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  1. Mummy Mann

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    Hi, wow yes it feels a lifetime ago. All that stress, it sure was madness! Glad to you hear you have settled well. We moved to the Gold Coast In November 2012 and have been here ever since. No regrets, loving the Aussie way of life
  2. We had been here for a couple of months, I had started work then my husband thought he had best make an effort lol. He applied for two jobs, the next day he had interviews for both and got offered both of them. The employers were not interested in his qualifications as they are not worth the paper they are printed on over here. He accepted one of them and has had no issues at all. He was on a 3 month probation period and as long as you can prove yourself you should not have a problem. I agree with a previous poster, best to wait till you get here. Good luck and don't worry ;0)
  3. Mummy Mann

    Best vitamins to take for adults and kids?

    My son sometimes comes home with food left in his lunch box. When I ask him he says he doesn't have time. Think he's too busy playing though. It does worry me cus he needs to eat to keep his energy up. He's always starving when he gets in from school so at least he eats all his dinner ;0)
  4. Mummy Mann

    Best vitamins to take for adults and kids?

    I get bioglan kids gummies for my son, they are in a bottle, taste nice and have lightning McQueen so they appeal to him. I've just started taking swisse women's ultivite and immune tablets as I've been pretty run down lately just got over a cold now i've got the flu. I Can't comment on how good the swisse ones are as I've only been taking them a couple of days but my son is an active happy little boy with no recent health problems (touch wood). The cheapest place I have found is the chemist warehouse.
  5. Mummy Mann

    South Sunshine or North Gold Coast?

    I'm living in ormeau ;0)
  6. Mummy Mann

    South Sunshine or North Gold Coast?

    We live in the north Gold Coast. Beautiful place and plenty to do with the little ones, beach, theme parks, scenic area. As a previous poster said the commute to brisbane can be a killer. I work in south brisbane and it can take me anywhere between 30 mins to an hour, depending on the traffic and the time of day.
  7. Mummy Mann

    Getting Elvis To Sydney.

    I'm sure if you speak to petair they will advise you about this. I know you have the silver service but I'm sure they will still advise you on what you need to do and when. Good luck ;0)
  8. Mummy Mann

    Trouble finding perm nursing contract...

    Not too good here in Queensland either for nursing jobs :0(
  9. Mummy Mann

    Pet Beds & Blankets in Quarantine

    I put one of their own blankets in each crate so they had a familiar smell. The shippers do put special bedding in which is warm, comfortable and absorbable
  10. My hubby is a mechanic and found a job no problem, his employer wasn't interested in his uk qualifications. I suppose it depends on the trade. From what I've found a lot of employers are just interested in if you can do the job. Usually you get a probationary period to prove yourself.
  11. Mummy Mann

    The Humidity :(

    I struggled at first when we arrived but not so much now. Only the odd day when I've got a bit moist :0)
  12. Mummy Mann

    Relationships ... Does age difference really matter

    My mum was 17 when she met my dad. He is 25 years older than her. They have been married for 36 years. The only problem was my mum couldn't accept his life before her, so unfortunately they don't have anything to do with my half brother who is the same age as my mum. I didn't know about him until I was 21.
  13. Mummy Mann

    What do you miss about the uk?

    I agree. Nothing better than a ding dinner after a late shift. Icelands 5 for £4
  14. Mummy Mann

    What do you miss about the uk?

    A good old English fry up. Miss my old local cafe :0( oh and family of course!
  15. Mummy Mann

    What items to bring??

    Bring everything ;0) It's so expensive to set yourself up when you first arrive otherwise.