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  1. Tassie Talk

    Looks interesting. I read that Somerset was to be the next up and coming beach resort.
  2. Broadband /wifi providers in Tassie

    Any advice for who to go with? (Are there any options?! Lol!)
  3. Mobile Networks in Tas

    Thanks😊 Someone posted in Aussiechat about AMAYSIM....which uses Optus I think. Said it included international texts/calls . I wonder if that is available /works in Tassie.
  4. Mobile Networks in Tas

    It used to be only really Telstra with a decent signal on the North coast . Is that still the same or is there more choice these days? I will need a prepaid asap when I land.
  5. The weather in Tasmania today

    Beautiful! View & dogs x
  6. Village Life

    Ah, my daughter's 1st birthday ! I wonder if she'll fancy spending it in Evandale!
  7. Village Life

    I must visit Evandale once we get settled! When is the penny farthing race?
  8. The Cider Trail/ Apple Isle

  9. New Asian supermarket in Devonport!

    I love trying new things! Finding a recipe and actually being able to buy the real ingredients rather than a Western substitute is great. Will be wonderful to have this place in Devonport.
  10. New Asian supermarket in Devonport! Great news!
  11. Melbourne to become unliveable

    Such a shame. Melbourne is a victim of its own success. I love Melbourne. Hopefully the infrastructure can be improved to cope.
  12. Brexit
  13. Registering as a midwife in australia The link above should provide some guidance. As far as I understand it you can get 'registration in principle' , then you have to attend an AHPRA office in Aus within 3 months to verify your id. You have to do something re ANMAC too but I'm not a nurse/midwife so I can't help there. I'm sure someone else will be able to provide further info.
  14. Eugh! Like a horror movie! Imagine coming out of the sea and looking down to see your legs like that!!
  15. No codeine over the counter from Feb 2018? Seems a bit OTT to me. I assume you won't be able to fly into Aus with it after that time ( unless it's on prescription).