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    Brisbane / Gold Coast / suggestions please

    I am on the bayside we are about 30 - 40 mins from the airport good rail links but takes about hr on train into city we have a dog and take her to the dog beach at raby bay which is the next suburb from where I live. wellington point has a beach but not a particular one for dogs but great to have a bbq and walk the dog to kings island when low tide. I am not really up with the schools but have many friends who have children at Ormiston,sheldon Redlands college all private and others at Cleveland Manly SS (public ther is a group poms on the bay which you may want to join a mind of information. happy to show you around.The Gold coast is 45 mins from me south bound good train links to the city and airport with the express look at Translink.com.au to gage times of trains from areas I have heard Currumbin Varsity lakes coomera pac pines helenvale are all easy to train stations ther is also a smaller airport at cooloongatta. good luck with your quest and new adventures
  2. Hi Just wondered if anyone could help /advise My niece is a student nurse in the Uk and would like to undertake an elective placement in Australia preferably Brisbane area but open to suggestions. Can anyone recommend a hospital that take overseas students she has insurance as well through Royal College Nursing . Areas of nursing Emergency,Intensive Care medical/surgical paediatrics Rural. Thank you in advance
  3. Try and get some farm work asap see if your family know anyone that does farming once you have one your 90 days visa comes through quite quick well my sons came through in 24 good luck
  4. nurse sue

    Views on Shailer Park

    Shailer park has good and bad points we lived near shailer and was looking to buy but ended up being pulled towards the bay,daisy hill is nice it really depends if you need to be there for work or just like have friends who have children at local schools Chisholm, calvery ( Not doing so well recently) john paul if child is very academic radeemer these are private. the local schools are hit and miss. goodluck a big decision x
  5. is there anyway your company will sponsor you for PR. then after a year you can apply for permanent residence then citizenship look on the immigration website at citizenship wizard to see when you would be eligible. I came on a 457 and it can be a tough ride but if work not an option for flying can you not apply for independent Pr on your skills whilst in Australia our friends did this and just went on a holiday to new Zealand whilst it was granted. good luck
  6. nurse sue

    Getting a rental during summer

    I agree with the above start looking on realestate.com.au ask your friends to make contact with rental agency if they rent through an agent may be advantageous . make sure you bring a letter from bank to say that you are good customer or a reference from land lord if rent get a character reference may be by offering several weeks rent up front inc bond may help what area you hoping to settle. homes with pools go quicker.
  7. nurse sue

    2nd WHV processing time issue

    My son has just got his 2nd whv granted we filled on line application in and immigration confirmed with farmer that he had done work via a phone call granted within 24 hrs what extra info did you need to send
  8. nurse sue

    Car to sell

    you haven't said where you are located
  9. our friend used freedom all was going along lovely until they had an accident due to an uneven finish around pool have taken them ages to get it sorted. they love the pool so check after market service as well
  10. nurse sue

    Citizenship Timeline for Years 2013/2014

    Citizenships applications and ceremonies can vary state to state and council to council. Applying as a single person is quicker than if you have a family especially if you have children in the AGE BRACKET 16-18 My daughter had to have an interview it was worse than just sitting the test at least when you sit the test you have 4 choices of answers where as at interview you have no help. we applied in June 2012 time we all done test and daughter interview which unfortunately was not on same day but some 4 weeks later we were notified in the August that we had been successful our citizenship ceremony was Australia Day 2013. We have had friends who needed to do there citizenship as needed to get passports for up coming holiday and they were allowed to have this in the office at immigration in Brisbane and it was just there family there. We were in the south of Brisbane. Many places do not have ceremonies in December due to the big Australia Day one in January
  11. nurse sue

    Fiddly 457 visa application questions... help needed!

    When I came to Australia 6 years ago on a 457 visa it was valid for 4 years as long as I stayed with that company. If you leave that employer you have 28 days to obtain a new 457 visa. The visa is valid from the date it is granted. My visa was granted quite quickly. Good Luck
  12. nurse sue

    What have we done!

    Good luck in your new adventure you will have those OMG moments but remember life is really to short so Enjoy its all part of the learning process. We moved over 6 years ago temp residents at first and now citizens with the exchange rate its been up and down ever since we moved here. where are you going to be located? Give me a message if you need any help advise. Remember take every day as it comes xx
  13. nurse sue

    Making new friends in Brisbane

    We are in the same age bracket Soapyjo Always happy for meet up we have 3 grown up children they think they are adults :biglaugh: only draw back is I am a Nurse and shift work sometimes gets in the way of socialising. Just send a message if want to meet up x For those on a reccie happy to catch up for coffee /beer BBQ or have any questions don't hesitate to shout x
  14. nurse sue

    Moving to Redlands Bay 22 July

    I will try and inbox you with my contact details x sorry have been away and night duty
  15. nurse sue

    Moving to Redlands Bay 22 July

    Good luck with your Move I live on the bayside and its beautiful My children are older but happy to catch up for coffee and help if needed x
  16. nurse sue

    Sugaring !!!!!!!

    can any one tell me if there is any beauty salons in Brisbane or surrounding areas that undertakes sugaring (similiar to waxing less painful:shocked:) Thank you :jiggy:
  17. I dont live far from you but are older, Happy to Baby sit so you and hubby can have time out ,references are available or meet for coffee just pm me.
  18. nurse sue

    Australia day

    Hopefully seeing the inside of my eye lids as am on the 12 hr night shift O the joys of shift work
  19. Hello and welcome to Brisbane . i am sure you will have a fab time there is a group on Facebook called The brisbannittes that have monthly get togethers usually at a park or beach as child friendly. many people have gone on to forge great friendships. The next meet up is at wynnum wadding pool this is along the esplanade and is beautiful. 21st January from 11.
  20. nurse sue

    Car Wanted near Brisbane

    I am looking for a car for my daughter who is 17 to learn to drive in:chatterbox: . I would let her use mine but she has decided to learn in a manual. i just need a small car to help her get her hours up as driving lessons with instructor are quite expensive. So if you have a car for sale or know of any one selling a little runaround Please can you let me know. Thank you in advance :hug:
  21. nurse sue

    Suspected Chest X ray

    I had a problem with my chest xray thought i had been in contact with TB dispite all my heaf tests (TB test) always being negative it transpired was somthing I probably had since birth i found it quite amusing that it had never been picked up on previous medicals both for employment and coming to Australia. You may need to chase the specialist that you saw to send report to immigration also check regularly with immigrtaion that this issue with yr chest xray has now been completed as this will delay yr visa being granted. Good luck
  22. Hello and welcome, the Gap is just beautiful we stayed there when we did a house swap. I live south side but am more than happy to catch up its good to get out I have 3 children 23,20.17 eldest 2 boys and my daughter who is also waiting on uni in feb. give us a shout if need anything :cool:
  23. welcome guys hope you are finding your way around ok . I have older children but have friends with different age children . Happy for you to ask questions etc if I dont know the answer will do my best to find it . please shout if can help
  24. nurse sue

    Tanah Merah

    Hi did you do your reccie to brisbane. As George D stated it can take about hr to get to the CBD shailer park/cornubia have good schools. Have you looked at mount cotton or tha bayside. we live in slacks creek takes approx 40 mins to get to the beach on gold coast. The bayside has some small beaches but not big surf beaches. good luck in your decisions
  25. nurse sue

    short lets in brisbane

    do the mater offer to pay back short term rental in your relocation package as may be good stay somewhere for a couple of weeks to find your feet and able to view yr longer term let in person. also have you looked on holiswap.com and homeexchange.com dont neceessarily need to swap homes some people let the house as well just another option I live southside so if you need me to go check anything out at holiday village please shout good luck in yr quest