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  1. unzippy

    Corona Virus

    I'm confused @bunbury61, you don't think people should discuss conspiracy theories yet you seem to be quite happy discussing the conspiracy theory that China invented the virus (and many other wacky conspiracy theories!) R U ok?
  2. unzippy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I think a deal will be pulled out of the hat at the last minute, like with the withdrawal agreement. I suspect the posturing and references to no deal now are intended to make it look like a real possibility to aid our negotiations with the EU; that's not proven to be a successful tactic thus far in negotiations of course but as long as there's some other news as distraction when we cave in, Boris will get away with it *again*. The big problem of using the brinkmanship strategy is that it then requires a very public, face-losing climb-down from somebody if you're going to come back from the brink, and in this circumstance both the UK and individual EU leaders seem more motivated by public perception of their negotiating performance than the end result. The no deal gaslighting bullshit machine is already in full swing (note Gove in Parliament yesterday lecturing about how no deal has really been the best option all along), so I suspect they're not holding out much hope of recovery. I suppose the most reliable way of confirming their intentions is to check which of their "arms length" investment companies are shorting the pound
  3. unzippy

    Finding lost items

    I dunno, but's happened too often to be coincidence! I've just had a quick google - https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/horning-in-on-gideon/ It wasn't $10k, that's for sure. In the US it was $10 every time and the UK £5 and £20. I left them there as I wasn't sure if someone would jump out and pressgang me into the church, like the ecclesiastical version of a full tankard and the King's shilling Mmm, bitter...
  4. unzippy

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    You shouldn't write them off on the advice of one person, that would be madness. This may help:
  5. unzippy

    Xmas Dinner

    I wonder if we'll get to Tas this year - personally I doubt it.
  6. unzippy

    Another Terror Attack?

    Shame he wasn't captured so that he could be prosecuted. I suspect martyring him wasn't the best thing in terms of people he was influencing.
  7. unzippy

    Finding lost items

    Slightly different - several times Ive found money in the bibles in hotel room bedside table drawers. 3 times in the states and twice in the UK.
  8. unzippy

    Amazon Fire Stick 2020

    That's it! Here's this nice car - you can't have it..
  9. unzippy

    Corona Virus

    @bunbury61, planning isn't the same delivering. Hope that helps.
  10. unzippy

    Corona Virus

    Can you define "far" please?
  11. unzippy

    Political correctness gone mad

    Your mates don't understand the injustices in society? That's sad, maybe you need to rethink your friend choices.
  12. unzippy

    How is Trump doing so far?

    I see trumpy failed his town hall event last night, spouting even more bollocks than usual. Luckily Savannah Guthrie was pretty switched on. Doesn't appear to know much about anything!
  13. unzippy

    How is Trump doing so far?

    Two reasons for this post: 1. The tweeter is a moron and doesn't understand this is from a parody site, or 2. He knows but he also knows his fans are so thick that they won't read it, they'll just see the headline and believe it. Either way he'll just say he was joking if caught.
  14. unzippy

    How is Trump doing so far?

    You really believe that? Let's have a a look at some facts Simmo. trumpy promised to completely isolate himself from his businesses. “I may never see these places again,” he famously said during a rally in August 2016. “Because I’m going to be working for you, I’m not going to have time to go play golf.” The reality, as Noah Bookbinder, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), points out, has proved to be “quite the opposite,’’ with his businesses “a constant presence in his presidency.” https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/26/us/politics/trump-recording-donors.html trumpy, who is exempt from government conflict-of-interest laws, refused to follow the practice of his predecessors in severing ties to his existing businesses or putting his assets in a blind trust. He retained ownership, putting his two adult sons in charge while still enjoying the benefits of any profit. trumpy, according to data compiled by the watchdog group, has spent one out of every three days (https://www.citizensforethics.org/trump-500-visits-trump-properties) he has been in office at one of his businesses, more than half of them at golf resorts. The trips have helped propel a stream of revenue to the Trump Organization from federal agencies and Republican campaign groups, according to Post reporters who ferreted out the fact that more than $900,000 in taxpayer money has been spent on rooms, resort fees, golf carts and other expenses (https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-company-secret-service-spending/2020/08/27/9331bd86-de36-11ea-8051-d5f887d73381_story.html). That total might not be complete because the Trump Organization won’t disclose what it has collected and the administration has not been forthcoming — in keeping with the president’s secrecy when it comes to such financial matters as his tax returns. It is not okay that trumpy thumbed his nose at rules and sensibilities about nepotism and installed his daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, in White House jobs for which they had no qualification. It is not okay that Ms. Trump snared valuable trademarks from China for her business while in her White House job. It is not okay that trumpy’s adult sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, use their political privilege to advance their financial interests, even charging taxpayers for costs associated with business trips — such as the nearly $100,000 it cost for Donald Trump Jr.’s jaunt to India to sell luxury condominium projects. It is not okay that trumpy doesn’t care about employees in the executive branch violating Hatch Act prohibitions about partisan political activity while on the job; he even encourages it. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/26/us/politics/trump-recording-donors.html