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Found 264 results

  1. Guest

    Home swaps - Short term visits

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone would be interested in joining a family home swap? The problem we have is wanting to visit parents in the UK and Paris but ideally need our own space while we are there. As such I have created a home swapping system for families who want to swap with other families who have kids of similar ages so you don't have to take all the prams, porta cots etc etc. Trying to build up a database ( no costs attached) please let me know... Thanks Sarah
  2. Has anyone had experience of renting furnished accommodation around the North Lakes area that you would be happy to recommend? It will be for a family of 4. If all goes to plan with our 457 visa we'll be in oz at the end August this year but our furniture won't arrive until about 6 weeks later. Struggling to find anything on the net! Thank you all!:biggrin:
  3. Hi guys, we arrive in Perth in October and would like to arrange a holiday rental for the first couple of months that is fully furnished. Its just the two of us so we only need one bedroom. Preferably near to train station/bus route into city upto $400 per week. I have trawled through the internet and found a couple but was wondering if anyone had any other ideas. Thanks very much, Kerry and Rich
  4. Guest

    short term rental

    Hey everyone, i was just wondering if its possible to arrange a short term rental in hobart for about a week or two? :cute:
  5. Hi everyone, we (hubby and I) will be arriving in Brisbane in early June. I have a job at the Mater hospital and we need a short term furnished place to rent untill our furniture arrives from England and till we find a suburb where we want to settle more permanantly. Ideally I dont want to be commuting for more than 30 mins, hubby is hopeing for a job at Brisbane docks so anywhere between the two would be great. Can anyone help with advice on a nice suburb and letting agents who would be able to help with this. We have been looking at Springfield Lakes, Collingwood Park, Ferny Grove, Redbank Plains, Wynumm and Manly. Many thanks Lynne:confused:
  6. Hi There Was wondering if anyone could advise how best to go about organising the short term rental I'd need when I first arrive in Perth? As a guide, budget would be $400 per week and should preferably contain 2 bedrooms, although it's not required for a few months yet, I like to plan well ahead. Also, as we currently own a property with a mortgage, the obtaining of rental references towards the end of the stay would be handy. I'd certainly appreciate the guidance of people who have gone through the process, so thanks in advance for any guidance. Kind regards Ed
  7. crosbyx4

    short term rental for when we land

    we are due to arrive in melbourne 23rd Oct and i have been looking for a short term rental / holiday appartment type property for our inital weeks whilst looking for something more permanent ........ will be working in knox area can anyone recommend anywhere please :cool:
  8. Hi, we (me my partner and son aged 3) are moving to Brisbane in March next year and need to find some short term (around 4 weeks) accomodation in or near the CBD while we look for a permanent home. We are looking for the apartment or house to be fully furnished and clean while reasonably priced. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks :biggrin:
  9. Hi fellow PIO members, My husband and I have just been discussing what we'll do with regards to flights. Have you found flights to be a lot cheaper if booked in advance (months) or not that much difference/same if booked with only a matter of weeks before? Look forward to your replies. AC
  10. hi all we are moving to mornington,south frankston area march 2012. we are family of 4 including 3 girls ages 11 and 13. We are looking for short term rental approx 6 weeks in the above area. Preferably walking distance to beach. also pet friendly as we have a very WELL BEHAVED 5 year old cocker spaniel who will be joining us after his 30 days in quarentine. Any ideas?? collette & paul. x
  11. My husband flys to Perth on the 3rd Jan and has 10 nights booked in a hotel in central Perth. He's not sure what to do after this as short tem lets don't seem to be economical for 1, so he thought it would be best to look for flat share whilst he is in Perth. Myself and the rest of the family will arrive later (March?) once Jon has a job or our house sells. Given it will take a few months to get the furniture shipped I assume we will need to get a short term let then a long term let. The kids are 8 and 6 so will be in school when we are in the short term let - but I was hoping not to have to move them when we rent long term. How did you get on with this? If we are booking the short term let only a month ahead of arriving what if we just end up settling where we can get a place to stay.
  12. Hi We are a family of 4 moving to Sydney from UK - arriving on Boxing Day. We're looking for short term accomodation - approx 1-2 months, to help us get settled in before finding something longer term. I am lookign at Domain, RealEstate, Rent-a-Home and gumtree. Can anyone suggest anyother options that I can look at please. Many thanks Jon
  13. We are arriving at some point mid November (assuming our visa rrives on time) . We will be staying in a short term rental until we sort out a primary school for our son and then we will be securing a permanent place. My husband will work in Civic. Can anyone reccomend a good short term rental. We are looking to stay longer term in Weston/Woden or Belconnen and would consider the Inner north also - assuming we find something suitable. We will be travellng with a 3 yr old and a 4 yr old and as I think t will take a while t get a onger term rental - we would want womthing that will no break our bank accounts in case we have to stay for longer than 2-3 weeks. A two bed apartment would be fine - just want it to be easy for my husband to get to work (once he starts - we may not have got 2 cars by then so cyclable or bus - able) and a good base for looking around. I would love to hear from people on this. Also - if anone could pass comment on whether its bettwe if my husband comes alone first to do above and then me and kids follow? We thought about doing it this way but seems a big ask for one person to sort out Angela x
  14. Hi everybody, We are new to PomsInOz, so hello. We are moving to the Sunshine Coast in January 2012 and need to find a short term rental for about 8 weeks, before we decide where we are going to rent long term. Does anyone have any recommendations? We are looking at Caloundra up to Mooloolaba. Thanks Jo :biggrin:
  15. Hi guys, Having terrible trouble finding halfway decent short term accomm in Perth! We think we will be there from around 1st November and need somewhere for at least 4 weeks. I can't believe some of the dumps out there that people are looking for crazy money for. We're expecting a baby on 4th December so move is extra scary and looking at all the horrible run down places is killing the excitement of the move a bit! We would be happy to pay €3k for 4 weeks or could stretch to maybe €3.5k if necessary. Could be an apartment or a house, had to have air con as we have 2 year old (who is used to Galway weather!) and access to a pool would be great. Very flexible about location. Not looking for luxury but clean bright and modern (decorated more recently than the 80's would help!!!) One bedroom would be fine. Am I kidding myself with my budget? Thanks guys! Kate.
  16. Hello, Family and I are coming over to Melbourne on the 17th January and we are looking for some fully furnished accommodation for about 4-6 weeks. I have a couple of places we maybe able to rent, however nothing is confirmed yet so I wanted to see if anybody can recommend anywhere. It will be for 3 adults and one child (11 months old) so we are looking for a 2/3 bedroom property. We are looking for anything along the Mornington Peninsula as that’s where we would like to live long term. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Hayley, James, Elsie and Bella. ps It also has to be pet friendly as we have a dog.
  17. GaryandGillDublin

    Short Term Rental Perth

    Hey, Haven't been on PIO since receiving Visa grant mid-May. PC got a virus and is out of action and very hard to write posts on Iphone ;( Flights are booked for 14/09/11, finishing work on 26/08/11, first wedding aniversary 28/08/11 so it's all go. Trying to get our house rented at the mo but our main concern is somewhere to live when we first arrive. We have friends in Doubleview (emigrated last Nov') but don't want to stay more than a couple of days because don't want to be a burden .. Would need something maybe for 2 wks until we have found something more permanent. Would like to settle in the Quinns Rocks, Mindarie or Joondalup areas and so maybe a short term here would be nice to get a feel for the areas. We've enquired in a few places but they all seem very expensive and we really need to try keep costs down until we find jobs (medical secretary and plumber). If anyone has any advice, it would be much appreciated. Cheers, Gill
  18. jodznsez

    Short term rental..!!

    hi all.. me and the wife are due to be in melbourne (moving from sydney) in 2 weeks and 2 days. We've still got NOWHERE to stay... we cant afford another trip to melbourne before we arrive so going straight into a proper long term rental aint going to happen. So we'll have to do the short term thing. I'm jobless as it stands , but the wife has a job in Mulgrave. We're looking for a short term furnished rental somewhere within a 20min drive to mulgrave. And we're struggling. i'm on gumtree all day pretty much, not sure where else i can look. I've checked http://www.moving-to-melbourne.co.uk/ and though there are short terms, they're all a bit pricey (except for one in Box hill which is $595, however that's still a bit over budget)... Can anyone help, advise, or just shed some light as i'm getting a bit nervous... Thanks
  19. Hi all it is me again (family of 5 landing Oct 19th). I am very worried now after sending over 70 inquiries on short term furnished rental and receiving from all of them that either the location is booked or they don't rent for less than 3 months. The locations available are ridiculous expensive (AUD 230 per night). I have through literally every single possible website searching for a 2 bedrooms (min) furnished house/flat for a period of 2 to 4 weeks without success. I am now reaching to this forum to see if someone can help us here. Is someone breaking a lease, know someone who can let a property for this period (from Oct 19th). I really really appreciate any sort of help or reference. Thanks a million. Regards, Luciana
  20. Hi there, Family of 5, husband, myself and 3 children, twin sons(3) and daughter(1) arriving in Melbourne 3rd Oct. Oh the thought of this flight. Husband just found out yesterday has a job in Bayswater, unsure when he is to start, dilemma is, will only have 1 car. If has to start straight away, the only accomodation available is a bit on the rural side, 10 mins from Berwick. Anyone know of anywhere close to transport, not too far to Bayswater? Looked on the websites I had seen on here, only seemed to find long term rentals, or way out of price range. In touch with Moving to Melbourne, unfortunately as it is so close, place we had looked at, not available, thankful to her for the one option, not booked yet but would love something closer. I am hopeful all will come together, or it will be all up at 0700am taking Daddy to work yeah!!! How are Opticians and glasses prices? Read some of the Dentistry threads Yikes! Lastly any recommendations for car hire? Thanks in advance for any info. Head is buzzing now.
  21. Help! This is my first post on here. My husband is flying to Melbourne on 15th October and will be staying in a hotel but needs to find short term accomodation until he can find long term rental. Me and 3 kids will be coming out end of November. Any ideas or help greatly appreciated!!
  22. hi all.. so our move from Sydney to melbourne is taking shape.. the misses has an offer on the table in Mulgrave. So we're thinking of the Glen Waverley area to settle.... However when we arrive we'll need a short term.. between 6 weeks to 3 months.. we dont care if its an apartment, unit or what.. we may not have a car the moment we arrive so it needs to be within a 10min walk from the GW train station... Or close to Oakleigh, Chadstone area as that's got a bus to Mulgrave... Any help or advice will be great. I've checked the moving to melbourne site.. but it's a bit costly for us as budget is $500 a week or cheaper.. (furnished of course) Thanks all !!
  23. I need to relocate to NSW but I currently have a lease agreement until February 2012, I have spoken to the rental agency and will be able to sign over the lease agreement. It is situated in Werribee, about 40 min drive to Melbourne, 1hr by train. It has 3 bedrooms built in wardrobes, 2 bathrooms, toilets, ensuite and walk in wardrobe to main bedroom. 5 min drive to train station, schools and shops walking distance. Good home to find your feet, $265 per week. Need to move ASAP.
  24. hey everyone, me and my partner are getting married next month. we started our relationship only 4 months ago and want to stay and live together in australia. Is it possible to apply for a partner visa if we are married but been together for only a few months? what evidence shell we submit in order to prove that our relationship is an ongoing thing? and what r chances in this case? also,im in au at the moment and have to live in 2 months as i have a NO FURTHER STAY condition on my visa? if i apply from overseas, how long would it be the processing time for the application as we will maybe have to spend some time apart? pls respond if you have a info regard our situation. THANK YOU!!
  25. Can anyone help? We arrive mid-November - my parents, hubby and bub to Aus permanently. We are looking for a 3 bed house near the CBD to rent for around 6 months or so and up to $600 per week. We are all professionals (except bub of course)! I can't seem to find anything, so if anyone can help, or point me in the right direction, I'd be most appreciative! Thanks in advance!