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      1. Hi community Thank you for accepting me to this forum, amazing topics over here. I have been offered a job in Sydney with 100.000$ (QA Engineer 7 years experience) as a yearly gross salary. Is it enough for a good living, taking in consideration : - Married and wife is not working. - Have to travel to Spain twice a year for family and parents visit. - Be able to save some money and do some activities over the weekend. I've seen the renting prices are high, what do you think ? Thank you for the help
      2. Suburb Help Needed Please

        Hi everyone, first time posting in Poms in Oz, I was a frequent poster in Poms in Perth when we moved over 4 years ago, and got a great deal of advice on there. Sorry to post yet another suburb related post, I will try and keep it as straight to the point as possible. We moved to Perth 4 years ago, we have loved it here, but a work opportunity has developed in Sydney so we will be relocating there in January (we have 2 boys 11 & 6). I will be based in North Ryde, and would like to keep the commute manageable if possible. Happy to use public transport if need be (North Ryde Station is 10 mims walk from the office). We currently live in the Piara Waters / Harrisdale area of Perth if anyone knows it, which are pretty new suburbs, in fact we are the first to live in the house we rent. We really like the modern feel of the suburb, and would like something similar in Sydney. Not sure how possible this is (are there many ‘new areas’ being developed?). The main things we are looking for is a decent area, with a nice community feel, good schools within a commutable distance of work. All of this for circa $700pw I am there in 2 weeks and will be checking out suburbs. Have been told to look at The Hills district (Kellyville, Cherrybrook, Rouse Hill) and the Central Coast area (will see what the drive is like). Would really appreciate some guidance from you all, tell me where to check out, and where to avoid Pete & Jo.
      3. Schools UK to Oz - please help

        Hi all, My family and I are moving over to Sydney at the end of November. I'm having a massive panic about schools and which year my son will be enrolled in. My 7 year old's DOB is 21.07.10. He started school in the UK when he was 4 years old in 2014. He's one of the youngest in his year and gets on fine. He's currently in Year 3 in the UK and I'm being told if he starts in Oz at the beginning of the year (2018) he'd start in Year 2. Which means, if we catch the end of this school year (which I'd like to because he might make a couple of friends before the school break up over Xmas) he'd actually enter Year 1 which sounds like a huge step backwards for him in terms of where he'll be at academically compared to the other children. Has anyone else had similar worries and how have you addressed them? Someone said that if he is finding it too easy then he would be moved up a year. Can anyone clarify any of this for me please? Thanks so much Helen
      4. Ermington, Sydney Suburb

        Ermington NSW is a busy suburb of South East Sydney that is perfect for families, couples and young singles alike. It is a place that is extremely close to everything a person could need; Shop’s, doctors, schools, entertainment venues, Universities, public transport and much more. The suburb of Ermington is growing daily with new homes being built at all times of the year. Ermington is seen below in the centre of the map. Public Transport Transport is something that everyone needs. Ermington meets this need with its wide variety of public transport. Buses, Trains and even Ferry’s are accessible only a few minutes in each direction. The closest train station is either Meadowbank or Rydalmere. These stations are roughly a 5-10 minute drive in either direction of Ermington. Rydalmere is home to the closest wharf in which you can catch a Ferry. Busses are available from many locations around Ermington – The most common being on Victoria Road. These busses can connect you to the Train and Ferry systems giving a greater flexibility in transport. Via public transport it takes roughly 50 minutes to get from Ermington town centre to Sydney’s Central Station. This time is due to get even shorter in the coming years with the NSW Government announcing a light rail that is coming to connect the greater area of Sydney with ease. If public transport doesn’t interest a person then there is an endless amount of Taxi’s and Uber cars available to take you from A to B. Using Taxi’s and Uber’s will take longer to get from Ermington town Centre to Sydney’s Central Station as depending what time of day it is traffic getting in and out of the city can cause delays. Education Something that is a deciding factor for many young families is the availability of Education. Ermington is the perfect location for those wanting education options as it is in close proximity of several schools and day care facilities. Most of these facilities are within walking distance which creates less of a burden when it comes to the school drop off. For those who want to study themselves there is only a short distance of travel required to reach both University of Western Sydney and TAFE at Meadowbank (right next to the Meadowbank Train station). Property Ermington is a suburb in which quite a few people tend to rent rather than buy. Located a short distance from the city it is the ideal spot for those who work in the CBD and surrounding suburbs. The average rental in Ermington is 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom and 1 carport – these houses go for roughly $300-600 per week depending on the vicinity to the Paramatta River and how new the house is. Home for purchase in Ermington as of October 2017 are going from anywhere between 850,000 to 2.5 million. Lifestyle Ermington is the perfect spot for a family who would like to live an outdoor lifestyle. There are many outdoor activities only minutes from your doorstep. Halverston Park is located in Ermington on the Parramatta River. This park has been completely refurbished to entertain children of all ages. With a wide grass area it is perfect to kick a ball around or to adventure around the park. There are also many tables and public BBQ’s making it a perfect summer destination. A short 15 minute drive from Ermington you can find other parks in the area which have public water activities and fountains which are a hit with the locals. These activities are free and are also in the vicinity of public tables and BBQs which makes it the perfect location for children’s birthday parties. Below is an image of the children’s playground at Halverston Park, Ermington. With a rough population of 10700 people it is easy to see that Ermington is becoming more desirable as time goes by. The Parramatta council and the NSW Government have put a lot into the development of this area in the last few years. The area of AE2 (pictured below) is just one estate inside of Ermington. AE2 is the perfect place for people of all backgrounds. With new state of the art apartments built along the waterfront that surround beautiful homes and townhouses; this is truly the place to be. Entertainment & Shopping For other entertainment Ermington is an ideal location. With Sydney Olympic park only a short distance away Ermington is the perfect destination to live if you are someone who likes to attend sporting events, concerts, The Royal Easter Show and many other conventions. Sydney Olympic Park has a range of events on every single weeks. Attending these events usually leaves a visitor with a headache with transport and parking issues. For Ermington residents these events are able to be visited with only a short 20 minute walk (across the Paramatta River). Sydney Olympic Park is also home to some amazing restaurants which is pleasing to residents as you can enjoy top quality dining without having to make the commute into the Sydney CBD. Ermington is home to a small shopping strip located on Betty Cuthbert Drive. These shops are perfect for the essentials with a pharmacy, doctors, hairdresser, supermarket, news agency and various fast food outlets. There is also a Vet, Dental Surgery and Petrol Station located on Victoria Road right across from If you are looking for other shops such as clothing stores, cafes etc then Top Ryde Shopping Centre is located only a 10 minute drive away. Top Ryde is also home to a cinema and Monkey Mania – Children’s Activity Centre. Employment Employment in the Ermington area is as adverse as the area is so close to the Sydney CBD. Opportunities include administration, retail, hospitality and many other specialist areas. Whilst jobs are highly sought after in Sydney it is a market that can be navigated quite easily. Many are given employment after simply dropping a resume off at a business in opening hours. For all of the reasons explored and more Ermington is the perfect place for people of all demographics. Ermington is home to people over a range of socioeconomic groups making it liveable for everyone from the single friends sharing a home through university to the families wanting somewhere to make their forever home.
      5. Hi guys just a quick note..had our 190 visa granted on 11th August [emoji16]we will be arriving in Sydney on 5th November staying with my sister in law in Ashfield inner west, initially as a base for our travels and untill we decide if were gonna settle or not. I'm a gas fitter and plumber in the UK and my fiancee is an optical dispenser (works in an opticians)...would anyone know the like wages combined we may achieve in Sydney with relation to renting etc....we are renting out our 3 bed semi in Liverpool and have a decent amount of money to get us started...any help appreciated [emoji106]
      6. Partner Visa points

        Hi I got skilled assess in accounting and my wife skilled assess in hairdressing, my skill is in MLTSSL and my wife skill is in STSOL. can we share partner points ?? while we are applying for 190 or 489 strem ? we both have 6 each ielts, both 45 less, and already assess our qualifications. Thanks
      7. Deal or no deal?

        I've been offered the chance to go and work in Sydney by my current employers, and wanted to get some opinions on the the deal they're offering me. They're going to sponsor me on a 457, and they're happy to also sponsor me for permanent residency via a 186 but I'll have to cover the costs if I went for direct entry now. The idea being they get me there sooner, but we'd get the security of permanent residency. I'd be getting 110K (inc super) as a software engineer with myself (working), partner (not working, maybe after we are permanent), and three school age children, and we plan to rent at first. Deal or no deal?
      8. Hi, We will be arriving in Sydney September 3rd looking to live in Forestville. We have a three and a two year old looking for recommendations of any preschools/daycare please...Also my little boy will be four in December 2017 does nayone know if he will get a free preschool place from Jan 2018? Thanks v much louise
      9. Hi, I have over ten years of experience in software development in London. I understand that the software market hubs in Australia are in Melbourne and Sydney. Sydney is more expensive than Melbourne and I know that salaries in Sydney are higher but as a new migrant I suspect that even on a permanent residency visa and good prospects of advancement in the future I will not initially get a salary that is competitive for my experience (which would also allow me to live comfortably and save). What are your thoughts? I have worked years in London to be in the salary bracket that I am and I'm not sure I'll get an equivalent salary on my first job in Australia. If that is the case would I - Be better off in Melbourne where the cost of living is smaller while I work my way up salarywise? - Be earning a salary in the same ballpark as in Sydney (if new skilled migrants generally earn less at first?) Thanks
      10. Hey guys, I'm moving over to Sydney in August this year, really good do with someone showing me around. The good bars, beaches and parks. I'm 25 so looking for people around the same age. I'm a fairy outgoing guy who likes to keep fit. thanks
      11. I have been granted permanent residency and have to enter before Aug 1 which is around 6 weeks from today. But, I have no employment. Initially, I planned to come to Sydney for a week by taking leave from my current job, apply for a driver's license, medicare card and Tax file number. Also, in the week, I wanted to explore the job market. I don't want to leave my current job in my home country without getting something equivalent in Australia, though I understand it is difficult to secure a position from overseas as employers prefer a local candidate. I was told Sydney may have more positions for IT engineers so planned to come there. I don't know anyone in Australia. I glanced at the useful threads http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/new-south-wales/230105-registering-medicare-sydney.html and http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/new-south-wales/233424-how-much-spend-rent-sydney-single.html and realize getting a Medicare card takes 6 weeks and rents are more than I expected. 1. Where on Sydney can one stay for a week at the budget of 300AUD/week without sharing? I heard it cannot be a place where backpackers stay or a low budget hotel as I need a proper address to which my medicare, tax card will be sent. I am OK staying away from the main city to reduce costs as long as I can take the train and get to the city. 2. Can shared rental places or the ones on Airbnb be used as address for medicare, tax card? 3. What is the approximate time to get a driver's license, medicare card and Tax file number in Sydney? 4. Can I do anything to expedite the process of getting a driver's license, medicare card and Tax file number? I realize it depends on the workload of the agencies, how many people applied ahead of me and few other factors which an applicant like me cannot control. 5. Would coming to any other city like Melbourne or Perth mean quicker processing of these documents? Any other suggestions would be appreciated. As always, thanks to all the posters who generously advise people like me on different aspects of the migration.
      12. Hi guys, My Girlfriend and I are planning on moving to Australia (NSW) around October this year (we still need to book the tickets!) and were wondering where we should consider moving to. I have a PR visa (my Dad put me on his when he moved to Sydney 5 years ago and it expires in November so I have to be there before then!) My Girlfriend has a 90 day working Visa. My Dad has lived in Sydney for 5 years now, we would like to move somewhere that isn't too far from him maybe maximum 45 mins drive from Sydney. We would like to be somewhere that doesn't feel too far out from everything (beaches, shopping centers, gyms etc) and would like to find work fairly quickly. Where would be the best areas for us to consider moving to? I'm 23 and my girlfriend is 25. Thanks a lot! Matt
      13. New in town

        Hello everyone! I have recently taken the plunge and moved from London to Sydney on a Working Holiday Visa. I'm staying with a friend at the moment whilst I look for a job and then will move into a room of my own. My question is to those who have been in a similar position to me before - not knowing many people over here, what was the best way to go out and meet new people? My mate works all through the week so can't go out with him too much and I just think it would be a bit weird if I went out on my own to a bar and started trying to chat with a random group... Would love to hear your thoughts! Cheers,
      14. Hi, We are looking at moving to Sydney following a job offer. I have been requested to suggest a salary range. It is for a professional position. We are keen on the Coogee or Surry hills areas. Can anyone give an idea of cost of living there so that we know what sort of salary to try to negotiate? We have no children, and would be looking for minimum of two bedrooms. Thanks very much!
      15. Hi all, Having moved to Sydney a little over 6 weeks ago I've been on the constant lookout for some regular mid-week 5 a side or 7 a side footy (soccer) games. I attempted in vain to set up a regular 5 a side game between friends in Manly where the sport oval is free 3 nights per week. Unfortunately Lisa from the council crushed my dreams, explaining that the rugby club lease the pitch over winter and aren’t allowed to sub-lease it. In the past week or so I’ve searched through Gumtree & have accosted every Brit I’ve come across in the hopes of finding a team in need of a player or league (either in the CBD, Manly or Neutral Bay area) but seemingly everyone plays touch rugby mid-week or 11 a side at the weekends. Not wanting to sacrifice my weekends I was wondering if anyone knew of any mid-week games/leagues that occur?! Any help appreciated Nick
      16. Schools around Eastlakes, Sydney

        Does Eastlakes have any decent schools and High Schools? I know there isn't any good state Schools, but was wondering if anyone knew of others (religious maybe)?
      17. Hi We land in just under 7 weeks, and I have been offered a contract for 2 months, with solid chance of it becoming longer term or permanent (if they think I am good enough on the job I guess) Day rate is $400 and it's Sydney. Rents are expensive... and as it's contract, it'll be self employed initially. I been self-employed for a lot of the last 22 years here in the UK, so am used to self assessment and tax etc. Does does self-employment differ greatly in Australia? any tips? My job will be in Darlinghurst, Sydney - and many of the creative agencies I would most likely work for would be around there, Surry Hills, Ultimo, South of, or closer to the CBD (there are some places on the north shore too and North Sydney) - so it would make some sense to live south of the harbour probably. My wife will also be working, but hasn't got a job as yet. I'm not sure what she'll get, but she's an experienced nurse. She would prefer to not do full time as we have 3 kids. Probably more like 32 hours a week (4 days). As it's Sydney we don't expect that money to go that far! Loosely speaking, if say I worked at a day rate of $400 freelance, or maybe at $80k (employed), and she got about $50k or $60k (4 days a week) - what would be a sensible amount of money to spend on rent per week? Sorry if this all quite light on details. feel free to give equally light, non-specific answers! I am just trying to get the roughest of ideas right now, ball-park figures.
      18. North or South Sydney

        Hi Im looking for advice on where is best to rent if working in Roseville. I wouldnt have a car so would need to commute to work. I was originally looking at South of the bridge but now thinking North may be better for getting to work. I would like to rent somewhere with a good busy vibe, a bit like Glasgows Westend. Nowhere too quiet or suburban as Iam single 30 something and would want to meet people and make new friends. Also and area with good links to get South and to beaches. Any suggestions and advice would be very welcome, thanks.
      19. Contents of 1 bed for sale SYDNEY

        Hi, we are sadly returning back to the UK and so are looking to sell on/pass on for free the items we have accumulated over the last year. Beautiful grey suede corner sofa, double bed and mattress, dining room table and chairs, nesting antique tables, vintage filing cabinets, fridge, washing machine, outside sofa, rugs etc etc. If interested please just drop us a message. Must be picked up by 12th May from Newtown (Inner West), Sydney Thanks, Louise Please contact by PM.
      20. on the moo-ve to NSW

        Hi all Not really a discussion but more of an update / share / vent! My partner and I spent the weekend finishing packing up the house over the weekend, as we've got Seven Seas coming today, to take our stuff away in a small [or maybe medium!] Move Cube. I'll be interested to see how this works out, given the mixed reviews. We used them because they offered a good price for the small cube and seems to be the most efficient way of moving our items. There was also a panic trip to TK MAXX to purchase the largest suitcases they have to offer, and then subsequent panic weighing them and making sure the overall baggage allowance is not exceeded... I resigned from my job on Friday, and the tenancy agreement on our flat ends Thursday, so we are off to live in a friend's spare room until 19 May! We've then got just under a week in Hong Kong and Taipei, and then head to NSW on 26 May. So I am going to be very crumpled [living out of a suitcase] and probably a slightly less rational than usual, until this is all over. The volume of alcohol consumed may also go up... We'll be living with my partner's Dad in Wollongong until one of us gets a job, and then hopefully we will get our own place [renting] in Sydney! I'll be looking for PA/senior admin roles and my partner will be looking for something in IT [security, firewalls, networks, UNIX, LINUX + other stuff that I have no clue about]. So long in the planning and still a rush at the end of it all :dull: Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone else in the same situation.
      21. We have been living in Sydney for the past 6 years and the for the past year we have been back and forth in deciding what to do long term? We never actually moved to OZ with the intention to stay, we came as backpackers and an opportunity arose and we decided to make a go of it! Up until recently we had decided to move back to England but recently we have started to doubt our decision....we had a visit from family recently from the UK and even they thought we were mad leaving Oz when we both have great jobs with very good money! One of of our main reasons for wanting to leave Sydney was the ridiculous house prices! I'm sure this same issue comes up again and again so it will be interesting to see what other people have decided. We also do miss family and friends but in all honestly it's the cost of housing is really getting to us! We can afford to go back to the UK mortgage free but if we chose to stay in Sydney we would have to take out a mortgage! we have looked at the Central Coast in the past but decided the travel would be too much but we have started to re-think things.....my husband would work N.sydney so the travel wouldn't be too bad for him but for me it would be tough. My job is in Mascot! Would I be absolutely crazy to move to the Central Coast and work in Mascot? I really don't want to change jobs as I really do enjoy my job and I'm paid very well. Does anyone have a similar journey to work? Is it really too much? We don't have children at the moment but plan to in the next year or so? my thoughts are OZ is such a great place to bring up our kids, it would be a same to move back to the UK just because the cost of the housing. any input would be greatly received! Thanks all!
      22. I have a rare opportunity... Are there any experienced Business Studies teachers, registered with the NSW Institute of Teachers wanting a start within the next couple of weeks? PM me for details.
      23. Hi All Just wanted to yell from the rooftops that I passed my Citizenship test today, Monday 20 April 2015 at Sydney Immi. I had a little practice at the weekend and just before the interview, using the government and some of those free test sites, (if anything you become used to the format of the questions). I was lucky as I rang the Citizenship line to see if I could do it earlier and wow instead of a month wait, I did it today - pretty cool. So today, I sat in front of the nice man at counter 6, gave all my ID as per online application for my interview. Good thing I bought extra ID as he wanted more than was required, apparently more ID helps with the background processing. All paperwork done and off I went to the test room. Another gentleman signed me in and yes 42 seconds later, computer said "Congratulations...you passed ...100%". Involuntary scream of joy:) Collected my things from the locker, had another jovial chat to gentleman at counter 6 and off I went, out into this English style stormy weather. Once I get the all clear letter re police and background checks, I can wait up to 6 months to do my Citizenship ceremony. But the good thing is I can travel abroad once I get that clearance letter, so I'm pretty happy. It has been a long haul from my dream in 2004 of living here. My final step will be getting my Australian passport - so wait for the loudest scream ever when that happens...lol!! BEGal
      24. As I used this site to gain knowledge re shipping before we moved back I thought I would give a brief account of our experiences. We shipped 2 medium Move Cubes and on pro packed Kent shipment. Both Move Cubes arrived without a single breakage 3 months after we got back to London, they were easily tracked and professional and easy to deal with I can't recommend them highly enough.Almost 6 months on we are still waiting for our Kent shipping. It has been pretty dismal service. We have no idea when it will turn up. We had a shared container and were told roughly 3 months. It was picked up on October 24th, professionally packed. In late December I received an email asking for delivery details to release it from Sydney!!! I was told they would contact me when it shipped. By Feb I still had heard nothing. I sent 3 emails to our contact. nothing. I called her, she said she had "so many emails to deal with". She said it would arrive at the start of March. The receiving company called me and gave me a delivery date of April 3rd into customs and said I would have it within a week, over 4 months since it had been collected but at least I would be getting it! The next thing I heard was the receiving company (Excess International) had gone into receivership and all goods they held had been left dockside and in a warehouse and we had to wait for warehouse staff to contact us. A week or so later we got an email saying Brittannia movers had taken over the deliveries. I then heard from Brittannia saying they would be in touch but no ETA. Still no ETA. Sigh.And still we wait. It's very very annoying. I work freelance and only used Kent as I wanted my work system (monitor and server) professionally packed for insurance reasons. I couldn't have even give my clients an ETA for taking on their work remotely. Very luckily I upgraded my Mac this side and borrowed my friends monitor as she is on Mat leave. I bitterly regret using Kent who were so much higher cost, when I could have just used Move Cube. The consignment also contains our fridge freezer and dining table. We are currently eating standing up in the kitchen or at our toddlers table whilst kneeling down!This is only our experience, but I would not be using Kent again or recommending them. Even before the receivership debacle they were hard to contact. The contact who quoted the shipment that side was actually quite rude to me (I questioned the sq m he had quoted given what was going in) but I'm pretty thick skinned and brushed it off at the time but I wish I hadn't now. We are very very happy to be back, and will certainly not be returning to live in Sydney (despite enjoying our 9 years there) so hopefully won't need a shipping company ever again! But I'm recommending Move Cube all the way!
      25. Hi Everyone, I will be arriving in Sydney soon, i'm nervous and excited. I would prefer renting after I arrive, however I don't have a job lined up and will also be searching once I get there. I was thinking of staying in hostel whilst I found a job or found rented accommodation. Am i doing the right thing? any other ideas? Are there any websites or advice you could give me to obtain suitable rent (I know of domain and realestate), bearing in mind I don't have a job and will also be looking. As i will be new to the city, will also be looking to make new friends, any recommendations? Many thanks