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Found 44 results

  1. My Aussie husband keeps saying I'm going to find it very different at first, and smiling in a 'you wait and see' way. Is it bearable or horrendous? Will I be leaping into shady spots and air-conditioned buildings, whilst eating ice cubes?! I've been a couple of times before, but in the Spring, which was fine... We will be in Queensland, Sunshine Coast. How did you cope, first time round? Cheers for any tips! :smile:
  2. UK is in winter, Austraila is in summer,how do you feel when you move? When you move, it means you will through two winters or two summers. Does your body can adjust to this enviroment?
  3. I was walking to work today in the hot and humid weather blah blah blah and text my wife to say how lucky we are to be living here away from the cold and wet UK...blah blah blah. She phoned me back to say that we are lucky and its going to be a nice Summer and blah blah blah, so I emailed her later to say that it doesnt feel like Christmas when you live here in December blah blah blah and then it dawned on me how boring I must sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin::laugh::tongue:
  4. It looks like we will be arriving in QLD during the summer holidays. How do you go about enrolling your kids into school when the schools are closed for the holidays? Is there a central office that is open? Anyone done this? Thanks
  5. Can't get it out of my head at the moment. I wish it had happened to me like that too.
  6. I drove out to my brother's place at Picnic Point about 1130. Quite an interesting route - Cleveland St, left into City Road, right into ?Missenden? Road pass RPH- does it become Salisbury Road to Stanmore then along the rail line and left into ?Crystal? St and right into New Canterbury Road. It's interesting to see how the suburbs change the further out you get. I fancy living everywhere until about Dulwich Hill. Once past Canterbury, Lakemba, Wiley Park I lose interest. I thought it would be cool so put a black cardigan on then I felt hot but could not risk taking it off because I had a short sleeved shirt on and did not want to get burnt. And it wasn't even a particularly HOT day either and not even summer yet. And bushfires in The Blue Mountains (and elsewhere?) Was The Hume Highway closed for a while? And I think I saw a Black snake in the bush (definitely something black and nasty slithering away anyway!) Came back into the city and on to Double Bay via the M5 & Eastern Distributor - thank God the traffic is all going the other way. After my swim, my car would not start and had to get the NRMA out - something wrong with the starter motor.
  7. I Hate it when i'm right all the time, but it appears once again i am proved to be right.:wink::yes: Its on the news that this year has been the coldest summer since 1993 and thats saying something because we have had some grim summers over the years. Apparently figures released are that the average summer temperature was a measly 13.63c (56.53f):cry::shocked::swoon: Any sustained hot weather above 25c ............... NO One week of hot sunny weather in a row ........... NO Are we able to plan anything in advance ............ NO Guranteed nice weather in July/Agust ................ NO for me the weather is a major factor as to why i want to emigrate to Australia and these grim figures make me even more determined, i want a proper summer, hot sunny and sustained and more importantly ............ guaranteed.:realmad: Anyone else feel the same?
  8. Sorry if this question has been addressed... I searched the forum as best I could and couldn't really find anything. My question is regarding looking for a job during the early/mid southern summer (Nov-Jan). My visa application is currently being assessed, and if everything goes well/quickly, I could conceivably have a grant in late Sept/early Oct. If I decide to make the move in mid-November, is this advisable for finding work? Here at home it's tough finding work in Nov/Dec because of holidays etc. and I wonder if Christmastime PLUS summertime/school holidays PLUS Australia Day in Jan make it a fool's errand to try during Nov-Jan. Should I go for it if I can make it by November or wait until Feb (or later)? I am keen to migrate (if I'm granted the visa) and trying to figure out a timeline for migrating if I get it. Thanks in advance!
  9. stevie ellis

    scottish summer

    So far this summer a think av been on a roof we ma t shirt on aboot 3 times the rest o the time av still had ma quilted shirt on:mad:un real eh ? looking oot the noo and aye thats right its pissing doon, och well nae barby the night :laugh:
  10. 2tigers

    Installing summer......

    A little light hearted giggle....... INSTALLING SUMMER..... ███████████████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 44% DONE. Install delayed....please wait. Installation failed. Please try again. 404 error: Season not found. Season "Summer" cannot be located. The season you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later, thank you for your patience.
  11. Tracyb37

    Camping in Summer

    We have some friends coming to stay with us over Xmas this year and would love to take them a bit further afield whilst they are here. We are hoping to take them down south to Margaret River/Pemberton area but after they have spent so much money getting here, we don't want to do anything too expensive. We have all the camping gear and are wondering whether or not that might be a good idea. Obviously, it will be very hot then and are wondering if it will be too hot to camp. Does anyone have any experience of camping at this time of year and if so, how did you find it?
  12. hi, have read on a couple of posts that people are considering getting married before the changes in July...can anyone enlighten me? sounds scary!!
  13. Where the hell has summer gone, its 19th December and i'm sitting here at just past midday in a jumper with the heating on!!
  14. I know we are approaching cyclone season, but it looks like we may have a bad summer this year in Queensland. Six cyclones for summer | QLD News | Breaking News in Queensland | Central Queensland News Apparently Gladstone rarely has them as we are protected by Mount Larcom in the north and the islands out at sea. The last time the city was hit in 1949 all the churches were demolished (but all the pubs were left standing!!!) Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum I think we will be heading to Bunnings for one of those survival tubs. This is truly a harsh and wonderful land. D'you know what?? We left UK in December and all we heard was "this is the coldest, whitest winter in 30 years" or whatever. We arrived in Central Queensland and heard "this is the wettest summer in 20 years" and tour busses were going to the dam to see the highest ever water level. Now we are having the "wettest October" in I don't know how many years. I think it might be us.....:cry:
  15. PommyPaul

    come on summer

    finally starting to warm up here in the deep south
  16. Hello, I am a kiwi and grew up in Auckland, New Zealand and thus I know what 4 seasons in one day really means. My English husband and I are now thinking of a move to somewhere much warmer than London and Auckland so that our young kids can play outside for most of the year and that we can eat in the garden for the majority of the summer months. Is the weather in Melbourne really conducive to this sort of lifestyle?
  17. Hi All We put our house on the market 4 weeks ago and haven't had a single viewing !!! The agent says they have only had 1 person view out of the 20 houses they have on the market, it will pick up when the chidren go back to school !!! Just wondering if this is the case for most people. Look forward to hearing from all those who have there house up for sale !!! Emma And Gang
  18. kernow43

    Your summer is gone!

    Legend suggests if it rains on St Swithin's Day it will lead to downpours for the next 40 days, potentially ruining the rest of July and August. July 15 was St Swithin's Day. Britain hit by wintry weather on St Swithin's Day - Telegraph
  19. cybervoodoo


    In the summer time in the UK, I have terrible hayfever for about 3 months. Will this happen when I get to Australia? When I go abroad in the summer, my hayfever either is not as bad ot dissapears whilst I'm there. Will this happen in Oz or will I still have hayfever, I think it depends on the pollen and stuff, I'm not too sure... xoxo
  20. I will finish my GCSEs this June. Me and my family will move to North Sydney, areas around Chatswood. IF you are the same age group, I would like to hear from you.:laugh:
  21. Guest

    Whats your summer like

    Freezing today and massive snow in Scotland, fed up of the snow and cold this winter, what's your summer been like where you are in Oz.......jealous already.:cool:
  22. Hi Would love to find out how you hack the summer heat in QLD? Do you end up indoors? Is AC expensive to run? My family and I are weighing up QLD or VIC to move to but the idea of the heat is turning us off the idea of Brisbane a little bit... is it really that bad? thanks in advance Laulau
  23. Last summer i was lucky (although my wallet wasn't) to live in a fully ducted apartment, but now i'm in an old house with no aircon, just ceiling fans. Had some pretty hot days and nights the last couple of weeks and its been fine really, bit sweaty but nothing shocking. What about everyone else, anyone else not got air?
  24. Its a hot one here in the Uk at the moment....:cool: Whilst we love the sunshine & the way it makes you want to get out of bed in the morning, everyone is cheery & its just so nice to feel warmth on your skin But this heat isnt too nice, no breeze & very humid Now I keep re-assuring myself that its because we arent used to it here etc, etc But please someone tell me, we're not gonna melt in Western Australia, are we? :shocked: Love to hear your views on the heat & if you acclimatised, what type of heat it is in your view....(ive heard about the Freo Doctor!) Does this really make a difference
  25. hey guys anyone think offshore applications have slowed down again due to it being August and many people go on holidayay? i applied for a prospective marriage visa nearly 3 weeks ago and have not herd anything yet or been allocated a case officer Nadine:sad::arghh: