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Found 13 results

  1. ajs604

    first day of spring

    Whos looking forward to spring? Heres hoping for a warm summer and plenty of use of the BBQ. If it was anything like last year I will be thoroughly dissapointed. Just dusted off the surf board so am hoping to get lots of use!
  2. Temperatures in the 20's 'Flowers blooming everywhere The scent of Jasmine in the air' HEY! I'm a poet and I didn't know it! God! It's the same thing every year - putting up with this for the next eight months!
  3. For those interested in a bargin or stocking up for oz M&S have a massive spring sale starting today.
  4. in the uk--so if thats the case thats some good news for people moving to oz this year,or are in oz awaiting the sale of there house in the uk--i saw this on the bbc news this morning--as a thought say your house is on the market in the uk,and you are living in oz,and say it goes up in spring will you get it revalued for selling purpose,or will it remain at the selling price you agreed with the agent, which could have been 6 months ago
  5. ari000

    spring had sprung

    Hey Anyone know of any nice places to live near heidelberg? single girl loooking for houseshare or flarshare scenario mid 30s can't wait to get to Melbourne:jiggy: whats the weather really like is it really 4 season in a day as someone told me? is there plenty sunshimne? xxxx
  6. [ATTACH]2046[/ATTACH] Beautiful day today lst September lst day of spring, our backyard on the River Tamar! Susie
  7. Guest

    Spring Has Sprung. (I Think)

    This thread is NOT meant to be argumentative, just a statement of fact. Well after a truly God awful winter, crappy weather, dark nights, etc, etc, I reckon spring has finally sprung. Looked out of the living room window this afternoon and saw several Blue ****, a very late Robin, the bushes coming into bud, the SUN in the sky, and even a semi blue sky. I know I have said time and time again that Australia has been very good to me, very, very good, and for that I will always remain truly thankful. I hold the country and its people in huge admiration, and if things pan out with some personal issues I and my family will once again make Australia our home. But this thought does not stop me from viewing the UK with a degree of reality and without blinkers on. It IS and ALWAYS will be one of the greatest countries on Gods green earth. For all its problems it is a country that has also been very good to me. I will always look upon the UK with huge fondness and love, just as I do Australia. Yes, we have some pretty crappy weather, but that isn't ALL the time, we have some really crappy politicians, thats never going to change, we have crime levels that in some areas are out of control, we have huge problems, but I will tell you this, the UK is still a country to be admired, respected and looked after. As I said, spring is nearly springing, there is nowhere that is as beautiful as England on a warm spring day, you just have to look in the right places is all. When summer gets here once again England will be even more beautiful. It is all too easy to knock this country, and for very valid reasons at times, but this should be tempered in equal measure with highlighting the positive attributes this country holds. There are may hundreds if not thousands of good points about the UK. I have been and will be one of the first to criticise this country if in my opinion it is a point worth making, others will disagree, and fair play. But I guess what I am trying to say is simply this. That this country is still a country that there is much to be proud in. So my final though is this. If myself and family are not allowed to return to Australia would this be such a bad thing? Yes, for the first few weeks I would be very upset and downhearted, but then a realisation would come about that I and my family would realise that we are still bloody lucky to be living in England. I would eventually get over the disappointment, pick myself up and thank the lord that I can still call the UK my 'home'. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  8. Guest

    Spring is here at last

    Spring has finally sprung in Perth. The forecast is consistently good for the coming week. I think we can all breath a sigh of relief and be thankful that we will be basking in a long hot sunny spell for the next 6 months plus. I think that living in Australia and enjoying it to the full can be weather dependent to an extent..at least it is for me. I hate the rain and the last 3 months have dragged a bit TBH. Good to have the choice here in Australia, if we don't like the heat theres always aircons/fans and shopping centres! If we do then slap on a hat and factor 50 and hello Mr Sunshine. Even when the suns gone down it's a beautiful time of day to take a walk on the beach when the light is at it's best IMO. Enjoy the winter back in blighty folks...hope it's cold crisp and frosty. I will miss that lovely white picture postcard effect. Enjoy the weather guys..I know I will.:cute:
  9. So it's the first day of Spring offically today - Friday 20th March 2009 At last is all I can only say as I hate winter with such a passion and cannot wait to be in a warmer climate all year round in Oz. However will this years summer be any better than last year's..... as it was a total washout with all the rain we had. I had my first british holiday in years ( mean years) and it will be certainly be my last. Why pay for the pleasure in sitting on the beach with a cardigan on and a towel over my legs trying to keep warm in August and then running back to the hotel/caravan to take shelter from the down pours. So what do you predict for spring and summer this year whilst we wait for our visa's ???? I can predict that I wont be holiday'ing in Wales or anywhere else in the UK this year .................. :arghh: Traditionally the first day of spring is Astronomically derived therefore, The first day of spring this year is Friday March 20th. The equinox will be at 5:48 GMT. At this time the Sun will cross directly over the Earth’s equator. This moment is known as the vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. For the Southern Hemisphere, this is the moment of the autumnal equinox. Vernal comes originally from the Latin word for bloom and refers to the fact that, in the northern hemisphere, this equinox marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. An equinox is a time when the nights are as long as the days and the vernal equinox is recognised the world over as the start of the new astrological cycle.
  10. Guest

    spring hill

    anyone know if spring hill brisbane is ok for rental properties or is it full of student rentals? thanks linds x
  11. Whats the summer temperature over in the UK?
  12. I saw some shoots in my garden today which begins the chain thru snowdrops, crocuses, daffs, primroses and best of all, Bluebells which remind me in a way of Jacarandah trees in NSW around November. They seem to hide away for eleven months and then suddenly splash out of nowhere in a sea of purple or is it violet? If I can only get my act together I could plan to come back out to Sydney around October. I can't bring myself to quit my job after 12 years but do I really want to stay for another six to get my pension? I think my brother wants me to move back out. Perhaps I'll hedge my bets and ask for 6 or 7 months unpaid leave so I can come back to England for the 2009 Ashes. I wish I wasn't such a ditherer. I changed my mind twice in McDonalds tonght. Perhaps I should suggest a poll 'Should I Stay or Should I Go? and pass the buck to everyone else (assuming they care!) Dave
  13. Guest

    Spring arrival

    Hi everyone, My wife and I arrive in Sydney in late Sep. She is aussie but I need all the help I can get being a Saffer now Brit now becoming Aussie. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible in Australia and jumping into all the sport, sun, space lifestyle again Thanks, Warren (yes, already renamed as Wazza)