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  1. unzippy

    England V Australia

    More trolling or Aussie bad sportsmanship at losing?
  2. unzippy

    despicable human being

    A lot depends on witnesses and proof, as that will determine what she is charged with, is she returnes. This was one of my best mates, all the driver could be charged with was leaving the scene, he served 61 days of a 6 month sentence. It should have been death by dangerous driving. https://solihullobserver.co.uk/news/family-of-solihull-hit-and-run-victim-calls-for-law-change-4671/
  3. unzippy

    Australia and Climate Change

    Yeah, the simplicity blew me away when I first heard of it. Take it a step further, disused mine shafts could be used - then no wind getting in the way...
  4. unzippy

    Australia and Climate Change

    It doesn't have to be wasted. Turn it into potential energy for a later date: https://qz.com/1355672/stacking-concrete-blocks-is-a-surprisingly-efficient-way-to-store-energy/
  5. unzippy

    Australia and Climate Change

    Comparing Chernobyl with modern reactors is akin to comparing a Model T Ford with a Tesla. As for making a big chunk of Aus uninhabitable...
  6. Are you aware of the definition of independent? If so, you shouldn't have any issues comprehending the below:
  7. Not for sale unfortunately, they were made specifically for him. Don't forget the rest of the detailed planning, from the perfectly flat course to the favourable weather, and Kipchoge ran behind a well-orchestrated band of pacesetters swapping in and out of position to keep him on track. Oh, and a frikken LASER!
  8. You do realise if she wore shoes she would have been faster? The Independent: Nike ZoomX Vaporfly: What are the shoes Eliud Kipchoge wore in Ineos 1.59 marathon and why are they controversial? http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/general/athletics/nike-zoomx-vaporfly-eliud-kipchoge-ineos-marathon-159-record-explained-a9153191.html
  9. Your examples aren't helping your case - Zola was around the 3hr mark, yet old mate above in the fancy shoes was an hour faster... Have you got any better proof to support your claim?
  10. Riiight. So he could have put in that time wearing a pair of plimsoles?
  11. Interesting article on the technological advances that helped: https://www.runnersworld.com/gear/a29447426/eliud-kipchoge-shoes/
  12. unzippy

    Slaughter of the Kurds

    Once the world's policeman, the US has turned its back on a potential bloodbath in the making. And it looks more than ever like a fair weather friend. The political narrative is simple: Trump said he'd smother ISIS and get troops home. And he did. Whether that makes America or the world safer is another question. But nuance never stopped Trump from claiming a win.
  13. unzippy

    Project Man Cave

    Good trolling
  14. unzippy

    Swimming pool