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  1. Bricklayer Shortage in Perth

    Shortage of bricklayers here in Brisbane. There are some have a go bricklayers with anybody any good taken by the large companies.
  2. You need to align your skills/qualifications, experience and demand for your profession in Australia. Obviously age etc come into play. Best of luck with your application however prepare for a few ups and downs on the way. What would help is to post how you reached your 75 points. Requirements have been as low as 60 previously however I needed 85 points to get noticed a number of years ago! S
  3. Expression of Interest

    I applied under the first month of the existing system a few years ago, I needed 85 points to get noticed and was accepted in the second month.
  4. post your pet pics here

    Our aggressive adopted Bengal Cat has its own Instagram account. http://alreadyshared.com/User/brisbanebengal/2541258255/
  5. Brisbane - Exciting Developments Planned

    There are 4 towers which have approval to maximum height including the Gold Tower which you have not mentioned. They are thinking of reviewing the maximum tower height which is controlled by the airport. The airport extension is the most important for the city and includes the freeway extension too. There is also the extension of the Gateway merge and river mooring extensions too. Brisbane chose us however im very glad to be here and we have seen a huge amount of new building work in our 4 years. We are in Bowen Hills so are nearly completely built in with new development besides the Homemaker approved and the old Courier Mail site being developed to include 4 towers, offices and media hub for Fox. Obviously Gas Works has exploded! Exciting times
  6. What's Brisbane really like?

    People do your research and decide a suburb for yourselves. We are in Bowen Hills so very central and little ve the convenience, facilities and fact we go against the traffic. I walk to work and my wife has 4 train stops, home by 6 and evening to ourselves. The Bruce, Pacific and Western Freeways are awful and avoid including them in your commute. The bayside is a long way out served by a poor road so you won't visit the city socially that often. It all depends on your priorities as to where you end up living. Regarding weather, Brisbane is great, summer is warm with over night temps staying quite high. Winter is less warm and cold overnight. Most properties are equipped to deal with the heat well, cold less well.
  7. Complete your degree in UK, DO NOT move over prior to completing it otherwise you will never complete it. The jobs market here is about who you know not what you know. I am chartered and it counts for very little despite being very highly regarded in U.K. Engineering here is a small field and generally employers want hands on. I secured work whilst in London on very good terms in Brisbane. It lasted for 6 months before leaving for another position where I still work. Work attitudes are very different however the better lifestyle compensates. Best of luck however do not be over confident as you will get a few knocks on the way.
  8. Long term car rental in Brisbane

    There are loads of rental companies here, look at those away from the airport. They are unlikely to rent for 4 months as they want to service, maintain their car etc every 5-10k. If they do agree to a lng term rent then they may want car swaps mid way through. We rented for 1 week then bought a car which I sold 6 months later $1k less than what I bought it for.
  9. Help needed on Brisbane suburbs...

    The rental budget is realistic for 3 beds and quite central. We rented our home for a while and achieved more than that for 3 beds 3 bath etc. Central locations are more expensive as are those near railway stations. best of luck with your search.
  10. Help needed on Brisbane suburbs...

    There is a huge problem between North & South sides. Historically Brisbane is a city of 2 halves, speak to locals or long term residents.
  11. Advice on where to live in Queensland!

    North of the river........where the sun always shines
  12. Help needed on Brisbane suburbs...

    Problem there is they are all South Side! The author of the post post needs to establish a budget, Bulimba like Ascot Hamilton etc are out of the reach of many. We bought in Bowen Hills, nice and central, booming area and house that suits our needs. We had a firm budget and we both walk to work which improves our quality of life and amount of spare time significantly.
  13. Toowoomba

    Too cold. Went to Toowoomba a couple of years ago with work ( yes I have been many times since) and there was a frost on the ground! We love Brisbane, a bit more going on and the weather is 90% perfect. Toowoomba does have some amazing spots with great views however most of the lots have been snapped up or established houses sold with big price tags.
  14. Where to go for anniversary meal in Brisbane

    What are you after. Steak, go to Breakfast Creek Hotel. Views, go to Mount Cootha Summit Restaurant, sort of French style but killer views. Dont like the boat cruise personally. Eagle Street Chinese is very nice but must book. Somethng a little different, take the ferry from South Bank and go to Eat Street, casual street food, live entertainment etc and $2 to get in. Stop off at a few bars in Bullimba, New Farm Power House etc on the way. Enjoy.
  15. What's your dream house

    Housing standards and construction methods are very poor here generally. So many contemporary materials are used which are going wrong very quickly. Foundations are poor and do not forget in areas where termites are an issue, buildings are designed for a 50 year lifespan only. After 50 years termite protection becomes expensive and active/chemical. Yes I work rectifying building issues here. UK standards are also poor......just different poor!