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  1. Johndoe

    Another 'where to live' question!

    I'm not really sure what you're asking? Suburb to me means "outer city" yet you've quoted areas that you've looked at which are inner city? Is your work on the northside or southside? You mention Milton and a place that I really enjoy visiting is directly on the opposite side of the river, West End. As for beaches, Most tend to think of surf beaches but if you just like to laze on the sand in safety, with a clean beach and somewhere to swim, anywhere on the northside past Woody point is fine and more wholesome (IMHO) than Blackpool or Brighton. Southside there's Wellington point, but either way, if you want surf it's never more than 90 minutes away and emphasis should really be on work and not whether you have a surfer's lifestyle on your doorstep..........unless of course you're a pro surfer. Brisbane has ample bikeways through roads and parklands and anywhere in the city puts you in easy (biking) touch of Mt Coot-Tha and beyond. Feel free to ask anything more specific and I will help all I can.........google maps is ok but it doesn't help with traffic etc
  2. Johndoe

    Aussie weather

    Bought that Aldi brazier that was on special the other week as ours was a little on the small side.............Jeez, it's big and with a catch pan you don't have to worry about ash on the pavers. Jake loves a fire but what can you do sitting round one other than listen to (his) music and drink, so likely my next infraction can be blamed on the weather Sat out there last Saturday and was toasted on the front with a heavy dew on my back! He was ecstatic as the possums came along the fence to see what the fuss was about Had to put all our clothes in the washer the following morning stinking of ironbark and smoke! That said, life's good whatever the weather.
  3. Johndoe

    Aussie weather

    With thongs I hope
  4. Johndoe

    Aussie weather

    7C in my garden this morning due to those bitter westerlies that blew yesterday at up to 50k. I hate being rugged up, especially indoors............feck the bill, the reverse cycle will be going on!
  5. Nope! It's an invasive species competing with the natives. A huge problem in Qld and also a major problem in the UK although they are different species. The UK one is the American Signal Crayfish which is very aggressive and has decimated the native British white claw in the S of England. The Signal crayfish can walk for miles overland which has led to it getting as far north as Scotland..........not in one go of course Each generation moves a little bit further. The Qld species is spread by flooding mainly.
  6. Johndoe


    Yes it was. Tis good that you've done your research fully as many don't with sponsored visas. Of the 3 that you mentioned I would choose Pimpama as it's close enough to Surfer's whilst still having the feel of rural living, and being away from the rat race, although it is fast becoming a "burb and would require a drive for al fresco etc. That said, all 3 have some great things going for them. Pimpama (the main housing estate) is situated almost bang on the motorway and would give you the easiest commute than the other two. Good luck
  7. Johndoe

    Child with Autism disorder included in application

    Marvz, That post is nearly 12 months old but hopefully you'll get a response
  8. Johndoe


    No, PDDNOS is an abbreviation of Pervasive Development Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. NOS is the primary factor here,,,,,,,,,they can't specify what is exactly wrong, although being professionals, they would never admit to that, (me being cynical again) so they give it a label I really can't advise you what to do as your are the parents and you are the ones responsible and best able to know your son and what, and more importantly, who he is. I'm guessing that English isn't your first language so I hope that you understand fully what I am illustrating. I also hope that cultural differences can be considered because I know full well how much emphasis can be placed on "formal" education and "achievement" in Asian cultures. Neither has ever been my priority for my child and if it had, no doubt it would have damaged not his academic achievements, but without doubt, his mental health. ASD persons, children or adults, need to pursue what is of interest to them, no matter how strange that interest may seem to be to others, if they are to be happy and realise their potential eg your son showed more interest in English than your native tongue My priority has always been on my child's mental well being. Is he happy? Is he stressed? If he's stressed, is it because the school, peers, or even ourselves expect him to behave differently? As I said earlier, my son couldn't write his name till he was 8 but now your son already has an ability to focus way beyond what us mere "normal" persons can do. Autism at high functioning level is to be welcomed and reveled in. They can see/hear and envision things that I would love to enjoy myself. It's a disability only because society makes it so. My advice is to seek no more answers until you get your visa. Once here, you will get a more enlightened opinion regarding PDDNOS. In my opinion, the fact that your son chose English over your native language and is fluent points fully to him being ASD................but............you don't want a dx of ASD (yet )if you want a visa Cheating the visa system?? No way! No doubt in years to come your son will be an asset to Australia. Good luck
  9. Johndoe


    Sorry, but total dichotomy. You're from Cornwall and want to to be within 45 mins of city (Plymouth sucks!) and fiancee from London wants wildlife? (plenty of squirrels in London Parks?) I'm guessing that you're hoping for "a bit of nightlife" and that your partner, having already experienced it, can take it or leave it? Nothing really constructive to say other than, "you can't have your cake and eat it"...............and On a more morose note say, "the word 'sponsorship' alone poses questions? What "care company"? A lot of private care providers don't have a glowing record. Why are they recruiting offshore? Are you a specialist such as qualified nurse? I'm guessing you must have a particular qualification that fits sponsorship criteria?
  10. Yes it is, but what's also pretty sad, is someone searching out a sad news story about Oz when they clearly don't have a love affair with the country and haven't resided here for years, if ever? I guess the word "sad" really sums up the search for negativity about Oz BTW? isn't there a problem with American crayfish in British waters or are your fears about invasive species limited to neglecting UK's problems and fired up only by your absolute need to illustrate Australia's problems, and is so, why?
  11. Johndoe


    PDD NOS is not allowable for school funding, at least in Qld. It's a " broad spectrum diagnosis" (my words) frequently applied to kids that don't, at the time of assessment, fill the criteria for another diagnosis such as ASD. The problem is, that at the time of assessment and due to the child performing well at that time, with few behavioural difficulties and perhaps excelling in some areas, PDDNOS is often applied. This application can, (the cynic in me), be influenced by the need to apply a "label" to those with less difficult behavioural problems at the expense of the ASD population overall and to direct funding to those with more observed difficulties (at the time of assessment) Despite achievements at primary or even senior school, future assessment such as at the time of puberty/change of environment/circumstance etc may give a truer picture of a child's "problems" particularly in girls where their behaviour is more inhibited than in boys and dx's are more rare. As such, I don't think that PDD Nos should be a barrier to a visa as, at least in Qld, it doesn't qualify for extra funding/care. That said, with what I have said previously, look at (google) the diagnostic criteria for autism and, despite the dx applied by professionals, ask yourself if your son fits those criteria. You see/hear/experience more at home, than any diagnostic team could experience when your son feels he has to "perform" for them so you yourself conduct a diagnosis. With a PDDNOS dx a visa is more probable, so go with that, but don't lose sight of the possible reality that your son, based on the fact that you sought help earlier on, (to me) fits the bill of something else ;-) My son hardly spoke till he was 3, couldn't write his name till he was 8yrs old but was reading music at age 8yrs. He now has a certificate 3 in Education and Learning Support and is a qualified teacher's aide. He can memorise the birthdays and places of birth of every rock band he's ever heard from the 60's till present day.........that doesn't mean that he hasn't got a problem, and that, in your case. " he is really amazing with computer stuff, sometimes the school sends him to represent in a contest" means that things are (perhaps) just fine. I hope that I am not being alarmist but all I'm trying to illustrate is that sometimes "expert opinion" is clouded by politics and more so by a child's ability to "perform" differently under different/circumstances/time. In other words, I never have, and never will, trust the dx of PDDNOS.............it's just a way of the specialists saying, "we haven't got a handle on it yet" or "at this moment in time, he doesn't need help"
  12. Johndoe


    You're gonna shag a carp? Whatever turns you on!
  13. Johndoe

    Birmingham Pride:

    Are you saying that your straight friends are a bit thick, less genuine than gays, and is your intent to extrapolate that to the population as a whole? Irrespective, it's that kind of comment that far from "preaching" acceptance, is totally divisive.................it's akin to "kiddie speak" such as "my dad can fight your dad"
  14. Johndoe

    midwife moving to australia

    Probably feck all. That said, stay abreast of current legislation and the fact that it may change, retrospectively, at any time
  15. Feck me PB. I knew that you didn't know Perth Australia from Perth Scotalnd, but I would never have (un) credited you with being that thick American Thinker (affectionately nicknamed "American Stinker" by its fans) is an online wingnut publication that's more or less the poor man's WND or Newsmax. They've published articles by such conservative luminaries as Noel Sheppard (NewsBusters) and Pamela Geller and such climate "experts" as S. Fred Singer and Christopher Monckton, as well as an interview with (and hagiography of) white nationalist Jared Taylor.[2] The magazine, of course, is chock-full of right-wing conspiracy theories, woo, and pseudoscience. On the conspiracy side, they promote birtherism, "creeping sharia," red-baiting, and still occasionally prattle on about Vince Foster. On the science side, they concentrate on creationism and global warming denialism.