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  1. Quite - you have nothing to lose by asking.
  2. Blimey. Is alcoholism such an issue in Aus?
  3. Well quite, why do they test English when it is Australia?
  4. Nah! We'll be in Tas with the in-laws for Nov - Jan. We can think about jobs then. We .don't actually land in Melb until Jan. I guess we'll airbnb it for a week or two until we sort somewhere to live and can then get our stuff delivered. What makes you say that about Footscray?
  5. Hello A bit of background, Wife is Tas and has been living in the UK with me for the last 9 years, I'm UK. We live in SE London, (Lewisham) Zone 2 so about an hour commute door to door. We both work in IT in London earning about £85k jointly and hope to get similar roles in Melb. We enjoy the multiculturalism of our suburb, we have awesome turkish/indian/vietnamese/japanese/chinese food shop and restaurants. We are looking for similar in Melbourne. We've stayed in Footscray for a week about 4 years ago with friends and despite them warning us about it being rough, thought it was fine compared to home - no sirens or helicopters. We will be renting with a view to saving for a place of our own later. Not that fussed about being close to a beach, would rather spend that money getting a better place rather than being close to the beach. Would like 2 bedrooms, off street parking would be nice, garden for cooking in, garage/shed for tools. Where should we be looking at? What else should we thinking about? Cheers!
  6. £550 each, Virgin Atlantic with a 5 night stopover in Hong Kong, leaving 1 Nov. One way! Booked via Travel Up.
  7. How old is older? 20year + I'd imagine?
  8. How long ago was this 99redballs?
  9. Unless it is the shipping company rules? I can imagine the container at some point will be sitting about in very hot sun, hot enough to melt candles that may make a mess of the rest of your goods = insurance pay out...
  10. Also to add to the above, the pain in the hole that is getting rid of your stuff in Eng. Whether it is dealing with idiots on Gumtree/ebay, humping the stuff down to the charity shop, garden sale - it can be tedious!
  11. One way ticket booked here - Flying 1 Nov with a 5 night stop over in Hong Kong. 183 sleeps!
  12. Glad you are feeling better! Related - sort of. Is there an Aus gocompare/confused.com or equivalent so that I can get a rough idea of insurance costs?
  13. Ok, governed was the wrong word My point is, despite sharing the Queen, despite the Union Jack being part of the Australian flag, despite both being Commonwealth countries - a French/Dutch/Polish person can come and work in the UK easier than Australian (currently!).
  14. I think some people want options. I'm English and the wife is Aus. What we would like is to be able to live and work (pay tax) in either county without endlessly paying buckets of money in visa fees. Given that both countries are governed by the same monarch makes the entire situation quite ridiculous!