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  1. All that travelling and you can't call in and see me? I put on a good spread ;-)
  2. Yeah, she's regretting it too as everyone says they preferred her natural colour. I asked her if she'd done the "other bit" and got a slap for my curiosity :-)
  3. I always thought that chevrons were there as a reminder to keep the distance from each chevron between you and the driver in front?
  4. ProCamera will do it. $4.99 at apple store
  5. All shots rely on in camera processing so you're relying on technology to produce an image that may or not be acceptable to the user. As with a "proper" camera, the best way to achieve results that suit the individual user is to shoot in RAW if your phone has that facility and process yourself in image editing software such as photoshop. Even if your phone doesn't have RAW, try to acquaint yourself with it's settings, and the basics of photography and set the camera yourself for individual shots as opposed to relying on Auto and set it to it's highest resolution if you think you may want to make prints from the images. My Galaxy S5 was mooted as one of the best camera in it's time but shoot in high resolution, enlarge to 100% on the computer and you can see how woefully lacking it is compared to a normal camera. If you want a camera (in phone) that will take images good enough for printing, then ask a sales assistant to allow you to take a shot at full resolution, preferably outside in decent light, and enlarge to 100% on the shop computer. Most reviews of phone cameras are based on images produced on screen and if that is all you want it for, and not for printing, then trust the reviews The phones that have RAW are: Google Pixel HTC One A9 HTC One M9 HTC Bolt HTC 10 LG G4 LG G5 LG V10 Nexus 5X Nexus 6P OnePlus 2 OnePlus X OnePlus 3 Samsung Galaxy Note5 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Samsung Galaxy S7 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  6. Is that a typo? Should there be an r where the s is?
  7. 4 days apparently. Dunno the ins and outs but she did it herself and said she couldn't go straight to blonde for some reason. You gals will know better than me.
  8. Good things are worth waiting for.
  9. I think I'll be crawling :-)
  10. Yes, I know it's "not the equivalent" but you still haven't answered his question. Why shouldn't a fascist and murderer's supporters be denied the right to freedom of assembly and free speech on Remembrance Day as long as their actions weren't unlawful? The trouble with many who throw the "free speech" into an argument is that they only do so if they have some sympathy(ies) for the person that they are advocating the right to free speech for and yet would deny it to those who advocate for something/someone they oppose. I'm pretty sure you know what Parley was trying to do there. You can't advocate for free speech for one, whilst not allowing another, particularly when I guess so many saw her actions as provocative/disrespectful as much they would if they also saw fascists/nazis marching on Remembrance Day. Just where do you draw the line at "free speech"?
  11. You haven't answered Parley's question.
  12. Which members are in the running? ;-)
  13. @The Pom Queen Opened these up and put a glint in their eye
  14. Yes there's hospitals southside but the Royal Brisbane, Prince Charles (Centre of Excellence), Redcliffe and Caboolture are all Northside
  15. Dunno about the best in Europe but you argued at length, with several members, with regards to the best in the World if I remember correctly and that the report somehow had some validity even though it had only considered 11 countries. As is normally the case when you're on thin ice in a thread, you also failed to respond to those who asked you if the report could be considered valid when only 11 countries were considered My kids learned at an early age in school and uni that if you are supporting an argument with the results of a study, then you must also show that said study had some validity otherwise your arguments ceased to be valid and you would be better served not quoting said study. If on the other hand, you were using it to "stir the pot" and not bothered with the consequence of looking like a fool then I guess some fools would take the risk.