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  1. unzippy

    Home Brew Club

    He said yes - Gift - definitely yes. Paying yourself for them to brew isn't that much cheaper than buying the commercial product.
  2. unzippy

    Such a terrible tragedy!

    <whisper> I don't think @Parleyrealises he's a comedian...
  3. unzippy

    Such a terrible tragedy!

    Unfortunately, protests like this only tend to entrench people's pre-existing views, and in some ways may serve as a disincentive to action. Basically, and I know I'm personally as guilty of this as the next person, people want their every-increasing consumerist quality of life above all else, and while they quite like the idea of a cleaner, less-fukced planet, they'd rather have their personal guilt assuaged by tickling around the edges than actually grasp the nettle and accept that their fundamental values have to change in order to make a meaningful impact. Want three foreign holidays a year? Want to eat red meat seven days a week? Want to spend your weekends using pointless retail as a leisure activity? Sure, crack on with all that, so long as you make the right noises, forego plastic straws and sign the odd petition for somebody else to sort the problem. You too can feel smug as fukc as you drop half a dozen bottles off for recycling out of the back of your 3-ton SUV. At the very very heart of the problem is that reducing environmental damage and increasing national wealth are directly contradictory objectives - tax polluting companies and they move to china, tax car production and people lose jobs, tax imported food and people's grocery bill goes up, tax road travel and people complain that their real wages have fallen due to increased commuting costs. As a nation, we are a million miles from saying "yes, I'm willing to forego more trinkets and baubles to save some animals I'm never going to see or protect a forest that won't even be planted until long after I'm dead". And TV images of crusties being dragged away by the cops doesn't do much to sell the kind of fundamental lifestyle and value change that's needed. The sub-conscious messages are that environmentalism is extreme (so the little concessions you makes are a *fair* compromise), that taking any positive steps makes you more like those smelly people you hate (and more importantly, look down on), and that ultimately, it's all a bit pointless anyway. If change is going to happen, it has to happen *within* the realm of established social and political norms. I hate to say it, but those pushing for change need to learn a lesson from the UKIP playbook - sell an idea that genuinely speaks to people's fears and desires, convert the support of the people you persuade into ballot box numbers, and scare mainstream political parties into incorporating the narrative into their own ideologies.
  4. unzippy

    Home Brew Club

    I'm pretty sure one of my mates did, I'll check.
  5. unzippy

    Such a terrible tragedy!

    Don't be so hard on yourself chief.
  6. unzippy

    Such a terrible tragedy!

    Yep, Notre-Dame is State owned and leased to the Guild of Kiddy Fiddlers. For free!
  7. unzippy

    Such a terrible tragedy!

    I'd like to see that be spent on contraception It will be a lot more beneficial to the world than a new roof.
  8. unzippy

    Not going down to well in UK

    Full source, just in case anyone thought it was an original piece of thinking. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/8872085/shamima-begum-ira-victim-legal-aid-outrage/
  9. unzippy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Confidence in what?
  10. unzippy

    Before Brexit

    You know these issues affect other cities, even non EU cities - I'd love to hear how you manage to blame the EU for gun crime and knife fatalities in Los Angeles?
  11. unzippy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    @Simmo, why do you think this is a good thing?
  12. unzippy

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    Maybe it would be more fair to compare life now, with when you first landed in Melb, not when you left Melb?
  13. unzippy

    A little bit of a pickle

    What an awesome position to have PR in both places! How long have you been in NYC this time? Will old Perth work have changed in this time? From what you have written, I'd be staying in NYC and thinking about CA later on.
  14. unzippy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I've only just noticed this - Farage's new party is called the Brexit Party. Now like all decent political parties, it really should have a website. But remember, this is organised by people that have proved time and time again that they can't organise a piss up in a brewery https://thebrexitparty.com/