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Found 38 results

  1. just been told that when you transfer your licence across in QLD that you have to take a highway code test is this still the case Cheers Dave, Petra, Quianna,
  2. ruby1

    transfering to aus navy

    Hi in new to poms in oz and tring to find information about transfering to the aus navy. I have sent all my docs off and waiting to hear yes or no is anyone in the same boat or done it it recently would be good to talk to someone with this experiance. cheers:unsure: Stewart
  3. Hi So i am already in Australia - my company sponsored me on a 457 visa and i have been here for 6 months. However things are not working out as i had hoped and I have been offered a new job from another company willing to sponsor me. My new company are saying they cant submit my new visa application until my last day working at my current company - this does not seem correct. I'm really concerned - i have already given in my notice and my last day is the first week of November. If they submit the new visa then - don't I have to leave after 30 days if the new one doesn't come through? Very concerned this will fall through - any advice very very welcome!
  4. Macks in Brissy

    transfering money from oz to uk

    Hi I am arriving in Aus in 4 weeks but my wife a fam are staying in the uk till next may. I will have to send money back to uk to support them, can anyone advise on the best and most cost effective way to do so.any help would be apprieciated. thanks.
  5. tonyman

    transfering medi to disc ...!

    please, how do i transfer video footage from a" memory" card to a disc ...? can i do it on the pc or is it best to take to a shop , if its a shop then which one , BigW done have the technology ....i thank you ..........
  6. Hi, i am planning to emigrate to Australia in the next few months and plan to transfer a large amount of money. Probably about £ 200 000. I have looked on the internet and got some information, mostly about FX brokers. Please may i ask for any advice anyone has about this method of money transfer ? or really any method of money transfer as i am a bit nervous and confused about it all. Thank you so much in advance for reading this and any help you can give me
  7. Guest

    Transfering GBP to AUD

    I need to do one large transfer from GBP to AUD does anyone have any foreign exchange recommendations or tips? Thx
  8. Who did you use when transfering your £ to $? What were your experiences good and bad? How long before the move did you start transfering the money? Looking at giving moneycorp a call but would like the views of people that have used them first.
  9. Hello, Im just wondering if anyone knows how to transfer uk pensions from the uk, to Australia. The thing is I have a couple of pensions That I paid into years ago and I cant remember dates and to be honest the length of time on some of them. Are there any companies that could trace them for me. Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. fluffy

    Transfering money

    Question: I have money in the Uk that I want to transfer it over here, what is the best why to do this, my mum has access to my accounts, ive tried to do an online transfer from uk to Oz but my bank has said I cant do that - I have no idea why but thats now not an option so any help would be great. Thanks
  11. Hi sorry I'm sure the answers are somewhere in this forum but not having much luck finding them. We are hoping to return (ping pong) to Australia, IF and when we sell our house (spent 2009 in Australia). Does anyone know the timescale for bringing money over as with the exchange rate would rather if possible wait to see if it improves. I've heard that you have 6 months (or 1 year?) to bring you money in without tax implications, but does our year in 2009 count as this? Thanks for any help.
  12. Hi, I'm considering transfering to RAN from the RN, I'm a PO that has served 10 years. But I'd like some info on pensions, pay, leave absolutely anything anyone can offer if you think it would be helpful. The RAN website is a little short on info. I am married with a 7 year old so any experiences regarding that aspect would also be appreciated. Cheers.
  13. Guest

    transfering from RN to RAN

    Hi everyone first time on this site. Could anyone advise me on transfering to the RAN from the RN ime currentley serving as a submariner LS WS(SSM) 12 years done. Ant info would be great. Many thanks.:smile:
  14. Hi Got a problem can anyone advise me. I have a Full UK licence with HGV rigid. My permanent residency visa was granted to me on 7th dec 2009 and we plan to migrate to WA on 2nd Aug 2010. I have read that the driving licensing agency in WA gives you 3 months to transfer your uk licence to a WA licence from the date the Residency visa was granted ( dec 2009). If not transfered you retake the driving test. How can you transfer your licence when your not in Australia and wont be initialising your visa for another 6 months? There isnt even a way of doing this online. Can anyone shed some light on this please as I need my licence to gain entry into the Fire service. Thanks MARK
  15. Hi all Myself and my wife are looking into the opportunities that Australia has to offer. I am police officer in the Met police, I have 11 years service, my wife is a secretary, we have no links to Oz. I have had a search on here and read mixed views from officers that have transferred and also mixed stories about postings, required qualifications and the job itself. Also, is it still only WA and SA that will take brit police officers. Do they take into account any rank and specialist skills or do you have to start from scratch? Also, i wondered what the general consensus on the best place to live in Oz is? Thanks Guys Tony
  16. if some one wants to send us some money from the uk to our bank account here who pays for the transfer ? us or the guys sending the money ....and how much does the transfer cost ....thanks guys
  17. Hi all Hope you might be able to help. I am heading over in Feb next year and will obviously need an Australian bank account for salary etc but I want to keep my uk bank account, mainly cause I dont want to have to clear my over draft so I will need to keep transfering money over or they will be chasing me for it back. What I wanted to know was does anyone else have to do this regularly and what the charges are etc from different Australian banks. I do have an HSBC account which means I could open an Australian HSBC account but I dont know what they charge either and I havent been able to find the answer from them!!! Would be greatful for any advice, thanks as ever. Jen x
  18. Guest

    transfering jobs on 457????????

    Hi i realise that you can transfer jobs on a 457 visa and you have to apply again, what i am asking is if i leave my employer then find another sponsor within 28 days what happens then? do you then get a bridging visa until the new visa is issued and am i actually alowed to go and work for the new employer while its going through? Any help\on this would be greatly appreciated Thanks Kev
  19. I am planning on moving to Australia in September next year but have an overdraft here in the UK and am unlikely to have paid it off before i leave (even if i eat beans on toast for the next ten months!!!) does anyone know how and how much it costs to send money back to the uk on a regular basis? Thanks for any advice :biggrin:
  20. Hi, ok, somebody please tell me. why can I not open an aussie bank account then inform Nationwide like I normally do when paying a bill online to pay direct into my aussie account, why do I have to go through another company who takes a cut?:err: Thanks Glynn
  21. joescan

    Transfering my pension query!

    Hi Does anyone know what I need to know what I need to do with regard to transferring my Local Goverment Pension? Thanks Stuart Family
  22. Guest

    Transfering Pensions

    Hi, We have a few pensions which are not worth a huge amount but still worth transfering and we wanted to know what the cheapest way of transfering them was as we have met with an agaecie that seemed quite alot of money for what money we in these pensions to spend. Is it easy to do it yourself? Cheers Angie
  23. Hi there Can anyone help please. We hopefully will be moving to OZ later this year once our house has sold. We are however a little confused. We are getting mixed answers and wondered if anyone can give us a difinitive answer. Once we sell our house we will have a reasonable sum of money to convert to dollars. the exchange rate could make a huge difference as to what we end up finally getting in OZ dollars. How long can we leave our money in the UK before we transfer it over? We are hoping to hold out for a higher exchange rate so as to get more dollars for the pound., but don't want to get stung for any tax etc if we do leave our money here and effectively let it follow us over. Any advice or info would be greatly received thanks, the stanleys
  24. Does anybody know anything about this, eg how it works, how long it takes etc etc, think I may be seroiusly considering changing employers so this is something I need to look into, any advise greatly received, many thanks. xxx
  25. Hi does anyone know the best way to transfer your money from the UK to Aus? We've left it too late to sort out bank accounts as didn't have an address to sort our tax no. out so that is not an option until we arrive. We have a Nationwide account that will work out there but don't want to lose alot of money in charges when it's switched into an ANZ account. I've looked into travellers cheques but find they can be quite annoying. So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Belle