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  1. I've used PureVPN all the time I've been here - no issues. The extension for Chrome browser is particularly good free trial - https://www.purevpn.com/refer-a-friend-v1?referrer=bXXmJ4HqLa/AS20ihFOqvT87OXaB9WFy0H8Ete4h/kTIsVrWU40Gs1yo1/gxz6BL9PpkG8sYAo+ndnfUamoqQ9oHXSKHA5IuOW0eqzMZKYiYhgtlrRuTypIAbI9nzB4hmdJ2T4df2js+uUfzzP2qgYQx8k/X8kzasOZ3tUDxg2w=
  2. unzippy

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    More likely they've attempted to reinvent the wheel and reached the same result that the rest have the world have. As usual, Aus got there a decade or so later.
  3. Is that all of them?
  4. unzippy

    Trans World Sports

    No. Stick to data Simo https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/lia-thomas-trans-swimmer-data-b2049615.html
  5. Parley was claiming no one gets convicted with murder in California as the victim is dead and can't report the incident....
  6. lol, that's really not how it works.
  7. unzippy

    Congratulations Ash Barty

    She has form, it's not the first time she has quit. Maybe she will be back once she is bored/run out of money etc.
  8. Come on now, what did you expect?!
  9. It's a vicious circle for the Devils, they eat carrion of which there's lots in Tas - unfortunately it's in the roads where the Devils are just as likely to be run over and become carrion themselves.
  10. unzippy

    Shane Warne RIP

    Bugger! https://twitter.com/englandcricket/status/635438177063301128?t=pn_MbKrWPr5KQOhCBV9UMg&s=19
  11. Given that there is something there, it isn't negative. It's quite clearly explained in the instructions. From experience, it's detecting the start or end of the virus, HTH.
  12. How's this for an ear worm? https://youtu.be/B9FzVhw8_bY
  13. unzippy

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Are you ok Parley? Is it time for a visit to Specsavers? At what point did I claim that I know more than a chief medical officer?