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Found 19 results

  1. Guest

    Karratha & Surrounds

    Hi All, I have searched around the forum for info on Karratha but most of it seems old. We are contemplating a move to WA early next year and not sure what to do about living... Will we base ourselves in Perth and FIFO? I doubt it, I would love the desert living in Karratha so I's say we'll all go straight there regardless of costs, besides I don't think I could leave himself for a month at a time:no: I have read up about schools, weather issues and the 'lonesome' living but one thing I didn't see mentioned anywhere is horses... Do they have them up there? (That sounds awful but I'm sure you know what I mean!) I'm big into horses so would be an easy decision if they were easily accessible up there. Next step is to look into work for me.... maybe :wink:
  2. Hello people of Sydney :wink: Moving from Tasmania to Sydney in the New Year and will be working in the Randwick area. Need some help on suburbs to look at that we could find a house with garden, family orientated, dog friendly (we have 3) but close to bus/train routes into work. Ideally would love to be near the beach but I appreciate that it may not be possible. I started a thread in the rental section and it was suggested I pose the question to you guys. Have some great advice from Fleabo to look at suburbs on the train route and would appreciate if I could get some reviews and opinions on nice places to live on good transport routes. Bondi and surrounds are too expensive but I did come across a beachside location called Maroubra.. any one live there or know it well enough to give me a review? :notworthy: Thanks people x
  3. Guest

    Petrie and surrounds....?

    Hi - does anyone live in or near Petrie? I know a few people online here live in the North Lakes/Mango Hill area, but I have been looking at Petrie as it has a train station with an express link into Brisbane. Seems like it is not too far from the beaches in Redcliffe either. Any opinions welcome!! Jess
  4. Hi my sister and brother in law are coming to visit us in Brisbane and want to go to Sydney for new year from 28 - 3 Jan. They have to go there as their flight is from there and cannot change it and need accommodation. They are willing and happy to pay for someone to put them up for 6 nights room only and they would be out most of time sight seeing. Could anyone put them up for a few nights? We've searched different accommodation but is coming up at 2k for a few nights and need cheaper options around $400 mark for 6 nights, is this realistic. They are happy to stay in someone's spare room. Any ideas anyone? They are early 30's no kids and good honest people. Thank you.
  5. Bit of a spur of the moment decision today, no planning - cursory look at the map, jumped in the car and drove to Irvinebank. Irvinebank is located 125 south west of Cairns. The town was founded in 1882 as a tin mining town and became a large province with 3,000 people living in the town and a further 3,000 in the surrounding area. Today the population is approximately 300. Left - old Queensland National Bank (1905) Right - School of Arts (1900) Top Centre - now the Museum (built 1884) Loudoun Dam in the centre of town Mango Cottage - Miner's cottage built in 1906 After leaving Irvinebank we headed to Stannary Hills which is a ghost town with virtually no trace of it remaining. Stannary Hills was founded in the late 1800's as a tin mining town. At it's peak it had a population of 724 before falling into decline and finally ceasing to exist in the mid 1950's. All that remains today is a monument/plaque marking the centre of town and various finds from the ground which have been placed near the monument. Curiously, our SatNav still showed the layout/location of the streets despite the fact they're long gone. Finally drove back past Montalbion (another ghost town) and some photos of the drive home.
  6. I would like to come to Melbourne working for a term or so starting Jan 2012. I have looked all over for advice on visas, jobs (part time or full time) teaching ICT or Hockey coaching or both. My school in England will need an ICT teacher while I am away. So i would like some advice on anything that can get me closer to jobs/exchanges. Thank you very much. Deborah
  7. cms72

    Sandringham & surrounds

    Hi folks, I'm a midwife considering application to a hospital in Sandringham. The area looks good on paper although a little too pricey for me to live. Just wondering if anybody has any knowledge/experience/comments about the surrounding areas in bayside. And also , any thoughts or advice on secondary schools in this area. Many thanks Clare & Melissa :confused:
  8. When we went for our reccie in may, we stayed outside adeliade, and had a day out to victor harbour, i thought it was lovely and could see us living there. Anyone on here live in the area? we have teenage daughters, would they like it?
  9. Dawny

    Bundaberg and surrounds?

    What's Bundaberg really like to live in, is it really the old sleepy town, Would it offer enough for three kids aged 11,8 and 5 years old, Any help would be great as this seems to be the area my o/h would like to call home! :arghh:
  10. Guest

    albany and surrounds

    Im living near albany and was just wondering if there was anyone who fancies a meet up me and my man are both in our thirties.:biggrin:
  11. Hi there anybody in Bunbury or surrounding area info greatly received i.e. any areas to keep away from or better areas to look at work play etc many thanks. Please PM if you prefer Thanks Gilly
  12. I thought this might be of interest to anyone coming to Perth. Its a link from the historic Fairbridge website Fairbridgekids - Perth Photos
  13. Hi, we are just in the process of getting our 457 visa and relocating to Brisbane. We have temporary accommodation for the first month, but we then need to rent somewhere. We are a family of 5 with kids aged 4, 7 and 9. We are very keen to be near to the coast/beach, and also like the modern Australian style homes. Any advise please? Schooling also plays a major part so we would be keen to find a good state school (or possibly private?) in the area. How do we judge the schools there, is there any leage tables or anything similar to the UK OFSTED? Thanks for any help!! John & Rachel
  14. Hi all, Can anyone give me some info on Rockingham as an area to live? Particularly good primary schools for my 11 yr old. We are hoping to settle in this area and would like to live in a quiet suburb not too far from the sea, with good local amenities. Hope someone can help...
  15. Guest

    Buderim & Surrounds

    Hi! Does anyone live in, or know much about, Buderim and Twin Waters areas? Is it a safe area in which to live - without wishing to sound snobbish (!) we don't want to move from English yob culture to find an Aussie yob culture! We have a 12 year old and 7 year old and would be looking to move in 3-4 years time. Also, how about the climate - is it true they get a lot of rain? Thanks!
  16. Guest

    Brisbane & surrounds

    Hi everyone We are currently living in Adelaide and are thinking about making a move to Queensland. We originally were heading to Queensland but I got cold feet at the last minute and talked my husband into coming to Adelaide as my brother lived here already and we'd got quite a lot of friends here. We came to Australia a lot on holiday before we moved and usually started in Adelaide and then moved on up the Sunshine Coast to explore. We always stayed at a resort though and didn't do any research on suburbs etc. However, Steve has never really settled very well, he feels Adelaide is very backward and the wages are much lower here that in Queensland. There is not a lot to do when visitors come over although the beaches are beautiful, there are only so may wineries you can tour and he is worried that there will not be much in the way of job opportunities for the kids when they are older and he is also limited in his career prospects. We also pay a lot of tax and he is starting to talk me round. He thought initially he wanted to go back to the Uk but we recently went back on a break and we definately know we don't want to go back to live, so that leaves us with a problem. My brother has said he would come with us, he has no wife or kids and can also transfer his work. I'm initally looking from Brisbane to Caloundra as a starting point. Steve works for Hansen Yunken as a site manager and he can transfer to the Queensland Office, he works on site so some travelling would be expected. I'd appreciate it if you could give me some ideas about where you live and why you picked the suburb in the first place. We've got 3 kids aged 14, 12 & 4 so need schools, private or state. Please feel free to PM me with suburbs you don't like so we don't offend anyone publically. Obviously all my reasearch was based on Adelaide before we moved and to be honest, this is like starting the process all over again. Thanks Jo
  17. kellyjamie

    info on brisbane and surrounds

    hi all not really sure if this of any use to anyone but i recently met a couple from the gold coast here in the uk on holiday and she told me a few different bits of info so thought id share them, nothing too amazing apparently dont go swimming in the canals or rivers as there are bull sharks that swim up stream and there have been a few attacks for any nurses there is a new 1000 bed hospital being built on the gold coast corridor due to open in 2 years prepare yourself for the public transport, she said that compared to here their transport system is years behind us, something to consider for those going to be working in the CBD? dont get to frustrated if things are not done quickly she says they are very laid back and dont get very stressed invest in air con in your homes before a pool you will need it! dec, jan, feb are humid and they can find it hard to cope so if you can pick your time of year to land try and do it outside these months. cars hold their value! they dont think twice about driving the same car for 10 years as the weather doesnt wreck their cars like ours do. snakes!!! my fear! she reckons your very unlikely to seem them unless your home backs on to bush or your out walking, this applies more to the gold coast where she is as its so built up also for those on or going to the gold coast in her opinion its very touristy but absolutely stunning and they love queensland and say they wouldnt live anywhere else in the world!!
  18. Hi my husband is a window fitter and was wondering if their are any jobs available in his field. Thanks Nicky
  19. Guest

    bunbury and surrounds

    hi there everyone i was wondering is there anyone there who is from bunbury or has been there well i am coming over to bunbury in march and i was wondering if anyone knows anything abou t the employment prospects there. is it a large enough place to find work , i am a barber to trade but anything will do till get on my feet. regards john..