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  1. License fees for swapping UK license to Oz

    Amazing, what a waste of time and resources!
  2. License fees for swapping UK license to Oz

    Hello To add to this as its sort of related - do you need to change licences when you move to a different state? I'll be living with the in-laws in Tas from Nov - Jan, then moving to Melbourne to get a place of our own and jobs. What should I do about my UK licence and when? Cheers!
  3. Importing a car

    That’s what I’m trying to say, you don’t need to decide if it is worth the hassle and expense - you can’t take it. The decisiion is not yours to make and I’m afraid it has already been made for you!
  4. Importing a car

    The insurance, the value etc - It's all irrelevant. You need to show the V5C and the date which you became the registered keeper (12 months or more ago). As you can't, Aus won't let you import it.
  5. Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    Lol, nothing has been acceptable about this entire business. For an entire department to grind to halt due to an off the cuff remark from one politican - madness.
  6. Things to do after landing

    Is there an order in which to do things? You need this before you can apply for that etc?
  7. How much did it cost you?!

    She's Aus. £4k ish My spouse visa £350 medical £30 Police check £5k shipping and Ins £4k ish for the car £1.5 flights. Assorted costs for cancelling broadband/mobiles etc mid term So that's just to leave
  8. Why am i reading so many "moving back to the UK posts??

    As a Englander whose only exposure to Aus was: Fosters and Castlemaine ads Home and Away / Neighbours Crocodile Dundee films The first time I saw it rain in Sydney - good grief! It started about 3 in the afternoon and went through to 11 the next day. It pissed it down so hard it was bouncing up from the pavement - and it stayed at that level of intensity the entire time. I was not prepared for that at all
  9. Bank Account

    ING, unlike the big 4, don't let you open an account in advance outside Aus.
  10. Bank Account

    When was this?
  11. Query. Has anyone changed passports after the visa had been granted, but before you left for Aus? Like a dickhead I've managed to ship my passport in the container A new one arrive in 7 days - do I need to tell the IMMI people? Flights too I guess? Cheers!
  12. What an excellent experience - so far. Arrived 7ish, boxed, packed and loaded on to the container, gone by 2. Word of warning, get your passport out first, £103 for a replacement
  13. Phoning back to the UK

    Phone what in the UK? Landlines? Mobiles? Smartphones?
  14. How long to get a place of our own (rent)

    We've got an airbnb from the 5-15, hopefully we can get somewhere Otherwise we will find another airbnb. Thanks all.