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  1. ABN

    Thanks for the link
  2. ABN

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section....please move accordingly. ABN - Australian Business Number My future 'employer' mentioned getting one "if I chose to"- as if there was an option. Technically I will be self employed . I will pay part of my earnings to effectively rent the premises / equipment / staff . Do all self employed persons need an ABN? If not are there pros & cons to having one. Thanks in advance !
  3. Tassie Talk

    sure is!
  4. Tassie Talk

    I took the job which was split between Latrobe and Burnie. Start 5th Dec. 😊
  5. Tassie Talk

    Not quite. About a month to go before we fly!
  6. Tassie Talk

    I'll be able to pop in on my lunch hour!
  7. Where is the NAB contact?

    ok thanks.
  8. Where is the NAB contact?

    I can't see NAB under partners anymore. Is there no longer a PIO contact?
  9. Broadband /wifi providers in Tassie

    Thanks both for the info/links. Looks like Port Sorell is in brown in the map. NBN coming soon. Hopefully that means like in the next 6 months! Not years!
  10. Tassie Talk

    Looks interesting. I read that Somerset was to be the next up and coming beach resort.
  11. Broadband /wifi providers in Tassie

    Any advice for who to go with? (Are there any options?! Lol!)
  12. Mobile Networks in Tas

    Thanks😊 Someone posted in Aussiechat about AMAYSIM....which uses Optus I think. Said it included international texts/calls . I wonder if that is available /works in Tassie.
  13. Mobile Networks in Tas

    It used to be only really Telstra with a decent signal on the North coast . Is that still the same or is there more choice these days? I will need a prepaid asap when I land.
  14. The weather in Tasmania today

    Beautiful! View & dogs x
  15. Village Life

    Ah, my daughter's 1st birthday ! I wonder if she'll fancy spending it in Evandale!