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Found 673 results

  1. Mattandgab

    Mid 40s couple in Newcastle

    Hi guys, we are looking to meet some ex pats in our area! In Newie and loving it .X2 teenage kids, we have lived in Devon, Somerset and London
  2. Hi I'm 35 and my daughter is currently 5 and we are applyingvforbthe partner Visa subclass 300 intention to marry visa to be a famiky together with my finace in Cairns Trinity beach. I was wondering if there is a chat group or if anyone else moving ro the area or already established there with children of a similar age? We are just applying for our Visa so wont actually be there for another year. Would be nice to make connections with people with friends for my little girl as all the friends we have in Cairns dont have children.
  3. Hi We have been here for 9 weeks now, and I have been so busy with the whole move, getting kids settled in school, hubby at works and trying to secure a rental, now i am left and not yet working and it has suddenly hit me what we have done. I am having regrets, missing friends and family and would just like to regain my confidence as to why we moved here, it might sound silly, but the days are long when everyone else around you is busy, I am looking for work, that is not that easy here everything is done online (have no internet at home so rely on library) but I am actively looking and applying!!! We are living in Somerly, Clarkson area so if anyone else is feeling the same and would like to catch up I look forward to hearing from you. Kim
  4. newmandrylining

    social network berwick

    moving to brisbane st berwick victoria tomorrow, any friendly expats around ??feeling a little lost . richard 47 tradesman , cheryl 53 house wife , josh 27 a/c, jonny barber and our sweet 16 year older who is confused
  5. Hi there, We've been here a few years and met some amazing people through this fantastic site before, but over time people have left to go back to the UK or circumstances have changed. I would love to meet some new people for chats over tea/coffee and cake or wine, go to the movies, hang out in a park or at the beach etc. Whether you are new here or been here a while, then please get in touch! I live in Lane Cove but happy to meet wherever is convenient. Thanks for reading this far! Sarah
  6. Hi ladies and gents, I've recently moved to Newtown after breaking up with my partner of 7 years and want to meet some new friends in Newtown or surrounding areas to socialize with. I've been in oz 2 1/2 years, I'm 24 and originate from Cheshire in the UK. Please message if your in a similar situation or want to expand your social network? Hope to hear from you! Laura
  7. Hello Everyone, I am posting this a a favour to a nice lady called Sue whom I have been chatting to in the Lounge. She is feeling a bit down right now as she is finding it hard to meet people and make new friends.:no: So if you are in Sydney and could spare a little time for a fellow PIO user she would love to meet up for a coffee and a chat. Her user name is suenadam so you can contact her either on here or by PM. Thanks for being so kind and let's hope Sue makes some new buddies real soon. April xxx:smile:
  8. R1ggers

    Illawarra Friends

    Hi guys we moved down to Shellharbour from Sunny QLD about a month ago, we left all our friends up there and we would like to meet some people down here. We are both 30, professionals, like a good night out and enjoy walking our dog. Would be great to meet done new faces! Anyone around??
  9. Hey i'm Sam i moved to perth about a month or so ago!(i'm a dude btw) i just turned 16 yeterday haha but bit gutted as my only friends are my family atm (N) wouldnt mind meeting up with people in the near future, we're renting a place in joondalup and hoping to be moving in to a new place in kinross in the up coming month! but anyway just get back to me if anyones interested thanks! P.s i'm on facebook also >:] Seeya
  10. Hey guys, I'm moving over to Sydney in August this year, really good do with someone showing me around. The good bars, beaches and parks. I'm 25 so looking for people around the same age. I'm a fairy outgoing guy who likes to keep fit. thanks
  11. Hi all I'm Bec, I've been in Australia for 5 years, living in Brisbane the entire time. I'm 28 and married to an Aussie I have found it difficult to make lasting close friendships during my time here, and would love to make a couple of close girl friends to spend some time with. I enjoy shopping, going out for dinner/drinks, BBQ's at the beach, day trips to new places and camping :laugh: If anyone is interested in meeting up for a drink, please get in touch! It would be great if we could get a group of us together to meet up! Cheers
  12. saraakerblom1

    farmwork? someone?

    Hi! My name is Sara, i need to leave lovely Melbourne in 3 weeks because i need to do my farmwork asap, would love to meet someone to go with! Or if anyone have any contacts to farmworks around australia? Thank u! Cheers
  13. Hi Everyone, I will be arriving in Sydney soon, i'm nervous and excited. I would prefer renting after I arrive, however I don't have a job lined up and will also be searching once I get there. I was thinking of staying in hostel whilst I found a job or found rented accommodation. Am i doing the right thing? any other ideas? Are there any websites or advice you could give me to obtain suitable rent (I know of domain and realestate), bearing in mind I don't have a job and will also be looking. As i will be new to the city, will also be looking to make new friends, any recommendations? Many thanks
  14. Hey guys We are organising a large meet up in the swan valley for those who are interested Price is $150 (may be less if we get more people) 26th April 10-5 (pick up and drop off at train station) breweries, wineries and lunch included We actually organise regular meet ups so anyone looking to make some new friends we would love you all to join
  15. perthlewis

    Fitting in and making friends

    Hello, my family and I have been living in Perth for just over 4 years..we moved from Scotland in the middle of the worst winter I can remember!! I moved with work and fortunately this has kept me really busy. My youngest son was born here and my OH has stayed at home to look after him and ferry the older two in and out of school. We don’t have family out here, so my wife needed something to keep herself busy...help her make friends and earn some money while looking after our boys. The absolute best thing in the world for her has been party planning / direct selling. Every day she’s chatting to new people or folk she’s either organised parties for or has recruited. I’m not going to quit my job this minute..but she’s earning enough to keep herself and Kmart happy and its growing. I’m really pleased for her, it ticks alot of boxes for our family, giving her friends, flexibility, a fun (low stress) income and the ability to work towards some really attractive goals. I’ve read a number of posts from people that are struggling to settle and make friends. It could be stepping outside your comfort zone a bit..but that’s often the best path to take! Don’t go and make yourself another coffee or check to see if the postie has been Go online and google direct selling / multi level marketing / party planning…find something you’re interested in and connect with their consultants. Even if you do have another job...we could all do with more friends and a bit of a stretch target. It may not suit everyone..this is just something that's made it easier for us to settle.
  16. Hi! Is there anyone in the central coast that want to go out for a couple of beers or meet up of some sort? My husband and I are both 27, we have a 1year old son. Iam a stay at home mum and Jon works out in penrith so have found it pretty hard to make local friends since moving to the coast last year. happy to go out for a few drinks as we have my mum to babysit in the evening...otherwise park dates, picnic, beach or barbie in the day or anything else going on. we love wake boarding, camping, exploring... doing new things etc.... loving life on the coast. hoping to make new friends for life!
  17. Hi guys, my husband and I (26 & 29) moved to Kincumber a couple of months ago and are looking to meet some new friends on the coast. Does anyone have a regular meet up or anyone interested going for a drink/food sometime? Also does anyone know of any groups/places to meet people around our age? Cheers Soph
  18. I've not came on here to get any sympathy, but ask if anyone has been in a similar if not same situation as me? So I moved from the UK to Australia 6 years ago and to this day I have no friends. Prior to emigrating I was very sociable, had many friends in England, many good friends but If I was to say to any of my friends in England I have no friends in Australia I don't think they'd quite believe it. I've just had the hardest time making any friends here in Australia, so much so it's had a huge effect on my confidence (I now suffer an Anxiety disorder) and have also made the step to relocate to another country. The concept of making a conversation with australians is foreign to me. If I can't adopt a loud, free spirit persona and begin a non sensical conversations that includes ''hey bro, hey man, how ya going buddy, ahhh yea bro'' then I just come across as closed and unsociable aloof, which I am not. The feeling of being the 'foreigner' all the time is wearing me thin and if I do being a conversation with someone I just get this deer in the head lights stare or 'what the hell are you saying' face. Yeah I've made some 'friends' in the six years but feel like they used me to get by in different situations. Also never had some many altercations with people in my life since I've lived here. I'm nice, but it's been taken advantage of, I do let people know when there stepping over the line, but just being nice is not a good trait to have here, so much so I've had to change and get a little harder shall we say. Apologies if I sounding like a right whinging pom but It would be nice to hear if anyone else has had the same problem...no?.....anybody...just me then,lol
  19. Hi everyone, Im flying into Melbourne on my own on the 4th of Feb 2015 and getting there on the 5th. I’m now unfortunately travelling on my own because my friend who i was meeting in Australia has let me down and decided to go back to the UK. The basic outline of what i wanted to achieve while over in Australia was to see beautiful things and meet lovely people. starting in Melbourne i wanted to work my way up the east coast like most people do (possibly flying over to tasmania while I’m there for a few days), hitchhiking if possible and living cheaply, staying in hostels or sofa surfing. i want to see as much natural beauty as I possibly can. Im up for near enough anything, camping, hiking, biking, hitchhiking, possible car rentals. I’d like to be able to meet some people in Melbourne or anywhere further along the line to make friends, hopefully travel with, because its starting to sink in that I’m travelling there on my own, and its getting very daunting haha. My budget isn’t massive, so depending on how long i decide to stay (i have a years visa) i will probably just try and travel over a couple of months up the coast. i may spend a couple of weeks working, maybe fruit picking just to get a bit of the culture in me. I hope i can get into contact with a few people in a similar situation! My names Sam Oxley and I’m a 21 year old male. i would really like to get to know some people over there or who are going over there before i get there. Private message me on here. Many thanks, and i look forward to hearing from you. Sam Oxley
  20. Daniel Worgan

    Australia March 2015

    So Im heading to Australia on March 30th next year for a year! Looking to find out the best places to go to get work and also meet other people? Anyone else heading out around that time? be good to make some online connections and possibly too meet out there Daniel x
  21. Hi there, Firstly I would like to introduce myself. My name is Bianca and I am 29 years old. I have been in Australia for nearly 2 years now and have never had a problem making friends till my partner wanted to move back to Brisbane to be near his family (he is Australian). We have been here 9 months and I am starting to feel a bit lonely. :unsure: As much as I love spending my time with him there is just some conversations and girlie things I like to do (like have a natter) he is not interested in. And I cant blame him! There is only so much sports bike and car talk I can handle too! lol I am looking to see if there is some more of you girls out there that would love to meet up, have a glass of wine, a chat and maybe make some friends. B x
  22. Hi there, I have moved to Liverpool U.K. from Melbourne and would love to make some new friends :smile: I really miss all my mates that I grew up with and went to uni with etc. Its proving tricky to meet new people to socialize with as most people I meet at work are married with kids etc. I love going out clubbing, shopping, parties :laugh: all the normal stuff that a 21 year old girl enjoys. It would be awesome to meet some people who might be in the same boat or others looking to increase their circle of friends !! Hope to hear from some fun loving easy going people soon. Claire :jiggy: xx
  23. Hi guys Just letting you all know we are doing a meetup in New Farm park at the end of September (with free sausage sizzle). All welcome our miniature poodle loves kids and popcorn . If you are interested go to https://www.facebook.com/events/689746901114038/ to register your interest. Look forward to seeing you there Shelley, family (and Lucky the dog) :smile:
  24. Hi guys! Im Lauren, a 19 year old British girl and I am landing in Sydney around this time next month! I've been to australia twice - Last year for two months & in April for a month (both just holidays) and I have decided to do the big move. I have a WHV 417 and plan to do work to qualify for my second year.. Im staying with a friend in Sydney and therefore due to this, I am worried that I will miss out on meeting other travellers in Hostels/events etc and i dont want this to happen. Im looking for travel buddies & general friends to meet & go to events with so that I can meet other travellers and I am more than interested in travelling on different road trips (last year i did a 10 day drive from sydney - Darwin) I have a little knowledge on sydney from being twice so might be able to help with any questions newbies have too Hopefully some people will be in the same position as me and looking for chats/friends too! I have facebook, so please add me on there to chat more and hopefully we can create a group of brits all in the same position to make it all a little easier and less nerve racking! https://www.facebook.com/lauren.wesbury1
  25. I'd love to find someone and a group, who wants to go to Australia on a 12 month working holiday visa! I'm determined to do it, but find it a little daunting and it would be lovely to have a group or just a friend who wants to do the same and who I can get to know and be buddies with on this journey! I haven't made any solid plans, havent booked anything at all, but I'd love to do this and like I say, it would be fab to have a buddy or two to come along on this journey with me! If anybody wants to chat with me, let me know! My facebook and Skype details are also on my bio!