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Found 25 results

  1. Hello everyone Apologies for my naivety but this is my first post on this forum and I would really appreciate some advice. I am a recently qualified chartered accountant from N Ireland and my other half is a joiner with approximately 10 years experience. We are seriously fed up with life at home and are considering a move to Australia in February 2011 on a 12 month working holiday visa. Will we both be able to secure work without much hassle? I have a feeling Paul will be able to find something more easily than me? Would employers consider someone on a working holiday visa for temporary accountancy jobs? We are pretty sure that we will go to Perth but if jobs are more likely to be readily available elsewhere then we would of course go wherever we have most chance of getting work. Is there any way that we could secure work before we leave home? If not, where do we start looking for employment when we get there? Also, if we love life in Oz what are the chances of securing a 2nd year working holiday visa having worked in the construction and accountancy sectors? I'm sure these are probably pretty basic questions but we really do need some help, we have only just begun our research and it is an absolute minefield!! Thanks in advance
  2. Hello! My name is Beccy and I am near the end of my 2nd year training on a diploma course. Me and my partner would love to come to Australia (looking at Queensland) as soon as possible from me qualifying! However, from doing some reading around we know it might not happen! I have looked into the graduate nursing scheme, however on the queensland health website it says you can only apply once your right to work has been granted. So I would need a visa and to register with AHPRA right? On the AHPRA site it says newly qualified diploma nurses without experience are considered on a case by case basis (to do the grad scheme you arent allowed to work as an RN beforehand). So, I am not sure how to go about it? Would there be more chance of AHPRA allowing me to register if I have been offered a job somewhere? Or is there a visa I can get that wouldnt need me to be AHPRA registered, then I could apply for a job and then apply to AHPRA? I would be happy to work as an RN without doing the grad scheme, so have emailed a few hospitals, but it looks like the hardest bit is going to be to sort out registration. Any tips/pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Beccy
  3. Would like to meet up with anyone around this vicinity! We have 2 little boys 3.5 and 20 months... We're in an apartment in the CBD at the mo, but looking to get together with some folks to make friends and glean a bit local knowledge Looking to move in 2 or 3 weeks into our own rented place (or perhaps a holiday park until our shipping container arrives!) Please get in touch - thanks Andy & Michelle
  4. midwifetob

    Newly Qualified - Will i get a visa?

    Hi, I will be qualifiying as a midwife soon and would like to move to Australia. Will I be able to get a visa as a newly qualified or will I have to have a few years experience? Also what is the best route to go. Would it be best to apply for a visa and then come out and find a job or is it possible to apply for jobs and be sponsored by the hospital or healthcare trust. Is there a difference is you are state sponsored? Thanks
  5. midwifetob

    Newly Qualified Midwife

    Hi, I am currently a student midwife. I am wondering whether I would be able to get a job and a visa once I qualify. I understand that some healthcare trusts want 2 years experience, but, I have been told that I could join a graduate programme in Australia. Does anyone have any help with this. Thanks
  6. Hi, My husband and I have just arrived a week ago from the UK and busy sorting out stuff for our rental as our things haven't arrived yet! I have a 5 year old daughter who is starting school in Feb and a 3 and a half year old son. Would love to meet up with other mums in the area for a coffee, natter and to let my kids play with some children of similar ages. Please email me if you fancy meeting up. Alex
  7. HELP! I wish to register as a newly qualified midwife in oz as soon as I obtain UK registration, is this possible??:confused: AHPRA state: Applicant must provide certified documentary evidence from their current and previous employers that they have practised nursing and/or midwifery within the past five years preceding their application, as defined in criteria of the NMBA recency of practice registration standard The only experience I will have had of midwifery will be by training. I do however have two years nursing experience. Can someone please advise!!:chatterbox:
  8. Ann Maclean

    newly registered

    Hi Just thought i would introduce my self I am Ann from Scotland. I may be newly registered but have been following this site for 2 years now through my daughter Shona (shonz) been a member and she found it invaluable, when she was going through the process for SS and visa especially the support from other members, caretuckers thread really good for keeping members spirits up and info from Gill. She has now been in Perth a year come next week and the whole family are loveing it. We were out in May and met The Butlers when they were there to validate there visa what a lovely family. At the moment we are considering going for the contributory parent visa 173 applying after the new year and my son and family are going on 176 once WA gets there list out we no it is a long process but it will be worth it to have all the family in the one place :jiggy: Take Care Ann
  9. Hello everyone Apologies for my naivety but this is my first post on this forum and I would really appreciate some advice. I am a recently qualified chartered accountant from N Ireland and my other half is a joiner with approximately 10 years experience. We are seriously fed up with life at home and are considering a move to Australia in February 2011 on a 12 month working holiday visa. Will we both be able to secure work without much hassle? I have a feeling Paul will be able to find something more easily than me? Would employers consider someone on a working holiday visa for temporary accountancy jobs? We are pretty sure that we will go to Perth but if jobs are more likely to be readily available elsewhere then we would of course go wherever we have most chance of getting work. Is there any way that we could secure work before we leave home? If not, where do we start looking for employment when we get there? Also, if we love life in Oz what are the chances of securing a 2nd year working holiday visa having worked in the construction and accountancy sectors? I'm sure these are probably pretty basic questions but we really do need some help, we have only just begun our research and it is an absolute minefield!! Thanks in advance
  10. hey im looking for someone to sponsor me as a newly qualified midwife, will be heading out to oz next year. I am still open to suggestions of which area to go, but will go where the jobs are. Any help or offers, please dont hesitate.xx:smile:
  11. Hi, We have been in Oz for nearly 3 months now. Moved over from Cumbria with husband and 2 kids (8 & 6). Love exploring the area, kids settled at school great, I am working p/t, husband job hunting. All good but keep getting pangs of homesickness (if thats a word)!!!! Is there anyone else out there in similar situation? living nearby? Would love to meet new people for a laugh and good gos. :laugh: Jen x
  12. John, Mary and little Janey were eagerly anticipating there arrival into Perth, it only seemed like yesterday that they applied for their visa and now the waiting was over. The 23 hour flight had taken its toll on everybody, not in least with little Janey, from the very minute she stepped onto the flight her constant, 'Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? had driven everyone to the point of distraction, however a sour faced bad tempered (yes it was a British Airways flight) stewardess had slipped Janey a miniature Johnny Walker Black Label into her bottle and now Janey was in the land of nod. This enables the rest of the cabin crew to hide behind their curtain of secrecy and ignore all the pleas for help from the 'I NEED ATTENTION LIGHTS' situated in the passengers arm rests. After all the crew on the BA flight have far better things to do than to attend to their customers. And there below them was Perth, a wonder to behold. However the only thing on Johns mind was when he would have his next ciggy, he was becoming a little tetchy with everybody. The flight finally lands, Australia at last everyone thought. However, Mary was a little peeved, she turns to John and says, 'If you EVER drag me to the other side of the world again I will cut your knackers off, after all, this was YOUR dream, not mine'. John however seemed oblivious to this attack as all he was craving was the taste of nicotine and the veins standing out on his forehead bared this out. The captain then comes on the tannoy system, ' Would all passengers please remain in their seats until we have fully stopped, and the seat belt sign has been extinguished'. But out of the 450 passengers that day, 449 heard the captain say, 'Right ho, up you get and go for it'. As the not so formal queue is amassed Mary, John and little Janey wonder what has hit them. As they edge toward the cabin doors Mary says 'Jesus, it's like an oven out there, didn't know it was going to be this hot', as she glances toward John with a look that would kill. The immigration hall is packed to the rafters as normal, as they approach the immigration officer little Janey pipes up with, 'Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Obviously the Johnny Walker effect has worn off and Janey is once again one tired little urchin. Passports are handed over, and the immigration officer does her best to welcome the family to Australia, but Mary's face is telling a different picture, one look at her and the immigration officer bodes them farewell and turns to his colleague and says, 'They won't last long, another bunch of whinging poms'. Baggage claim is fairly easily negotiated and through all that is on Johns mind is a CIGARETTE. He looks around him, however all he can see are signs saying NO SMOKING, then out of the corner of his eye he spies daylight, and a heavenly body saying Smoking Area. More of a jog than a walk John finally makes it out into fresh air. He is surrounded by several other people, all with joyous expressions on their faces, without a care in the world. The fumes and ash are like nectar to John, ahhh, heaven on earth he thinks to himself. As he takes his first drag of the fag he realises how lucky he is to be alive and as the dizziness and slightly nauseating feeling gets stronger from having his first fag for 8 hours he come to realise that he is the luckiest man alive. He gently sways in the wind, with an expression of utter pleasure on his face. After yet another ciggy John decides that he can face his family, all is well with the world once again. The rental car is picked up. As they set out of the car park Mary realises that the midday sun is blazing through the window and hitting Janey smack in the face, 'She'll burn', Mary says, and insists that John stop the car immediately to find some sort of shade for the little one. Out come the suitcases, all fifteen of them. After an hour a dirty, stinking, crusty old bath towel is found and this is placed stragedegly on Janeys side of the car. Mary screams at John to wind down, wind up, wind down, wind up the bloody window as the towel needs to stay in place for the 30 kilometers journey to their new home. So off they go, towel flapping in the breeze, making a whipping sound that draws attention to the car by onlookers and says, 'Hi were the Blake family, and yes, we are POMS'. On arrival at their home the family proceed to clamper out of the car and pile into their new home. John had already rented the property from a website called, 'Idiot Pom International'. Nice enough he thinks, but Mary once again complains, 'Bit new isn't it, not like home'. Meanwhile John is puffing on yet another fag and really has gone past the point of caring anymore. It is now the second day in OZ, after a fretful sleep the family decode to go to the local beach to experience the real Australia. John is wearing his Jesus creepers, white socks, (pulled up to his knees) a t-shirt emblazoned with Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, a dark pair of sunnies, and safari shorts that would shame David Attenborough. Mary has decided that she wants a tan and is wearing the skimpiest bikini imaginable and a baseball cap that barely fits. Janey is covered head to foot in zinc cream and she now looks like something resembling Marseu Marseu the famous mime artist on a good day. They arrive at the beach, resplendent in sunshine and blue sky. By this time they have slipped their shoes off and proceed to make their way onto the beach. After a few small steps the whole family now resemble a troupe of Irish Dancers as they receive third degree burns to their feet. Eventually they make it to their chosen spot. Sweat dripping from every orifice John decides to take Janey for a paddle, Mary looks at him rather suspiciously as he and Janey make their way toward the lapping ocean. Ahhh, they think, Australia at last, brilliant. Then out of nowhere they here cries of 'SHHHHAAAARRRRKKKKKKKKKK', 'SHHHHAAARRRRRRRKKKKKKK'. And there from her vantage point Mary has spotted a lump of seaweed that she has mistakingly thought was a shark, she is trembling uncontrollably, screaming for all she is worth. The lifeguards on hearing the shouts immediately try to clear the surf as quickly as possible. People are mown down by perfectly normally rational people, little children are trodden underfoot. The life guards do their best to calm the situation but this is futile as Mary is still screaming SHHHHAAAAARRRRRKKKKKKKK. After initial confusion the 'guilty' seaweed is hauled from the surf and shown to Mary just what it was. Mary replies, 'You can never be too careful you know'. The life guards here the accent and wryly smile to themselves. That evening at their new home, the family except for Janey are near to death. They look like lobsters who have been boiled for five or more hours, John tries to light a ciggy but the heat from the lighter on his face sends him screaming and shouting in pain toward the medicine cupboard that contains the 50 litres of After Sun which they bough from the pharmacy. As they crawl into bed as the sheets touch their skin cries of pain resound around the house, their bodies are on fire. Three am, all of a sudden little Janey wonders into her parents bedroom clutching a brown rather furry object. Upon reaching her mums bedside the little innocent says, 'Mummy, what's this'. Through swollen sun burnt, puffy eyes Mary looks inquisitively at the 'thing' in Janeys hand. As she peers more and more and trying to focus on the 'thing' she realises that it is moving and one by one eight legs appear from Janey grasp. SPPPIIIDDDDEEERRRRRRRR, SPIIDDDDDEEEERRRRRRRRRR, screams Mary, John vaults out of bed, leaving several layers of sun burnt skin on the sheets, JJJEEEESSSSUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS CHHHHRRRIIIISSSSTTTTT he screams, 'That's no spider, it's a bloody Bear with eight legs. Cups, beakers, paper, magazines, shoes are all fired toward the creature from hell, unfortunately most of them miss there target and hit Janey smack in the face. However these are just glancing blows, as the missiles easily deflect of her little face as the zinc cream has refused to be removed even after fifteen showers. The spider plops to the tiled floor making an impact sounding like a bomb, as it tries in vain to crawl away on its last two remaining legs John eventfully finds the tin of extra strength 'POMMY MORTEIN' and sprays the poor arachnid for all he is worth. Squirming and kicking the said spider is picked up rather gingerly with a tea cloth and hoisted out doors. John returns to the bedroom to see Mary clutching little Janey, squeezing the life out of her as she does so. White, pasty and trembling uncontrollably Mary says, I, I ,I wa wa want to g g g go HOME, NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. John does his best to comfort his family but in truth he is now looking at every shadow, movement expecting to see yet another creepy just waiting to attack them...............To be continued.......:laugh: The next installment of the families escapades will be next week, keep tuned folks. Thought this may make some people laugh, hope so, enough doom and gloom on here at times. Cheers Tony:wink:
  13. Hi all, This is my first post, so apologies if I ask anything ridiculous! I am 26 and have just qualified as a Podiatrist in the UK. My partner & I want to emigrate to Oz asap and are hoping for some advice regarding the most appropriate (and quickest) visa. My occupation is on the SOL and I am in the process of getting my skills approved (this doesn't look like it should be a problem). As a new grad, I won't have the 12 months work experience that some of the visas ask for. We are very flexible about where we go (we realise getting sponsorship in a city is unlikely) and have looked at the RSMS. I've also seen that you can get state sponsorship but can't find any information about how to go about applying for it. We would like a visa that offers either permanent residency or at the very least a clear path to permanent residency. We're considering coming over on a working holiday visa (we're both under 30) and looking for sponsorship whilst we're there. What I'm after then, is any advice as to what visa might be: a) most appropriate for me b) quickest c) cheapest I'm also toying with the idea of appointing a migration agent & would appreciate anyone's advice about the benefits of doing so (I am on strict budget so trying to avoid unless it will speed up the process). Any recommendations of agents would also be great. Many thanks, Clo
  14. Hi, Just wanted know if anyone knows whats happening with all the nursing jobs Im losing hope on ever getting a job as a nurse:arghh:. I have just qualified as a nurse in Feb and after applying for at least 40 jobs have not even had any response. I know that I am not alone as about 90% of my class are in the same position and was wondering what to do next as Im sick of sitting about day after day watching my bills go unpaid and slipping further into debt and despair. Even trying to get any sort of job is impossible im not sure if it's me lol or just the fact they know i'll leave as soon I get a nursing job. I feel that I have worked my ass off for the last 3 years to get a BSc for nothing. I think im just having a wee off day so sorry for moaning :Randy-git:im normally very postitive even in this situation Ive tried to make the best of it by learning to live on a budget, realising just how hard is for families on low income something I don't want to forget ever as I never realised it was this hard to get a job . Anyway enough of me and my wee pity party:jiggy: now thats off my chest onwards and upward we go .
  15. Hello all here is our story! in a nut shell! myself and hub decided last yr to retrain and change our lives! myself as a hairdresser (thanks for those of you who have been really nice as I was GUTTED its being taken off) anyway, our plan B lways was if that hapens to go down my husbands new carrer as an electrician. SO! questions!! my hub been working as a datacabler enginneer before retraining , currently finishing off Level 2 city and guilds, due to start job with Roc and do day release to do Level 3... Go Matilda and vetasses themselves say that he will need 2 yrs exp and basically his data cabler exp might be enough, it depends weather he passes his assesment or not. This is good news for us, and light at the end of the tunnel if you like... As my skills are no longer taken into consideration we will have to go state sponsored, not PR as 1st hoped, also thinking of going to South oz not Queensland as 1st hoped, but dont mind too much, am i right on thinking south oz is easier for lisence? but he doesnt really mind being a sparky mate for a year. Just wondered what your thoughts are, thanks for your time Txxxx
  16. Hi all I have been offered a position by ramsey health in Joondalup and wil be bringing out my 2 daughters and hubby in august this year if we can get everything doner in time but we have never been there and am a bit well a lot scared about how we will cope so any advice or anyone wiling to befriend some scardycats would be welcome. thanks Avi
  17. We offer professional settlement services which includes accommodation, airport pick up, assisting with Govt procedures, banking, tax, realestate, rental/purchase property etc. To know more, please email JULIE at julenaus@gmail.com.
  18. hi im in the process of applying to nsw for state sponsorship. i qualified as a midwife in the uk last year. i have been working as a midwife for 3 months, as i have a temporary job until jan 2010. we have applied to emigrate on oh job as he is a boilermaker with 15 yr exp. have applied for nsw ss and asked them to consider both of our jobs. couldnt apply on my job as havent got enough exp. i wondered if i needed a set amount of experience working as a midwife before i would be able to secure a job over there. thanks nicola
  19. Hello to everyone! My name is Robbie, and I am a newly qualified Nurse (sept 09) and wish to immigrate to Brisbane around March 2010. Although I will have limited post reg experience (EAU at present), I am desperate to find a job as a Staff Nurse and was hoping if any one could help me in regards of agencies in Brisbane who will take a newly qualified Nurse? Any help and advice would be gratefully appreciated, thank you
  20. Hello everyone. Im 21, hoping to move to Oz in a year or so depending on what I find out. I have talked a lot of the last couple of years about moving to Australia once I qualify as a midwife, which is about a year from now (providing I pass everything - which I very much hope I do!!!) I really want to start thinking seriously about it now and weighing up my options. I have a lot of questions, and any help that anyone can offer will be greatly appriciated. I think I will just list them it's easier! Firstly where do I even start? Can anyone advise on sponsership by a hospital, agency work, using an agent for the move, just chancing it getting a working visa and seeing what happens when I turn up?? Midwifery in Australia - I hear it is very obsertric led and that a midwife is commonly more of an obstetric nurse rather than an autonamous practitioner? Salary? is it similar to that of a midwife in the UK is it a reasonable wage for someone to live on alone? I canno't decide weather to work in the UK for 6-12months then make the move or just jump straigt into the deep end and go newly qualified. Are there any good websites to look at which would give me any of the information I am looking for? I have many many more questions and everytime i get an answer to a question 100's more pop into my head. I think I am anxious about coming alone but this definatley wouldnt stop me. I really will appreciate any response to this thread. Thankyou all in advance. Marie
  21. Hi I am a second year student midwife and would like to move to Australia next October (2010) when I qualify. I am wondering if it possible to get a job when newly qualified or if I should work in England for a year or so first. Ideally I would like to move next year. I believe i will have to get a holiday/working visa first then apply for residency. Please correct me if i am wrong??!!! Also if anyone knows any agencies or hospitals I can contact in Sydney for help and advice that would be great. Thanks. Jemma
  22. Hi all, I am nearly, newly qualified nurse with registraion expected September 2008. My partner, myself and our four kids have been dreaming of Oz for many years now and cannot wait much longer! We have narrowed our horizons to the Brisbane and surrounding areas. I have been searching for Registered Nurse positions, but being newly quallified I am not having much luck without any post reg experience. Can anyone offer any advice? I am aware that Queensland Health offer a graduate (newly quallified) nurse programme which is available to overseas nurses but only after Australia graduates have been offered places. Its also not very clear about the visa situation. As I am 37 yrs old and will not be going anywhere without my partner and kids I need a visa to accomodate all of this. Hope someone can help, Sam and the gang
  23. Hello fellow PIO ers! We have been in Point Cook just over a month and was wondering if any other newbies would like to meet for a chat/coffee. My name is Kitty and I'm a nurse but not found work yet so I've got a bit of free time on my hands. My two daughters are 15 and 16 and finding the whole move pretty stressful. Would love to meet new people and make some new friendships. Look forward to all the replies!! Kitty and Steve :v_SPIN: __________________
  24. Guest

    newly qualified hairdresser!

  25. Hi I am thinking of paying for a course either in Brisbane School for Hairdressing, Matters of Gray or Perth Institute. If I was to gain the Hairdressers Cert III how likely am I going to be to get work, sponsored or a permenant visa? Is this is a good way about it? Otherwise I would have to train in the UK and that takes a lot longer. Many thanks. Michelle X