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Found 41 results

  1. kerry knight

    Last minute jitters

    Hi all Its very reassuring reading all these posts as we are leaving 5th September this year and are just moving out of our house to sell it and holiday let it (hopefully at the same time) to get the funds ready to move. The reality is hitting us especially our twin 8 year olds who have been so excited since we started this whole process but who now say they don’t want to go!!!! My family live so close by and even though I want my independence from the ‘family circle’ I know I’ll feel so homesick. Did anyone else feel the same but now super settled or at least really confident with their emigration decision? It it was five years in the making for us but these last minute jitters are killing me!!! thanks x
  2. First Post!! I am about to leave for Wollongong in 3 weeks and I am incredibly nervous! I am 20 and will move to Wollongong for the year where my mum is unable to fly out and visit me during the year due to money, I am so scared about saying goodbye to her and the rest of my family at heathrow and despite being so thrilled with the opportunity to study there for a year as a an exchange from my home university of Exeter, I am feeling so nervous about it all!! Apart from living away from home in Exeter during term time, the longest I've gone without seeing anyone from my family is about 2 months tops! Does anyone have any tips of advice to help make me feel at ease about my move for the year? Between November - February I have to move out of halls and will look to go travelling if I have enough money, but this is another cause of why I'm feeling nervous as plans for this period are completely up in the air until I get to Wollongong and settle in! If anyone has any knowledge of Wollongong and what they think of it as well as the university itself, and student life in Australia that could help to make me feel more at ease! Jen
  3. I'm 18 years old and I went to Australia for a month on holiday in November 2013! Ever since I was 8 years old, I've loved Australia, I've always watched Neighbours and Home and Away, the aussie soaps and its been my dream to go live and work there! So basically, since I'm due to finish college either this year or next year, I've always planned after college to go to Australia on a 12 month working holiday visa! I'm excited but very nervous cause I'll be doing it on my own and I feel a bit panicky about how much there is to think about, for instance, setting up an aussie bank account, getting a tax number, accomodation and just in general being on my own! I do have family on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, and if living with them wasnt an option, which I don't think it will be, what could I do for accomodation? I'm nervous about hostels as I can be shy at times and find meeting new people sometimes daunting! I really want to do this and must not quit on my dream, its just a bit scary, and I hope somebody on here can help! I also don't really wanna do the whole back packer thing where all you have with you is a back pack, I'd rather take a suitcase, get a job and live and work in Aus like I already do in the UK! If anyone has any advice at all, please help! I want to do this, but feel a bit panicked!
  4. I'm moving in 4 months, and will be 16. I'm really nervous about starting a new school, and meeting friends. I don't even know what year I would be in. This is probably what most teenagers say before they move, but I really would want to talk to someone about it all. We aren't to sure on where we are moving yet, but probably be near the central coast, but that isn't definet. So if anyone around my age is willing to talk, I would appreciate it! Cheers
  5. Hello all! I was born in Queensland but have been brought up in Wales for the most part of my life. My partner is British and we have a 2 year old daughter who has just been granted aussie citizenship by decent. I have always wanted to go back to land i was born oneday and after having our daughter we decided well we best do it before she gets to school age!! So the partner visa is in...lodged beginning of nov 2012 and we are now waiting!!! Tbh the only time we really think about it is when other people ask us...they ask when we going? where are you flying too? what will you do? where will you work? ....my answer I dont know!!! I am starting to think i might be mad!! We own a house here in Swansea which we are planning on letting out (not worth selling atm and we live in a student area so hoping for good rental) But we are going with just my Oh camera gear (he is a freelance photographer and runs a relatively succesfull business http://www.benwyeth.com if you want to nose and has been able to support me and our daughter...however if anyone has any info on working as a photographer in oz please share!! and also our surfboards, toys for little one and couple bags of clothes as we want to be free from posessions for a while to travel around...we'd like to buy a van on arrival so we have a roof and wheels in one! Im am beginning to feel nervous after reading through posts on this forum..about how expensive it is, etc etc.....we have little savings but are pretty good at living very frugally...i.d be more relaxed if it were just me and my partner...but with our daughter in tow i want to give her the best life possible! Any advice people can share would be greatfully recieved! How do full time mums cope with the move to oz? making friends etc...and is it even affordable? look forward to chatting and finding out more from others in similar situations :cute:
  6. Hi one and all. My visa has finally arrived, after a long wait of 4 years. whoop whoop, I have planned to move end of Jan and played my move card to my company. Excellent, you say, well they have come back with a good offer plus development and career growth. In the UK I am relatively comfortable, house, car good job etc. 4 years ago when I lodged the visa I would have gone in an shot, now, I am having second thoughts. Having worked very hard to achieve relative comfort in the UK, do I really want to give this up and start again in Oz? Any advise from those that have made the move would be welcomed. (I am mid 30s, no kids so the move would be easyish).
  7. Hi guys were currently applying for our 475 visa for WA (mandurah) and would like to get in contact with anyone else on the same visa in the same place, i've been granted my professional status as Welfare Worker and my oh is a pa we have 2 kids 10 and 7.... Ss lodged 16.11.11
  8. Guest

    Really Nervous Flyer

    Hi, looking for some advice on how to cope with a long haul flight, I've only ever flown from UK to Spain before and am a nervous wreck from the minute I get to the airport until I step off the plane! There's not one particular part of flying I hate, it's all of it, taking off, landing and the bit inbetween! Someone has mentioned noise reduding headphones, anyone used these? Did they help? Any tips would be great, less than 3 weeks till we fly and I want to be as prepared for it as I can.:cry:
  9. FlappyChicken


    Hi All Looking for some advice, as I am slight nervous and feel quite sick thinking about the future. We are currently in Oz on a 457 sponsored by the company I work for. We reach our two year point in Feb 2012 of a four year visa. We have moved lockstock and barrel over from the UK, including the dogs. I am about to start the process of applying for residency. I am particulary worried about the skills assessment side of the application. I hold an IT Certification in SAP HR, a sought after skill in Austraila which brought us here in the first place. I also hold a qualification in core management in HR, I am a member of the Institute of Management and the Institute of Personnel Development in the UK both at assoicate level. I am in the process of apply for an advance diploma in management here in Austraila and also will become a member of the Australian Computer Society. I did do a Post Grad Diploma in Human Resources Management but failed 3 exams and never got around to retaking them. Although I do have evidence of completing the course and study. We are asking the Company two sponshor our residency and understand they can do this for us. As we will have two years workign for them and payslips and tax returns. I am really nervous as previously said above that we may not got residency because the lack of a degree/education. Although I have 24 years of work experience 8 of which in the HM Forces. Should I be worried that we may not get residency? Is there something else I can do? I believe we can renew our 457 towards the end of the 4 years. However I am worried about the age thing to we are 41 and 42. My wife works for a private hospital as a Medical Secretary does that count for anything. I would hate to have to go back to the UK. Thanks **
  10. Oh Well The day is nearly upon us we have our dreaded medicals tomorrow , so this is the day that will define the rest of my life, I will either be fit enough to go or i'm ill with an undiagnosed illness!!!! Lol I feel great having lost 40kg since feb but i'm still a big chap so hopefully the letter from my doctor confirming my as he put it "sensible weight reduction programme" will help. Sorry for rambling but the nerves are starting to build and i'm not normally the nervous type.:skeptical:
  11. I'm moving to a place called Parramatta (20km out of Sydney) October 20th for initially one year. I'm nervous that i won't make any new friends as i intend to be working for atleast 4-6 months. I'm moving from England and leaving my current crop of friends and family behind so i'll be pretty much starting from scratch bar the few relatives i have in Sydney. I'm looking for fun, sink a few beers travel round see the sites and just relax anyone who fancies meeting up it's much welcomed. Dom
  12. Guest

    hey all! (NERVOUS)

    I have sent off my skills assessment to Victoria University and am currently awaiting confirmation of my interview via skype. I am a metal fabricator by trade. I am so nervous as I really don't know what to expect. Has anyone been through the same process??? :huh: Can someone help me?
  13. AaronS

    Nervous anticipation!

    AHHHHH! My wife was just informed that the transfer request to Sydney is now on the desk of the VP of that region for approval. One last signature! Wish us luck that the proposal is solid and he is in a good mood when he gets to it!
  14. Guest

    impatience and nervous!!!

    our 457 visa application has been at Diac since 19th may 2011 . we had a message via our migration officer to send proof of medical insurance ....which we did last week ! Are we likley to get the visa ?? the suspense is killing us ......how much longer should it be ??? this is awful awaiting decisions!!!! Lou and Nick
  15. Guest

    A nervous Newbie

    Hi all Thought I would write and introduce myself. My name is kerrie, my husband and I (and 3 children - aged 5, 6 &12) have just begun our journey...terrified to say the least! Neither of us have ever been to Oz but am sure from reading the many posts that it must be an improvement on living in the UK! We are currently looking at areas to move too...its so hard though having never visited before and knowing nobody over there. We were originally looking at Adelaide though are now going for WA SS...thinking Perth???? We plan to open our bathroom/ kitchen fitting company up over there and are basically moving for an overall better quality of life - better weather and safer happier environment to raise our children in...do you think Perth sounds the place to tick all the boxes? We have just completed our ielts test & have sent off paperwork evidence for the first half of skills assessment (through Victoria university). Other half is a bathroom/kitchen fitter. We are planning to go through on a state sponsored visa for plumbing though am really nervous about the Skype interview we have coming up! Any advice welcome...feeling a little lost already and only just started. Thanks x
  16. Ok, my emotions are on a roller-coaster at the moment. My ANZCO code is showing as available on the WA SMP (261111), but now I'm panicking that the application will be rejected. Has anyone had this before? What reasons could they reject you on? Financials? If they feel you haven't done enough research etc? If rejected, how will they let me know? Email or letter? I'm not using an agent if that changes the answer at all. Eek - I am hating the uncertainty of this whole process! :eek:
  17. Hello all I'm new here! I have been offered employer sponsorship on 121, but haven't applied for the visa yet etc. So my migration isn't even confirmed, yet. However, I won't go if my two girls can't come with me, end of! I have two cats, very very scared and nervous. Taking them to the vet was SO traumatic for them (hyperventilating, sweaty paws etc) that I now have a home vet who says they are in her top three of pet clients who are difficult because of their fear! I have a few questions for anyone having been through immigration with cats: * Will they get ANYTHING to eat on a 24 hour flight? From LHR to MEL? I hate the idea that they will be starving with no access to food, esp if the flight is delayed in any way. I can only imagine this will add to their terror and stress. * I know everyone says that cats just settle down and sleep on the flight but mine really are very very scared indeed. Are there any options - anything whatsoever - for them not to fly cargo? A private cabin in the new Qantas planes?! I will do almost anything to have them with me so they know they haven't been abandoned. * Is it better to do it in one quick flight (24 hours) or break it up for them? I'm thinking that breaking it up will be much more stressful, but it would allow them to eat... * Does anyone have any experience of the Spotswood quarantine facility? I don't like that they can see other cats. They are mostly house cats, they have no experience of other people as I don't really have people over to mine, and they will be terrified if they can see other animals. * Did anyone else remind the captain to turn the cargo heating on for the animals?! A friend of mine's dog died because they forgot to heat the right section of the plane... * Do they travel with other animals in the hold? * What happens in SIN / HKG / other stopover? Are the staff good? Are the animals carried carefully and treated well? Sorry for all the questions. I can deal with everything about moving to Aus except the stress I will be putting my girls under, but leaving them behind isn't an option. I won't go if they're not safe and looked after. Vet says they can fly. One last question - I've thought about going to NZ and staying there for three months with the girls, then flying them to Melbourne to avoid quarantine. But it does mean putting them through another flight. However, if Spotswood is not a good facility, I will do it. Has anyone done this? Thanks to anyone who can share any experiences, especially if you have nervous, frightened and stressed out cats! Sorry for all the questions... Kiki
  18. colonel

    Getting Nervous Now !

    We are due to fly in 7 days to Perth, WA and it is now starting to hit home... My last day at work is tomorrow. We had over keys to our new tenants on Thursday. Removalists arrive Thursday and pack container on Friday. It all seems to be happening...relatives coming round to drop off their tears (of joy and sorrow) ! Deep breaths now.....
  19. Alwasy wanted to move to oz since i was a kid but like evrything else never got round to doing it and always said "ill do it next year". Posted my cv on a uk site ages ago and forgot all about it, get an email out of the blue asking if i fancy moving to sydney and doing the same job i do now but for more money!! 125,000 (after some confusion)!! Sounds like a dream come true, my mrs can go across on my visa and work full time which is good and she has qualifications in travel and tourism and sales expierence !! just nervous about going and job in oz want me there asap but got loads of stuff to sort before we go like selling cars, furniture and stuff and get finances sorted out. Anybody got some good advise about making the big move?? Also need to ship over a big Snap on tool box over, no idea were to look about price of shipping Cheers Gavvo and Mellies :unsure:
  20. Guest

    Nervous Newbie

    Hello everybody I signed up to PIO today and i am really enjoying looking around your lovely forum :smile: I am happy to say that as a family we have been discussing emigrating to Australia, Perth to be precise! and we have decided to.......... Go for it. The problem is we have not got a clue how to get started! there are sooooo many visa's. I know that advice is probably not allowed to be given, but if i give everyone some info about us, maybe someone will of experienced the same as us and could point us in the right direction. My hubby is the one with the "skill" Diesel Mechanic by trade has his city and guilds level 3 got about 13 yrs experience. I work as a health care assistant in local NHS hospital, we have 2 children ages 6 and 10. I know hubbys trade used to be on list, dont think it is anymore (must look that up) we dont want an employer sponsored visa (like gold dust anyway, i am sure) we would rather apply for independant (i think) and dont have a clue what a state sponsored is, or if we would even be eligable????? Any help would be great, looking forward to getting to know you all :wink: Ta
  21. Guest

    Oh my god so nervous!!!

    It is a monday morning i have a day off work and i am up at silly o'clock:SLEEP: i am waiting for a potential employer to call me. He already has a reference from my current UK employer and wishes to have a chat. God i am so nervous. to top it off i have had a sore throat all week so i sound like Barry White:arghh:. Fingers crossed he will offer me a position so i can start the application for a 457 visa.
  22. Hi,my wife and i ,7 month daughter moving out 22 october and dont know were to head for in melbourne.Alison likes the idea of the sw coast but i dont as i dont think their any surf on that side ,thats why i would like the sw coast,,south of geelong,torquay,etc. Does anybody know the pro cons for either place,jobs,house prices,etc.I am a plumber (cant call me a heating engineer any more,lol) We are very nervous at the moment but at least all is sold now,house car and only shipping 6 boxes how good i s that. Nervous and excited at the same time,and we would like to say well done to every body who has done the move,because we think it takes a lot of bottle to leave what was called home.
  23. Guest

    over 45 now and nervous ?

    hi to you all just wondering how many of you out there are nervous about makin the big move when you are in the mid forties,i am now 47 in sept and house on market , validated this year in march and now a bit nervous whether i have left itlate in life. kids are 8 and 6 wife 35 am i beng selfish to them a very nervous tony l
  24. Hi all, Have not posted on here for a while but have been reading the threads. Well we only have 3 weeks until we fly out to Perth. I have to say that I have been going through an emotional rolercoaster for the past few weeks. Are we doing the right thing, should I stay or should I go, can I really leave two of my boys in the UK, etc, etc, etc. I suppose not selling the house has been an advantage because if I do miss them terribly at least I will have a home to come back to provided of course they do not wreck it in my absence. I have a couple of job interviews lined up for when we get there so hopefully I will not have to panic to much on that front. I suppose my emotions are perfectly reasonable in the circumstances even though my boys are more than capable of taking care of themselves. I am dreading the day I have to say goodbye to them I think I will be a bit of a wreck. It is so scary. Regards Karen :wub:
  25. Hi my name is Sanchia I am 8yrs old and am moving to Pacific Pines in June, I would really like to speak to other children who are either already there or who are also moving there hopefully we can talk and meet up before our first day at school as I am really nervous.:cute: Hope to hear from you soon Sanchia