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  1. Aussie Broadband Worst in World

    Of course you can post what you like, but it does make you look foolish. If you had read the post properly you would see the questions asked: "Is it possible to get a very high broadband package, something 50MBps+ on NBN and expect a similar speed in return or are they limited to like 8, 12, 25 etc like some others suggested? Theother question I'd like to ask is what providers are recommended? I come in with very little experience on who is a reputable company or not, Telstra and Virgin are about the only two I recognise." Instead of answering, you tell the poster to get out more.
  2. Aussie Broadband Worst in World

    If you can't answer the question you shouldn't post
  3. Can I take ......

    Put them through someone else's dish washer
  4. Gas/Leccy etc

    Just looking online to get some services installed to our new place. I’ve found comparethemarket but am not really understanding the results.. https://imgur.com/gallery/vkeBI 43% of what? Do all resellers sell at the same price but have different discounts? How can you compare if you don’t see the unit price?
  5. Plugs - fused

    Useful, thank you people.
  6. Plugs - fused

    I’ve just rewired a couple of plugs, essentials like the laptop and her straighteners - no bother, all fine. Although aus plugs have no fuses. How does this work? With our container full of suff that needs converting I’m wondering it I should just do the extension board plugs and and then the res of the devices remain UK and fused? Thoughts?
  7. Info about wood here: http://www.agriculture.gov.au/import/goods/timber/personal_imports_of_timber_and_wooden_related_articles Glass will be fine, clean it obviously and take care packing it so it doesn’t smash.
  8. Best sun lotion

    Currently half price in Woolies...
  9. Aussie Broadband Worst in World

    The Simpsons is leagues better than some of that guff above
  10. Living in Australia - What you need to know

    Despite being one country, driving isn’t Federal. Each state has it’s own driving rules and driving licences
  11. Aussie Broadband Worst in World

    Mount Nelson just outside Hobart, Margate too, seem to have a power cut a month.
  12. Aussie Broadband Worst in World

    Currently in Tas, but I know that’s not representative. However didn’t the entirety of SA go dark last year?
  13. Best sun lotion

    As a fresh off the boat imigrant from the UK, I can recomend this: https://www.cancercouncilshop.org.au/product/sunscreen-active-range.html I’ve not burnt yet and this applies really nice and isn’t sticky to the touch - I can’t tell I’m wearing it!
  14. Aussie Broadband Worst in World

    Aus doesn’t have a reliable power network, let alone Internet. Maybe Second World Country is more accurate
  15. Shipping to Melbourne

    The percived wisdom is to use a 3rd party, Letton Percival in particular.