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Found 25 results

  1. Hi Has any one had any dealings with a good financial advisor in Brissie? We are looking to speak to one ASAP about a number of things probably - but initially salary packaging, tax etc. relating to my other half's company car/allowance etc. If anyone has had dealings - any indication of their rates?? We also have various "insurances" still being paid in the UK and are wondering whether to ditch them for similar Aus policies etc. Cheers for any replies Andy
  2. Guest

    Redbank Plains, Brissie. QLD

    Anyone already living out here & commuting to the CBD??? - rentals look pretty cheap, but assuming that's cos the PT links are crap? Brand spanking new 3-4 bed houses for $300+ - but since other half is gonna be commuting to the Valley - seems like we might have to give it a miss thanks to the 1-1hr 40 commute - unless there is anyone who can convince us this could be an ok move? Cheers Andy & Michelle
  3. Would like to meet up with anyone around this vicinity! We have 2 little boys 3.5 and 20 months... We're in an apartment in the CBD at the mo, but looking to get together with some folks to make friends and glean a bit local knowledge Looking to move in 2 or 3 weeks into our own rented place (or perhaps a holiday park until our shipping container arrives!) Please get in touch - thanks Andy & Michelle
  4. Guest

    Brissie suburbs

    Hi We've just arrived in Brissie and are staying in corporate apartments in the CBD right now - but need unfurnished rental starting October until Jan/Feb next year. Does anyone know what Newmarket is like? We're basically looking for a family-friendly suburb - so lots of parks for our 3.5 year old and 21 month old, good nursery for when we both have to go to work....but basically lots of outdoors stuff to keep the kids occupied. My partner will be working in Fortitude Valley - so she doesn't want a really long commute in and out - she's happy to walk, bus, train or drive if necessary. Any advice much welcomed. Cheers
  5. Guest

    Is Brissie a `liveable` city?

    http://www.couriermail.com.au/business/twenty-better-places-to-live-than-brisbane/story-e6freqmx-1226125873390 According to this survey in todays Courier mail..... 94.2 out of hundred! I still think thats pretty damn good!!! Our Lord Mayor stuck up for us!!!
  6. I'm in need of a half decent maint fitter in Brisbane; at short notice. Work at Rocklea in production envioroment. Machinery packs fruit and veg's so some packaging exp needed. Will be very quick start. dependent on exp @$60k or $30-35/hour to start. PM asap and if you have a CV attach or send to: sclarke@moraitis.com.au Hope this helps someone. PS..agencies please dont reply.
  7. Hey all. My boyfriend and I moved to Bris about 5 months ago. We have met one lovely couple but are keen to make more friends. We are both in our early 30's, easygoing and would love to meet some fellow expats. We live in Kangaroo Point and it would just be so nice to reestablish a social circle. Is anyone interested in catching up for a coffee or a few drinks? Thanks!! Teva :cute:
  8. Anybody else leaving on that flight? :biggrin:
  9. Heading to either brissie or cairns in Aug 2011. Just wondering for any families already out there - do you have any recommendations for schools - private or state for consideration for our children? We have 2 boys - the oldest is 3 and would be starting pre-school nursery here in the UK in August - so we are looking for good kindy/primary schools in anticipation that we may have to go on long waiting lists. Any advice or imparting of your experience thus far would be appreciated. Thanks Michelle
  10. Hi Guys! I have accepted a transfer at my work and am being relocated to Emerald (!!!) Central Queensland! :jiggy: We have given notice to our current letting agent as we were supposed to be staying there until 2nd October! They have begun advertising, but since we are supposed to be going ASAP I thought I would post a quick note on here!! So if anyone is interested in a 2-bed house in Deagon (short walk to Sandgate railway station, shops and beach front) for only $295pw let me know! Thanks!
  11. Georgie

    Suburbs in the north of Brissie

    Hi I wanted to find out what Caboolture,Morayfield, Berpengary, kallanger, North lakes or other suburbs in this region were like to live. Got 2 young children and want to be able to access TAFE and industrial areas easily. Wanted to find out the reality of travel to the beach and to the city. How long does it reallly take to get from Caboolture to city. Or Caboolture to beach. Wanted a good shopping centre so whats the time from Caboolture to North lakes? Are these areas attractive to live and is there much going on? Any info on any area in the reion would be great. I have done a little research but want people who live there to give me the lowdown. Thankyou folks
  12. Hi guys, if anyone is interested in Narangba as a suburb (i can certainly vouch for it) great train line, close to shops, schools etc. etc. easy to commute to Brisbane city (which i do). please let me know, as my house is available, which is just perfect for a family. (4 bed 2 bath, pool, park views, double garage etc. etc.) email me if you would like further info. regards and good luck to all those waiting for their visas!! really feel for you guys. (congrats to those who have those already!)
  13. Hiya My names louise and moved out here in March. I know it sounds pretty stupid but Ive had some real bad experiences here with aussie hairdressers and spent loads of money. If there are any british hairdressers in brissie that do homers I would love to here from you, give me a pm if interested, I really miss my hairdresser how sad lol cheers lou xx
  14. Guest

    Brissie bound

    Hi All We are brisbane bound and are going on an employer nomiated sponsored visa, we very lucky to have found someone who wants to employ me,due to the rule changes. We were firstly going on a state sponsored. We have gone from the top of the priority list to the bottom then back to the top. Anyway. My employer is based in morningside, east brisbane. I would like to ask for any info on good areas to live. I am willing to travel as i get a van with the job but the main thing is the kids get in a good school and the area is not to expensive and it has every thing we need. A catholic school would be our preference and a good shopping mall for the ladies of the house. My 8 year old boy plays rugby so a local team would be handy and i am a keen golfer so a championship course is a must. only joking a local course is fine. any advice is welcome wether it good or bad. cheers
  15. I can't remember my last post so i will start from when we arrived in Brissie. The flight was reletvly stress free thanks to a little help from Phenergan to tranquilise the kids. A little flirting at the check-in desk secured us extra legroom seats for both legs of the flight, with the HK to Brissie part we even got 2 rows of 3 seats for 2 adults and 2 infants. he arrivals was not much hassle but as we hadn't an address to fill in on our landing cards the good ol' "Station Rd" worked a treat (one in every English speaking town in the word). Car hire was a peice of p??? even with cash only and a hammered spanish credit card, i think it was about 500 AUSD for a week for a nice large family car with child seats free. We booked into a Caravan park on the south side in a place called Rochdale just 15-20 mins from CBD and got us a 2 double bedroom "famiy Unit", very nice and clean with TV en suite and kitchin for about 950 ausd for one week. The site also had wi fi (bit slow tough). Our plan is to rent for 6 months to make sure we now the suburbs and work situation then buy. It took us a week of driving around house hunting and coming accross some houses that you wouldn't let your dog sleap in, in the right spot and then the pefect house in the wrong spot and some threats of divorce, we where driving around and found a nice area and went into the local real estate shop and asked about rentals and was told they only had the one, so we went alond and viewed it and it was perfect for us, cul-de-sac , large back garden backing onto a park, local shops within walking distance, kindy 1 min up the road, 5 mins to West field shopping center at Mt Gravat, pub up the road!!, and a nieghbour with a fishing boat in his drive (he doesn't know it yet but he is my new best mate). The 4 (3 realy) slug, brick and tile bungalow is costing us 350 a week and we have a 6 month lease. The kids started kindie this morning, 3 days a week (for now). The kindies are very well run and most cost about 50 per child per day and i think a day is from 8am untill 6pm. Car fronts are everywhere and second hand cars are good value with transfer of ownership being hassle free (every thing here is hassle free!) Went to get drivers licences this morning and the misses got hers in about 1/2 an hour (queensland state) she didn't have to give in her uk licence and didn't have to do any tests. I was refused because i lost my photo card so need to apply for a uk renewal then go back. I've gotta go now, but i will post again soon with more info like shopping, work, yeast extract, GBH hair straightners and any other stuff you want me to find out about. I will also post some pics of me gaff. l8ers
  16. Hello, I am not going to write for ages but i will try to give you a rough idea of our trip. We booked our flight through first choice in June and got flights for 2 adults and 2 kids aged 6 and 2. We flew from Glasgow to heathrow then Heathrow to Abi Dhabi and on to Sydney. The flight cost altogether £2338.We flew with ETIHAD AIRWAYS. We were delighted with that price and as we had never been to Australia before thought it was the best way to do it. So packed our bags and off we set.................................................................... Our first flight was at 5.40pm or there abouts and so we headed to Heathrow, 1 hr 15 mins later no prob. Waited 2 hrs 30mins in london for our next flight to Abi Dhabi which just to let you know you do not need a visa to enter this country if you have a british passport. 8 hrs of tossing around a plane with 2 young kids and a husband who is 6 ft 3 was alot. The entertainment system is fab but the earphones were to heave for my youngest so they were falling off all the time, food was edible and air hosts were really lovelly so we arrived in abi dhabi . Kids were knackered and we had checked our buggy in from glasgow direct to sydney so you can imagine. We only had sterling and au dollars as currency but the guy on the sandwhich stall in departure would not except Scottish money or the dollars so after a few huffs and puffs my husband had to change over dollars into there currency( CANT REMEMBER THE NAME). 3 HRS passed and we were boarding for Sydney, i could have cried thinking we had another 14 hrs sitting on our bums with over tired kids but to be fair i felt this journey was alot better as we managed a few naps and the kids had a sleep to. prob the excitment of nearly arriving in lovely sunny oz had our minds occupied. we arrived in sydney at 7.20am on thurs (REALLY WED NIGHT IN UK) and it was Freezing. It was freak weather for that time of year and had been 25 degrees the previous week. it was now 10 degrees i was tired and cold and hungry, great start lol. We stayed with husbands uncle and aunt and 2 kids and the sleeping arrangments were not brill, we had a single bed each in kids room and our 2 kids slept on a mattress on the floor and there 2 kids slept on a mattress on there room floor if that all makes sense.If we had known then we would have just booked a b&b but it was nice of them to have us anyhow. Sydney never brightened up untill the monday and by then we had our hire car and were driving north to Brissie. YEEEE HAAAAA! We hired a toyota corrola for $50 a day with sat nav, brill. Petrol is so cheap compaired to uk, it was like $1.20litre for unleaded so $40 filled the engine.We drove for 6 hours from Sydney north and stopped at Port Maquarie. The sun was shinning and i felt like my holiday had started, we found a b&b with a pool for $119 dollars and took the kids to the beach it was gorgeous a definate stop over if you are thinking of driving. one nights lovely sleep in a DOUBLE bed and off we went fresh as a daisy. 5 hours and one stop at mcdonalds later we arrive at our holiday let in Helensvale 45 south of Centre of Brisbane. We had booked our villa through gold coast Holiday letting.co.au from the uk. It was the most beautiful house i had ever seen. it had 4 massive bedrooms, a gorgeous lounge a huge kitchen and ensuite, double garage with electic door,a beautiful in ground pool and a walk in wardrobe.................it was a dream home! Helensvale was lovely and i loved the distance to brisbane, the house prices are affordable and the schools seem nice. We spent a couple of days on Surfers paradise and went through there on a few evenings, i have never felt safer out with my kids at night anywhere in the world the ambience was lovely and the resteraunts are so busy, there is no signs of reccesion anywhere. We visited white water park and it was fab. We visited SEA WORLD and it was also fab. There are kids playgrounds everwhere and the man made beach in Brissie was beautiful. I loved Brisbane and the surrounding areas and it has made our mind up to give the move to oz a definate chance. My Husband is a plumber and so should be able to find work in oz and ell i am a hairdresser so i also should find somewhere to work. My kids absaloutly loved Brisbane and when i asked them what they missed about uk they said biscuits. hahaha aussie kids dont eat alot of biscuits. we know family will miss us and we will get lonely but there are other people in the same situation who 'need a friend' so to speak, so our plan is to go out next October once we have saved up our pennies and rent our house out in uk. We are determined to give it a proper go so 2-3 years should decide if we want to stay in oz or go home and right now i am desperate to get back and try this life as since we have come back to sunny Glasgow it has not stopped raining and the temp is hitting -1 some days already. My youngest is choked with the cold and we are all mopping about like something has been stolen off us like eh SUNSHINE. well get on with it and save thats thought. When we go back on our one way journey we will be looking to stop for a few of days in dubai or somewhere to split up our journey as it is longggggggggggg,(35 hours from leaving our house to arriving in sydney to be precise). Was it worth it? yes i think so, If it means a new life a better upbringing for my kids with an outdoor living and a bit of sun then i would do it a million times again. If you want to know anything else please feel free to ask. Laura kevin and kids:jiggy:
  17. Guest

    IT Jobs in Brissie

    Thinking of returning after being away for 7 years wondering what the IT job market is like, any help appreciated:smile:
  18. OH is tape and jointer/painter decorator in UK. Work here has dried up completely and he is getting really frustrated. Unless something comes up soon he is looking to book flights and go out beginning of May. Looking online at job sites there appears to be work Gold Coast area for this occupations, but although he is applying we are getting nowhere - presumably because we are still in UK. Do any of you already out there know what the situation is really like? Ideally we would all go, but if Paul could secure work we would consider him going first and stopping with my sister and me and the kids following on later. Really hope someone can give us positive feedback Thanks Sarah x
  19. After the success of the last meet up, (for new PIO members look at Mart & Lorraine's thread "Friends Needed URGENTLY"), I agreed to arrange the next one, mainly as I felt guilty 'cos my little boy ate most of Lorraine's chocolate biscuits and was also a bit of terror on the playpark! Thanks to everyone that pitched up, it was a great day and a good way to meet lots of people in the same situation. I just never got the chance to really chat to everyone as much as I would have liked so lets get the 2nd event planned asap! Is Sunday 9th Nov ok for everyone? That gives you a couple of weeks to re-arrange all your busy social calendars if need be, and is 6 weeks since the last one. Venue wise, is everyone happy with the same park but this time we'll meet up at the lower level park that was nearer the toliets ...and the BBQ's that worked!! Anna & Jimmy - thinking of you here! I'm happy to look at other options but can somone give me suggestions as I can't think of anywhere else that is central for everyone & has ample parking as that park did, with all the other amenities too. Maybe as that lower level park looked busier, we may need to kick off earlier, as we won't get the seats/tables otherwise, so I'd say no later than 11am. Let me know your thoughts and if you are interested in joining us. All are welcome, the more the merrier I say, and for those of you that came last time, I hopefully look forward to seeing you again very soon. Sharon
  20. wattswalkaboutgang

    flight for Dog from Sydney to brissie

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know how you go about booking an internal flight from quarenteen in Sydney to go to Brisbane airport? Also roughly how much it costs. We will be in the Gold Coast so it is a good long drive to pick up the beloved pooch. Thought that if it is quite reasonable it would be easier to fly her, but i am betting its going to be a small fortune. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Alison x
  21. Guest

    Perth or Brissie?

    Hi Guys. I am a Pom who has lived in Adelaide for 17 years. While I think Adelaide is a really nice city I am getting itchy feet and am thinking of a move to Perth or Brisbane. I think Perth is a stunning city but the price of housing and the remoteness is putting us off, while I don't know so much about Brissie but I love its location weather etc. Has anyone else been in this position and where did you decide on and why?? Looking forward to your answers!!
  22. I've got a rello here staying in central Brisbane and need to meet them today but have to take the wife and kids. I need a pub with a kids area quick. PLEASE HELP
  23. Guest

    Rentals in Brissie

    I have been reading through some of the posts regarding lack of availability for rentals all over Australia - for all those in the know.... When we arrive in OZ we will be living in Canberra - because that's where we're being sent. We eventually want to end up in Brisbane to be near Brother in Law and his Family. Thought about buying investment properties in and around Canberra to rent out as extra income - BUT - judging by the interest rates and the lack of affordable housing - would we be able to sell them quickly to buy our home in Brissie (Not too sure if we're going to buy an estaablished home, or new build at this stage)? The other idea is to buy our home in Brissie and rent it out for 2 or 3 years until we get the chance to get there????? I hope this makes sense!? :twitcy: PS - we will be given ADF housing when we get there and will not need to rent privately. Any input or thoughts would be greatly appreciated! :unsure: Angie
  24. HIYA, My family and I are looking to move to Brisbane, sometime next year. However I cant seem to find very much info about the wages which are paid to trades. I am a lithographic printer at a big print shop in Leeds and I am on a decent wage, but how will a similar job in Aus pay?? If anyone has any good sites for this i would be grateful for them. Or if there are any printers living in Aus reading this, please get in touch. Thanks Carl