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Found 36 results

  1. sarah harmer

    Validation visit - where to stay?

    Hi there We are doing a Validation visit to Adelaide in July/August. We're a family of 4 and the 2 little ones are age 2 and 7. We have currently booked a few days in Glenelg and a few days in Stirling to get a feel for the different areas. We are wondering on the 3rd area we could visit and need some help. Should we also stay in the CBD? Should we stay more down south like Brighton or Seacliff? Maybe Norwood or more north of the CBD? We are trying to find out what suburbs are nice to live in, not too cramped and not congested (we're from the UK so not interested in too many queues ). We need to also look for good Primary schools. Once we move, our final destination will need a good sized garden, along with a view of some sort (sea or hills), it just boils down to space and views but not too far out with lots of traffic. Not asking for too much are we! . Has anyone got any advice on where this 3rd holiday stay could be? I am thinking of Norwood, Brighton or going 40 mins north or south from the CBD, but don't have any idea on how remote they really are. We both need jobs, so don't want to make it difficult for ourselves xxxxxx
  2. Guest

    winter ..bring it on.

    Believe it or not my aussie husband is looking forward to another winter if it is like the last one..is he mad:eek: he said to me tonight that he enjoyed his first real winter last year so much that he cannot wait for this years Xmas, i did take him to some old pubs with log fires going and xmas eve was magical for him as we had a "lock in" at our favorite pub, he has said "bring on the winter" and he is an aussie, shame that blokes are like kids with a bit of snow.:jiggy:
  3. spangley

    Do you get sick less often in Oz?

    It's that time of year here in Northern Europe. Colds, coughs, aches and pains. I'm thoroughly fed up of feeling sick here in the winter. Does anyone find living in Oz cuts the instances you catch colds and nasties?
  4. Guest

    Winter in Australia

    Dont know what any of you think about winter here (southern regions of the country)? but if you ask me it's worse than the uk in that the houses are not centrally heated. I feel colder here in the cooler months. Getting up in the morning and walking on the cold tiles in the bathroom and hanging around crappy electric fan heaters, which dry out your skin! At least in the uk it's cosy and your house is fully heated...?One good thing about winter though..NO SPIDERS!!:swoon:
  5. Hi Just wondering if anyone has that Norovirus going around. My youngest was up from half ten last night till 3 this morning being very sick. When he was not being sick he was having stomach pains. Between us we got an hours sleep. Then for a couple of hours nothing. Then when he woke up this morning and had a sip of water he started being sick again. He also had a slight temperature. Has anyone got a cure? Or is it just a case of waiting? Claire:wacko:
  6. UK is in winter, Austraila is in summer,how do you feel when you move? When you move, it means you will through two winters or two summers. Does your body can adjust to this enviroment?
  7. Everybody seems to be in a christmassy mood but ive just not been able to this year! maybe its been the unusually mild weather and the fact that i havent been working thats put me off, i was dreading buying presents :sad: but now that im working i seem to be a lot better! some muppet at work was singing a xmas song earlier n i actually found myself humming it to myself on the way home :cute: going to get all my xmas presents in when i get paid and try to stop being such a scrooge! think it upsets my mum a little when im not that bothered cos she puts a lot of effort into it and who knows.. maybe this will be our last xmas together if i move! oh and todays weather definitely made it feel like proper winter.. rain, hail, sleety snow ( seriously!) and its freezing!! dave txt me saying it was howling with snow at his work, i thought he was winding me up untill i got out from work and it was even snowing a bit in Wishaw! everybody else in the xmasy mood? :jiggy:
  8. blankety blank

    Perth Winter Weather

    We are thinking of Perth for our migration destination but as we have only ever visited in the summer (when the weather was amazing!!), have no concept of what the winter weather might be like... Can you describe to me? How warm, how much rain, how often, heating and winter woolies needed?.. Thanks!!.... x
  9. Thought I would get in first.:cute: A BITTERLY cold winter and prolonged snowfall may hit Wales for the third year in a row, forecasters warned yesterday. Welsh forecasters are suggesting long-term heavy snowfall could wreak havoc again across the country, especially in January and February. The past two winters have been especially cold in the UK, as high pressure systems settled over northern Europe, preventing warmer air currents crossing in from the Atlantic. December last year was the coldest in the UK for about 100 years – and Cardiff saw its heaviest snowfall for 30 years. Read More http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/2011/09/02/forecaster-predicts-heavy-snow-in-january-again-91466-29348137/#ixzz1WonMJWxI
  10. Guest

    winter weather

    This winter weather in Perth is driving me insane..After spending the most miserable stinking hot summer with not a drop of rain for nearly 4 months, here...It is now winter with all the promises of storms, thunder, lightning..Where is it..Im still waiting..they forecast it today, but as usual the first downpour lasted 1 minute, the second downpour lasted 3 minutes...Why can this place just have days of rain to saturate all the dried land and trees...There are grey clouds up there but it wont rain...Will be summer again soon and no rain for months again...
  11. When i was in oz ,this time of year ,i used to get out of bed and then sit in the garden to get some heat . Mm you cant make this up . Any one else :idea:
  12. MikeW

    Winter coat - need one?

    Hi, We have the packers coming tomorrow and I'm wandering whether we need to take our winter coats as hand luggage (or suitcase) or send them on the container. Do you need a big winter coat in Canberra this time of the year? They are quite bulky items to take as hand luggage (suit case)! Thanks, Mike.
  13. annagilda

    Visiting Australia in the winter

    Just wondering what your thoughts are on visiting Australia during the Aus winter? It's going to be atleast 6 years until I can move over there, so I'm thinking about going for a month next year, if I can get the money together. The only time I'll be able to get over for a month is July/August time, so just wondered what you thought? I traveled Australia in their summer last year, and figured if I am going to live there, then I should see it during the winter also. I'll be heading to (Hopefuly) Perth the. Adelaide, onto Melbourne and then Hopefuly a week in Tasmania. I know the winters there can be pretty full on, but surely not as bad as the UK/ Netherlands, that I'm used too? I mean 2 years ago I got frost bite in my feet, and nearly lost one of them it was soooo cold! Any tips ideas or thoughts would be very much appreciated. Many thanks. Anna. X
  14. Exile

    Winter's Coming... :-)

    For fans of the temperatures under 30 degrees, Winter is fast approaching in Australia. Its definitely my favourite time of year, here in Sydney. Being a red haired pale skinned guy of Gaelic decent almost makes me mortal enemies of the sun, and while I enjoy everything that goes with it being hot and sunny, there comes a time (usually March) where I 'm fed up of heat and just long for a dip in temperature, and Sydney delivers in spades every year :-) I find the temperature of around 10 degrees perfect, its crisp enough to give things a wintery edge, but not cold enough so that you cant move your cheeks or chin! On maybe 2 days of the year I elect to wear a pair of socks in bed because its too "cold". When I think of UK winters I often over romaticise that they are all bright and clear, with a chill in the air and frost on the ground, but I often forget just how cold and wet it can actually get! The downside here is that the transition from Summer to Winter happens so fast that there may as well not be a word "Autumn" For me, Australian winter represents a time where I can happily go for my evening runs again, I can wear more than a pair of shorts and t-shirt and not overheat. Its also the time of year that I actually feel 'Christmassy' :-) Time to head off to Yuletide in the blue mountains and skiing in the snowy mountains. Sydney winters rock!
  15. Following Jackboots post of "Heat v Cold" today is our lst day of Autumn here in Australia. What plans have you guys got leading up to winter? Does your state have a variation of seasons? Northern WA we never experienced Autumn, winter used to last for as long as 6 weeks:biggrin:, it cooled down to a lovely 22 in the evenings. Tasmania has the four seasons, the wonderful autumn colours, the snow appearing on the mountains, the log fires . Christmas in July It would be lovely to hear from folk maybe showing their pictures of how their state differs at certain times of the year.
  16. mrsindecision

    Tips on coping with the UK winter

    Hi all - not wishing to stir up a hoo ha with the Oz lovers about how grey and gloomy UK is. But we are in the middle of January which I knew would be hard going - but our first winter back and I am struggling with the dark. Not so much when you are outside to be honest but more from the inside (working at home). I must be really light sensitive because as soon as the sun breaks through I am OK again. Anyone else have felt the same - any tips ( although can't compare this winter with the summer Qld has just had).
  17. OK, it's not like a British winter, but without central heating and double glazing it still feels endlessly chilly to me. There's no midwinter festivities like Christmas or New Year to help pass the time. So what do you do in midwinter in Australia? Take a break in FNQ, go ski-ing to the Snowies? Just curious .... (and hanging out for summer).
  18. Guest

    Tasmania in the Winter

    Cradle Mountain Winter Wonderful cosy accomodation to be found up in the mountains
  19. :arghh:SO ITS WINTER OVER HERE AND I WOULD LIKE TO WARN ANYONE WHO IS RELOCATING OR EVEN THINKING THAT OZ IS HOT xxx and its NOT THE LAND OF MAKE BELIEVE !! or even WOW xx its not but if this is as bad a winter gets great xxx i sat on the beach today in jumper coat jeans and uggs but the sun was fab and the kids really enjoyed having to run about !!!! but when the sun goes down !!! which at the mo is middle of winter is about 5.30 the earliest it got was about 4.45 !!! BUT!!!! I WOULD LIKE A SUMMER INBETWEEN !!!! and thats my problem !!! yeh i left the uk in january in lovely snow and ice which had frozen over the top and packed up our belongings into a container in that !!!! and isnt it funny when you go to look for something that NEVER ARRIVED !!! and renting is **** xxx sorry guys but it is xxxx but is makes you realise what you need from your next place !! you cant hang a picture or mirror without permission !!!! to arrive in to heat in january and runaround like an headless chickens it was not fun x but you have to documents that prove WHO YOU ARE for rentals etc xxx so medicare and drivers licence and copies of your visas etc it takes time !!!! including bank statements !!!!!! might be worth getting the copies before you come !!!!!! and thats before they even consider YOU !!!!and then these properties get an 30min slot !!!! as an open inspection so you could be on your own or 20 other people behind YOU !!!! we were lookin for air con and a pool !!! yeh "" great now we are looking for heating !!!! melbourne is cold !!! and especially if you dont have heatin !! air con !!!! they dont have DOUBLE GLAZING ON WINDOWS WHICH IS A LAUGH !!!!!! AND BE PREPARED TO NEED A LICENCE TO FART !!!! i am serious !!!! i am looking for a part time job with kids !!!!!!! yeh !!! guess what i said to everyone in the uk that that is when the **** hits the fan i have had enough that i decide to work in mccdonalds !!!!!!! (OR MACCS) i need a licence to handle FOOD !!!!!!! which costs money !!! more fff money ! not happneing !!!! so my 6 months in has been **** xxx but thats mine xxx i have posted about meeting people etc but it is so like the uk xxxs freezing cold and dark and dreary xxxx its winter xxxx but in the uk you have nights to break it up !!! like hallowen,guy fawkes,xmas , new year
  20. Proview220

    Summer/ Winter nights

    do you get longer days in the summer in Australia like we do in the uk, or does it get dark quite early all year round, I look forward to the summer light nights getting dark around 10pm. Proview
  21. Let it snow ....let it snow .....let it snow
  22. hello there, My name is Rj and am from india. i was working in a cafe while studying my uni in australia, fell in love with an aussie girl. married and been here for 2yrs. i am a graphic designer student, but couln't get any job. my wife now works as a steward in a cafe brings bacon home. i am so broke and we live in poverty. i am from a rich family back home in india but din wanna ask money from them. now that winter there is not even a dish washing job. am in ballina, north coast, NSW. if this situation exist i am planning to take my wife to India where there is no need to be in poverty if you are a graphic designer. its very depressing for the moment. any one can suggest any new trick. i even have rsa and rcg for bar tender and gambling but no job. i still cant believe poverty exist so bad in australia, which is very disapointing. Rj
  23. Hi folks, Can you help me out here, ongoing argument with oh about the temperatures in Melbourne in the Winter and the fact it does get cold there. So can someone tell me how you keep warm in winter???? By that I mean, how do you heat your house???? Oh is thinking he will be waking up in the morning with frostbite because houses have no form of heating, so can you help me out here and tell me how you do keep yourself and the house warm in winter. Many thanks, Mandisfam
  24. Ok..so I can't go to the beach or the park while this bad weather continues..so what can we do for days out that don't cost the earth during the rainy/windy Perth winter. Ideas from those who've been there/done that please. :v_SPIN:
  25. Mongrel

    Winter boo!

    Great start to winter this week , first find out cant gewt any of me rudds money apparently due to over efficent tax agent I didnt pay any boo!. First rains yesterday ,prat pulls in front of me on my bike slight touch on brakes ,skating down the diesel laced road, tries to stand up and slips over (like ice) ,just bruises and a sore pride. Bike was gonna trade it in , keepin it now lost a grand on it will prang. Today cant move neck (like igor out of bloody dracula) threw sickie ,takes dog on park for ablutions , blowin a storm loud crack and half a tree lands next to me , went home changed underwear and decides not to venture out till spring