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Found 19 results

  1. yilmazve

    Request for Another chest x-ray

    Hi All, I applied for my 573 student visa on 11.05.2012 and have under gone medical check on 26th of May. On 30th of May the hospital called me again for another chest x-ray. Today it has been a week and since then. Today the officer from the colsulate told us that they are still waiting for the result of my medicals from Canberra! I am really frustrated and worried because we already sold our house and I and my husband resigned from our jobs. I am 32 years old and I didn't have any kind of problem with my lungs. The doctor just said your veins are large/wide and distinctive. I am freaking out that they decline my visa. If anyone knows about how long this process takes or what happens if they don't like the look of x-ray, please inform me. I am indigent to any kind of information...
  2. Guest

    Chest x ray

    Hi All. Kindly help me if someone knows about. on 14th of Nov was my medical examination. In chest x ray they suspect that i might have TB due to scars on my chest x ray. which i have never had not at present nor in past. I was referred to specialist which gave me ok report and the HRCT ct scane report was normal too. Now kindly some one tell me that will i be granted a student visa or not. I am quiet worried. I am from Pakistan and visa application is papper based thats why cant access results electronically. I have applied for 576 AusAID student visa. Regards Rahman Zia
  3. Guest

    Suspected Chest X ray

    Hi All. Kindly help me if someone knows about. on 14th of Nov was my medical examination. In chest x ray they suspect that i might have TB due to scars on my chest x ray. which i have never had not at present nor in past. I was referred to specialist which gave me ok report and the HRCT ct scane report was normal too. Now kindly some one tell me that will i be granted a student visa or not. I am quiet worried. I am from Pakistan and visa application is papper based thats why cant access results electronically. Regards Rahman Zia
  4. Cal2

    Uni Lecturer & chest xray

    I believe that if you work in school, hospitals etc, you need at least a chest xray, if not a full medical, does this apply to a university lecturer as well? thanks Cal
  5. Guest

    Medicals - Chest X-Ray results

    Hello all, Just wondering how common chest x-ray "abnormalities" are? We had our medicals a fortnight ago, all fine and "graded A" except for my chest x-ray. Apparently there is a small irregular calcified area showing on one of my lungs :eek:. I'm mid 30's, fit & healthy (or so I thought!), hardly ever ill and to my knowledge have never had TB or Pneumonia. Is a finding like this pretty common? I appreciate why it's being queried, but I've been stressing quite a bit over the last 2 days that it's something awful and i'm doomed! :wacko: Am off to see my GP later today, fingers crossed it's nothing serious. Has anyone else recently had this? Appreciate any comments/feedback/reassurance!:unsure:
  6. Guest

    Chest X-ray for 11/12 year olds

    hi, when we started this process one of our son's was 10 therefore no chest x-ray needed. We finally did our medicals last week and were expecting to have to get a chest x-ray done for him as he is now 12. However, the doctor would not do it as he had had an email from DIAC from 14th Feb saying that if a child was under 11 at the initial application date then no chest x-ray is required even if they are now over 11 when asked for medicals. The doctor showed us the email from someone high up at DIAC which said they would be sending guidance to all CO's shortly. It seems our CO hasn't had this guidance because today we logged in to check our application and it says further medical requested for our son - aagh!:arghh: Has anyone else come across this?
  7. I'm in the process of doing my visa application forms. Absolute Immigration are doing the visa for me, and the contact there told me that I'd need to book a chest x-ray, which I have done so for later today. He attached forms 26 and 160 to the email he sent me, but from the content of the email I assume that I don't need to have a full medical. So do I need to fill out form 26 at all, and if so do I need to take it to the radiologist with me as well as form 160?
  8. does anyone know how the shipping companys work? do they go on size of a crate / t chest or is it purely on weight or both? thanks in advance
  9. I hope that I can express my feelings without casing upset...I just need to get it off my chest !! What the hell have we done? We have been here around 20 months now and what a mistake!!! We arrived as a family in July 2008. Within a few months, our 18 year old Son went home to go to Uni as he didn't qualify for Fee Help (Student Finance) in Australia as we are only PR and not Citizens. I have seen him once since then!! We then bought a half share in a business that has proven to be less than profitable and yet we have invested most of our life savings into it, therefore we have a hefty Mortgage on our home. We only had 11 years left on our Mortgage in the UK. Now we have 29 years and far less surplus income at the end of each month. Due to business performance, the business is worth less than we paid for it 18 months ago...and thats if we could sell it anyway. Who wants to buy half a business???? Now, having bought our house a year or so ago, we have neighbours from hell moved in on both sides as they are both rented out (i know I sound like a snob, but I don't mean too!!!) I don't think that we could make anymore mistakes if we tried!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, thats better. Thanks for listening Mart :arghh:
  10. Hi there, My partner and i are going applying for for a de facto visa and are wondering if anyone can give us more info about the process of obtaining a medical and chest x-ray. I see that you have to have the examination by a doctor recommended by the panel. Does this mean you have to get your medical in London close to the embassy. I will be in Cornwall whilst in the UK, so i am wondering if i will be able to get the medical there or will i have to travel somewhere?? Thank you for your help x
  11. Hi there Just a quick question and to confirm...when one is requested by the CO to do the medical tests, one would: 1. Print forms Form 160EH - Radiologist report on chest x-ray 2. Print forms 26EH - Medical Examination for an Australian visa 3. Do the appointments with the medical examiner and radiologist 4. Do the examination/x-rays and the medical examiner posts everything to Sydney QUESTION: Do you have/need to upload anything in the online application document check list??? Thanks!!! B1k3R
  12. Hi everyone, I apologise in advance for this rant but I need to get it off my chest....I AM SO FED UP WITH THE VICTORIA REG BOARD!! I sent my application to register with Victoria on the 19th of June, they took the payment within DAYS of receiving it and since then I've had to continously chase them for an update and I'm getting nowhere!! Bear in mind this application was only supposed to take 8 weeks max, I've been waiting for 3 months!!! It was'nt an incomplete application they've just clarified a couple of things in the paperwork so I don't understand the delay???Its a horrible feeling just waiting around in limbo when we are doing all we can to get sorted ready for the move, and now its looking like we might not even be going!!:sad: I just finished uni in July after 6 YEARS of being constantly stressed and skint, I managed to secure a job in Melbourne with a 457 on the basis that I register with the state and it's looking like they won't register me!! I keep checking the website to see if my name appears on the new registrants list and the longer it doesnt appear, the more I think they've rejected me and I just want to cry............me and my boyfriend are both currently in jobs we dont enjoy (just working to bring in the cash for the move) we are saving EVERYTHING we possibly can hoping we can leave soon and it's looking like its not going to happen.......We're talking about coming up with a plan B (moving somewhere else in the UK) which is too depressing!!! I don't even want to think about not going after everything we've done so far but if they won't register me my job offer will be withdrawn. :eek: I'm usually a positive person but I've lost all hope and feel as though its not going to happen.......I just don't know what to do anymore! Has anyone else ever felt like this? What should we do? At least now I feel a little better for ranting and thank you for reading this post....sorry again!! thanks a million, Jade.xxxxx
  13. Guest

    Worried about my chest xray!

    Hi there, i am wondering if anyone could help me, i am really worried about my chest xray. We (me, my husband, and two children) went for our medicals yesterday. I thought it would of been my husbnand who would of been the main cause for worry with regards to passing our medicals, but how wrong was i. I am healthy and have got no health concerns, or well so i thought. I went in to see the doctor after having my medical, who asked me if the radiologist had mentioned anything about my xray. I said no, and asked what was worng with it. He told me that it showed hazy opacification, on the left lung base, and asked me if i had recently had a chest infection, and was i coughing up green plegm. I amswered no to both, as i never ever have chest infections, or coughing. He listened to my chest and then told me it sounded clear and that there was probably nothing to worry about, but that i had to go to my gp and have a repeat xray done in 4 weeks time. The problem with all this is that all my evidence required for the visa has to be sent in by the 14th August. If i go for repeat xray on the 31st of july, and they will not hurry it up because i am am not symptomatic, and they told me it can take between 5 days and 14 days, so that would be past the 14th august. Please can anyone give me any advice on what to do?
  14. arlene

    abnormal chest x ray!

    Hi I wondered if anyone else have been in this situation. My husbands chest x ray shows mild scarring and he now needs further investigation for TB. He is not ill at all and I am waiting for the GP to phone us back. He will need to provide 3 sputum samples and may need to see a chest specialist. I am not sure if this will ruin our plans to return to Perth. Our house is not sold yet so we are not in a big rush!! Thanks Arlene
  15. Guest

    chest x-ray question

    Hi I have been asked to go for my medical and its all booked in for 21st July. The doctor i spoke to said I had to book a chest x-ray. But the form seems to suggest that only health care professionals need a chest x-ray ? is this right or am I totally misunderstanding the form Thanks to anyone who can help helen
  16. We are taking very little with us to Oz, no furniture at all. However i would like to take some personal bits, probably a tea chest full, but have no clue about how to arrange it. Do I need to contact a shipping company or is there a better way? We are planning to go in September and won't be in a rush for the stuff.
  17. Hi all - anxious here I'm going through the process of a 457 visa. The x-ray hospital would not tell me the results of our xrays, only to say "Nothing major wrong" Has anyone else had that? I also had a receipt that said xray A (£x) and xray B (£y) (both different prices!!). The paranoid element of me has read into this meaning one result is A and one B. What does having a B mean - refusal? Don't know what to think:wacko: Jonny
  18. minlady

    Just getting it off my Chest

    I am so frustrated.... i don't know whether to scream or cry:arghh: Some of you are aware of our battle to get hold of qatari Police 'Certificates of good conduct' as my OH and i lived and worked there in 1999/2001.... To prove we are attempting to get them we have to document all our dealings.... so this week i tried a different tactic and phoned the Bristish embassy in qatar to see if they could help.... the email they returned was: Further to our recent telephone conversation regarding obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate from Qatar. I am sorry (but not surprised) that you have encountered great difficulty in obtaining this document, it is difficult enough to obtain even when you are actually in the country. I have found another telephone number for the CEID Fingerprinting Department (I believe this is actually where the certificates are generated) +**************. I hope you get the necessary documents soon and wish you good luck in Australia (when you eventually get there). Kind regards On the phone she actually said to me that they suggest that the checks are got before you leave the country... fat lot of good that is to us now!!! Anyway we phoned the number all yesterday morning and eventually i got through only to be told to 'go away' - so Neil tried and got through and was told all sorts of rubbish which didn't help at all and was then given another number to try today.... He tried that number and guess what it was a personal home number of someone trying to 'better their English' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheeky *****!!!!**** ARHHHHH It's laughable but bl**dy annoying as well........ oh will we ever get them???!!!!!!!:arghh: min x:wubclub:
  19. Guest

    Chest x-rays

    Hi folks, Just wondering if anyone know where to get the chest x-rays done in south wales. THANKS FOR NOW FANCYFELLA AND THE TRIBE :lol: P.S. YOULL NEVER WALK ALONE :twisted: