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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, we have just moved from Lancashire to Moranbah with our 2 children ages 6 & 2. We dont know anyone here so if anyone fancies a meet up, particularly any mummies let me know! Lisa
  2. Guest

    Devon peeps

    Hi there, thought I would start a new thread especially for Devon peeps, looking at some of the posts I see that there quiet a few of us :laugh: So here we go............ We are Lesley and Paul Live in Milber, Newton Abbot Moving to Queensland Visa.. 176 S.S. Fiberous Plasterer and hoping for a miracle on the SMP :wink:
  3. BritChickx

    Working Holiday Visa Peeps :)

    There isn't a section for people just travelling on a WHV, so I thought I'd start a thread for those who are planning to go out on a WHV within the next year or two, or for those who have gone out and want to share their experience. I know there are a few of you out there but I'm sure there's more, would be good for us to all chat on one thread! :cute:
  4. Since the "QLD SS - where are you now" thread has been finished and everyone on the list have been completed by QLD I am going to arrange for it to be closed. You have all said it would be nice to stay in touch on one thread so we can all continue to share stories, general chit chat or let off some steam. Therefore, I have opened up this new thread so that we can all come and have a catch up here. I am looking forward to you all joining me on here!:wink: And any newbies are welcome to join us too... Thanks Tasha x:wubclub:
  5. Hi my sister and brother in law are coming to visit us in Brisbane and want to go to Sydney for new year from 28 - 3 Jan. They have to go there as their flight is from there and cannot change it and need accommodation. They are willing and happy to pay for someone to put them up for 6 nights room only and they would be out most of time sight seeing. Could anyone put them up for a few nights? We've searched different accommodation but is coming up at 2k for a few nights and need cheaper options around $400 mark for 6 nights, is this realistic. They are happy to stay in someone's spare room. Any ideas anyone? They are early 30's no kids and good honest people. Thank you.
  6. Hi all I was wondering if anyone else on here works in the aviation industry. My job is primarily to plan pilots' rosters (using specific software), manage their leave (using a database system), and also plan and organise their training, produce reports, publish rosters, manage and edit crew database, liaise with other relevant departments and crew, etc. :wacko: My job has a different name in every airline, but can be Rostering Officer, Crew Planner, etc. Is anyone else in a similar role? I'm having trouble finding a job on the list that fits this description. I think it's probably somewhere between 231199 Air Transport Professionals and 511112 Program or Project Administrator. :huh: Would love to chat to any other airline professionals out there! :radar:
  7. Just been announced that Peter Andre has been named 'Celebrity Dad' of the year.:notworthy::notworthy::jiggy::jiggy: Ahhhh, I knew that life would just get a whole lot better, I feel a spring in my step, a smile on my face, and all is well with the world again............................................................ Can someone please pass the Prozac, pins to stick in my eyes, and hand me a tissue for the nose bleed I now have,:realmad::no::shocked:. Cheers (going back into my hole to 'Hermitise' again) Tony.:mad:
  8. Before I start I am NO computer geek or techo, I think there are several on here who are similar to me who often approach the keyboard with the sign of a crucifix and rosary, but I scrape through somehow, and in as much if I make a balls up of any advice on here then feel free to pull me up on it, :wubclub: BUT. Whilst no expert I have managed to set up some very basic websites over the last few months and whilst not enjoying it immensely once complete I do have a sense of pride in them. Several of them have yet to go live, as I am never happy with them, but sooner or later they will be active and hopefully make a bit of money. I admit that my circumstances are a little different to many as I have to work from home, so I have the ability at times to concentrate on such things, but I guess if something is that important to people they will make the time. My long term objective is to make enough money from the sites that will enable me to concentrate on the more 'passionate' things I believe in,:yes:, bloody long journey but will get there. I guess the them of this thread is to maybe suggest to some that are moving to Australia that whilst it amy be difficult in the short/long term to make money, maybe a website would bring in a few pennies. The subjects are too varied to mention, but lets face it, we are all good at something, expert on something,m or just have a very specilaised idea. My own websites are varied, fishing, travel and the biggy politics. I may NEVER make a fortune at it, but the sites once better known may bring ion say, £50 quid a week, maybe even more. Not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but hey ho, all helps a bit I guess. Sometimes I think that we look at website design and think it is for 'experts' and to a degree I will agree, but there is so much information out there that the building of a professional package is within most peoples grasp and to tell you the truth, you can fiddle with until you have it just right. Hosting packages etc, are relatively cheap as well. The last sight I set up cost no more than £80 to set up and a tenner a year to host, (some are even free,:yes:) I'm not saying it will ever make you rich, but may help out if you have the time and patience and find yourself a bit tight (money wise) when you arrive in Australia. The world is getting smaller and who knows, you may hit upon an idea that really takes off and you have yourself a new career. PS. I would recommend several companies, books etc, but not sure if this would be classed as advertising, but have a look on the web and some magazines and you will see how easy it can be to get your own website up and running. I realise this is not everyones cup of tea, if truth were known it wasn't mine until recently but really enjoy it now,:jiggy:. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  9. Alanlisa

    Hi Peeps - Newbie needs advice

    Hi everyone, this is probably my first of many posts on here and we are ready to start the minefield which is applying for our visas and need some information on where to start. :biggrin: We are a young family based in Manchester with two kids (6 years & 6 months) and we are looking to move to perth. My OH is a spark so we know we need to get his skills recognised but are unsure on what we need to start first and the kind of visa to apply for. Any help is appreciated. We were also wondering how easy it is to get a company to sponsor you to relocate or is state sponsorship the way to go..... Typically how long does it take for your visas and skills to be recognised? Are there any problems we might face on arrival with regards to my husband's skills? As you can see I am totally bewildered with it all and would appreicate all your help. :wink:
  10. Hi guys, I know that there are a couple of threads running about this topic so apologies for duplication. My understanding is that CO allocations would commence to SA applicants from 17/1/11 (yesterday). ANYONE :eek: heard anything yet? Also please post your timeline so that we can get an idea of how allocations are being tackled. Sincere thanks Lorraine x
  11. Hi guys firstly thank you all for all the info and support I have found on this site, its invaluable. I would never have thought about moving to oz until I went to visit my brother in nov - then I fell in love! (With australia) I am separated and have two girls so my initial thoughts were no, what abt their dad however, he was very supportive and thinks it is a fantastic op for all of us. Then I found out that if I am going to do something I needed to do it before I was 45 (i am in nov) so here we are... decision made, visa docs and all forms in post today omg! (457 visa, my co sponsoring me to set up a branch in oz) Like you all, one day I want to go now today and the next I am terrified but I have been married for 20 years and now ~I want to live - have an adverture and who knows!
  12. mr luvpants

    Any Essex peeps wanting to migrate?

    I have been on this site for nearly 2 years and the names come and go. We are in a waiting game and dont expect to be in Oz till the end of next year. Are there any Essex bods on the site who are migrating to oz especially Brisbane, GC or SC? JOHN
  13. Hi all how many people on here from hants and dorset we r from poole and heading to NSW in June/ july
  14. kellyjamie

    calling all student visa peeps!

    hi guys can any of you please tell us how much cash you took to oz with you going on a student visa? we think we may take this route and head out next july, hubby wants to do welfare worker in brisbane, any replies would be great x
  15. Hi all, i know its prob been asked but could i have advice and opinions on student visas? we ahve 2 kids aged 2 and 11. would either be my hubby doin bricky or me prob hairdressing? looking at brisbane. any opinions appreciated thanx kelly x:wubclub:
  16. Guest

    hey peeps need a frined

    hey people of poms i need a friend that is going 2 Adaliad in oz so i need a friend so plzz :arghh:leave a note thx u and see ya:goofy: hope u will be my frined!?! :jiggy: <(^.^)>:jiggy:
  17. Hi Guys just wondered if any or many of you found it hard to get a job once in OZ. What were your experiences & any tips on securing work especially if you're going on the 136 skilled route!! PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEz help!! Thanks all Michele xx:unsure:
  18. Hiya peeps , im new to this So bare with me lol ,I thought i would just post a message to see if any royal navy people have moved to oz and are in sydney , im asking this because in 4yrs ( too long blah:cry: But has to be done ) when OH has done his time with the a Rn , we are wanting to get into aussie navy ,we are in sydney in march 2008 and i just wondered if any Rn peeps could put Our minds at rest about the move to the Ran and how things went for you ?, The best time for OH half to get hold of the RaN( he was thinking about 18 months before he finishes with Rn)?? Any info would be great !! :wubclub:It is all we have talked about since we first ever visited oz 5 yrs ago and have never stopped lol How does Ran life compare to RN for the familes ( this one is asked by me and my children lol ) :chatterbox: