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  1. I have played indoor for few years and moving to south eastern suburbs next week and would love to start a team ...I've only played mixed but happy to play just girls???? Anyone out there want to play too...only for fun I'm not that competitive and spend most of the time falling over the ball...
  2. BeckiNick

    Tea bags!

    I live on pg tips here in Melbourne..the British shop sells all size boxes and Coles recently have started selling it ) I did bring a box back last year and didnt declare it (naughty me )
  3. BeckiNick

    Advice needed...elopment...

    I guess I only saw it from my perspective...He doesnt really mind he isnt extremely close but I think its more that we dont see it as a big thing so we expect everyone to see it that way! I think we will get married at registry with his parents..then fly out and get vow renewal in USA...at least that way no one is left out. Thanks so much for the advice
  4. BeckiNick

    Advice needed...elopment...

    Thanks freckle face appreciate the honesty ...we arent evil..promise
  5. BeckiNick

    Advice needed...elopment...

    Thanks so much for your reply...I also forgot to mention that my partners brother had the massive white wedding ....so they have seen one son and my brothers gay so they will never see that wedding lol! ahhh decisions )
  6. BeckiNick

    Advice needed...elopment...

    Hi guys Just seeking some general advice.. My partner and I are heading to America to meet up with my family..Im a pom ..partners aussie lived here for 3years.Meeting up with my mum,dad, brother and his partner.courtesy of my parents..I havent seen them all for 2 years ..anyway we have been engaged for a while and decided we would love a beach wedding so have planned to get married whilst in USA. We are not religious our wedding is not going to be anything spectacular...but we dont want to invite my partners parents ...we do not want them to take over my family thing..None of us have heaps of money so the plan was we get married with my family and on return have a big party with aussie friends and family...How do we go about telling his parents about this?? Do we just do it and tell them, keep it a secret, or have a dummy ceremony before we go...PS we are not as mean as this sounds we just want to get married! Thanks so much for your advice.
  7. Hi...Does anyone know if I can travel to USA whilst waiting for my 2nd stage 801 partner visa approval?
  8. We live in Vermont, literally down the road from Forest Hill...bout 4kms away...its pretty lots of parks , safe etc...i baby sat children for a year they went to a lovely school antonio park primary in Mitcham, amazing facilities and after school activities)
  9. ive used Noble Dentist I was a member last year. You can literally choose your dentist from the list provided and go and show your noble dentist card. I think it cost about $40 to become a member but there is No waiting period . I had to go and didnt even have my proper card just a print out and that was fine. Its not mega savings I had a check up , xrays clean and a filling and prob saved $100. I do need my wisdom tooth removed and some dentists dont apply the noble dentist fee for this...so ive been putting it off. I think in the long run if u needed a few fillings etc it could save a nice sum
  10. BeckiNick

    No Visa = No uni :(

    Hello...still waiting ive rang and spoke to them and they said they cant give me a timeframe!useful! hope your ok
  11. BeckiNick

    No Visa = No uni :(

    I have been waiting for my visa in hope that it would arrive before I had to defer...i rang IMMI today and it hasn't been looked at Gutted I am going to have to defer this year...meaning I am going to be nearly 27 before I start..and the current job I have part time which I love I am going to have to give up , let the family down and look for full time work..Even more annoying I paid international fees last year so I could get a place at uni this year...Sorry having a whinge! I only want to learn not scrounge benefits!
  12. BeckiNick

    Australian Man Marries his Dog

    I was studying with someone last year who sent me his biography ! It turns out he was into beastiality he had been arrested several times ewwwwww!! DISGUISTING!! It's not right poor dog did he propose ?
  13. BeckiNick

    Australia day

    Yeah another holiday ! What's everyone up to ! I think a BBQ is a necessity !
  14. Thanks for your post hahahaha I dont scare that easily We are in Vermont at the mo so Eastern...ha beach volleyballl sounds fun...We both play soccer (football!!) which takes up most of our weeknights unfortunately
  15. BeckiNick

    Delayed Homesickness

    Well first of all for 15 you seem very mature..I wish I was at 15! I left when I was 22 I am now 25 and it was so hard and to be honest I still struggle I am amazed how people when they move so young can cope! My bf is Australian so of course he is all pro aussie , I am not whinging here i like it but the UK was my home and where my family is ! 2 and half years on I still find it very hard ... I actually put a post up about accents because I get mocked all the time and its really not funny. I don't enjoy people trying to imitate the way I speak or look at me as if I have two heads (west mids accent)! Homesickness is the most horrible feeling in the world it takes over every thought everything is compared to the UK etc... I honestly think the best way to overcome it is talking about it (this comes from someone who has cried herself to sleep many nights) I know your parents moved here and you don't want to upset them ...but maybe now your older then when you first left..start asking some questions..As to why u left? you dont have to be negative about Aus but more so nosy....I also think that your parents may realise that you aren't happy but treat it as a teenage phase because maybe they feel a but guilty for seeing u so blue! I spoke to my parents about homesickness , my mum never wanted me to come , she went quite mental and cried on me all the time etc...I left moved to Aus and then after about a year I spoke to her about it (it was really hard to do so I never wanted to admit I couldnt cope)....Funny enough she told me all these stories about when she was homesick..i took it for granted that she left Ireland many years ago and never went back, that iss why she acted like she did! Maybe your parents have felt the same if they grew up in the UK themselves it must have been hard for them to leave and move with kids to Oz..they may never have told you because they never thought you would feel that way !!! Quolls ideas are great...deffo look at returning to the UK nothing is stopping you when your a bit older...(i know how annoying that is to be told, I used to get it all the time ..but get school done and out the way and maybe UNI in the UK?)Have a plan, we have decided after I finish Uni we will head back for a few years..If i didn't have that escape route I couldn't cope! Anyway I hope that you feel a bit brighter soon...and start planning