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Found 928 results

  1. GJ1443


    Hi all, We've been trying to work out but have come up short, whether we can use proof of no claims insurances like car, house, contents etc from Australia when we go back to the UK (both dual citizens and have UK bank accoiny that I've used for small transfers and purchases now and then). Thanks! G
  2. fluxsta

    Car rental upon arrival?

    Hi all, Any recent arrivals had good experience and preferably a cheap one with car rental firms? Arriving August and looking for 4-6 week car hire, 2 adults, 4 year old and 18 month old twins. We don't need people carrier, just bog standard vehicle, and 3 car seats. Any cheap places anyone knows of? thanks
  3. Rented from Avis at Perth airport for convenience on arrival. No problems recommending them but they are expensive. Our Holden station wagon was not available so we were upgraded to a big Nissan 4x4 which was great for all the luggage. Swapped out to Bayswater car rental who run a fleet of new Toyota Corollas at a much lower cost than Avis and are quite close to the airport. Their spin is that getting a taxi from the airport to their place is still going to save you money compared to renting from a major at the airport. They do satnav too for $5 a day but I don't think they do child seats (we already had a hire arranged for ours separately) Only "issue" is that they will charge the insurance excess to your card at the start of the hire and refund it when you drop it off so there good be a currency gain / loss as a result, but if a Corolla is big enough for your needs then definitely give them a shout.
  4. tommyhawkes

    Moving back to the UK car insurance

    Hi all, Just a bit of advice really for a couple that have just had to move back to the UK. We have recently just tried our hand at a skills assessment for VETASSESS knocked back on a technicality and have had to come home because our visa has run out, while things are in motion. From looking at some of the other poor folk on here it could be any time or never! Any who, I have been outside of the UK for 3 and a half years now and although I have driven vehicles in Australia, but they have all been company vehicles. The problem I am having is the UK no claims bonus, which I now appear to have lost because I haven't had UK cover for over 2 years!? Has anyone else been in this position!? Do you just have to suck it up, or is there a more cheaper option!? I haven't seen quotes like this since I was 19, I'm now 32! Apologies if there's a similar thread, I just couldn't see any, and the insurance companies are being as clear as mud (as ever).
  5. Since I will arrived soon in SA, my pals in Canada told me it is better to rent a car for months or even years. you can always enjoy the new models and paid less compared with buying a new auto. it that true? btw which model is the most popular one for a three-ppl family? cheers.
  6. We are due to move to Melbourne in around 3 months time. Whilst the move is planned, we didn’t anticipate such a quick timeline. We have just got a new car on finance in the uk, and given we will be stung financially if we hand it back, would like to take it with us. However, we’ve seem that you need to have owned the car for 12 months, and at the point of moving we will have owned it for only 6. Is there any way around this? I have relatives I’m guessing could import it but that would be quite complicated as I’d need to sell it to them? Any ideas?
  7. Does anyone have hints / tips / pitfalls / value-for-money-opinions for importing a diesel car from the UK ? It’s not super precious/expensive - quite the opppsite - but a good runner which we’ve looked after, with a residual value here which is much lower than what it’s ‘worth’ to us when including what we’ve spent on it over the years ( if this makes sense to anyone ) - Many thanks
  8. Hi there. We're moving to Melbourne on 15 July, new employer is helping with relocation and allowed us a 40 foot container which we're hoping we can squeeze our car into along with the rest of the house. I'm not sure if there'll be an extra charge for that, waiting to hear. I'm trying though to get a handle on the other costs and struggling a bit. It's an old but good car, Peugeot 307 SW 56 plate. 94,000 miles. Auto Trader says 1500 quid now, we bought it for just over 5k in 2011. I'll get less if I have to sell it though as we need it till the last minute so I'll be taking it down a used car yard. I've seen that equivalent cars are much more expensive in Australia (circa £4000 / $6500) so we wanted to try to keep it as long as the costs aren't too great to take over. Taxes don't seem too bad as they are based on the value of the car so only 20% or so of the value at say £1500, so £300 or so. But are there other costs I need to be aware of to get it on the road down under, what are they typically? Registration, modification, roadworthy certificate? I know it'll need a steam clean before it goes ... Thanks in advance for any advice ....
  9. Fairly (ok very) unknowledgeable about car leases. However, if you were only planning on being in Australia for a reasonably short time ie: two years, would it be better to lease a car rather than buy? Our friends are moving out next year (with a plan to only stay for two - long story). They don't have the funds to buy a car and don't really want to take out a loan for a car and then have the hassle of having to sell it only a few short years down the track. I said I would ask on here - any knowledgeable folk able to enlighten?
  10. ajcooper

    Taking my car home

    I know most of you advise against this but I want to test the water anyway. We have a relatively new Captiva that we'd probably consider taking over. If anyone has done this then I'd appreciate some advice on the following; cost to ship and shipping time insurance implications back in England I know I'll need to get the dash change over to MPH and get the MOT done. Thanks
  11. simmo

    Could this work?

    The car tube? http://www.cartube.global
  12. calNgary

    taking my car ???

    just wondered if anyone knew the ins and outs and of course approx cost of taking a car over to brisbane ,also are you allowed to fill the car with belongings ,we are trying to work out wheter it is financially viable ,im grateful for any info thanks cal x
  13. immy21

    Shipping a car to Australia

    Hi Does anyone have any experience of the cost of shipping a car from the UK to Australia. I have found the cost of certain European cars to be excessively expensive over there so am considering alternative ways. Any ballpark figures would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  14. The major sites when looking online for a car are.. http://www.carsales.com.au http://www.carsguide.com.au (allows you to sell your car for free) http://www.carpoint.com.au http://www.drive.com.au Note: Expect to pay double the price for the same car in Oz, than what you would pay in the UK. This is because of high taxes. On a sunny side though, petrol in oz is about 3x times cheaper than in the UK.
  15. has anyone exported a car ? would be interested to hear of the costs involved.
  16. ​We are selling our Dualis as we are relocating to London and need a quick sale. We Have had it from new it has low kms, 40500, long rego till 20/11/15. It is a six speed manual with full service history. we bought it in nov 2011 for $25,000 and are willing to take $15,000, which is an absolute bargain. There is a very long list of standard extras. It also comes with a reversing sensor, tinted windows and dualis car mats. Please pm me for more details
  17. Please note - January 2013 CREP update changes and ratings. Please read the CREP info further down the page. I posted about this over on the sister site PIA. However I thought this would a useful thread to have as there are difference in car seat regulations between the UK/EU and Australia. This is all taken from my online research. Thought I'd share my findings. Many people making the move to Australia are not aware that their UK car seats are not legal in Australia. Even if they have the latest, newest and highest rated UK/EU car seat, it won't matter a jot. It will be illegal to use in a car in Australia. Australian car seats are top tethered and have to be approved to Australian standards. Imported car seats are not tested or legal. So what do you need to know Child restraint laws What seat does my child need? Up to 6 months: Your baby must be restrained in an approved rearward facing child restraint like an infant capsule or a convertible car seat specifically designed for newborn babies. (NB - Just because you can turn your child forward facing at 6 months in Australia doesn't mean you should. Rear facing for as long as possible is advised for safety reasons). 6 months to 4-years-old: Your child must be in either a rearward facing or forward facing child restraint, such as a child safety seat. 4-years-old to 7-years-old: Your child must be in either a forward facing child restraints or a booster seat restrained by a correctly adjusted and fastened seatbelt or child safety harness. You can read this information on RAC Australia, BabyCenter.com.au and also here at bubhub.com.au and kidssafewa.com.au. Just a number of websites online, national and different states, basically all saying the same thing with regard to the car seat laws. They are a national thing, regardless of state now. **UPDATED CREP RESULTS JAN 2013** CREP have released their new test results. Please be aware they used additional criteria so some car seats star safety ratings have changed. Car seat safety test findings from CREP (Child Restraint Evaluation Program) This is the body that tests car seats on the Australian market. It has safety ratings for all types of seats. Click on the appropriate age group to view the results. Be aware some of these car seats are no longer available and newer models have been brought out. Also they are not the be all and end all in terms of testing and you should always take into account other information, test results and so on also. New CREP ratings Jan 2013 - http://www.crep.com.au/crep-results.php What type of car seat do I need to be looking at? Capsule/Infant carrier - From birth to 9 months/1 year 9 or 12kg (depending on car seat limits) These are rear facing car seats. Convertible car seat - Suitable from birth, rear facing from birth to weight/size limit then forward facing till 4 years Forward facing car seats - 6 months - 4 years Booster seats - 4-7 years of age. Both harnessed and seatbelt fitted. Highbacked fitted with top tether is becoming the norm. A few other things - * Britax is called Safe n Sound in Australia. They sell their car seats nationally. There website is here - http://www.britax.com.au/ * Maxi Cosi is Maxi Cosi - They currently don't appear to have an Australian website but you can find their car seats for sale online or in stores in Australia. * There is also Facebook group for car seat safety in Adelaide. Adelaide Kids In Cars. Very helpful car seat experts who are more than happy to help answer your questions and more. * Extended rear facing (from 1-4 years of age) is not yet available in Australia. Britax is planning to design and test an extended rear facing car seat in the not too distant future. You can find various groups on Facebook if you are interested in learning more about this. They are Australian Parents for Rear Facing Car Restraints to 18 kg Rear-Facing Down Under Bring Extended Rearfacing To Australia * There is also a thread on this forum for extended rear facing (ERF). It can be found HERE * The Australia system uses the top tether. If you import a UK car you'll need to install tether points for fitting your Aussie car seats properly. * Isofix is not yet legal in Australia. It has however passed a few hurdles and is currently waiting for final approval to enable car seat manufacturers to begin making and testing car seats fitted using Isofix (or the Aussie equivalent if they use the top tether also still). UPDATE July 29 2011 - Isofix is coming to Australia in 2013 - Read more HERE * Please view this webpage to get an idea of a child safety harness for older children no longer needing a car seat - Scroll down the page to the last couple of photos - http://www.childrestraints.co.nz/australia.php You can also find more info over on Carseatsafety.com.au and Roadwise. The original thread for this is over on PIA AUGUST 15 2012 - NEWS UPDATE ON AUS STANDARDS You can download the draft HERE . You need to register and then download the PDF. From a Britax press release - On the 13th August 2012, Standards Australia released a draft of the revised Child Restraints Standard AS/NZS1754. The draft introduces a number of significant changes to the way Australian and New Zealand children will be restrained in cars in the future. The key changes in the draft include: Child restraints will be made available in Australia that include lower attachment connectors allowing them to be engaged with ISOFIX low anchorages available in many cars. This new category is similar to systems offered overseas. As with all Australian child restraints, the upper tether strap is required for use; A new category of child restraints will be introduced to the Australian market, allowing most children to stay rear facing up to approximately two to three years of age; A new category of child restraint with an in-built harness for children from approximately six months up to eight to ten years of age will be introduced. Previously restraints with an in-built harness have only been available for children up to approximately four years of age; Introduction of testing and defining child restraints that are suitable for babies that are of low birth weight or premature, and Introduction of marking of child restraints suitable for aircraft travel. The draft will be open for industry, government and consumers to review and comment until the 16th October 2012. Once the standard is approved for publication, expected to be early next year, Britax will endeavor to certify and release restraints that are compatible with ISOFIX low anchorages and within the new requirements of the standard. (Source Britax/Safe n Sound).
  18. Circumstances have conspired to make me offer my well-running car for really cheap: leaving Australia soon, Roadworthy certificate requirements came up with a number of minor repairs that I don't have time for, and the rego runs out June 1st 2015. Between $750 and $1000 of repairs needed: *wiper blade rubber replacement *front windscreen replacement ($180 because it's a common type) *2 new tyres (other 2 have good thread left) *reglue steeringwheel rubber *Replace some worn out parts like lower engine mounts (easily accessible from bottom of car) *Muffler+central exhaust part replacement The latter bit is about half the repair cost, so if you can source the part cheaply (like a wrecker or have the part made - I have details for this) that decreases the cost significantly. $1000 MAX is the rough estimate from the mechanic today. The engine is completely fine, which was to be expected as I had it checked and repaired 4000 km ago when I replaced the headgasket, oil pressure sensor and timing belt. So after the repairs you're sure to have a solid car which won't need any major maintenance for quite awhile at a really good price. It's an immensely practical and economical car, if not the most sexy. What I love about this car is the spaciousness: a compact car that fits into small parking spots and has a tiny turning circle, yet has oodles of space inside: plenty of headroom despite me being 6 foot 3; I can transport a fridge on its side with the seats folded forward; and two people can sleep on the surface formed when the seats are folded backwards, with spare room for gear (SEE photos). The 1.5 litre engine means you won't win streetraces, but it's definitely the most economical car available in this price range. I drive anywhere between 450 and 550 kilometres on a full tank, which costs about $50. The exterior has some minor cosmetic issues; there's some scrapes from parking maneuvres, and a rear panel has a nick from when I backed into a trailer. Nothing I would worry about at least. The interior is in excellent condition; 3 non-smoker previous owners. Also: * PHILIPS high quality head unit with CD/USB/MP3/Bluetooth handsfree * Front Pioneer 5 1/4" aftermarket speakers (great sound actually) * 15" alloy wheels * Tinted windows * Radiator replaced by previous owner slightly over a year ago * Rego is a NSW rego, which runs out June 1st, so nicely timed to re-register in VIC. Phoning is preferred: 0490 499 323
  19. Hi. I need to get a roadworthy on my car and just wondering if anyone knows if it will fail because of a small chip on the windscreen. Also the rear view mirror has 2 cracks in it and don't know if it will fail on this as many cars/vans can't use theirs because they don't have rear windows. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  20. Looking for a roadtrip vehicle? Opt for a station wagon instead of a van; especially if you're looking to camp in non designated areas. You will be much more discreet and my car comes with all the utilities you'll need. Basically, whether you're a backpacker or simply need an everyday car, this gem is for you! Would definitely keep it for myself but i have to go back to the mother land as my working holiday visa expires. Selling a white 2000 Ford Falcon Forte station wagon unleaded fuel with just over 331K km. Features a number of high-end options including alloy wheels, automatic transmition with economy mode (gives you +800km on a $75 fillup), power windows, side mirrors and locks, cd/cassette audio system, cruise control, ice cold air conditioning, roof racks and more. Car has been fully serviced (& has always been very well taken care of) and is in excellent driving condition. Very reliable. No wonder it is the most used make by taxis in Australia! Also, in the unlikely event that you might need parts, these are widely available and cheap (not the case with foreign cars or vans). Fuel pump and filter recently changed (gives you 6 years trouble free at least); front tires are brand new. Victoria reg is good until mid-june 2015 and RWC. For the traveller, also included is a REAL full queen size mattress with 2 sets of sheets, 2 pillows and comforter (all worth $500+), beach towels, full kitchen ware (stove, pans, glasses, mugs, plates, bowls, various tupperwares, silver ware, bucket, sponges, cleaning products etc), camping accessories (inflatable matts, tent) and mosquito net as wells as various other goodies (deck of cards, balls etc). Feel free to ask if you have any questions or contact me at 0406 330 736 if you wish to see and test. I'm located south of Melbourne's CBD. Cheers! Leah
  21. We are due to move down to Kalgoorlie at the end of September, both have jobs sorted out, now just waiting for visas etc. My partner Andy has spent the last 10 months working FIFO to Karratha and is currently on his last trip home before we go down together. Anyway his sponsoring company is paying full relocation costs, which we think can include a car. Not sure who will be responsible for customs etc at the other end but we shall start to make some enquiries. Whilst in Perth this morning he was pretty horrified at the price of even crappy second hand vehicles, rarely seeing anything half decent for less than about $10k. As we're going to Kalgoorlie (and having lived there before) we know the situation is even worse there. Last time we bought virtually the cheapest car in town, and that was a god-awful 1990 Ford Falcon whose radiator blew up the first time we drove it! Full of red sludge.... Anyway, we have two cars at the moment, a Citroen C4 hatchback 1.4l Petrol and a Peugeot 307 SW 2.0l turbo diesel. The Citroen doesn't have air-con so we're going to try and sell that in the next few weeks. But with the Pug, it's only worth about £3k here, and from a tiny bit of research I think the equivalent would cost about $10k, but there aren't many the same model in Aus. So we're not talking huge tax costs on arrival. So, since transport costs will be paid for, is it worth thinking about have it shipped down? It's my car, I've owned it for over 12 months and have driven it virtually every day over that period. So I think I would be fine getting the VIA. We would just have to wait until we get our visas to apply for that. We know that its comfy for long distances, and know its quirks! We are already taking my OH's motorbike, a year-old Suzuki GSXR which is his pride and joy (not that I imagine its going to be fun to ride around Kal!). So it would make sense to have the two vehicles shipped together, and possibly with the rest of our stuff if the visas come through sharpish. Any thoughts?
  22. DapperDirewolf

    Working Holiday Car Insurance

    Hi everyone! I have a simple enough question (I hope!) about car insurance for those of us on a Working Holiday Visa who have gone and purchased a vehicle for the purposes of travelling the country ... In all my research so far I've found it very difficult to come across any concise information about car insurance options for backpackers. I'm a 27 year old male from the UK and have just bought myself a van to drive around the country with, and have even found some rather appealing car insurance quotes from companies such as Woolworths. The only problem is, having looked at the terms and conditions and policies etc., that there doesn't appear to be anything specific about the validity of people like myself on temporary visas purchasing or claiming on insurance. What I'm concerned with here, of course, is that I end up in some kind of accident (touch wood!), call to make a claim, and have someone say "Hang on, you're on a working holiday visa and only have a UK driver's licence? Sorry, but that is not at all valid. No claim for you!" I fully intend to call up some of these providers on Monday morning and ask them directly if they offer insurance to WHV drivers, but I just hoped that in asking about this here I might: a) Get some answers or ideas a little quicker b) Help out anybody else in my position who only wants to do things the right way As a final note, the only company I've found so far who offers insurance specifically to backpackers and unfortunately - unless I'm mistaken - they only offer third party insurance which, whilst it is something, still doesn't suit me. I want my own property protected, too, if possible! (Oh, and Travellers Car Insurance appears to be shutting down on March 1st, too!) I appreciate any advice given and I apologise if this topic has been covered already - I wasn't able to find anything regarding my specific issue. Thanks!
  23. I have just reduced the price of my Ford Fiesta by $1k as I need to sell it urgently (I am heading overseas in a couple of weeks). This has been a reliable, safe (4 star ANCAP rating) and extremely fuel efficient car. It is great for zipping around town in and is comfortable on longer trips too. It is in great condition and has been well looked after by myself and the previous owners. This car has the following features: - Manual - Only 80800 km - A/C - Power steering - Generous boot space and back seat for a small car - Seats 5 people - Driver & passenger airbags - Great condition inside and out - Rego until March 2015 - Being sold with RWC Feel free to contact me if you have questions or want to arrange a viewing. I'm based in Richmond, Melbourne.
  24. ****Diesel Automatic 2.0 Litre****** PRIVATE SELLER Well looked after Captiva. Replaced Engine 8 months ago so can call it a brand new engine. (Got the paperwork to prove) Looks very nice inside, seats and interior looks good. $15480 Neg. Model: Captiva Body Type: WagonYear: 2007 Kilometres: 176000T ransmission: Automatic Drive Train: 4x4 Fuel Type: Diesel Colour: Silver Air Conditioning: Yes Registered: Yes Variant: SX (4x4) Great reliable runner . As new engine. Cost me $7000 to redone. Tyres still lots of road left with deep grooves Comes with lots of extras: * Bull Bar * Headlight / Bonnet protectors * 17" Wheel Mags * Side Steps * Tow Bar * Dogs Door seperating back seats from boot area (Can remove this when travelling) * Holden Floor mats * CD/Radio Player with 6 speakers * GPS * Rego till January 2015 So coming to ACT, or already here, let me know. I am also a trusted UK eBay seller with 100% feedback. Small dent and some scratches on the back. 01 of 4 ‹› ‹›
  25. Hi Guys. I know the general consensus is to buy when you're out there but I've been checking out the costs of used cars - they're massive in comparision to the UK. For example, the 2002 Audi A4 TDi Avant I run around in here that is worth approx £6k would cost at least $18k. A difference of approx £3k sterling. Has anyone imported their car? If so what sort of costs are we talking of? All the best.