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    The Football Thread

    I think now man utd have van persie - he will be the difference! Man City havent splashed cash like they normally do 1) Man Utd 2) Man CIty 3) Arsenal 4) Chelsea Also a plug for my new website selling genuine soccer shirts as they are way too expensive here http://soccerkit.com.au Thanks Bryan
  2. Hi Having been in a pom in oz now for about 18 months I found it really hard to find football shirts over here. Rebel tried ripping me off for $125 dollars for last seasons kit, so i imported a few as i didnt want to keep being ripped off. I started a site selling the shirts online here, and its much cheaper than anything i have seen in oz - http://soccerkit.com.au Hope this helps everyone (well everyone who likes football "soccer") bdobson
  3. bdobson

    Online shopping in Australia

    I have found it hard to find a good sport shop online and i was tired of getting ripped off by rebel. Used http://soccershirts.mybigcommerce.com/ they were ok - cheap and were quick.
  4. Hi So i am already in Australia - my company sponsored me on a 457 visa and i have been here for 6 months. However things are not working out as i had hoped and I have been offered a new job from another company willing to sponsor me. My new company are saying they cant submit my new visa application until my last day working at my current company - this does not seem correct. I'm really concerned - i have already given in my notice and my last day is the first week of November. If they submit the new visa then - don't I have to leave after 30 days if the new one doesn't come through? Very concerned this will fall through - any advice very very welcome!
  5. bdobson

    457 processing times

    Sydney - i work in marketing and technology. You? Do we need a insert into our passport - or can we just turn up now?
  6. bdobson

    457 processing times

    WOOOHOOOOOO Get in - good luck to everyone After checking it everday for the past month - so glad it is here. Saddington42 - i booked flights for 2 weeks ago - so had to use them as holiday then go back to work. However now i will book my ticket for real! GET IN!
  7. bdobson

    457 processing times

    I think mine has been approved - just did my hourly check and it now says: 24/02/2011 Application received - processing commenced 24/02/2011 Application fee received 18/03/2011 Applicant Approved I think this means mine has been approved - can anyone confirm - i cant even concentrate... im freaking out! What are the next steps?
  8. bdobson

    Is Oz much more expensive than the UK

    Just going to add my 2 cents here - i am currently waiting for my 457 visa so have been thinking about this alot. So last week i went on vacation to Oz - and was shocked by how much everything costs. But thats because i was paying in GBp and the exchange rate is so good / bad at the moment. So when you earn AUD it works out very similar price - what most people do (and i include myself in this) is they only convert the cost of an item into GBP and not also there salary. e.g - loaf of bread costs 3.00 AUD - which is about 2 quid (which seems expensive). But if you convert the goods cost to GBp you must also convert your salary so its like for like. So where as i used to get 30K GBP per year and bread was 1.50 GBP in england. In oz i get paid 50k GBP (because of exchange rate) and bread is 2.00 - so levels it out.
  9. bdobson

    Super Annuation - after i leave Oz?

    I will be working on a 457 visa - and plan to be in OZ for 3 years
  10. Hi I am currently waiting ot move to Oz to start a new job - and the company is paying 9% super annuation. I plan to be in oz for 3 - 4 years and want to know what happens to this when i leave? Am i able to transfer it back to the UK? Either to my existing pension or as savings? Thanks for your help
  11. bdobson

    457 processing times

    How do i find which centre my application went toi? I am moving to sydney and the company is based sydney so i would guess that one. Is it wrong that i check the status about 4 times a day? The waiting is killing me!
  12. bdobson

    457 processing times

    Mine doesnt seem to have moved at all: 24/02/2011 Application received - processing commenced 24/02/2011 Application fee received That is all :arghh:
  13. Im currently waiting on my 457 - due to company chaning hands i had to start the visa process from scratch again. If that isnt bad enough my old work asked me to go to singapore to help here until my new visa comes through. What was meant to be a 2 week excursion to singapore has turned into a 2 month because i am still waiting.
  14. bdobson

    Customs problems with digital media?

    I do alot of travelling for work - and i have a hard drive with me at all times in the past 6 years that has the exact same thing. My lifes collection of cds, dvds, films backed up onto hard drive. At no point has anyone even noticed the hard drive let alone asked whats on it. If you are concerned then stick it on your laptop or hardrive and take that. I have never heard of anyone being stopped and their digital media being inspected - and if it were to ever happen they would only be interested in checking you were not importing anything dodgy like adult movies or worse.
  15. bdobson

    Employer Sponsorship questions to ask??

    Im not an expert on this subject - but what I can say is i put my cv out there and got some interest - but when i said i was in the UK and wanted to move to Oz alot of them lost interest. The recruiters I spoke to said that they didnt like phone interviews, extra hassle with visa etc but if i was there and available for interview I would get more interest. I guess alot of it depends on what you do