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  1. Perhaps for some, but that's the media to blame isn't it? Maybe "his truth" is cathartic and he desperately needs to, or perhaps has been led to, "get it off his chest" as a form of cognitive therapy by his counselor. If nothing else, a book is certainly going to be of benefit to his charities.
  2. Fishing was slow today so took some pics of the wildlife around the lake
  3. Johndoe


    What Cal says. It only takes a minor bingle on the highway or North Lakes Access (only two ways in or out) and the commute becomes a nightmare. Contrary to it being nicknamed "Little Britain" (which seems to attract some migrants) only 8.5% were born in Britain and the majority are Australian born at 50%
  4. Johndoe

    Beware of Latest Scam

    I don't open any from anyone and I never answer unrecognised numbers on my phone. If they want me bad enough they can snail mail. I won't even do transactions with my bank number when I'm selling cactus/succulents, and I only accept payment via paypal. The number of people I'm interested in heaing from I can count on one hand.................I guess I'm just a miserable, unsociable old fart.
  5. Johndoe

    Beware of Latest Scam

    Don't click on any email coming from Netflix stating that there is a problem with your account.
  6. Tilapia are a problem here. They are bloody good chewin' but it's an offence to remove them from where caught. We have disposal bins at our ramp and tbh, it breaks my heart to see the size of some of them rotting in there and not be able to eat them. They put up a bloody good fight as well.
  7. From fishing this morning taken with a crappy setup normally reserved just for photographing fish. Morning Sun On Koala Strait by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr Fish are filling out with roe and milt atm
  8. Hope you heal soon mate.
  9. Watcha done Paul?
  10. Yes and they're quite good but I only take just one, now and again, 'cause there's only myself and Jake to feed. I used to take the bag limit of 5 to feed the neighbours, but as each one taken needs to be replaced, I packed that in.
  11. In Qld yes, you need a SIPS licence at a cost of $50 a year. This money is used to stock the waters with young fish to replace those taken as most fish don't breed in dams (lakes): https://www.qld.gov.au/recreation/activities/boating-fishing/rec-fishing/dams I'm a member of North Pine Dam Fish Management which has exclusive rights to part of the lake and is responsible for stocking the fish bought with the membership fees: http://prfma.com.au/ You can of course fish for free in other parts of the lake but access is limited due to being bounded by private land but our association has private access to (arguably the best) part of the lake so that vehicles and trailers are secure when out on the water
  12. . Bust that 50 mark again today. 39 bass all over 40cms returned to the water.
  13. Johndoe

    PIO slow to load

    Anybody else have this problem? No problem with my other bookmarks just PIO?
  14. Just tested a new "walkabout" lens which isn't really made for close ups but it's not too bad Blue on Green by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr