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  1. unzippy

    Boris has to face up to his lies, finally.

    Why was your phone was missing 5000 WhatsApps? "It looks as though it's something to do with the app going down and then, um, coming up again. But, somehow, automatically, um, erasing all the things between that date when it down and when it was last backed up." Well, that's me convinced Moron.
  2. unzippy

    Nigel Farage for PM

    Shouldn't have been so keen Simmo, the odds are increasing!
  3. unzippy

    Nigel Farage for PM

    Enough to put money on it?
  4. unzippy

    Has PIO had it's day?

    Forums have been declining since Facebook/Reddit became at thing.
  5. unzippy

    Happy Xmas One and All ????

    They're up - up in the loft!
  6. Over $60 for 25g of rolling tobacco and similar for pre rolled fags.
  7. Over $60 for 25g of rolling tobacco and similar for pre rolled fags.
  8. The tobacco black market is already a thing and thriving in Aus, purely due to the price. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theage.com.au/national/victoria/chop-chop-boom-sends-state-tobacco-plans-up-in-smoke-20231006-p5eacg.html
  9. Isn't it a bit late for a vaccine?
  10. What does the doc recommend?
  11. Both good fun and both similar in terms of cardio. However squash is a lot harder on the feet/ankles/knees - I guess the state of those will guide your choice. 3rd option, if you're not burning as many calories as you were, reduce your calorie intake.
  12. Well, that's certainly an interpretation. What sudden provocation do you think Chauvin was experiencing at this time? What intense emotions do you think he's experiencing? All the time while looking calm and collected, with his hands his pockets..
  13. That doesn't sound much fun at all, hope you feel better soon.
  14. unzippy

    Netflix & Stan

  15. So you disagree, what do you think the sentence should have been?