes to the ground.
  8. Johndoe

    Cost of Living.

    That mince price is for 500gms. The best mince I can buy is from Costco but you have to buy at least 3 kilos. Last time I went it was still at $9 a kilo but I bought 3 packs so it's a couple of months since I last went. If you look at the price rises in percentages and compare it to inflation, there certainly is a lot of price gouging taking place at both Woolies and Coles. eg soft burger buns rise from $2 to $2.50 (25%) and they've really gone to town on all pie prices (not that I buy many). Hebert Adams pies on "special" had a 40% price reduction the other week which left the price at 20cents higher than the price 2 months ago. They seem to think that small rises such as 50cents go un-noticed but on a previously $2 item that is shameful and I personally always view in percentages. The big price hikes seem to be aimed at "low end consumers" although I hope that doesn't sound a bit snobbish. Their media blah blah that they've both pushed about lowering and fixing "essentials" prices is a load of rubbish eg Flora Margarine being reduced from $8.50 to $8. They fail to mention that they'd only recently just upped it from $7 and they have done the same snide trick with other "essentials"....................they must think we're All thick!
  9. Lovely to hear from you Tink xx
  10. Thank you, and hope all is well with you. They've had another piece off my prostate and all is good now apart for needing a hip replacement which I've turned down. I have this funny feeling that if they open me up again I'll be "done for". "If the engine's still ticking, don't lift the bonnet" is my mantra atm
  11. Johndoe

    Your last meal....

    Meat and Potato pie is a killer for me. I never had one I didn't like in the UK and try as I may, I can't make my own to match. It would go well with the mushy peas I'm buying on amazon which are "chip shop recipe" unlike those sold by woolies and Coles and at $1.90 a tin I'm well stocked with them. Also getting my Bisto from Amazon at $6 unlike Coles and Woolies who have now upped their price from $6 three months ago to currently $8.50 although on special atm at $6.70
  12. Harlequin beetle. No two look alike and come in many shades and colours. Killers of Hibiscus Harlequin (Hibiscus) Beetle by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr Harlequin (Hibiscus) Beetle by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr
  13. Johndoe

    Your next car.... petrol electric diesel

    Me neither. My prado has been with me for 22yrs and will likely outlive me
  14. It appears that Amazon must have bought up loads of older BBC drama circa 1990 to 20010 as it's loaded with it today so Britbox won't get a look in at my place. Just search BBC if you've got Amazon.
  15. I gave up on cracking on the side of the pan. Now I simply tap it with the sharp edge of my bread knife and never have a broken yolk. When I used to break yolks I would always crack another egg to replace the one with the broken yolk and sometimes I'd end up with 4 or 5 in the pan or on the barbie but wouldn't discard the broken one and end up eating 'em all!