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Found 1,655 results

  1. If you have the skills and the visa join a family friendly company that will look after you. Fulltime pay, super and holidays. All the perks. Factory located close to the CBD & Gasworks area, nice coffee shops etc for that local feel in the morning. Variety of work in the Brisbane and surrounding areas, Gold Coast, Logan, North Lakes, Redlands, Sunshine Coasts. We have been through the process ourselves 10 years ago so understand it’s a big move. Do it, you will not regret it.. contact Anthony anthony@rapidglass.com.au ref PomsinOz
  2. Constance

    Brisbane Family Suburbs

    Hi there, Looking for advice on Brisbane suburbs for families. I have browsed ALLLL of the online lists and drawn to Victoria Point or Sandgate, but this could be wrong. We will relocate in Jan 23 with a 2 year old and 5 year old. Ideally would like my son to start school as close to Feb as possible but taking advice from others here to not rush that when he's so young. Will be working CBD, but will have to travel and will also work flexibly. I prefer coastal to inland and have a 900k budget for a 4-5 bed property, need space to ensure family can stay with us. We both drive but I would prefer not to drive into CBD if we can avoid it. Help and advice, particularly from those in the area would be great. I've done so much research online, I want a 'real' view. TIA, Ashley
  3. Hi again guys , just following on from my last post , I know Queensland is not currently open to offshore applications this being the case is sponsorship a no go also ? as previously mentioned we’re now in a position to submit our EOI but wanting BRISBANE Queensland ! Just trying to explore all possible Avenues to get out!! my wife is a registered band 5 nurse in the UK and has been working in ages care for the last 10 years
  4. Sofia1234

    Moving to Australia

    Heya I am looking for some advise/feedback in regards to relocating to Australia. We are a family of four with our kids being 7 and 4, my partners is an apprentice carpenter and i work in accounts. We are weighing up between moving to the Gold Coast or Brisbane. Looking for somewhere with good job opportunities but mostly great area for the kids in regards to schools and safety. Moving is a huge and scary decision so trying to do as much research as possible. Any recommendations would be extremely helpful
  5. Hi All , my wife , 2 year old daughter and I will be over within the next 12 months. we have done a lot of research on different suburbs and lived in Brisbane previously. we’ve deceived we would like to settle in either Scarborough or Cleveland and wondering if anyone could offer pros on cons of the both suburbs. Schooling will be important factor for us. any help is very much appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi ... We are looking to move, but are staying within the manly area of Brisbane. We wondered if anyone could recommend a good, reasonable company? We've considered Wridgeways and Grace but they are pretty pricey .... unfortunately we don't have enough burly strong mates that we could do it ourselves - sad, but true :twitcy:
  7. Hi All, The company I work for have offered the possibility of transferring from the UK to either Sydney or Brisbane on a 482 Visa. I am 34, married with children aged 2 and 6. I am trying to get an accurate idea of what my monthly outgoings would be so I can work out if it will be affordable or not. At this time I have a preference towards Brisbane due to cheaper real estate. My weekly rental budget would be around $550 (max) for a 4 bedroom house. The job role is remote based, but it would be nice to be within a 2 hour drive of the airport as travel is required fairly frequently. I'm interested to know: 1. Which residential areas should I look to rent in? Areas which are safe, have good schools and fairly close to parks/beaches. I'm also a keen road cyclist so would ideally want to live somewhere close to good cycling routes. 2. What monthly bills should I expect to pay for a family living in a 4 bed house in Brisbane? Here is a list I put together from some internet searches. Does it seem about right? and have I missed anything?: Rental (Monthly) $2,383.33 Electric $100.00 Gas $50.00 Water & Council Tax $57.00 Home Contents Insurance $52.00 Mobile Phone (1x for Wife) $45.00 Internet $124.00 Petrol $80.00 Vehicle Tax $58.00 Vehicle Insurance $91.00 Groceries $1,000.00 TOTAL $4,040.33 Any help would be greatly appreciated. A
  8. Hi, does anyone know if after you arrive at your destination ie Brisbane airport you then undergo quarantine for14 days ..after this time are you free to catch an interstate domestic flight within Queensland without undergoing quarantine again??
  9. The Pom Queen

    Photos of Queensland

    Continuing from the Tasmania photo thread I thought we could have one in Queensland. I know a few members are great with their camera and take excellent photos so I'm hoping they will join in. A few that spring to mind are @Johndoe @Bobj Cape Hillsborough- North of Mackay
  10. My wife and I are in the very early stages of applying to move from the UK to Australia, under what is most likely going to be a skilled regional visa. We are focusing on the Brisbane area (outside the CBD) and Sunshine Coast, apologies its a big area hence the reason for the post - which of the two is more suitable for a young family (we have 3 daughters 8, 5 and 2) with regards to good schools and respectable neighborhoods with professionals? We want to ideally live by the coast, walking distance, have cafes shops, bars etc but not too over crowded, also not empty. Chances are I will have to commute to Brisbane, as I work in finance. Would love to hear from anyone who may be able to help - happy to provide more info if my post is too vague. Thanks
  11. Guest

    painters in brisbane?

  12. Hi all, Our boxes have arrived! i need to clear them through customs first before i can pick them up at the warehouse in the port, but i cant get through to customs (or anyone really!) to ask where customs are in the port of Brisbane?? Just wondered if any one knows?? Thanks Kris xx:smile:
  13. Hi, I'm going through the spouse visa process to bring my QLD resident husband to the UK. Everything has been done apart from his biometrics appointment. I went to select a time and date and it indicated it was a "free" appointment, however when I saved the booking it moved me onto another page and it's asking for $110. Is this normal as there was no mention of this extra cost prior to me selecting an appointment and I thought all of the paying for this (very expensive) visa was finished! If that's what I need to do I'll go ahead and pay of course but I was wondering if this is normal. People on other forums have suggested that there are free appointments available but you have to arrange them for much further ahead and have to pay for earlier appointments. Being here in the UK and this being my first foray into the world of visas/immigration I'm not familiar with how things are done at these centres and I can't find any information on the subject online. Thanks for any help.
  14. Hi I'm landing in Brisbane on Friday and looking to watch the Australia v England world cup match on Saturday. (If I get over the jet lag). P.s. this is my first post and am moving the family to Brisbane for 4 years on a TSS visa. Ideas welcome. Thanks
  15. jamesharvey3

    Emigrating to Brisbane

    Firstly hello Forum, this is my first post and thanks in advance for any replies that are given, no doubt you're answering the same questions over and over. I wont go on forever, I'll keep it short and sweet. Just got back from Brisbane and Melbourne on a scouting trip to see if me and my family like Australia, we do and would idealy like to move to Brisbane, but we're prepared to move anywhere initially. I went for a job interview whilst in Brisbane, got the job on the basis i get to Australia lol, the business owner will sponsor me but ideally I'd prefer to just come on and be free to choose myself, wht are peoples thoughts on that? I've passed the points test, my job title is either construction project manager or fitter, the whole thing is way over my head hence why im looking for suggestions on a register agent, I will answer any questions, be gentle!! thanks james
  16. LoggyAnn

    Bringing Cat into Brisbane Area

    Hi All I'm new to this site and this is my first post, I've scrolled through some of the previous posts about cats, and gained some information, but I've still got some questions if anyone knows the answers or could advise that would be greatly appreciated. I have a male neutered Persian cat, who is almost 6 years old, he is indoors approximately 70% of the time and outdoors the rest but he doesn't go very far and always checks back every half hour to an hour. He's a giant softie and isn't confrontational towards other cats, or animals (he likes to relax with my rabbits). He is on a special diet (Royal Canin) for urinary problems, which is managed fine with diet. I was wondering if people have taken their cats to the Brisbane area, I'll be looking at the suburban area's not city. and how their cats have adapted, do you let them out? I've heard various things and I'm not sure what to believe, one side of people say "oh no you cannot let them out, because of snakes, spiders, ticks etc", and the others say " yes its fine mine lived to ripe old age etc." Also wondering if anyone else's cat has a special diet? as I've read you cannot bring food due to the laws etc. So was worrying about sourcing suitable food. Which transport companies would you recommend? And do you pick your pets up at Melbourne and then fly with them to Brisbane or just meet them at Brisbane after the quarantine period? Many Thanks
  17. Hi, We are a couple in our mid 30’s looking to meet some new friends in Brisbane as we recently relocated here. We enjoy a nice glass of wine & love a good BBQ or heading out for drinks & food. Would be lovely to meet any other couples who enjoy the same things and would like to head out for a couple of drinks. (Please PM me)
  18. Hello everyone, I am writing because I would like to know if those who already worked at fantastic framing can give me a testimony of what they did. Also maybe you can give me more details about the accommodation they give? Am I taking risks in this company ? This company seems to have the "dream job" but I am not sure. Thanks for your answers
  19. Hello, My boyfriend and I are looking into moving in the next few years, we are going over to visit first but need to decide where to look based on where we would like to live. I think the options seem to be Perth or Brisbane/Sunshine Coast - I was just wondering if anyone could advise which one would have better job prospects for both of our careers? My partner is a joiner, and I am a finance analyst (although I am not degree qualified)....so complete opposite work so we need a place that has opportunities for both! Any help would be great! Thanks
  20. Danno

    Cost of bills in brisbane

    Hi all, we are hoping to move from UK to Brisbane in 2019, and are trying to put a rough budget together for cost of utilities, council tax, home insurance etc. We are looking at a 3 bedroom house with 2 toddlers. Any help would be great thanks
  21. Dear all, Could someone pls recommend a good conveyancing solicitor in Brisbane? Currently based in London, we will be relocating back to Brissy in September and have now put a verbal offer for a house, which was accepted. Quick Google search returned quite some number of slicitor options. However having a 10 hours of time difference makes it hard to call numbers and choosing the right one. We’ve filled in a couple of online enquiry forms, but none have responded back to us yet.. If someone knows a trustworthy solicitor who we can address by email - pls kindly share one. Cheers
  22. Guest

    What's Brisbane really like?

    So we're now moving to Brisbane due to work. Bit of an abrupt change of plans but all good. Clothes wise - I've heard a lot it's humid all year round with a slight dip in 'winter' months. I take it we won't be needing any suit jackets/work wool tops/jumpers/stockings? Bedding - no duvets? Also, I'll have a read through the Brisbane section, however any advice about nice family friendly areas to live that are no more than 45 min commutable (by train/bus) would be appreciated. All advice appreciated, thanks.
  23. Hi All Me and the Fam are looking at moving to Brisbane this year and as the Mrs is not 100% about the move she wants us to move over and stay in a furnished rental for a year before making the big descision to stay or go back. The thinking is that if we decide not to stay we have saved about £5000 in shipping costs. Has anyone got thoughts on the idea or know what price we would be looking at for a longtime furnished rental? Thanks in advance. Matt
  24. Hi all We are looking to see what options are available for short-term accomodation (up to 6 weeks) until we find a rental property. Looked on the likes of WOTif etc and AirB&B, Stayz but looking to see if any other options are out there. A family of 2 adults, 1 toddler, 2 cats. I will be looking for work in / around Brisbane CBD so most be able to commute. We are thinking about renting longer term Karana Downs area. Thoughts or Suggestions? Thank You