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Found 5 results

  1. woodyd

    Sydney Viable?

    Hey Guys, I have been spending my time researching Melbourne and cost of living, salaries etc... But this morning i had a conversation with a company in Sydney who has expressed an interest in me. From the initial research I've done on Sydney it looks lovely although renting a furnished apartment (what i need) seems to be alot more expensive than in Melbourne. I will be a single young lad with no dependants so i have only got to think about myself on this move. (thank god! don't know how you families kept calm enough to make the move!) The job is located in north Sydney "North Sydney 2060 NSW" . I wont be driving while im in Australia, because of the cost of buying a car (abit to long term to start with) So i would be using public transport to get to work and about etc.. I will be looking to live a normal life, nothing extravagant. With the ability to save enough a month so i can return home one a year (hopefully twice in the future) & have some money for socialising and entertainment. Questions: 1) So my question is what do you think my salary needs to be? 2) What an affordable area to live in while still be able to commute to work without a 2 hour a day commute to get to work? 3) What are monthly bills like in Sydney? Rent (dependable i know) Gas , Electric , Internet , Mobile , Transport , TV , Food (single person looking to lose some weight anyway! :jiggy:) etc... I know there is alot there to be answered but after spending so much time looking into Melbourne , the potential job in Sydney has thrown me a curve ball and gotten me confused. Hope you guys can help Thanks, Woody
  2. I have been reading and reading all the posts on here for ages now and have done plenty of research but I think I just need some reassurance from "poms in oz" My husband got an independent skills visa last October (yaaaaay!) and we had planned to have a bit of fact finding holiday this Sept/Oct for 4 weeks as we have to get an immigration stamp within 12 months. Since then there have been rumblings of redundancy at my husbands work and its looking likely that this week he will get made redundant with a payout of around £20k. We have about £10k in savings and no debt apart from the mortgage. We plan to put the majority of our belongings into storage and rent our house out for about £750 per month (- a % of agents fee) and we will also have the mortgage paid by an insurance policy taken out years ago in case my husband was made redundant (we have already checked that they will pay out if we are no longer in the country and if we rent the house and they will) They will stop paying though once he takes a job in Oz. We plan to fly out beginning of May (as we have some family events we want to stay for) and then short term rent (4 wks) in Sydney and then long term rent in a suburb like Mosman, Neutral Bay, Queenscliffe, etc). I hope to get a PA/Office Manager temping job (or even permanent) earning approx. 70K AUD and my husbands job in IT pays approx 120 - 200K AUD. We will need to pay for childcare as we have a 3 year old little boy and will need to buy the majority of household items again. My husband plans to have a couple of months off before finding a job to settle our son in (as they have never had that amount of quality time before). We have budgeted for the following weekly costs Rent 750 AUD Food 200 AUD Travel cards 100 AUD Childcare? Mobile phones? Health insurance? do we need this? Sky TV? General household expenses? Eating out 100AUD Not really sure how much tax to deduct yet, is it about 30%? We might look at moving further out of Sydney maybe more towards the central coast once we have had time to travel around (another cost for a lease car!) I lived and worked in Sydney about 10 years ago so I kind of know what to expect and I am bracing myself for a much higher cost of living. Are there any things that we should take with us from the house, that we are just ridiculously expensive to buy in Oz. Our long term plan would be to stay for at least 4 years and get dual citizenship and then come home or sell our house in the UK and buy in Oz. Feeling a bit nervous with this whole redundancy thing looming over us and telling our friends and parents has been horrible :no: I would be grateful of any advice. :chatterbox:
  3. Priority 4 = try to become Priority 1, with an employer's job offer.
  4. hi, we have been contemplating moving to oz for a few years now, we have been out there to mandurah and gold coast , we love it and want to move so badly but with pathway d gone we are now doing aqf level3 and in the process right now. the thing is with the dollar now $1.95 to the pound and house prices out there hardly gone down much, i feel right now is not a good time and being a businessman there is no way im willing to lose out, for example when i was out there last year i got $2.40 to the pound. I have £100k to take with us and the plan was always to try and get morgage free or very close. This is no longer available in my opinion and a very bad time to go to oz right now if your british as we are not getting value for money. Part of the fantasy about oz for me was to be morgage free, people say money is not everything but i personally like to thing outside the box and no way do i want to grind out working my arse off for ever, work in my opinion is over rated, i used to be a work a holic and it got me no where............i want to work less and start going to the gym and playing gold, tennis more often, to me thats living and this was the fantasy for me to move to oz as i could of been morgage free and obviously work less because of it, now though oz in reality i feel may just be the same as here, a rat race. Is there anywhere else in the world that anyone can suggest right now for emmigrating with a wife and 2 young kids?......................florida and america is value for money right now and houses are so cheap in florida right now and obviuosly will not stay this way for long where as the same cannot be said about oz, if anything they are due for a big correction soon just like here........my father in law lives in thailand and he cannot spend £100 a week out there and has a house for like £18k and its absolutely beautiful, but the downside is of course thailand in reality is no good for a british family or though i have seen many uk families there and their children are in international schools................florida is value for money right now but i think many of the same problems we have here. anyway what does everyone think?, is it time to hold back on oz for a few years? or is there now better options like thailand , florida, france?
  5. Guest

    Is the 457 a viable option

    Hi we are just about to submit our tra but have decided that we would like to sell up and move out to Oz whilst continuing with the 136 visa. My partner is a network manager and is looking at being sponsored for work while our visa comes through. Most agents take between 7 and 12% of your salary but obviously once the visa comes through we will not have to keep paying it. We just feel that we know we want to go and all we are doing is waiting when we could be waiting but having the quality of life we are after. We are also a bit worried that if we wait too long we will lose what little equity we have in our house. Basically I would like to hear from anyone who has been down this route and could let us know any agents they could recommend or how they got on. Cheers