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  1. srg73


    Typical modern suburb, houses can be nice and don't know about the school. 1 Negative is it sits between GC and Brisi meaning you will have traffic in the morning either way.
  2. srg73

    Where to live in Queensland nr Brisbane

    You mention flooding twice in your enquiry, Brisbane has not flooded sine 2011 and then it was a freak of 2 events. One of the first suburbs to flood is Bulimba which is the most expensive suburbs in Brisbane. More importantly look at the immediate neighbourhood and avoid creeks. Research transport links as Brisbane is becoming more busy on the road. Some of the neighbourhoods you mention are quite expensive such as Hendra as it has good transport links, is near the 2 racecourses and has more traditional queenslander style properties. If commuting into the city your will use train or bus unless you are provided a work car park space as car parks are eye-wateringly expensive. Many areas within the city are quiet during the weekend as the city is generally for the working week. We are quite central (bowen hills) and love the convenience, walking to work etc, have bought our house and love not having a huge garden (got a small back garden/yard) as maintaining it during summer would be a pain. Brisbane is full of cycle paths, beaches are best at sunny coast or goldie so both about 1 hour away and bush walks are close by in most directions. Redhill and Enoggera are fine, Redhill is more expensive however they both are hilly and densely packed in with old queenslander workers cottages, some are nice but not for me. Cleveland is a long way out, on a map its not too bad but the roads into the city are very busy and its a long train ride >1hr
  3. We have 3 bengals here in Brisbane. Couple of points... There is also a legal requirement in UK that bengals must be F5. We know somebody with an F1 as a pet and they are required to have a kill plan by UK law. One of our boys is a marble Bengal and unknown past other than bred in Toowoomba and ended up in rescue. We believe he maybe F5 but maybe not? We have a show winning male snow Bengal who is definitely F5 and a very pretty female traditional rosette F5 Bengal. A mad household and all rescue. Always declare your cats as house cats and ensure they remain house cats....please.
  4. srg73

    Pharmacy Tech ANZSCO 311215

    There is no such thing as a pharmacy technician here in Aus, jumps from low paying assistant to low paying pharmacist. You will need formal qualifications.
  5. srg73

    Working as a bricklayer

    have a look at the built environment of each city. Brisbane has the least amount of brickwork preferring framed and clad generally. Melbourne is most European in building styles so will have most brickwork. Im in Brisbane and love the place but the building industry is very different here.
  6. srg73

    189 - EOI Waiting time

    Looks like it's going back to the old approach of more points = quicker consideration. Be aware immigration is tightening up here as an election is on the horizon.
  7. srg73

    Job offer, Brisbane

    Brisbane can be cheaper than Soutern UK where we came across from. Tax is kinder here, no National Insurance contributions etc however medical/dental is expensive. If you are prepared to live the Australian lifestyle i.e. Beach, sport and socialising then weekends can be cheap as weather encourages free outdoor activities. Great city and worth a try.
  8. srg73


    Brisbane is great, weather can get warm but much better than cold. Brisbane gets more rain than Manchester, is generally stable in temps and yes humid can go up some days. Personally weather is a small sacrifice, I could not live with Sydney traffic, prices, attitudes etc whereas Brisbane is much more affordable, fewer crime issues etc. Basic rule, coastal is cooler, higher is cooler and try and get a property with through ventilation. Areas like Ipswich only 1/2 inland can be much hotter and more humid. Has your friend lived in Brisbane? Areas like Adelaide get much hotter than Brisbane as can Melbourne on the odd day.
  9. Read the basis of each assessment and decide what fits your requirements best. Be aware UK encourages training in all directions, Australia prefer focused training resulting in a speciality.
  10. srg73

    Bricklayer Shortage in Perth

    Shortage of bricklayers here in Brisbane. There are some have a go bricklayers with anybody any good taken by the large companies.
  11. You need to align your skills/qualifications, experience and demand for your profession in Australia. Obviously age etc come into play. Best of luck with your application however prepare for a few ups and downs on the way. What would help is to post how you reached your 75 points. Requirements have been as low as 60 previously however I needed 85 points to get noticed a number of years ago! S
  12. srg73

    Expression of Interest

    I applied under the first month of the existing system a few years ago, I needed 85 points to get noticed and was accepted in the second month.
  13. srg73

    post your pet pics here

    Our aggressive adopted Bengal Cat has its own Instagram account. https://www.instagram.com/brisbanebengal/
  14. srg73

    Brisbane - Exciting Developments Planned

    There are 4 towers which have approval to maximum height including the Gold Tower which you have not mentioned. They are thinking of reviewing the maximum tower height which is controlled by the airport. The airport extension is the most important for the city and includes the freeway extension too. There is also the extension of the Gateway merge and river mooring extensions too. Brisbane chose us however im very glad to be here and we have seen a huge amount of new building work in our 4 years. We are in Bowen Hills so are nearly completely built in with new development besides the Homemaker approved and the old Courier Mail site being developed to include 4 towers, offices and media hub for Fox. Obviously Gas Works has exploded! Exciting times
  15. srg73

    What's Brisbane really like?

    People do your research and decide a suburb for yourselves. We are in Bowen Hills so very central and little ve the convenience, facilities and fact we go against the traffic. I walk to work and my wife has 4 train stops, home by 6 and evening to ourselves. The Bruce, Pacific and Western Freeways are awful and avoid including them in your commute. The bayside is a long way out served by a poor road so you won't visit the city socially that often. It all depends on your priorities as to where you end up living. Regarding weather, Brisbane is great, summer is warm with over night temps staying quite high. Winter is less warm and cold overnight. Most properties are equipped to deal with the heat well, cold less well.