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  1. Johndoe

    Paras shoot at an image of Jeremy Corbyn

    Nope!........................Conspiracy theorists, TV series etc etc are looking in the wrong direction and attempting to depict things as happening "from above".....................load of bollox! My personal experience going even further back into colonialism which includes Aden as well as Ulster, was that our officers always emphasised restraint based on the rules of engagement card. When "shlt happened" it invariably emanated from and individual known to be an "angry person".............."trigger happy if you will, (ask yourself where the anger issues came from) or from someone who was "new to the job" or just plain jumpy/frightened. These things happened not because of some greater conspiracy but simply because too much was expected of a "battle soldier" placed in a "policing situation" or because, quite simply, of human frailties.
  2. Johndoe

    Not going down to well in UK

    "On the surface"..............if they miss out, then there is likely more "below the surface" as to why they do so. If you look at the requirements for legal aid, it seems pretty clear (to me) why some (my words) "deservists" are refused it
  3. Johndoe

    Paras shoot at an image of Jeremy Corbyn

    Forget the whole "ins and outs" of the debate/argument based on "rights and wrongs". The simple fact is that the average "Serviceman", no matter their country or allegiance, is of the lower socio economic class and as such, sadly, are protective of that which clothes and feeds them whilst at the same time, fail, or are unable to look further into the morality of their allegiance (should they have the education so to do) It may sound pretty simplistic and derisory of servicemen's ability to "think for themselves" (politically/morally) and yet, I am prepared to guess, nay, at the danger of sounding pompous/arrogant/superior or whatever label you wish to place on me, say "that I know." it is also pretty indicative of both the Nationalist and Unionist "upper class" ability to recruit persons to commit themselves to heinous acts that they consider to be part of a "heroic struggle" whilst at the same or future time, attempt to wash their hands of any involvement and subsequently sacrifice those that they have recruited to do their dirty work, just as the Jihadi leaders are doing today. My personal experience of the rank and file in the Armed forces is that they are "gung ho" in their approach to what they are fed by "the right", or indeed by their officers, and this is symptomatic of their "need to belong" and "need for empowerment" based on their previous life being based on a feeling/experience that they have had no control over their past life and still have no control over their current or future life.......................the Armed Forces gives them a sense that they at least have some control.............right or wrong, it's an understandable attitude to anyone hailing from the "underprivileged class"..................personally, I strove to "self educate" and my life in the forces was a misery because of it. I was committed to a length of service, signed when i was only 15 and partaking of when I became "politically aware" when listening to the likes of Dylan and Pete Seeger a few yrs later..................too late my friend! You've signed on the dotted line! Not only was that dotted line a "prison" so too were your buddies attitudes.............peer pressure nowadays (in the news ) in relation to social media pales into insignificance if you only knew what was expected of you by your service buddies. The officer class OTOH, should know better and be well enough educated in imperialistic and colonialistic machinations to realise that those machinations, and indeed aspirations (of state) were, and are no longer acceptable, as their purpose served only to protect colonialism and their class privilege .........................Soldier F is merely the bone being thrown to the dog.....................a dog that should have been put down at the time of the peace accord and which I liken to medieval hunting dogs who were thrown a peasant who failed to raise the pheasants on a hunting shoot
  4. Johndoe

    Paras shoot at an image of Jeremy Corbyn

    FFS! It's nothing to do with democracy and is purely an indicator of the military black humour and the contempt that they have for Corbyn...............no different than someone on a night out in a pub sticking a picture of May on the dartboard. Get real................not everything (perhaps) distasteful is THAT big a deal!........................unless of course you want to make it a big deal just to hear the sound of your own voice and/or score some points
  5. Johndoe

    Paras shoot at an image of Jeremy Corbyn

    Agreed. So/but why are they "pursuing the past" in the case of British Soldiers? I have strongly believed in a United Ireland since my teens, despite serving in the Armed Forces, but my personal opinion is that all they are doing here is picking at the wounds. If "bygones are bygones" for the nationalists, so it should be for the colonialists. In the heat of conflict, shit happens, folk make mistakes, even the professionals. Mistakes made by soldiers/police in conflict are not crimes against humanity, they are simply mistakes in the "heat of battle" unlike the targeting of civilians by both sides in the conflict...............those were crimes against humanity by their very definition........................all that's happening here in the matter of pursuing British Soldiers is that mistakes are being relived and retribution sought for political ends.........................move on..............end of.
  6. How to utilise a redundant dry dock.......................it's lovely down by the old dock area. First time I've visited Old Dry Dock Development (3) by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr Old Dry Dock Development (2) by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr Dry Dock Bridge (2) by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr
  7. No, you don't want all that poo on your front lawn
  8. Johndoe

    How is Trump doing so far?

    So much misogyny, so much racism, so many lies/mistruths, but Donald mate, this is the last straw, you cheat at golf so I've now lost all respect for you For F**s sake!
  9. Johndoe

    How is Trump doing so far?

    Not at all. You only have to look at forums such as this one, and when controversy reigns or trolls take hold, posts soar. Consider the Brexit thread to be Trump's contribution. Folk love to watch/hear a good dissing of others. Some forum owners love it as it lifts their hit rating and I dare say, some such as DPReview are renown for being very lax with their moderation in order to "keep the ball rolling"
  10. More like 3 minutes!
  11. How long would this last in Blackpool? Urban Jungle (2) by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr Urban Jungle (1) by Kevin Dickinson, on Flickr
  12. All sims have to be signed for showing proof of id to the best of my knowledge. It was introduced after 9/11 but I thought they had since done away with it, but I signed for my son's new phone delivered yesterday and they asked for my ID. The delivery man said it had nothing to do with signing for delivery to prove receipt per se, but was "for security reasons" and was a "compulsory thing from the Gov't"
  13. I got the loan of someone's house at Woodgate for a holiday stay there once. The owners fed the roos regularly but had been absent for a couple of days prior to our arrival. The roos got quite aggressive when not fed and had the ex bottled up in the laundry one morning!
  14. Johndoe

    Paras shoot at an image of Jeremy Corbyn

    Splitting hairs. They are "elite forces" and as such are not really classed as infantry in the true sense. They are the main recruiting platforms for special forces such as SAS and SBS and they are in the main, air borne and ship borne, the Royal Marines actually being a naval force not army. The fact that they mostly "fight on foot" could classify them as infantry but I certainly wouldn't call either one an "infantryman" to their face unless I wanted mine altering I'm ex Army (infantry) and ex RMR btw and was always ribbed by my RMR mates as being simply a "pongo"
  15. Johndoe

    Paras shoot at an image of Jeremy Corbyn

    They aren't infantry, just as Royal Marines aren't infantry. They are Special Forces tasked to do "special" jobs................be that Yomping/Tabbing to a destination as they did in the Falklands covering 56 miles in 3 days carrying 36kg loads and winning the firefight when they got there, to "policing" Ulster when a particular vigorous type of "policing was needed. Their experience of Ulster, handed down via regimental history, and their knowledge of Corbyns meetings with IRA Volunteers Quigley and MacLochlainn and his invite to them to the House of Commons..................something that is clearly substantiated when there may be doubts cast on his other involvement and his refusal to condemn the IRA has led to the current climate regarding how the Paras view him...................shooting at his image is just part and parcel of the Paras disdain for him which is represented by Brit military black humour............nothing more, nothing less