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Found 288 results

  1. My boyfriend has permanent residency in Australia, I went out there with him for 9 months on a working holiday visa and have recently returned. I want to go back at some point for up to 12 months on the Long Stay Visitor Visa (600£ Will they grant it to me and can I apply for permanent visas once the visitor visa ends? Also are there any other visa that I could do this with?
  2. Dear all After a few sleepless nights and lots of worry I have decided to write a thread and wondered if anyone had any advice. To give you a bit of background, I am here on a student Visa and am on my second year, last year i did an Advanced DIploma in Events Management and this year i have just started a Diploma in Small Business Management. I am in Australia with my partner who is on a Business Owner's Visa (163) which is a temporary visa and she will be applying for PR in a few years. My dilema is that although they have changed the rules for Same sex relationships on new applications for the 163, it does not apply for existing Visa holders, therefore come December when my student visa will be nearly up I am really uncertain as to what I can do? I really do not want to go back to the UK and wait till she gets PR to be added on as that could take years. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do? Before we left the UK, the visa process took a few years as most of you will know, and my visa agent back in the UK throughout the process suggested we just wait and see whether the laws changed and they never did, that is why my only option was to study as I had been out here on a WHV in 2001 so could not have another one. I hope someone can offer me some advice, I am feeling really low and worried at the moment and have no idea what to do :cry: Thanks for reading this thread Nat xx
  3. I am an Australian citizen and my partner is Dutch. We have recently lodged our application for a de facto partner visa in London. Due to a change in circumstance I will be leaving the UK to travel to Melbourne (to start a new job) at the end of May. We have been advised processing times are 3-4 months. Is it possible for my partner to travel to Australia on a tourist visa until the visa is granted? When the visa is granted does he have to return to the UK for the documentation to be completed or would he be able to to this documentation in Auckland? We have been together for just under five years and I have just read that if you lodged an application after the 27th March 2010 that you only need to show that you have been in a relationship for 3 years as opposed to 5 to be granted a perm visa. Does this make a difference in where my partner can be when the visa is granted? Has anyone been in this situation or have any advice on this matter? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  4. Evening all Sorry if this is a qustion that has come up before, but anyone with any knowledge please help us out. We are coming over on a 475 State Sponsor for SA. This is where we would love to be as we have lots of family there. However, my question is this, if my hubby cannot secure work within the first 6 months are we able to try another State? Under ther conditions of the 475 we need to stay for 2 years in the Sponsoring State (this would be great) but how flexible is this? Obviously we would speak to DIAC & the States involved, but is it a hard & fast 2 year rule or is there flexibility do you think? Is any one else been in this situation? Many thanks all
  5. OO are ya

    Stay or go?

    Here are the facts. I am an Aussie who spent 8-10 years in UK back in the 1990's/2k's..met english girl came back to oz with her...went back to UK got married. Came back to Oz with young child (6 months old now 6 years) and now have another who is 3. My family is local to us...and I am not as close to them as my wife is to hers....I do see them and all that but we are just not that close. ....I think it is a girl thing....and the fact I travelled a lot. I enjoyed the UK and the proximity of Europe and would think of nothing better than to take the kids to the Dordogne for a camping holiday....or Tuscany, US, etc. etc. There are not enough things to interest us from here. She misses her family heaps. I have offered to go back to UK for good as much as it would hurt me....I would much rather go through the pain of missing my family than have her go through it. She has told me after being back in OZ for 5 years she still does not feel completely settled! Our situation is this....OK I admit the day to day life here in Oz is better...yes we have a big house etc..... but for a few points. Our jobs require at least 1/2 of our annual leave has to be taken at Christmas....leaving us with not much for the remainder of the year At least 2-3 months of the year it is too hot to do anything (Adelaide) outside, you can't water anything....everything is brown and dies. We do not have anyone to talk to about this. I have blurted out to my mum and dad that we are 'thinking' of going back....and they are not surprised. Consequentially they have given us full support in moving back....as much as they will be gutted they are certainly more receptive compared to my wifes family when we said we were going to Oz. In the current climate Global Financial Crisis etc. jobs are hard to come by in UK but conversely the exchange rate is pretty good at the moment. We are stuck with what to do...the hardest thing about deciding is actually doing. Moving is not the problem...we need to decide and do before our youngest starts school 2011. Sorry to bore you with this but getting this down on here is quite therapeutic as it seems we are not the only ones who are fed up and need some thoughts. At this stage we have put it on the backburner until Christmas....but backburners always simmer...... OO are ya
  6. im a 26yr old from Hong Kong i have got a whv for a year and i will land in perth on the 14 / may , anyone travelling working in perth on their own wanna meet up? i have not yet booked room there, would anyone give me suggestion? I will be reachable on Line: kwlai63
  7. Please help. You are the best people to help me because you know what Australia is like and most of you know what Europe is like. We live in Holland (Dutch husband, 2 young sons both born in Australia but lived most of their live in the Netherlands). In the Netherlands we have a beautiful old farm house with 4000 sqm land. We are 30 minutes drive to Dusseldorf (we are on the German border). The kids (5 and 6 years old) can ride their bikes to school, to football and to tennis. They have many friends. There is no violence anywhere around. The local village (10 minute walk) is cute and quiet. the local town (5 minute drive, 25 minute bike ride) is busy enough with nice restaurants AND (I know you understand this) proper bars where we can go with the whole family. We have heaps of festivals, bonfire nights, beer-vat rolling. you know don't you?. We can ski in Austria every year, we go to Lake Como for Spring holidays, Paris sometimes for lunch. The only negatives are 1) I am not fully "integrated", this is mainly because we are in the clichey South where friendships date back to pre-school; 2) the weather (it's the same as London) and 3) some people will see this as a positive but I think Holland inspires you to be average - competitive is definetly frowned upon. in Australia we have a house in Broadbeach Waters that we bought in February, on the canels, nice house, great pool. Australia wins for 1) the friendliness and 2) the weather - including the outdoor lifestyle. Should we move back? I have been gone 9 years (excluding the time back in Australia to give birth - no home birth for me). I used to live in Balmain, Sydney. Should we move back to our house on the Gold Coast, will I like it? (we have spent a bit of time there on holidays - I love Byron, the Hinterland, Currumbin, but we picked Broadbeach Waters because I really like being able to walk to things) Please help, it's really a hard decision. I think my husband would prefer the Netherlands but he is ok with Australia if that is what I want (he fits in anywhere easily). We are going primarily for me because while I love Holland on one hand I am not fully settled. I am so scared of ruining the great life that the boys have.
  8. :biggrin: Hi Everyone. Am at 1st stage of thinking about a move to Oz. SOOOO much negative stuff on line eg expensive, unwelcoming to Brits eg. What are your thoughts? :chatterbox: We are a couple of 30 year olds with a 10 month baby, thinking about perhaps moving before he starts school (at what age do they go to school?) :goofy: Is the life different? or the same as home just with more sun? :wacko: are flights home expensive?:jimlad:
  9. Hi Guys, Just wondering how long one has to stay in Adelaide if they get accepted on SS? Do I have to commit to x amount of years? Any info much appreciated.:biggrin:
  10. Hi, we'll be in Melbourne during April as part if our reccie trip. Looking to rent a house for the week and just wondering where the best location would be? Mornington area looks good but advice / suggestions would be much appreciated. Also, any sites / agents better than others to use / book through? Many thanks!
  11. chrisandangela

    No further stay condition

    Hi We are in Oz on Subclass 676 Tourist Visas. We are wanting to apply for Sponsorship Visas to continue our stay in Oz after the Tourist Visas expire, but we've heard that the "No further stay" condition in the Tourist Visas means that we cant apply for the new visas unless we have left Oz. Does anyone know if this is true? We can't understand the reason for this if it is true and is there any alternative way to avoid leaving, as we have family connections here and we've made many new friends. Thanks Chris
  12. Hi All We are arriving in Sydney 28th Nov 2011 and we aren't really sure where to stay while we try and find somewhere to rent. i was looking around on stayz, but just wondering if thats our best option. Also, once we have found somewhere we want to rent, how long till we are able to move in. We're not sure how long to book short term accomodation for? thanks
  13. Hi All, Any advice or opinions would be great. I'm a plumber and my wife and I we're originally planning to go to Brisbane on a 175 skilled independent pr visa, but with skills dropping off the modl we didn't want risk waiting for our visa to be processed after almost all the other visas so we decided to speed things up by going state sponsored. Only thing is QLD state are not sponsoring plumbers so we decided to go for perth WA instead. We really would prefer to settle in brisbane and I've seen posts on here saying people just jump state if when they get there. I believe for state sponsorship we'll have a moral obligation to stay in WA for two years which ok, we'd like to honour if WA give us the opportunity to speed our process up, but then if we still wanted to settle in brisbane after that, we'd have to mess around with my trade registration again in QLD. Is anybody on here who has jumped state? (wont tell honest lol) or has anyone tried and been caught out? I'm sure Perth will be great if we stick with it, but why move the other side of the world and still really not be where we want? Any thoughts? Regards Martin
  14. Hi just a quick question we are hoping to move to the sunshine coast next year and I was just on a school website and read the High school starts from year 8. Is this right and does this mean they get an extra year in primary school as my eldest son is now in year 6 here in the U.K. and is getting ready for High school. Thanks Karen x
  15. well.. i have been in my job now for 4 months here in perth and for about the last month.. i have been thinking that.. this firm i am at.. and the role they have given me.. isnt doing it for me.. Its turned into a min of 50hr weeks.. hail mary type projects.. one of which has got me stressed no end.. such that i work at the weekends.. and have done several 3am finishes and even 1 "work through the night" to try and keep it afloat.. at the back of my mind.. when this one goes wrong.. i cant help think that some of the brown stuff is going to stick to me So with that in mind.. this long weekend.. i have seriously been looking to see whats out there in Perth and WA. there are plenty of jobs.. but i hope.. that me only being in my role for possibly 4 months...isnt going to turn people off.. and think i might be a flight risk.. i mean i still in my 6 month probationary.. so both sides can walk away quiet quickly if they decide it isnt working? Just wondering if there is a way of putting it in an interview situation.. that just suggestes that, the company who hired me.. didnt quiet explain all the role to me etc.. without it coming off as a wingeing pom.. and someone who they might worry would do the same to them? But could i last another 8 months or so.. to reach a year.. or some other magical number... nope.. this long weekend.. i have already worked on friday.. and i am here in the office on sunday.. and i suspect i will be here very late.. sort of 11pm sort of style Six It
  16. Guest

    UK stay

    Hi everyone, I'm considering visiting and staying in England for a few months. I would be staying with my family and would have to work while I was over there. I'm English and now 46 and have been living in Oz for 21 years. I am an Australian Citizen. I would love to go back to Britain for maybe a year to spend time with family. Does anyone know if I am able to do this? I have no idea how to go about this. Am I allowed to just come and go from Australia and England as I wish? (I am hoping I can)
  17. Yippee I'm visiting Perth for a few days. Does anyone have an apartment to rent out for a few days, or recommend anywhere to stay in the CBD or Northbridge area? I don't arrive until nearly midnight on Thursday from Sydney so have to be flexible with picking up keys and any other arrangements. Looking at spending upto - maybe $100 a night. Wondering if that is a realistic figure? Hoping for some great ideas, thanking you all in advance. BEGal
  18. Hi, not sure where to post this. We fly out to Australia on the 12th of January and can't seem to find a cheapish place to stay near Heathrow. There are 5 of us and we will have only our luggage including camping mattresses. We need a place from Friday or Saturday the 6/7th of Jan till the 12th. If anybody knows of a B&B, hotel, cottage or whatever that doesn't cost a fortune we will be very glad to hear of it. We will need to take a BIG taxi to the airport so we don't mind the country side as long as not a 100 miles from heathrow. Cheers! Boesman
  19. The Pom Queen

    Granny Basher to stay in Australia

    I am sorry but this really isn't on, if people are here on a visa it should be a case that if they get in to any kind of trouble with the law they should be deported. How the hell can he still pass the character test after beating up an 81 year old woman:mad::arghh: A MAN who bashed and terrorised a grandmother in his taxi will not be deported, authorities have revealed. Cab driver Bhupinder Singh, 24 - who came to Australia on a student visa - was this week handed a nine-month suspended jail sentence for punching 81-year-old Zainab Sarwari several times in the face and tossing her from his cab. Despite Singh's guilty plea to counts of false imprisonment and intentionally causing injury, he still passes the national character test and will not face deportation. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship said it did not comment on individual cases. However, the department's website shows that visa holders must be "sentenced to a term of imprisonment for 12 months or more to be deemed unsuitable and fail the character test". A Victoria Police spokeswoman confirmed authorities had investigated the option of cancelling Singh's visa. "We did contact immigration in relation to this man's visa, but, unfortunately, the circumstances did not fit the requirements for visa cancellation," she said. Crime Victims Support Association president Noel McNamara said it was a disgrace. "The whole thing is a shemozzle and the sentence was disgusting," he said. "Instead of being made an example he got a walk-away sentence for bashing an 81-year-old woman. If anyone is here on a visa and they get into any sort of trouble that involves violence, out you should go." A DIAC spokesman said all visa holders were assessed under the same national character test. "In order to be granted a visa, applicants must satisfy the public interest criteria, which includes a character test," he said. "Visa holders continue to be subject to the character requirements while the visa holder remains in Australia." Singh arrived in Australia on a student visa in 2009 but he dropped out of a hair-dressing course and was driving a taxi at the time of the attack. Lawyers acting on behalf of Singh declined to comment.
  20. Guest

    Long stay visa

    Hi guys been 2 years and have the Aussie bug again. Recap 2 years ago we looked to moving to Australia but the parents visa was going to cost £80.000. My wife is an only child. Have applied for a job in Perth and things are looking good my wife won't leave without her parents. If they go for the Long stay visa 12 months how many times can they extend it. They are selling thier house so will have over 100.000 in the bank. They will not go for the parent visa because of the cost. Anybody have any other ideas this is the best i can come up with at the minute. Really need to go as this country is going to the dogs. Thanks Macas
  21. Hi All, We arrive next week (20/10/11), OH is a nurse and will be working at the Mater hospital Townsville, as for me I am a stay - at - home dad to our son Victor (who is 2) while its great to read about the mums and kiddies clubs/ coffe clubs etc and very encouraging that Townsville offers familes so much, what about us dads (or am i the only one lol) does anyone know of dad and kids clubs or a mummy club that allows the odd honery male member, all help/advice welcome :chatterbox: thanks for taking the time to read, look forward to your imput :notworthy:
  22. Going to land in Brisbane and do the relly tour - fun !! Anyway, got no idea where to stay - we want to chill on our own for a bit - get stuff etc sorted too. Any ideas ?? It has to be as cheap as but not grotty. And with all our bags too - 5 of us - real pain when it comes to 'hotels' as it bumps up the price - i.e two rooms. All ideas welcome - but we won't go for tent till we have our bags sorted - and bought one for that matter !! Are we best to rent a car as soon as we land given that there are 5 of us and heaps of bags??
  23. I've got a question about state sponsored visas (the 176s). If I apply for SS and get it, then apply for a 176 visa and get it - I hear that it's only a "moral" obligation to stay in the sponsoring state for two years. So how does this work? What happens if I get sponsored by WA, but then book a flight directly to NSW if I get a visa?
  24. jgt

    where to stay

    Hi all, been offerd place at baldivis, whats it like, going on a reccie may 2012, any reccomends appreciated, cheers jules
  25. MikeW

    Coast - places to stay

    Hi, been here three months now and looking to go to the coast for the first time. Does anyone have any recommendations for good places to stay? We have two kids (9 and 6). Looking for good camp sites\chalets\b & b\hotel near a beach. Thanks, Mike.