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  1. Ok, governed was the wrong word My point is, despite sharing the Queen, despite the Union Jack being part of the Australian flag, despite both being Commonwealth countries - a French/Dutch/Polish person can come and work in the UK easier than Australian (currently!).
  2. I think some people want options. I'm English and the wife is Aus. What we would like is to be able to live and work (pay tax) in either county without endlessly paying buckets of money in visa fees. Given that both countries are governed by the same monarch makes the entire situation quite ridiculous!
  3. But with the new rules, you wouldn't need an RRV until after the travel part of the PR expired - which is 5 years?
  4. How long does an RRV last, is it per trip or for a time period?
  5. IELT - does eveyone have to do it or just people from non english speaking countries?
  6. Don't stress too much, I can see from here that you are going to do better at the English test than stevwtosh😉
  7. Splendid, ta!
  8. According to this article: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/commentisfree/2017/apr/21/its-hard-to-integrate-into-australian-society-even-as-an-english-speaking-white-woman Turnbull and Dutton are appealing to nativist, xenophobic and racist attitudes to win votes.
  9. Hello I've been granted my sub class 100 visa. "You have been granted a permanent visa which allows you to travel to and remain in Australia indefinitely." What exactly does that mean? Will it ever be revoked if I leave for a bit? Ta.
  10. For ours, it took 13 days to arrive. Cert arrived 13th, email was 1st Apr.
  11. 9.30 this morning, an email arrived saying 309 and 100 have been granted. Submitted Dec 13th, uploaded the last bit of evidence Fri eve, granted on the 18th Apr.
  12. It's all good, we are planning to fly in Nov - no rush yet!
  13. 13/04 paper cert arrived today and has been scanned in and uploaded. A couple of things: Her section is now closed off and marked approved so I have to upload her cert to my section? Once done there doesn't seem to be any way of notifying them within immi to say I've done what they've asked. So I replied to the original email that asked me for the extras.