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    Claire O'Neill

    Just watched her address to the National Press Club live on ABC this morning and I have to say that it's a long time since I found a polly to be so interesting. Her knowledge of Australia's (economic and political) history was impressive, as were her opinions on what Canberra/Australia needs to do post covid especially with regards to immigration. Well worth a watch on Freeview.
  2. Bugger the breathlesness! No more pulling the anchor. Sold some camera gear and so I've treated me and the tinny to a digital/GPS anchor. The Watersnake Geo Spot. Press a remote button and it will keep you in the same spot irrespective of wind or current. Steers from the remote too and can memorise your route so that you don't have to steer on the way back. Isn't progress wonderful! Will give it a whirl next week when I've waded through the instructions
  3. . . Love this one of Josh and his girlfriend
  4. Never look at the technicians face when having a heart echo. At one moment in time when she moved the scanner to a another position, her face screwed up sort of like "eeeeeew" IYKWIM. So now I await the results from the cardioligist, and a referral to a urology consultant as the renal ultrasound indicated that my prostate size is enlarged but isn't "critical" but the GP doesn't know why I keep getting UTI's and not emptying my bladder. After drinking 2 litres of water an hour before the ultrasound, and after the initial ultrasound of the full bladder, and to assist the ultrasound of an empty one, I only passed 30ccs!............................Too much info, I know! The breathlesness is also getting worse with physical activity despite me always being fit.
  5. Johndoe

    The Crown

    Gillian Anderson is "trying too hard". She's obviously put a lot of work into studying Thatcher but is well over the top when illustrating her voice and mannerisms. It's the same with Prince Philip and Charles who's mannerisms are also over-emphasised. Cannot deny though, it's a good bit of fiction, probably because most folk subconsciously think it's fact and that it mirrors how most folk see them.
  6. Johndoe

    Netflix & Stan

    . . The Crown is back!
  7. . . Got this from Josh this evening. He had a night off from training so popped down to the beach for a fish. He's now passed all his tests and passes out on the 27th Nov
  8. Yeah I had a full body scan which found the fracture in my pelvis but no kidney stones. In the last 8 weeks I've had an angiogram to check on the bypass, A CT pulmonary angiogram, an ultrasound of abdomen and lower extremities. I've been with my GP for 25yrs and trust him implicitly. Seems like all I've been doing lately is submitting umpteen bloods and urine to get to the bottom of what's going on. The initial angiogram was because of the arm pain and claudication but two days after that, my current round of problems started initiated by me collapsing in the shopping centre with those severe pains to lowed abdomen and back and breathlesness. First tests showed impaired kidney function and subsequently 70% narrowing of the vein to the kidney. First guess for the collapse was a stroke to the kidney caused by a clot from the angiogram site which went in at the groin on that side with the 70% narrowing. I've had constant UTI's which clear after a round of antibiotics but return 3 to 4 days later.
  9. An accumulation of things mate. I've had a quad bypass and and abdominal aortic aneurysm repair. Apart from the claudication I get pains in my left arm when I walk. I also get lower abdominal (bladder?) and back pain accompanied with breathlesness with some tasks. It's a weird one 'cause I can walk for an hour plus for morning exercise but anything that requires a "spurt" of energy results in those symptoms. Something like winching the tinny onto the trailer, pulling the starter chord on the mower, or even just constantly kneeling and standing such as weeding the garden.
  10. Still waiting for results re my bad claudication and breathlessness and listed for heart echocardiogram in a couple of weeks . Had a renal ultrasound this morning but without waiting for the results I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a TURPS procedure as my symptoms are the same as they were when I last had one done 15yrs ago. They did warn me back then that it may need re-doing 10 or more yrs down the track.
  11. Johndoe

    Congratulations Team Biden/Harris

    Not if it's slanderous or libelous. I was referring to his personal attacks and unfounded/proven accusations. Hopefully those who he may attack after his protection of office will start civil lawsuits. He's got away with his slanderous accusations for far too long. No matter how many voted for him, the law is the law, civil or criminal, and those voters/losers will just have to suck it up.
  12. Johndoe

    Congratulations Team Biden/Harris

    And them both. Wonderful speech from both of them and unlike the narcissist, not one spiteful hateful word to say about the opposition. From swearing in day onwards, the hatemonger hopefully won't be protected by his office and he will get his day in court should he spout off as much as he did when protected.
  13. Johndoe

    Talking Retirement

    I'm hurt
  14. . . Glassed out on Lake Samsonvale
  15. Johndoe


    Lots of Chinese sellers on ebay which is where I got mine at a damn good price and quality. You need to order a size up though as they tend to be smaller sizing than stated
  16. Johndoe

    What Book are you reading??

    A Confederacy of Dunces, Just brilliant and hilarious.
  17. . . Crap photo from the navy but 2nd Phase of officer training completed for Josh. Front row third from left. No visitors allowed for the graduating ceremony in Dec due to covid so I hope the navy can lay on a better photographer than the one who took this pic.
  18. . . Did a shore based recce round North Pine Dam this morning. Never been able to get to these locations before but the water is really low. Roll on La Nina!
  19. . . I'm a naughty boy! Couldn't stay off my feet much longer. Yesterdays session with the sounder finding 'em shallow.
  20. Johndoe

    Simply the best

    I know of an accountant who goes over there just to have his suits made. He says the holiday is a bonus
  21. Johndoe

    Simply the best

    Southern France/Northern Spain Climbing Maladeta and surrounding peaks and based at Bagnere de Luchon.................Just spectacular!
  22. . My grevilleas this morning. Still bringing the birds in.
  23. Johndoe

    Camping and Caravanning in Australia

    Dunno whereabouts you are mate but as Dusty Plains says, best to try some basic camping. I can loan you all the gear you'll need and also give you good locations within 2hrs of Brizzy. No fourby needed.