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  1. Brisbane

    Not dooable I'm afraid as there's not much life in the northern burbs other than Chermside area. If you want to live in the city which is very lively, you'd be stuck with the commute. An outer suburb such as I am in (Bracken Ridge) has a half hourly train service from bald hills station and a 15 min bus service to the city and you are never more than a few minutes walk from a bus stop. The train takes 30 minutes to city No bus to caboolture but the same train that will. get you into the city in 30 mins, will also get you to caboolture in the same time
  2. What had changed?

    The fish and chip paper that someone threw in the gutter on Blackpool prom 25yrs ago is still there, so not much has changed, other than a massive increase in Social Security claimants :-) I was disappointed that the laughing clown no longer resides outside the Fun House :-(
  3. US, UK and France attack Syria.

    Well at least someone can see the danger here. How many wars have the USA won...................and I actually mean WON. How many have the Russians won. "Won" is a simplification but for sure, the Russians have never lost. They never give up and numbers mean nothing to them. Putin and his oligarchs have as much to gain from a war as the western capitalists and they are less likely to capitulate because there is very little (allowed to be) voiced against them. If this gets out of hand, the Russian public will be fully behind their leaders but can you say that for the Nato public? Hell no! One Black Hawk Down and the Yanks were out of Somalia! Mark my words, Russia has the upper hand here. Can you name any Western leader that has as much support and as little home grown criticism than Putin? The west (the public) simply doesn't have the belly for any more major conflict, and Putin knows that. He can weather any major conflict long after the west has had enough. The question is, does he want to? Or, will he be pushed to? I think he's been pushed enough and it's time to back off before the two previous questions are answered. And one more question? Do you think it's a coincidence that a chemical weapon was (purportedly) used by the Russians in Salisbury and only a short while later they're (purportedly) allowing Assad to use them? Why the action now when previously no action was taken when at least 50 other chemical attacks have taken place?
  4. US, UK and France attack Syria.

    "Messages" mean nothing. Remember the "message" to the British people on Chamberlain's piece of paper? It's a slippery slope that the allies are treading on and Putin is a slippery customer. This can get completely out of control.
  5. Went to school with Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull). Stood on a picket line with Ricky Tomlinson. Shared a dinner table with Jack Jones (General Secretary T&GWU). Had a chat with Billy Connolly on Blackpool Prom. Went to a party hosted by Jimmy Tarbuck. Sat at a bar chatting to Janette Tough (The Krankies). Got a kiss off Jayne Mansfield when I was 11 yr old and one off Janet Munro when I was 12.
  6. . Went for a drive yesterday to try out my new tiny camera on landscape The Mirror by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr Cressbrook by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr And an indoor shot Dylan by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr
  7. Irish in Australia

    The simplest way to avoid any likelihood of con or stereotyping is not to answer the door They can stand there all day knocking, even if my door is open but fly screen door locked, and unless they say "police" I don't answer. That way, I can't build up a stereotypical profile of Salvos. Mormons, Jehovas, Irish or whatever. :-)
  8. London’s murder rate outstrips New York

    What kind of world did/do you live in? I'm from that generation and I can't for the life of me remember "Teddy boys, mods and rockers" being resolved by the "spending on youth provision" We merely "grew up" joined the forces, got married, or went to prison...................LIFE EXPERIENCE/EXPECTATION/FEAR changed me and my mates..............we wouldn't have had the slightest idea about "youth provision" and even if we had, we wouldn't have listened/changed until such time as we stood in the dock or met a bird that made us go straight..............and therein lies the problem............lack of fear.............lack of fearing the legal consequences, and lack of fearing loss of family respect...................why?...............because their family doesn't deserve respect (as they see it) so why should they seek it so then the gang becomes their family because the gang can "provide".......................and so we get back to what it is really all about.......................lack of parenting skills that lead to lack of respect of/for immediate family and lack of what they see that their family should provide but can't due to poverty .....consumer goods hammered into their brain by the capitalist media Yes, it's a social problem, .....why do they not seek approval of their family but value that of their peers more highly? .......but wooly minded thinkers such as yourself think it can be solved by "youth programmes." FFS get real and realise that it's deeper than that. It's about the break up of the family unit that has been the sole purpose of the Capitalist system since the industrial revolution and the eviction of "of age" dependents from tied cottages. Split the family and you create more households and therefore the requirement for more consumer goods.................let the state/taxpayer pick up the tab for the consequences. Crime by the poor is invariably inflicted upon the poor, so Mayor khan and his ilk, despite their attempts to portray themselves as "champions of the poor" really don't have the faintest feckin' idea what it's like to be AMONGST the poor................and may I say, that the loudest "leftist" champions of "social intervention" that I have encountered IRL and online, such as yourself, are quite often to be, no, more likely to be, quite comfortable thank you, and really have no idea of what it's like to be "lower socio economic class" and somehow seem to have this perverse ability to see themselves as championing the cause of those that IRL, they wouldn't be seen dead at a Salvos BBQ with./
  9. London’s murder rate outstrips New York

    What a load of mindless tosh. You are not "allowed to kill someone"...............even attending police to an incident aren't allowed to "kill someone". They/you are allowed to use "appropriate measures" which doesn't give full reign to killing
  10. If "respect" is all that you feel that you should show at funerals, and your respect is shown by standing in silence, then go ahead and do so...................but..................nowadays............with influences from other cultures and generations considered, a funeral is as much about celebrating the deceased's life and achievements as it is about showing respect (I have l;earned) I buried my best mate around this time last year. Hundreds attended and it was a celebration of his life and how he had impacted on others.............a "rough diamond" who was given a loud and raucous send off..........something I'd never experienced before after attending so many services of ex military personnel and playing last post at their send off, but, I strangely found myself happy that this would be what he wanted, despite it being totally alien to me.................silence somehow, (to me), indicates mourning much more than it does respect, and I would like to think that when I go, I wouldn't be mourned but celebrated IYKWIM?.............strange 'cause I consider myself fairly old fashioned, but after attending my mate's funeral, my whole outlook changed.
  11. Brisbane

    My grand daughter loves pythons, especially the albino ones :-) She also likes strange hair ties :-) Albino Burmese Python - See my album "Jade's Journey" by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr 1904278_10203471786743225_190438593_n by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr
  12. . . For Brizzy dwellers. The gateway Bridge as you've likely never seen it. Took me ages to hunt out this viewpoint Gateway Bridge (1) by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr Gateway Bridge (2) by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr Gateway Bridge (3) by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr Gateway Bridge (4) by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr
  13. London’s murder rate outstrips New York

    That's nothing new ;-)
  14. The Biggest Instigator Awards 2010

    Can't remember magnetic but both the other two spent a lot of time "behind the scenes" (via pm) stirring.
  15. The Biggest Instigator Awards 2010

    I don't