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      Found 652 results

      1. Hello there! I am a 21 year old British resident and I have just left Australia after having a two year working holiday visa. During that time I have met the love of my life and would really like to be able to live in Australia. I am now moving to New Zealand so we can stay together although still, ideally I would love to live in Australia. I would be happy to get married but i'm sure that's not even as straight forward as that. We have lots of proof of living together and I've met all her family and have photos etcetc. Just wondering what are my options? I've heard it's pretty expensive which ever way, but yes, just wondering if anyone has any experience or some advice for me? I understand that this topic will be very talked about, but I want a personal recommendation!! Thanks for your time, any help would be appreciated. Alex
      2. We're not surprised: http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/541603/20140304/act-canberra-australia-livable-city-adelaide.htm
      3. Hi there, Would any of you be able to tell me which place has the better weather - Is it Sydney or is it Melbourne? The key reason for me migrating is the weather. I have an autoimmune condition that gets better in the sun. Saying that I dont like extreme hot weather as in Perth or sweaty weather as in the tropics. So I narrowed down to Sydney and melbourne. I really dont know much about the weather in these two places except that it wouldnt be as hot as in perth. Would be very grateful if any of you could shed some light about the weather where you live and why you like it there. many thanks in advance.
      4. Cairns or Gold Coast???

        G'day peoples. :em3600: I was born in Perth but have spent most of my life in England. I am returning to Australia this year with my husband and my son. Thing is, we can't decide between Cairns (Which looks simply stunning and never gets cold) and the Gold Coast (which may have more opportunities and things to do for teens). Any pros and cons on either place please...? :biggrin: Many thanks Chantel
      5. Hi, I am moving from Botany to Roselands next week, although after reading some of these posts it does not seem that far, I am not very familiar with this part of the city. I've never really ventured there (apart from while looking around the area/ at houses) in my time here. Just wondered if anyone lived there and would like to catch up/ show me (and my hubby) around the area! Thanks Karen
      6. Live the Aussie dream close to Bne & Surf beaches- House for sale Beautiful house for sale, can be bought fully furnished as in attached pictures. Stunning views. Just over 1 hour to Gold Coast and 1 hour to Brisbane. Perfect location in resort village overlooking lagoon. Wallabies and parrots around - one acre block with paddock for horse. We will be heading back to the UK for family reasons after 20 years here, beautiful Queensland. :yes:See photos attached http://www.realestate.com.au/propert...lbyn-107581094
      7. Im curious.....:wideeyed: How did you find the area that you wanted to settle in...:unsure:
      8. Plan ahead by moving overseas with the experts! Moving to Australia is not without its ups and downs. To make sure you stay ahead of the game, it pays to be well informed. Everyone wants to start their new life down under with as much money as possible and there are a number of things you can do to ensure you make the most of your funds. Key topics always discussed on the forum include moving your possessions, shipping your car, transferring your money into your new Australian bank account and getting a mortgage, shipping pets and transit insurance. Poms in Oz is hosting our final Live Chat session for 2011 with leading experts in banking, currency exchange, international removals, pet transportation & shipping insurance and these sessions will take place on Wednesday 07th December 2011 from 7pm-9pm (UK Time). National Australia Bank, Moneycorp, PSS International Removals, PetAirUK and Insure Your Move will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about your move. To participate, click on the 'chat' menu option at the top of the page. Clicking on chat will launch the chat software. There will different 'rooms' for each of the different companies. Unregistered guests can participate by following this link - Chat with Industry Experts, then, once the chat software has loaded, tick the 'Guest' option at the top of the chat window, then choose a username and click 'Login' and enter the 'Moneycorp, NAB, PSS, PetAirUK or InsureYourMove' chat rooms. National Australia Bank [img2=right]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/chat-nab.png[/img2] Lynette Masters will talk about the Australian Banking system providing you with some insights as to what is different between the UK and Australia. She will also talk about how straight forward it is to open an Australian Bank account before you leave home and some of the services you should consider. Moneycorp [img2=right]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/chat-moneycorp.png[/img2] Whether you are moving to Australia, or living there already, John Kinghorn will bring you the latest updates on the Aussie dollar and provide insight into the key factors influencing market movements. Exchange rates are constantly fluctuating and transferring your funds at the right time, via the right channel, can make a big difference to the amount of money you actually end up with. PSS International Removals [img2=right]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/chat-pss.png[/img2] One of the key ingredients when you are moving overseas is the planning of your removal. Liam Witham will be on hand to offer advice and answer any questions you may have regarding the packing and shipping of your household effects, including what items you can ship to Australia, Australian Customs procedures and AQIS. PetAir UK [img2=right]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/petair.png[/img2] PetAir UK is a unique pet travel service run by specialised vets for ultimate peace of mind. We will transport your pets safely and comfortably - worldwide. No matter what the journey, we will remove the stress of complicated pet travel arrangements and ensure the best possible service to our clients and their much-loved companions is one of our highest priorities. We operate a 'one of the family' policy, where all animals are treated with the same respect and care as our own pets. We know how much it means to you that your beloved pet arrives safely and by using PetAir UK you can assure yourself you are providing the very best care for your pet. We offer truly comprehensive packages which provide absolute continuity from start to finish. Every client is allocated one of our personal veterinary consultants who will oversee every step of the process. From complex documentation and import permit applications through to last minute flight changes, nothing is a problem for our competent and dedicated team. Insure Your Move (tbc)
      9. Where to live Sydney?

        Hi, I am english living in Auckland and other half is a kiwi currently in the UK. We are planning to set up home in Sydney and will be working in the North Ryde area, if all goes to plan. We would like to find a suburb to live that has a bit of everything, good transport system (train or bus) shops/cafes and ease of getting to a beach. We are currently without kiddies but hopefully they will be along at some point so a goodish school location is a thought too. So, yes, looking for the golden nugget, any suggestions on where to start looking or more importantly places to avoid ? Thanks everyone in advance K
      10. Beautiful house for sale, can be fully furnished as in attached pictures. Stunning views . Just over 1 hour to Gold Coast and 1 hour to Brisbane. Perfect location in resort village overlooking lagoon. Wallabies and parrots around - one acre block with paddock for horse. See photos attached http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-qld-kooralbyn-107581094
      11. Hi, I know this is a bit of a big question but we were wondering how much you need to earn to have a reasonably quality of life in Brisbane? (I know it's probably a difficult question to ask!!). We have 3 children (2,4 and 5 years) and we would probably want to live in a nice area and have a comfortable standard of living, run two cars and be able to afford a few luxuries. We keep hearing lots about how the lost of living is a lot more over there so we're just a bit worried that if we moved over there we'd be worse off financially. My husband would be the only one working. I know it's very tricky to say but does anyone have any ideas how much he would need to be earning in Aus dollars? Many thanks for your help in advance.:biggrin:
      12. And Australia is nowhere to be seen: http://business.blogs.cnn.com/2011/11/29/the-top-city-to-live-in-is/?hpt=hp_c2
      13. As simple as the title says, where do most of the Brits live in Perth? Unlike some on here, we'd like to move to the other side of the world and NOT find we're living in a bigger hotter version of the UK! I know some suburbs have a much higher concentration of Brits than others, so where do most of us live when we get there?
      14. Suburbs in Cairns - Where to live.

        The most difficult thing about moving, whether it's interstate or from overseas is not knowing the suburbs and if they have a good or bad rep. I will try and put together some information about the suburbs around Cairns and will also submit a questionnaire that a family put together about the different burbs and what their thoughts were. This family are currently back in the UK but are hoping to get out once they have a place in Queensland Police. Here is a quick run down of the suburbs. The most desirable area in Cairns is Northern Beaches (everyone wants the beach life) followed by the rainforest life of suburbs like Redlynch and Brinsmead. NORTHERN BEACHES: Palm Cove – A beautiful suburb, with a very tropical feel, white sandy beaches lined with Palm trees. It is very well set up for tourists with seafront hotels, apartments and restaurants along the Esplanade. Beachside is a very busy area, however, if you cross the Captain Cook Highway they have built a gorgeous estate surrounded by the rainforest, if you live high on the estate you will have stunning sea views. Clifton Beach – No Esplanade as such. New small shopping centre out at the main Roadside. No real holiday industry here. Expensive at the water front. Kewarra Beach – More affordable areas. Large development taking place. Not much in the way of facilities but not far to travel to them. Trinity Beach – A mini Palm Cove. Very nice. Trinity Park – No beach. Water inlet. Big money going in here. Want to park your yacht at the bottom of the garden ? Yorkeys Knob – Marina and small beach. In flight path, an older suburb. Holloways Beach - Flight path. There are nicer suburbs Machans Beach - Flight path. Poor reputation. NORTH: Smithfield – This is where the large shopping centre is, you have quite a few industrial units, Bunnings, Fast Food, etc, A very busy suburb, there is a touch of graffiti in the North Point Estate as this backs on to the industrial area, nothing major and nothing compared to suburbs in Melbourne. The nicest estate is Canopys Edge which also has the cable skiing. Gateway to the Tablelands and Kuranda. Caravonica – Some very nice new housing. Can be subject to flooding in wet season Kamerunga – Mainly rainforest type living. Pole homes. Freshwater – Older suburb but very nice and upmarket Stratford – Tipped to become the next Edge Hill. Redlynch – Offers a lot. New suburb spread over several km. Great schools Redlynch Valley - Life in the rainforests, stunning area, swimming in the creek, a few minutes to Crystal Cascades, a very family friendly area. Brinsmead – Old and new. Better stuff tends to be up the hill. Good. Park Ridge – Was part of Whitfield, a new estate which has become it's own suburb. East is virtually millionaire territory. The views are sensational – breathtaking million-dollar panoramas of the city and harbour on one side, and tranquil rural vistas over the valleys and mountains on the other. Whitfield – Older leafy burb. Some good, some bad. Edge Hill – Older leafy burb in excellent location and has a good reputation. Surrounded by the Botanical Gardens and has a lovely shopping complex. Mooroobool – Prime example of where good meets bad. Some very good and some very bad. City Views within Mooroobool is where a lot of big money people live. CITY SUBURBS: Unfortunately, unlike other cities, it is not desirable to live in the inner Cairns suburbs, the properties are old and run down Aeroglen – Close to Freshwater, floods in wet season and next to the airport Bungalow – Old housing meets industrial. Manoora – Probably the worst burb in Cairns. Manunda – Again a suburb to avoid, they always say avoid the 3 M's if moving to Cairns and I have to agree they are definitely right Parramatta Park – Just made the news due to increasing crime rate. Portsmith – Not much housing. Industrial leading to the port. Westcourt – Bordering the main Mulgrave Road. Woree – Same as Westcourt. SOUTHSIDE: Earlville – Older. Better stuff is at the back toward the hills. One of the largest shopping centres with cinemas. Bayview Heights – Where the original money people of Cairns live – or lived ? Better at the back toward the hills. Some lovely areas and some not so nice, choose your area well. White Rock – Not somewhere I would choose to live Forest Gardens - Brand new estate, some gorgeous properties Mount Sheridan – Older leafy burb. Bentley Park – Nicknamed Nappy Valley. Cheaper housing. Lot of development out the back where it is now adjoining Edmonton. Edmonton – High velocity expansion. A lovely suburb, some lovely housing built around the water park. Plans to join it with Gordonvale which is a 10 minute drive to the South Gordonvale – Semi rural. Farming and cane field country. Some run down areas, but lots of developing going on. An area where you can get acreage for a reasonable price.
      15. Hi We have been in Sydney for two weeks and have started the long haul of looking for a place to live. We began to look at Turrmaura and Warree etc but OH's work colleague suggested Drummoyne or Rozelle. We don't have kids so aren't worried about good schools, but do want a house with a yard, easy commute on public transport to CBD as that is where OH works. We have had a look round Drummoyne today and have found some possible houses on Domain which hopefully will be open for viewing next weekend as OH is in Melbourne for most of this week. Any experiences/views would be appreciated.
      16. My family and I have recently moved to Central Coast - and are staying in Terrigal. My OH is a bricklayer and is working in and around Central Coast, my son is 16 and will be starting Terrigal High School in January, but has got himself a summer job in a local fish restaurant, and I have a part time job in a local hotel. Anyone got any tips as to what goes on in and around the area regards to meeting friends and getting to kbow the "neighbours". It would be great to hear from anyone in the same boat, or anyone who has been here a while and can show us the ropes !:unsure:
      17. hi - i've been in australia since 78 and now my daughter has gone back to live in uk - i am thinking i would like to go back when i retire - still a few years away. but I just cant work out all the pension rules, does amyone know if i will be able to get my aust pension if i'm living in uk or can i get a uk pension. help:arghh:
      18. Where to live in Perth???

        Were are currently investigating places to live in Perth and we are hoping the Perth experts out there may be able to help with our rather optimistic wish list! We would be looking for; A family friendly area (I will be 32, my partner is 29 and our boys will be 8 and 6) As close to the beach as possible (making morning / evening visits possible) Close to good schools I will be working in the city and would like the commute to be under an hour (ideally 30/45mins). We like the feel of being out of the city but would like our local facilities to be the city as opposed to a small local town, suburb, etc. We would be looking to rent initially but when we do buy we would hope to have a budget of around $450k. I understand this will be a tall order and that something will have to give but if you could start us off that would be great! Also are the any main differences between the north and south of the river??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      19. Where to live? Advice? Thx

        Hi everyone or should i say g'day. Ive only just discovered this forum so apologies if this topic or something similar has already been posted before Ive recently been offered a job in Brisbane (just waiting for the visa) and am looking to base myself somewhere near a good beach. ie gold coast area. could anyone recommend a good location. ps im single so locations such as facility friendly areas for kids are not require. from online research so far i believe the commute is approx. 1hr from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. could anyone confirm if this is during normal traffic hrs or rush hr? im likely to both drive and use public transport so any advice would be grateful. thanks
      20. Hi Fellow Poms, We are currently living in Melbourne which we love but an opportunity has arisen to move to Sydney, Job would be in North Ryde area so just looking on advise on where u would live?? Budget is reasonable so somewhere nice, suburbs are more us as we like a garden with Having a 3yr old, nice schools in area ect Any info and advise would be great as i have been looking through so many posts my eyes are going square! :-)
      21. where to live in Central QL??

        Hello everbody!! I am Gregoz from Scotland. I have just scored a travelling sales job and my boss, who is based in WA has given me free licence to live anywhere in the Central coast of Queensland eg Mackay, Airlie Beach, Rockhampton etc. I am a country boy at heart but I am 35 years old, single so do not want to be stuck away out in the sticks by myself. I will be travelling internationaly quite often so reasonably close proximity to an airport is a must. Can anyone suggest the best locations to consider setting up home in this region? Thanks in advance, Gregoz
      22. we are hopefully moving to melboure in january. my partner has a job in laverton and we are trying to decide on where to set ourselves up...the children are 4 and 7 so it would ideally be family orientated and not too expensive in terms of rent!! any suggestions? Thanks
      23. For the second year running, Australia has ranked second in the United Nation's 'Human Development Index'. The index measures social and economic development based on several factors: Life expectancy at birth / Health Mean & expected years of schooling / Education Gross national income per capita / Living Standards Australia ranked narrowly behind the 'winner' - Norway, the same 2 countries ranking first and second last year as well. The United Kingdom ranked 28th on the 2011 Human Development Index. http://hdr.undp.org/en/statistics/
      24. My husband is trying to find a mining job and we see a lot going on in Perth but the cost of houses has scared up off. What is the normal cost of living there? can we live on that? If not we would like to look at the greater Gympie area. What do you think?
      25. Does it matter where we live??

        This may seem like a mad question, but does it matter where we live? We have applied for a RSMS subclass 119 visa, the employer is in Canberra, but his offices are registered to Queanbeyan which is just outside the ACT border in NSW. This means we are applying to NSW not Canberra. But Queanbeyan is quite small, and apart from Jerrabomberra a little lower down I can't see where else we could live that is in NSW and a commutable distance to work! There are houses available in Queanbeyan, but we need a 4 bed as we are a family of 7 and they seem to be few and far between. So does it matter what side of the ACT/NSW border we live on?