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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there, My name is Shawn and I'm 14 and I live in London, but I was born in Sydney. However, I moved back when I was 6, and we never returned. And now, I'm obsessed with everything Australia. Books, flags, pictures, the whole thing. My one lifetime want is to return and live there full time. My parents don't care - been there, done that as they always say. I have photographs of me as a child at all the Sydney sights, its just reignited my desire to go. And now, my life has a small hole in it. I'm happy in London, but whenever I see something on TV about Sydney, it makes me feel sad and kinda homesick. And I dont know why I get homesick, I literally don't remember Sydney at all, apart from one or two memories, but I feel I should be there. But thats me babbling on. I suppose I don't have the same circumstances as most users here, so I'll be more of an observer rather than a poster! Shawn
  2. Hi Everyone, We arrived last Monday being bought over by my husbands new company - All good as we have had our visas for 3 years now and were planning to make the move on our own next year. All a lot easier having the comapny organise everything. Had a bit of a nightmare as my youngest has been so ill since we arrived we've had her at the hospital with a gastro virus - not a great start. I have two other kids Jude who is 6 and Rio who is 3 - Kaia is 1. Keith starts work on Monday and I am just dreading it, I have friends on the Gold Coast but no-one around Brisbane, have to entertain the 3 kiddies with out going mental myself. Cannot get them into nursery or school until we have a permanent address and we are in an apartment in the city for the next 3 weeks !!! AAgghhhh! Limited toys, small apartment, no friends.. Help! So happy to be here and love it so far just would love someone to chat to and hang out with and some friends for the kiddies. We thought we were going to Melbourne until 4 days before we left UK, then hubbys company had a change of hear at the last minute (though Brisbane was our first choice!). I had actually made contact with few moms on Melbourne but have had no time to do any research or make any contacts in Brisbane at all. Think I may be feling a tad lonely next week:unsure: Please get in touch if you are up for a meet up - sure any mom can relate - cheers for now Faye x
  3. Guest

    New and slightly bewildered!

    Hi everyone I'm new to PIO so just wanted to say Hi and ask a few questions... My OH and I have only just reached the "OK, let's look into this seriously" stage and just trying to figure out when, how much it'll cost, what type of skilled visa to go for etc etc. Can anyone give me a rough idea how long the whole visa application process takes? I'm a speech therapist so if there are any other speechies (or similar healthcare profs) out there I'd love to hear from you and pick your brains about jobs, visa's , pay scales etc etc! And would also like o hear any advice or opinions people have on Victoria vs South Australia ( I was in Melbourne for about 6 months as a backpacker and loved it, but also appreciate that backpacking and real life are different worlds!!) Anyway, Hi again to everyone and looking forward to chatting to you soon Lyns xx
  4. Guest

    SLIGHTLY trivial!!!

    Ok not a huge dilemma when compared to everything you need to think about but..... all our electrical things seem to be suddenly packing up on us and just not sure whether to buy here or there. Decided to get a new dyson vac before we go because have read people say they are more expensive over there and decided to take fridge freezer even though freezer drawer is a bit bust but what about the washer???? Now that's packed in completely. We're covered with separate insurance for it repairing but to be honest it's been rubbish from the start and we've had them out to it about 8 times so thought we might just be better buying a new one but are they cheaper there or not because I had a quick look at shops over there and they looked more expensive? but of course if we buy there we'll have the warranty ?????:arghh: Any help would be VERY appreciated and stop me going SLIGHTLY mad :goofy: Donna x
  5. sadsmile23

    I'm going slightly mad!!!

    I'm really starting to lose the plot regarding this visa business!! I cannot tell you how many agents I have contacted to see if we can apply under skilled visa route and how many different answers I have had from each and every one of them!! :arghh: I accept ours is not a straightforward case, but it just seems that there is no uniform rule that they all adhere to when assessing our chances. I have read (and re-read!) the TRA UAC myself and questioned them all on it - some say yes, we can get you through on pathway B, now today another says they will get us through on pathway C (they, at least, offer a refund if application fails!). Yes, I accept its not a clear cut case, but my head is literally spinning on a daily basis being told different things - we are no further forward today than we were 2 months ago when I started. Am I better paying a "no win, no fee! agent and just seeing what happens? Am I better looking at a sponsered visa - which has been another suggestion? Am I better just forgetting the whole idea (not a chance - I've started, so I'll finish!!) Just need to let off some steam, coz I STILL have no idea which way we are heading - other than completely round the twist! :arghh: :arghh::arghh:
  6. Guest

    goign slightly mad

    hi all really don't know how i am feeling this week . It is my last week at work and i am finding it harder than i thought . i am a mobile hairdresser and have been for the last 15 years so saying goodbye to my clients is getting harder every day . also trying to clear the house of all the clutter we have accumalated and get my accounts up to date . just to add to all the chaos my husband is now flying of to germany at the weekend to do a intense training course and check out some new machinery for the company he will be working for in oz . we are expecting the house to be finalised end of next , selling our cars and then the packers will be here . :wacko: any way think this sounds as chaotic as my mind is this week . might even book the flights i keep checking every day . on top of this i have my sis who i love dearly still moaning at me and trying to organise my last few weeks dont want to upset her more but i am trying to fit everyone in . well thats enough ranting from a slightly unbalanced girlie tonite going to open some wine. thanks for listening or even reading haze xx