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  1. Hi all Need to find an accountant for our tax return...ideally in the CBD. Would rather go with a recommendation - anyone got one...? Cheers Maddie
  2. cornish78

    Anyone moved from the Devon and Cornwall to Melbourne ?

    Hi Smithie Well, as you can see from my user name...! My partner and I grew up in Cornwall, but have spent the last 7 years in Bristol, but we like to think of ourselves as proper Cornish We love Melbourne - it has a lot of the good parts of Cornwall - the coast, beaches - but loads of better things, better jobs, weather, things to do... So, we love it! Couldn't imagine living anywhere else.... Maddie
  3. cornish78

    moving to melbourne

    Hi all Some of us are meeting at Transport (Federation square) on Tuesday afternoon to watch the racing - why don't you join us? Maddie x
  4. cornish78

    Where to live in Melbourne? Help!

    THANKS ALL! We've had to make a decision now and gone for the Docklands....still not sure it's the right decision, but we've been accepted on a nice property and it's a 15 min direct tram to both of our works so can't be bad... It does seem awfully quiet down there (and maybe a little poncey...?? :-)) , but I agree with you all - trying to make a decision in 5 mins is not an easy task...I'm just thankful to have something sorted At least it's relatively short term and we can then move on somewhere else once we've had time to settle. Thanks for all the comments Maddie x
  5. cornish78

    Where to live in Melbourne? Help!

    Thanks - we asked some people in a bar last night about Docklands and it seems views are mixed...! Thanks for the other suggestions...will check them out
  6. cornish78

    Where to live in Melbourne? Help!

    Hello Well we finally arrived in Melbourne on Wednesday and having real dilemmas about where to live...! We've seen 2 properties we really like - one in the Docklands, one in West Melbourne (near N. Melbourne train station). Docklands is brand new, near bars, but pretty small rooms and seems a bit far out from the city...W Melb is cheaper, more spacious, better outside space but the area seems a bit 'industrial'. Also seeing another house in Collingwood today which also seems nice... Anyone have any thoughts on any of the 3 areas....? Any help much appreciated - need to secure something asap as both start work on the 24th :rolleyes: - we haven't got a clue! Priorities for us are easier access to CBD for work, and places to eat/drink...but that's about it! Maddie x
  7. Me and Ben will be there! Arriving in Melbourne tomorrow so complete newbies! Maddie x
  8. cornish78

    Moving to Victoria 2011?

    Well the day is finally here for us - off to the airport in 2 hours! Landing in Sydney, staying there for a week, then off to Melbourne middle of next week.... Can't believe it's finally here!! Maddie x
  9. cornish78

    Anyone else flying next week...?

    Party went well thanks - I managed to hold off the tears until near the end...! Flying tomorrow and all ready I think
  10. cornish78

    Anyone else flying next week...?

    Ah well good luck all! We have our leaving party tonight which may be hard... Hope you all get through it :-) x
  11. cornish78

    Anyone else flying next week...?

    Well the time has finally come...we're flying next Tuesday evening from Heathrow. Virgin flight to Sydney :biggrin: Spending a week there before then flying down to Melbourne to settle. Both of us now have jobs (YAY!) and start work on the 24th, so hoping we can find somewhere to live in that time...:mad: Big party tomorrow night, let the emotional goodbyes begin... Good luck to anyone else who is making the move soon Maddie x
  12. cornish78

    6 weeks to go and stressed

    I sorted travel insurance through go walkabout (http://www.go-walkabout.com/)- they were the only ones who seemed to do one way cover.... And yes, I reckon vaccum bags are the way forward...!
  13. cornish78

    6 weeks to go and stressed

    Hi all We're flying in just under 4 weeks too so share your pain...!! I have many lists, and have assigned them all to myself (apart from the party playlist!) as I am a control freak :rolleyes: I am very excited though.....! Good luck all x
  14. cornish78

    Looking to make some friends :) Melbourne

    Hi all You may have seen this elsewhere, but there is a new Melbourne Meet ups Group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/191193604281107/ if anyone wants to join
  15. cornish78

    Moving to Victoria 2011?

    Hi Tibby (and others) Hopefully we'll organise some soon once we're all out there :cool: 6 weeks today and I'll be in Oz.....YAY x