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  1. Johndoe

    Your next car.... petrol electric diesel

    Me neither. My prado has been with me for 22yrs and will likely outlive me
  2. It appears that Amazon must have bought up loads of older BBC drama circa 1990 to 20010 as it's loaded with it today so Britbox won't get a look in at my place. Just search BBC if you've got Amazon.
  3. I gave up on cracking on the side of the pan. Now I simply tap it with the sharp edge of my bread knife and never have a broken yolk. When I used to break yolks I would always crack another egg to replace the one with the broken yolk and sometimes I'd end up with 4 or 5 in the pan or on the barbie but wouldn't discard the broken one and end up eating 'em all!
  4. . . Managed to get out this morning for a fish. Believe it or not, this is the first time I've ever taken a selfie and I've had this camera for 9 yrs! 45cm Golden Perch by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr 50cm Bass by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr
  5. I had a quad 10 yrs ago mate so you've got plenty of life in you yet. I hadn't smoked for 14 yrs prior to that, and in fact, I was never ill when I smoked but have had nothing but trouble long after I packed it in and I wasn't a heavy smoker either. Quad by-pass, Turps twice, both side hernia repairs, and abdominal aortic aneurysm repair all in the last 10yrs. The aneurism was a scary one as another couple of millimetres enlargement and it would have burst and I could have bled out before an ambulance arrived. I was dead lucky as they found it when I was scanned prior to the hernia op to see if I was fit for procedure. I get the feeling that I am on borrowed time so try to live life to the fullest but now this hip has me buggered and I can't walk far so pursuing my love of photography is out of the question but thank heavens I can still walk far enough down the boat ramp to go fishing. Managed this feller Friday, my first outing for a while...................dontcha just love the colour!?
  6. Johndoe

    Australian TV - the best and the worst?

    Strangely enough, I was driving a Ford Zephyr at that time also. They were renown for losing their bonnet (mine flew up on the motorway!) and you often saw them with luggage straps through the bonnet to the radiator grill or bumper. I used to spend a lot of time in the Pilling/Cockerham/Glasson Dock area area either fishing or bird spotting. Lovely area.
  7. Johndoe

    Australian TV - the best and the worst?

    Nearly signed up for Binge on the strength of that programme but pulled in the purse strings before I did. No doubt it'll appear on ABC or a streaming network at some time or other just as Dr Foster did. I'm on the 2nd series of "The Bay" on Stan atm as I love to see the scenes of Morecambe where I used to fish almost every weekend when I lived in Garstang.
  8. Johndoe

    Australian TV - the best and the worst?

    Don't bother! One episode was enough even though I like her. Anything where the characters talk to the camera I find extremely annoying. I've taken to streaming SBS despite the ads which are nowhere near as long as watching live. If you don't mind sub titles there's a lot of very good Scandinavian Noir programmes.
  9. Yes, I've had back problems for quite a number of years. The bane of ex servicemen and mountaineers who have humped heavy rucksacks for a great deal of their earlier lives. There's been vast improvements in how they are carried for a number of yrs now.
  10. Dunno if it'll make much difference Bottie. He's been my GP for 26yrs and I trust him implicitly. Guess the hip problem just another case of aging. He did say to make another appt if it was still troubling me and we'd look at something like cortisone injections. I have a review by the consultant regarding the prostate op in another 2months. I was surprised after the op when he said he'd removed "numerous stones" as I thought you only got them in your kidneys but apparently they can end up anywhere along the "urinary route"
  11. Johndoe

    North lakes

    How many properties have you lived in that have Queenslanders as neighbours and how did you know they were such? I've lived in 6 properties in Brisbane and never had a problem with neighbours. Also, until recently backyard fires were illegal in Brizzy and even now only allowed if they aren't a nuisance or a current fire ban is in place.
  12. Finally back and up and about after removal of "many stones" from my prostate. Hasn't made the slightest bit of difference as 3 days after finishing antibiotics the UTI returns and I'm back to nighttime frequency and never passing more than 80 mils day or night. What indignities did I just suffer for nil result! I actually dreamed about my catheter bag bursting at visiting time!......................sorry, too much information! Then, 2 days after discharge, I arose one morning to find that I could hardly walk more than 3 paces without experiencing horrendous pain in my rt hip. GP sent me for an x ray and ultrasound, prescribed prodeine forte, and rang me after getting results saying that he couldn't see anything 'profound" and that it was most likely to be something athritic and couldn't give me anti inflammatories due to a clash with my heart meds. I've suffered for 2 weeks and my pain killers ran out on Thursday but luckily the pain was almost non existent yesterday and today although it comes back if I am on my feet for more than 10 minutes. Anyone experienced similar and does it come good on it's own? Initially it was that bad I nearly phoned an ambulance to take me to A and E and then I nearly decided to start smoking again as I've had that many health problems of late that I'm of the mind that if I'm on my way out I'm going to enjoy myself before I go so to "what is bad for you" End of Grumpy Old Bastard rant
  13. . Got a nice surprise from the stock agency this morning. It's a fair while since any of my images pulled 3 figures! Redcliffe Pier (2) Kevin Dickinson 01 September 2021 Royalty-free Usage: RF 45 MB 5184 x 3045 pixels 2 MB compressed $ 225.00
  14. Johndoe

    Photos from your garden

    My grevillias are in full bloom and I'm getting my usual visitors Blue Faced Honeyeater juvenile by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr Blue Faced Honeyeater juvenile 2 by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr Pale Headed Rosella by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr
  15. Johndoe

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    The best thing to be hoped for via the vaccination is not so much about immunity but the fact that the vaccinated get covid less severely than the the unvaxed and are therefore not taking up precious resources in the hospitals. It really pees me off when I think of how the resources being afforded to the unvacced have impacted the waiting lists for procedures. As a listed category 1 (wait time 30 days supposedly) I have had to wait 21 months for the operation that I am having this coming Monday. Apart from the physical consequences of this, the impact of having to continually buy more scripts and having monthly visits to the GP has been a bit of a financial burden.