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  1. jmartin8010

    Citizenship website

    I suggest you to contact the Citizenship helpline and verify your eligibility for Citizenship if you have not done that yet.
  2. Lots of interesting ideas here about this topic. I'm a live example of Australian citizen by conferral who is just moving back for a while to take care of his parents. Yes I'm going back to the country I was born in ( I don't call it home as I spent most of my life here in Australia, so here is home for me ). I have asked my parents to provide me with the necessary documents so I can apply for their PR for so long, but they just hesitated and did not want me to do so. The reason was, they were 100% sure that they can not live here, not because they don't like Australia, but because they can not communicate with anyone as English is not their first language. They do not have any friends or family (except me) and they will definitely suffer from those things. At the end the one who decided to go back and take care of them is me. As mentioned already here, at least I do have this choice to make and Australian government does not stop me in any ways in that regard. Therefore I also believe it is NOT the violation of human rights at all and I truly believe that If we want to get something we have to loose something. Everything in this world has a price. The price for me was to give up the kind of lifestyle I have here, get the hell out of my confirm zone and go and start a new life close to my family for sometime at least and see how it goes.
  3. jmartin8010

    Citizenship Timeline for Years 2013/2014

    Hi maulajatt, No, DIBP does not send any emails regarding citizenship approval or ceremony dates. They only send out official letters as far as I know. The only time you receive an email in regards to your citizenship application is when they schedule you for a test (interview) and also there is an automatic acknowledgement email sent out when the application is received by the department. Hope that helps.
  4. jmartin8010

    State transfer for SN 190 visa holders

    shresthaz, You do NOT need any permission to move interstate or overseas. Your visa allow you to live anywhere in Australia as well as leaving/entering the country multiple times without informing the authorities, In one word you are a free resident and can do whatever you want as long as you obey Australian law. The only (Moral not Legal) obligation you have based on your visa is to spend the first 2 years in the sponsoring state. Nothing will happen in the future if you do not meet this obligation under current law ( there is always a chance that they change the law and make it compulsory to live and work in the sponsoring state for 2 years). As JoannaAch mentioned, if you wish you can let the WA migration know that you want to move but do not expect them to give you release letter. Do whatever is best for you and your family. Best of luck
  5. As far as I'm aware, as an Australian Citizen you MUST leave and enter the country using your Australian passport. This is a quote from DIBP website " An Australian passport is the most conclusive proof of Australian citizenship when travelling. As an Australian citizen you must always leave and enter Australia on an Australian passport." Here is the link : http://www.citizenship.gov.au/current/ In regards to the waiting period before you apply for an Australian passport, you can go to post office and apply for your passport right after your ceremony. There is no need to wait for 10 days so they can update your status in the system. I have done it and got my passport within couple of days right after my ceremony as I had a similar situation. Also a friend of mine has done it too without any issue. Therefore, my advice to you is not to risk an air fare and postponed you trip for 3 days get your passport and then leave.
  6. jmartin8010

    Citizenship Timeline for Years 2013/2014

    Hi Durkin33, Thanks for sharing your timeline. I also am surprised how quick it was for you. Congrats..... I applied around the same date as you and have my ceremony on June 12th , for me it was quick enough as it took 4 months from the date I applied.
  7. Hi Saintkamy, Be absolutely fearless as I was on PR VB 886 State Sponsorship till my citizenship was approved. Basically I only had 2 visas since I arrived here : First Student Visa and then VB 886. Thanks
  8. Hello Everyone, By this post I would like to put an end to all the rumors about rejection of citizenship or putting it on hold when you don't complete the 2 years living condition in sponsoring state. My citizenship application was approved 2 weeks after I lodged my application online and now i'm waiting for my ceremony. My PR was granted based on state sponsorship (VB 886) and I did not move to that state because I could not find a proper job there. Although this might change in future and living in the sponsoring state may become compulsory, but at the moment it is a moral obligation and as far as there is no condition on your PR nothing will happen to your citizenship application. I'm not trying to convince anyone to break any rules/laws by this post. However job security and family well being becomes first in that matter. If you can find a job or already have a job and there is no solid reason not to meet the obligation please go ahead and live in the state that gave you the opportunity to come to Australia. Otherwise don't panic and try to contribute to the Australian society by working and paying taxes in another place and be a good human being. Have a nice day everyone.
  9. Hi There, I'm in the same boat as you and i'm just a couple of weeks away from applying. Therefore, stay put and I will give you a real world example of whether changing state will affect the Citizenship or not. I was sponsored by a State and got my PR 4 years later but never step a foot there due changed personal circumstances over the period of waiting game . My personal opinion is that it should not affect your citizenship application BUT you never know. I may be the first victim
  10. jmartin8010

    Citizenship Timeline for Years 2013/2014

    I'm totally agree with you about the fact that giving the council will be too specific. That's why I wrote "City/Council area" . I don't think saying for example "applied in Sydney" would be so specific. Anyways, thanks for your comment. I will be applying early next year as well. I say Online will be much easier as you can check your application status etc... Not sure if the same think is possible for paper based. I also can give you a brief info that I got from a friend of mine. He applied online in mid October. Did the test 2 days ago and they told him most likely you will be on next June ceremony (June 2014). he was kinda shock and asked them to book him earlier if possible and their response were : We can't promise anything but we may book you for April's ceremony. He applied in Brisbane City.
  11. jmartin8010

    Citizenship Timeline for Years 2013/2014

    Seems like no one is interested in this Thread
  12. Hello everyone... I thought it is a good idea to have a Thread on the citizenship timeline for years 2013/2104 and it could help many people who are on their way to apply for citizenship :biggrin: People who applied in previous years are also welcome to share their timeline as well. I just thought that the most recent the information is the more accurate it will be. Therefore please share your timeline using below format : Date applied City/Council area Online / Paper Date received the acknowledgement email Date of the Citizenship Test Date of ceremony Type of ceremony (Urgent/Normal) Above is what I thought is good to know. If you think there are other point that could benefit anyone please feel free to add . I'm thanking everyone in advance
  13. Hi Folks, I was wondering if anyone can suggest a very good migration agent in Brisbane area. I know a person who is on 457 Visa and is willing to start applying for Independent Skilled Migration visa, as his position maybe removed in the company. He is a Geologist with Master degree and more than 4 years of work experience. I do appreciate any comments any advance.
  14. Thanks ozziepom, As a matter of fact, this was exactly what happened to me. SS was my only option and was intended to move to that state. However when I was just weeks away from grant rules changed and I was dropped to category 5 and had to wait for 4 years in order to get the visa. I was onshore and decided not to think about the PR visa until it is granted. Just wanted to share this with you guys Anyways , Ride Hard ... Life is short
  15. Hi ajs604 , I'm totally agree with you on people should really be committed to what they agreed on. I don't want to justify my actions or anything like that here. Firstly by saying "Not have been in the state's airport" does not mean that I did not try to get a job in that state. secondly , as I mentioned in my previous post, people's situation changes over time. At the time I got the sponsorship (4 years ago) I had every intention to move into that state. However right now I can not really quiet the job I worked hard for , in order to get into the position i'm in now and move somewhere that they don't even have my occupation on their demand list anymore and start look for the job that does not exist (most likely) . Anyways the moral aspects have been discussed many times on different threads and I will not even give my personal opinion about this in this thread anymore so we hopefully can stick to main point of this thread Which is "putting an end to all the rumours about not being able to become citizen if you don't complete the moral obligation of state sponsorship visas." Regards,