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Found 50 results

  1. I'm moving in 4 months, and will be 16. I'm really nervous about starting a new school, and meeting friends. I don't even know what year I would be in. This is probably what most teenagers say before they move, but I really would want to talk to someone about it all. We aren't to sure on where we are moving yet, but probably be near the central coast, but that isn't definet. So if anyone around my age is willing to talk, I would appreciate it! Cheers
  2. Hi there, I'm Laura and I'm 18! I recently moved to the Redlands Area from Scotland in July and I haven't really met anyone. I don't go to school/college/uni and my job isn't great for meeting people. I'd love to meet some people that are of a similar age to me! I have an outgoing personality, I'm easy going, enjoy having a laugh and I like playing various sports. if anyone would like to chat to me then feel free to send me a message Thanks
  3. Hey i'm Edd and im 15, I've been in Australia for just over a year and im moving schools and i was looking for anyone who would wanna chat or even meet up thanks
  4. Hi we moved to north lakes 2 month ago, we have 3 children, but our eldest, aged 13, nearly 14, is struggling to make friends. He's a normal, full of fun, friendly boy so not sure why? So was wondering whether there's anyone in the north lakes and surrounding areas with boys or girls of a similar age that might also appreciate an extra friend. I think if he could make a good friend or two it would make his settling a much more positive experience, but at the moment it's really getting to him thanks x
  5. It looks like we may be moving to Melbourne in June (depending on details of job offer), and my sons are worried there won't be anything fun for them to do there! They are ages 12 and 13, and are into football (soccer), scootering, swimming (only for fun, not competing), Xbox gaming and just hanging out with their mates really. What sort of activities do youngsters get up to in Melbourne? They want to hear from people who live there rather than me fobbing them off with what I think! My son read that Melbourne was good for art and culture, and that has put him off going! :arghh: Can anyone offer an alternative opinion of the city?!? Thank you Imogen
  6. Heya im amy im 14 going on 15 i recenlty move out here 7 weeks ago but just looking for people who are in the same kinda situation as me or about to move out here; someone reply X
  7. Guest

    Moving to Albany

    Hey I would just like a review on Albany western australia from any teens/parents with teens living there and what high school is like there in comparison with high schools in the england. Thanks:)x
  8. Hi there! Could anyone clarify some things for me?? My husband has been offered a great job in Sydney and we are itching to take it.... BUT: From all the research I've done, it seems that coming back to the UK in 3, 4 or 5 years would mean that my kids would be disadvantaged (academically) compared to their peers they'd left behind because of the different education systems..? One coming back with a HSC would probably have to do a foundation year at Uni? Another aged in the middle of 'A' levels would have to drop back and start in lower 6th again? Not to mention having to fork out for international student fees because we'd be out of the UK (grrrr)! If I'm right then it's a huge decision for us to make and one which may be unfair on them... perhaps our ship has already sailed :-( I'd really appreciate anyone's thoughts, comments, corrections or experiences!
  9. Hello... my first post is being written with my insides in panic mode and I'll explain why. Rather than having taken our time deciding about Australia and whether to emigrate, my husband has been offered a good (permanent) job in Sydney and we only have a couple of weeks to decide! Our initial reaction was very positive as we've talked about it before (but there was no route in for us at the time - too old and wrong job!), but then we started thinking about the children who are 14, 13 and 11. They are reaching a crucial stage in their education and are far less 'portable' than they were 5 or 10 years ago.... I am caught between feeling that it is too late for our family to feeling that it is our last chance, but so so worried about it not turning out ok that we mess their lives up by returning again. Sorry - I realise many of you will be shouting at the screen and thinking i'm nuts given the forum I'm on! Is anyone else considering moving or has already done so at this stage in their lives? Any words of wisdom out there?? :confused: PS - We'd be living in the Northern suburbs - Northern Beaches, North Shore etc
  10. Hello, we've been looking for the past few years to move to australia. My step-dad went out there for 8 months last year to work and we went out in the last month to visit but that was in Sydney. We found out about a month ago that there is a job in Melbourne. And we are all really excited but he's leaving next month if all goes to plan. I just wanna know how Melbourne is. Is it similar to Sydney? What are the schools like? Is there a lot to do there? Just wanna meet people and talk to them about how stuff is out there? x :smile:
  11. Hi there! We have four kids - 2 teenage boys - living on the Northern Beaches. We moved here from Ireland this time last year, and would be very interested in meeting up someone who has also immigrated with teenagers!
  12. Guest

    Teenagers in Melbourne

    Helloooooooooooooooooo Any teenagers living in the Melbourne area? I am living in Heidelberg now for 3 months and am looking for people my age.... im 17!! Let me knoooooooow, thanks! :jiggy:
  13. Tommyg

    Brisbane with teenagers

    Hi all. With great help from pio site we have finally lodged our visa application. Brisbane is our main target to live and we were wondering if anyone could help with advice on where to stay with teenage daughters( 17&15 if we move next year!). Talked about Cleveland and surrounding areas but pio postings say it may be a bit quiet for them. We stay in a small village in Scotland just now and we know how isolated you get with not a lot of transport links after 7 at night. Any advice would be appreciated. Tommy
  14. Northernpommy

    moving with teenagers

    hi, we are in Melbourne at the mo (been here a year) and are moving to Perth soon. My hubby and I know its the right move for us, but the kids dont want to go. They are 13 and 16 and they have just settled here and we feel really guilty about moving them again, on both personal and school reasons. Please tell me your thoughts/ Has anyone else moved with teenagers who didnt want to move and have they resettled. We are considering woodvale as there is soccer school so think they will settle but its breaking my heart that they are so upset. Is Perth as lovely as we expect or have we got rose tinted specs on. What are the problems there ? there must be some? Thanks Elaine
  15. surhythms

    Teenagers during the school holidays

    Hi guys Just wondering if anyone can help us. Im wondering what happens in Canberra when the teenagers are off school? Are there activities organised for the teenagers while they are on holidays or what is the norm? I know that Canberra tends to have both parents out working and even though we dont have jobs as yet Im just looking ahead. Are there many activities or youth groups out there so the young ones can enjoy their time off school? Im just a little bit concerned that if both of us our working I dont want Sarah hanging around "BORED" all day on her own especially when we wont have family over in Canberra. I know she will make friends when she gets to school so Im just wondering what the kids get up to over there when they are 13. Sarahs not left on her own all day during holidays because I only worked until 2pm everyday and then did an evening shift but in Canberra I intend to work (and will probably have to work) full time. Any advice would be great! Suzanne Cheers Suzanne
  16. Our son, 17, and a friend, 19, (also a pom) would like to meet up with other teenagers, they both have a good set of friends now having been here a few years but would like to meet with others, male or female who have not found it so easy... They are both very sociable and enjoy partying, the beach or just chillin! They both live at the Southern end of the Gold Coast:wink:
  17. The Pom Queen

    3 teenagers ride the rapids in Brisbane

    3 teenagers managed to go 15km down stream on blow up air beds. Looks like they enjoyed it but the police weren't too happy http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/national/queensland-police-slam-ipswich-teenagers-15km-mattress-flood-trip/story-e6frf7l6-1225977093044
  18. Northernpommy

    Point Cook - With Teenagers

    Hi all, We have lived in PC now for 8 months and I really want to find others who have teenagers (boys) ... My two boys dont have many local friends as they go to school in Williamstown so I would love to chat to anyone who has also got teenage boys so we could perhaps get together, to help them integrate better locally Elaine
  19. Hello, As most of you are aware, OH is busy job hunting, as he won't have a job as of the end of September. We are willing to move interstate at this time, as he is the main breadwinner, and will go to where ever he gets a job. Been in Perth for almost 2 years now, and to tell you the truth, my almost 17 year old twins are getting a bit bored with Perth. OH has been applying for jobs in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane. I haven't really researched these areas, as when we were emigrating, we researched Perth as that is where we were headed to. Can anyone living in South Australia, Victoria or Queensland give me some insight to the pros and cons of their state and if it would suit two almost 17 year olds. Also, I will need to find employment as well, and was just wondering how hard it would be for me to get a job (saying that I have had 5 jobs in Perth in under 2 years lol). I do admin, personal bankruptcies, work for state gov now... so can turn my hand to pretty much anything. If you could let me know that would be great. At the moment no job offers have come in, but we are busy pounding the street. Thanks again. Cheers Karen
  20. Hi Has anyone had/got a child (teenager) that refuses to make the move to Oz? Just wondered what you did about it, and how you got around it. My son does not want to leave the uk, his friends, his school etc. and says he would rather go into care than come with us. He will not compromise on anything he just says no (or grunts no). Anyway this is causing quite a bit of tension in the house at the moment and everyone is really upset by the bad atmosphere. I have suggested that he try it out for a couple of months to see if he likes it, but he doesn't even want to go there on holiday. He doesn't seem bothered if the rest of the family go or not just as long as he doesn't have to go. This is really worrying me as I cannot physically drag him on a plane against his will, but what do i do? Thankyou :sad:
  21. HI, it was just a question as i have a 12 year old and i hear alot that central coast is a good place to bring up children,at the moment i live in an area that is lovely to bring up children but not great for teenagers, so i just wondered what terrigal and surrounding area's is like for teenagers.
  22. stevie ellis


    We are staying in Mandurah till end of july, what do teenagers do at night here ? thanks stevie
  23. Guest

    Unhappy teenagers!

    :arghh:HELP!!!....Having decided to make the massive move to Victoria, July 2011, (so going through visa process now, skills assesment, etc as i'm a nurse)....and talked to children about it...mixed reactions at first but all seemed up for it!(23yrs, 18yrs, 15yrs, 5 and 3 yrs of age). Now 15yr old daughter is getting very stressed and feels her world is ending.....18 yr old wants to give it a go, but can't imagine life without her friends. course we understand how they feel as we're leaving everyone behind too....but has anyone got any ideas how we can alleviate their fears? A reccie isn't an option as 7 of us and flights would just be ridiculously expensive. We've done our research and i've lived in Queensland for 3 years so have insight into life..but of course they don't. We feel we have to do what we think is right for everyone..but teenagers at best of times can be hard work, but right now:arghh:....this is how i'm feeling!
  24. Guest


    Hi, I am planning to make the move in a few years when my daughter has left school, will be going out on a defacto as oh is an aussie by decent. At the moment my daughter won't entertain the idea of moving out with us, she says she would miss home too much! was just wondering if there was anyone who has faced the same problem? what did you do? Did your offspring come out in the end or did you make the move without them? thanks. Ems. xXx:hug:
  25. :cool: Hi all Can anyone help me? I am getting there with my visa and hope that it is'nt going to be too long now till we get there. I have a 16yr old boy who is well into his designer clothes! and a 11yr old boy who will just wear anything to do with sports (He be fine!!) I have heard that the clothes over in Oz are not up to much is that true? Do they have shops where you can buy branded clothes? We are moving to Gold Coast Queensland. Over here my son shops at BANK, JD Sports, SAVAGE etc he likes Ed hardy, Henleys, Gio Goi, lacoste, Bar Denim etc. Are there any shops like that over there? I know most of the time the kids will probably just be in shorts, t shirts etc, but he wants to know if there are any good clothes shops for when he goes out at night or whatever. Thanks for that, any info would be greatly appreciated. Jan