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  1. Bound4Tassie

    The weather in Tasmania today

    Thick fog yesterday up to Stony Rise road at 8.15am. Then sunshine all the way to Burnie! Bit dull, grey and....English today!
  2. Bound4Tassie

    What did you do in Tassie today?

    Waterfront Cafe Devonport. A BEAUTIFUL spot for a coffee,cake and round of mini golf with the kids. ?
  3. Bound4Tassie

    The weather in Tasmania today

    No the weather was awful so we went to the museum....but we're back there in a couple of weekends so hopefully can do the Harvest market and city park ☺
  4. Bound4Tassie

    The weather in Tasmania today

    We were in Launie at the weekend. Was a definite chill in the air!
  5. Bound4Tassie

    Outside dogs

    It seems to be almost the norm here to keep dogs outside ( except maybe little ones that eagles like to eat!!) A colleague gota 9wk old pup at the weekend. It's already outside all night. ? It's pretty cold at night in Tassie now. I must be soft but I'd never keep my dog outside. What's the point getting a dog if it's outside all day/night? I see a loose/wandering dog nearly every day here. I assume it's because so many are yard dogs and they escape more easily. Hardly ever saw a roaming dog in the UK. ( though I'm sure I would have in some areas! )
  6. Bound4Tassie

    Huge Python Snake stops Cairns Racetrack

    Wow, that is huge!
  7. Bound4Tassie

    Top 10 Dog Breeds in Queensland

    I'm surprised there aren't more Labradors. However I guess the results are skewed as there are so many bred either on purpose or accidentally by non registered breeders/ your average Joe.
  8. Bound4Tassie


    Does permethryn spray work against scorpions? We had our rental sprayed as we were getting lots of white tails. With 3 small kids and then waking up with a white tail on my arm (!) we decided to have pest control spray. It's harmless to mammals. I don't like to spray and kill things off but in this instance I felt it was justified.
  9. Bound4Tassie

    What did you do in Tassie today?

    Now back at Hawley Beach for a little splash /cool down before home for a BBQ. LG!
  10. Bound4Tassie

    What did you do in Tassie today?

    Took the kids to the kite festival in Devonport. They loved seeing the helicopter which did a teddy bear patachute drop for charity. ?
  11. Bound4Tassie

    Torn on Tassie

    We're really enjoying family life on the NW coast. We live in Port Sorell and I commute Burnie 3 days a week. ...takes me about 45-50mins but it's an easy highway drive with coastal views! We could have lived somewhere closer eg Ulverstone or Penguin. Nice enough towns. Close enough to Burnie or Devonport for shopping / cinema/ entertainment etc But we moved over from the UK and wanted to live at Port Sorell/ Hawley Beach. It's so beautiful/ chilled out. I didn't want to settle for 2nd best ( in my view) having moved all this way. The primary school here is lovely. Modern but relaxed /play based ethos in early years. Occasionally I get the feeling that this coast is a little parochial...a bit Hicksville ( maybe that's just the love of Rodeos here which I can't stand!!)...I get the feeling Hobart would have more open minded people ....but then I remind myself that it's not everyone and you just have to surround yourself by more like minded folk! It's still lovely up here and it was the right choice for us. As for the veg....it's delicious here. I've certainly not seen/tasted any 2nd rate veg! Best of luck with the arrival of your 3rd baby. My 3rd turns 1 at the end of the month
  12. Bound4Tassie

    Torn on Tassie

    Lucky I'm not then!
  13. Bound4Tassie

    What did you do in Tassie today?

    Yesterday at Hawley Beach. Water was as warm as a bathtub. ...glorious! Have to pinch myself sometimes that this is home!
  14. Bound4Tassie

    Torn on Tassie

    We are on the NW coast in Port Sorell. We love it! Although I think we would've liked Kingston / Blackmans Bay and all Hobart has to offer too. We just went with wherever I was offered work first.... plus husbands family are on this coast too. ☺ Eta ... I think Trevallyn in Launceston looks like nice place to live too.
  15. Bound4Tassie

    Torn on Tassie

    If you can find work, I would say move to Tassie! We have recently moved over from the UK to bring our 3 little ones up in a nicer environment. ( husband is from Tassie though, so there are family reasons to be here too) . Loving it so far!