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Found 218 results

  1. I'll start at the beginning but it could be a long one! I lived in Melbourne from aged 2 until my parents divorced when i was 13. My mum and i returned to Oldham in the UK. I am now married with 2 girls aged 16 and 11. I have always wanted to return to Australia, but having kids and buying houses there always seems to be something else to pay for. In 2005 my dad (who is still in Melbourne) offered to pay for us to come over for a month in the August. This would give me time to show my family around and decide what we wanted to do. It was the wettest and coldest august with snow and everything but we all loved the way of life. That was the start of our application. We returned and looked into how we could get there and discovered that because my parents had not got me citizenship when i was a child we could apply for a 47SV Former Resident Visa subclass 151. This involved us gathering evidence of my relationship with dad and other family and friends to show i still had close ties to Australia. It also said that i had to have returned and visited which i hadn't. We then discovered that my husbands naughty past was also in the spotlight. When he was a kid he got into a lot of trouble and went to Youth Offenders more than twice. We also found out that we should have declared this on our arrival card in 2005. We thought his convictions were spent. The good thing was he had not murdered anyone and that it was nearly 20 years ago. Back when the kids were younger i phoned agents in Australia - NONE of which frequent this forum - and was told that we did not stand a chance of getting in. Well, i don't know if i was just determined or just out to prove them wrong but in August 2008 we decided we had enough evidence to apply. I had letters from my old schools, photos of friends and family going back to me being 4 years old. I had phone bills from 2002. I jumped through every hoop or it felt like it anyway. We got references from higher standing people in our community regarding my husbands convictions and he did a 4 page letter explaining what went on. It took me 3 weeks to compile the application and it was not for the weak hearted. To be honest i could not have done this without the forums. I had decided not to use an agent for a few reasons, mainly that all those years ago noone had any faith in us. But when compiling the application i really did doubt this decision. I didn't have anyone to say i was doing the right thing or that everything would be alright. This was our one chance and i didn't want to blow it. I sent the application on the 10th of August by DHL and tracked it all the way to Canberra. 3 weeks later we didn't have an aknowledgement letter and i began to panic. I phoned Canberra and discovered that i had sent the wrong currency in my cheque!!! OMG could you believe it? The guy from immigration - D, was fantastic. He emailed me and told me he would keep hold of the application until i returned the cheque in $$$. DHL saved the day again and i tracked it all the way to D. I phoned him as arranged when it arrived and he took it to the correct section in residency. We had front loaded the policechecks and medicals as this was the advice on the visa application so the waiting began. Just off to the beach so will continue later :wink:
  2. i am looking to find some scottish mums in Perth, not meet any and i have been here for 3 months although I have met a few nice English and Irish girls just wondering where all the scots hang out I have been here since Sept and am looking for any one in the same position. I have a son Oliver who is 2 my husband and myself are both 27. liza
  3. paisleylass

    Arrived in Brisbane! Yay!

    Now been in Brisbane just over 24 hours from landing. Here's a rough account of what's happened since we left LA after our stopover, and I'll probably add more later as things continue :biggrin: The 14 hour flight to Brisso was quite pleasant. I slept the first hour or so, woke up for dinner (mahi mahi fish - fancy!) and conked out for a few more hours. Cabin was brand newly updated with bigger screens, usb in the armrest (handy for phone charging) - nice. I'd been chatting to the Aussie bloke next to me - hubby was across the aisle as we had trouble getting seats together - and he recommended the movie Soul Surfer, so I watched that and loved it. It's set in Hawaii, a place I'm fascinated with, but it was a bit of a tearjerker so I was glad the lights were off and nobody could see me doing a little blub! Speaking of tears, the sentimental junk stopped on arrival in LA and hasn't reoccurred. Not really missing anything. Yet. OK, so we arrived at Brisbane airport about 7am. Stopped at duty free for a litre of rum, and got in the huge immigration queue. Considering we are completely new to Aus and on a 457 intending to stay a few years it was as easy as returning to the UK - the chap just scanned our passports and off we went. We had declared food and meds and neither were an issue - a woman just asked what meds we had, nobody wanted to know the food specifics and that was that - we were officially in Australia! Neither of us has a functioning phone and I needed to ring our accommodation lady to get access to the cottage we're staying in. This was a nightmare as the payphones don't take credit card, though I'd managed to collect two $2 coins. The first disappeared when I rang her landline, got answerphone and couldn't work out follow-on call. Then had just $2 to ring her mobile - at $1 a minute! Gah! I got through and got the info quickly, so we jumped in the next big taxi with our 4 suitcases and 4 bags and headed to Kedron. This was fairly quick, about 15 mins, and cost $27, though no change was given of $30 so he helped himself to a tip! Grumpy so and so dumped our bags on the pavement and sped off without a word. Welcome to Brisbane! Haha! So we dragged all our stuff into the cottage, hubs went to bed and I unpacked my stuff, grabbed a shower and chilled a bit. Went out to buy snacks and drinks and a SIM card (more of that in its own thread hoho), and again later to get phone credit and Go Cards for the bus, and a cheeky 6 pack of VB from the bottle shop. In the meantime I booked 2 house viewings, one in Chermside for this morning and one in Kedron on Tuesday. Both look fine and rents reasonable, so will be interesting to get going with the househunting lark! After window-shoppping houses for months, it's all very real now! Hubby finally woke up and got showered, we had a beer and then headed for Chermside. Translink on the iphone is really handy and told us what stop to go to and when the bus was due. After a short journey we arrived at the vast Westfield Chermside, which makes Glasgow Silverburn look like the corner shop! First stop was Coles, where we bough as many goodies as we could carry, plus detergent and fabric softener to get our mucky clothes sorted. Love the variety - I've always loved exploring supermarkets in the USA, and found Coles to sell lots of similar products (HUGE range of dips!). Prices were fine, though hubby thought it was expensive due to the exchange rate. He's since been reading Bob In Oz's blog and got over that :cute: Back to the cottage, we sat on the deck with more beer and a bit of food and chilled. Saw our first gecko climbing up the wall, and heard lots of beastie noises! I'm loving the tropical bird noises, such a change from Paisley. It's like living in Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room! Sort of. That's all for now, off to Aldi for brekkie stuff as we forgot in Coles.
  4. Guest

    Just arrived!

    Hi, We arrived in Perth 3 weeks ago and are currently living in Carramar. My husband (42) is currently working in Osborne Park on a 457 visa, and i (39) am looking for a small job for when the kids go to school. We have 3 children, 14 & 9 year old daughters and 12 year old son. They will starting Kinross Primary and College in the new school year, and are keen to meet new friends to spend time with over the holidays. Have just picked up a car today and would love ideas with what to do with the kids over the holidays. If anyone fancies meeting up, for a coffee or glass of wine, I would love to hear from you! Thanks, Ang x :rolleyes:
  5. andy228

    Arrived in Melbourne!

    Heres my story so far: Flew out with British Airways on monday afternoon from Edinburgh to Heathrow, then onto Singapore overnight. Flights went very smooth, bang on time and in-flight entertainment was excellent, although my screen kept turning off every 5 minutes. Then it was singapore to Melbourne, again flight was bang on time, thought the Airbus we were in was much nicer than the Boeing we had on route to singapore. Got through customs with no hassle then picked up by our driver and taken to our serviced apartment in Flemington for the next 4 weeks. First impressions of Melbourne are positive, absolutely love the sunshine, food doesnt seem as expensive as made out on here sometimes, all the people ive met are very friendly. I also spent a few hours at my new workplace in North Laverton yesterday, I'm an HGV mechanic/technician so its good to see how the other side works. The size of trucks here are massive! I start on thursday so heres hoping my tools arrive in time! For now theres not much more to say, we are going into the city today for a wander, meant to be 28 degrees plus today! I know its early days but I can see myself and my young family staying here for good, just feels right. Thanks!!! :biggrin:
  6. cartertucker

    We've arrived in Australia!

    Many years & £'s after first starting the process.....We've arrived! :cool: Sorry its short & sweet, but im still a little jet-lagged & really must try & get some sleep :SLEEP: Will write more soon....Promise :wink:
  7. I finally arrived in Australia on Wednesday morning after leaving the UK on the 9th Nov (5 days in Dubai). So far so good got into the country with no fuss (expected a few questions) have got my medicare card and will be picking up bank card tomorrow. We are staying with my mother in law in the bush so my little one got to see his first kangaroo on day 4 and during the night I was confronted with a load of flying ants as i left the light on and they got through the fly net thing not a pretty sight! Thought I was in a scene from a horror movie! Now we just have to look for job\jobs and move to civilisation! Missing my family loads feel like crying everytime i speak to my mum on the phone
  8. Guest


    Okay was a member back in UK but have forgotten all pass words etc, so have registered again, have been here 2 months now living in Swansea Lake Mac, Husband found work straight away kids in school, i have had 2 temp jobs but not alot around at the moment, just wondering if any poms in this area, having a fab time, beaches, lake weather etc, there has been so much going on i am just realising what a massive move this was, but i think it was the right one to late now anyway:biggrin:
  9. I thought it was time to give our first update from Australia! Quick recap of our situation: I’m an Aussie and OH is the Brit. I already had a house in Adelaide so we haven’t got much to tell that would be useful in regards to finding accommodation when you first arrive I’m afraid. We flew in last Thursday morning. Soooo glad I used my frequent flyer miles to upgrade the Singapore to Adelaide flight to business class. Being able to use the business class lounge during our 9 hours in Singapore was fantastic (we managed to have a snooze and helped ourselves to the food and drinks) and it certainly was nice to have a seat on the plane that went flat (well, almost flat). We're currently staying with my parents in Port Elliot (coastal town about 1.5 hours drive south of Adelaide) until we're ready to move into my place. So after a couple of days of falling asleep in the middle of the day and waking at strange times we got stuck into the furniture shopping on Sunday. It's a bit of a tough slog as we have to drive into Adelaide each time (not many shops down here and they wouldn't deliver that far away anyhow) to look at places, so we've tried to do a fair bit of research on the internet to narrow things down a bit. Had a very successful day today, having ordered a lounge suite and a bed. Once the bed is available (we've been told 7-10 days) they will both be delivered and we can actually move into the house. Also put a deposit down on a fridge on the weekend and that will hopefully be delivered soon too. I was quite pleased with my bargaining abilities and managed to get the price down on all the items. It's not like the UK where you pay whatever the price tag says. Here it's more of a guideline so if you're prepared to stand your ground (or smile sweetly!) you can often get a better deal. Also stumbled on a home wares sale at the local department store so we grabbed as much as we could carry! OH's also been busy making himself "official", registering for Medicare, tax file number, getting a phone etc. He applied online for a bank account with the NAB before we got here and has a meeting with them on Thursday to pick up his cards. Can’t help much with cost of living information yet as we haven’t had to pay for much of that type of thing while we’re staying with my parents. Will try to provide an update once we’ve moved into our house. Happy to answer any questions though!
  10. Guest

    Arrived In Sydney

    First and foremost, hello. Girlfriend and I arrived Saturday morning to lovely weather and instantly fell in love with the place. ( Its hard not to ). Unfortunately we were pretty jet-lagged after coming from England. Furthest i had been before flying here was Cyprus so its quite a difference. Woke up this morning feeling a bit more like it but still cant come to terms with actually being in Sydney. Will pinch myself soon. Off to the bank to sort out getting an account open. What is the best way of moving money over. cant really find a place with all the advances and bonds required so need to get it done asap. Any idea how long it takes for money to be transferred.?? Hope to stick around on here. Many Thanks, Clan (Claire and Dan)
  11. 'We docked at Fremantle (sic) at 7am. When I got off the boat I walked up to the station with 2 guys - 1 Pom & 1 Kiwi. My case weighed a ton & I regretted packing so much stuff. We took the train to Perth & then a taxi to the YMCA - cost us $14 for a nite - 3 in the room. My first impressions of Perth are really good. I like it and I want to stay. I went for a drink in the evening - the first pub I was really scared of being called a "Pommie Bastard" by some drunk but it never happened and I relaxed after a bit.' It's not exactly Samuel Pepys, I know but I suppose I can take a few moments to reflect on what has happened to me! It's pointless to speculate on what 'MIGHT' have happened but I was the last person in the UK to have gone off on his own to the other side of the world! I probably should have stayed in my village and carried on with my cushy little job with Hants County Council where I would have chalked up 36 years service now. Struggling for work at 57 it makes sense now! Still, I suppose if I had not 'blazed the trail', my brother would not have followed me, and now he's got two lovely grown up 'little Vegemites!' and I am no longer a 'Stranger in a Strange Land!
  12. Hey I wonder if anyone can help me on this. Basically our relatives have recently arrived in Adelaide on a 457 Visa and the employer has informed them on arrival that he has no work for my relative. They have an agent working for them in Adelaide (who processed the whole of their application) and seems to be as good as a chocolate tea pot in advising them on the best step forward. I have today looked on the DIAC website to find information on such a situation and it appears that have three options. (within 28 days) 1) They basically leave Australia and return home (of which I might add has been sold up, furniture on a boat somewhere, dogs in quarantine.... you get the jist right). lol. 2) They find another Company that is willing to sponsor them on another 457 and start the process again but they can stay in Oz until it is processed? 3) Apply for another visa ........ Which is my biggest question/query. The info on DIAC website is pretty vague where this is concerned. It was their intention to apply for a RSMS initially so is it an option for them to do so now (get it applied for like NOW) and mores to the point will they be able to stay in Australia until approval is granted on a bridging visa???? If anyone can shed some light on this it would greatly be appreciated. I feel so sorry for them, they've come here with all the best intentions of starting a new life and this has happened!!!! Many thanks in advance
  13. Guest

    Arrived yesterday...

    Hello everyone Well, we arrived here yesterday and are staying near the Gold Coast with some friends. We flew with Emirates and on the the first flight I had a bassinet for my youngest and had my son next to me as well (we have four young children). When we got to within an hour of Dubai airport, we were told that another aircraft had declared an emergency (a medical issue on board) and that all planes were in a holding pattern waiting to land, but that as we didn't have enough fuel to circle for hours we would be diverted to another airport to refuel and then head back to Dubai. When we eventually arrived in Dubai we headed straight for our departure gate, as we had lost most of our stop over time due to the diversion. Once on board the next plane we again sat and waited due to a medical issue on our plane. The doctors were called and in the end the passenger was advised to remain in Dubai to seek medical assistance. The passenger and their luggage were offloaded, and after two hours sitting on the tarmac we finally took off. The flight was looooong. This time I had a bassinet for the baby, and my hubby had the other three children to look after by himself, and having had no sleep for a day and a half by this time, it was pretty hard going. If we ever do this trip again we'll make sure we have a night in a hotel in between flights...won't go all the way through in one go again. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but in reality it was a nightmare. We were the last people through immigration because it took forever to fill in the landing cards, whilst dealing with four exhausted and hungry children. The immigration officers were great, helping us carry luggage etc...that is something I really love about this place - the willingness of people to help you. Anyway, we eventually made it out of the airport to where the shuttle bus picked us up to take us to the car hire place. Hubby started off driving but had to pull over so we could swap as he was about to fall asleep behind the wheel! Got to our friends' house and since then have been sleeping at random times. Two kids asleep now (2am UK time) 11am here, and we've been having a storm for most of the morning. The thunder has stopped now, but it's still pouring with rain, so we're all rugged up and using the opportunity to get as much sleep in as possible. Hopefully it won't take long to get over the jet lag. The next few days we'll just be having a look around this area, and then we're going to head down to Coffs Harbour for five days or so and have a look around there, before we decide where we're going to live for the first few months. That's all for now. Just also want to say that I haven't been here in six years now, but already I feel like I've come home. I love being here...hope that feeling lasts! :biggrin:
  14. Hi buddies, Early this morning we got the amazzzzzing news that the visa has approved. I am so happy and excited. Hoping to leave in 2 weeks.:wub:19/09/11 approved 27/09/11. Visa submitted on monday Di x
  15. Please find below our report of leaving, flying and the first few weeks on arrival. Its a little lengthy, but i tried to include as much as possible so those yet to venture on this great adventure will know what may happen. Arrival report We had 4 removal companies to quote and one we did some negotiations with and managed to get 40 kgs of airfreight thrown in and 4 weeks storage in Australia should we need it. The company we chose said we were 120 cubic feet over the 20 foot container so we did some serious downsizing, car boots and trips to the recycle centre, oh and the typical free loading friends who knew we had to get rid of things, so “we will take it off your hands for free” gang. The week before the move the company asked if they could come to make a start. We had not had any chance yet to take apart any furniture, or set aside our things we were to carry by hand, but they explained that we will be fine. The guys arrived while I was a work and told the wife, we had plenty of room now we had downsized, he walked to rooms and said she shouldn’t take apart any furniture as we were well under. I returned home to find out they had packed all the dining room chairs and shelf units without them being taken apart. Then I noticed all the candles and glass ornaments had been packed, which normally should be ok, but I had an old bullet I had found cleaning out my old military kit and hadn’t had time to hand it to the police. They had packed it…..OMG, I am sure the Aussies wouldn’t appreciate finding that, so ended up unpacking 4 boxes before we found it. They had left some my sons model paints saying they couldn’t be packed as they were oil based. Erm, you have packed the oil based paints and left the water ones out…… I finished work, giving us the weekend and 2 more to finish. We didn’t seem to have any time to sit, but I guess, we all go through it. I ignored some of the advice of the removal men and did take apart some of the furniture just in case. The morning soon arrived, we were up ready to go when the removal guys arrived (2 of them) who then complained there was so much to do, and that the other teams should have done a lot more. I was adamant I wasn’t going to pack myself due to the companies insistence they we (all of us who emigrate) cannot pack ourself to save money (they claimed it was only £100 to pack a 3 bed house). We were staying at home that night so things were still around for us to use. The same two guys arrived the next morning, we were told that the container was going to be finished by 14:00, so we had arranged with our landlady that we can hand her the keys back at 18:00. The kids were still at school, it was their last day Thursday 7th July with the schools official summer holiday/end of term/Founders day. Our son was 16 and he wanted to be there for his last day at school, we guessed it was going to be emotional. We had granny and granddad coming down for this day also, we had arranged a hotel that night close by. Anyway, the removal guys finished packing the beds etc, and other items left from the day before. They told me that they have 2 hours to pack the container, any longer then they get fined by the container company, so things get put in as quick as possible and they never get time to arrange it so everything should fit. We had walked the house to double check everything, and informed them that should we be at risk of not fitting everything in, then showed them what was to stay (mattresses, old kids books etc) We left them to it when the container arrived as we were cleaning the rooms as they emptied. I noticed everything we said should stay behind had gone in so made the assumption everything was going to fit, I kept checking with them and they told me not to worry. I packed my car with all the suitcases and other stuff we needed to take to grannies (we were staying with her until we flew) so this car was stuffed to the brim. About 13:50 they then said it looked like not everything was going to fit. I asked where were the items I said to leave until last, erm, we packed them first, its too late. So basically tough, they didn’t have the time to take it back out, its not their problem. They had even packed a computer chair, still set up, arms etc. I then asked about some of the boxes still in the house, oh, they are kitchen, might not fit. WHAT??? So it came to the end, we had to leave behind, 2 units, 2 mountain bikes, my fibre optic Christmas tree (gutted) and most annoying, my granddads unit I had since he passed away. Now remember, we were moving out that evening, and my car was full already. We ended up giving the removal men our two bikes (they got a quote from the company, I was going to cost £500 to ship the two bikes!!) then we noticed that the dishwasher was still in place, then frustratingly, we discovered my granddads unit was still full of the familes stationary, stuff gathered over years and years. All had to be left behind, thankfully the land lady was understanding and said she would dispose of if, or leave it for the next tenant if they wanted it. The next day at school was very emotional, even I had some tears, seeing my two kids so upset leaving their mates behind (what had I don’t to them?). The drive up to grannies was very quiet and sombre. The week we had at grannies, involved seeing family, saying goodbye to friends, and clock watching waiting for D Day. The one thing I was adamant was I felt a need to visit the HM Forces national arboretum thankfully I got to go to say goodbye to some friends and a couple of family members who had their names on various monuments. D Day arrived, it was a glorious day, sun shining, nice temperature etc. We finally plucked up the courage to say our goodbyes. Tears flowed from granny, kids and the wife. I just kept quiet, bit my lip and left them alone for ten minutes before we had to leave. I ushered everyone into the car knowing it was getting worse with each minutes, thankfully it went as smooth as it could. We got to Heathrow with no problems, as we were flying first class with Virgin Atlantic we were able to drive right up to their special checkin where I then left the family and returned the hirecar. We checking in through the 1st Class security then relaxed in the lounge. Lovely, really nice, we had a massage, hate lunch and chilled out. The flight to Shanghai was uneventful and comfortable in our Virgin PJs, bed and loads of in flight food, drink and entertainment, landing in China with no problems. We were staying in the Crown Plaza which was very nice, we walked around that evening, going up the Pearl Tower before our body clocks told us enough was enough. We had a lazy day the next day, in the swimming pool, chilled about and grabbed some lunch (we had a late checkout). We got the magnetic train back to the airport, wow, what a train. Very fast and smooth. We were now flying (unfortunately, my saving couldn’t stretch to move comfort, so we were back to where we belong, in the back of the plane) With Eastern China to Singapore. On checking in I was selected for extra screening to all of our suit cases were searched, they confiscated two lighters, and more importantly my birthday gift, a St Georges flag Zippo lighter (which was not fuelled up as it was packed in the main luggage). Also as we were on a different flight the next day we were told we couldn’t have our luggage transferred to the next flight thus will have to collect it, through immigration then check in again to get to the hotel. Again this flight was uneventful, but I cannot explain what the in flight meal was, erm we didn’t dare eat it except the onion cookie, with the in flight movie being just as bad (but we were expecting it). We had booked the transit hotel in Singapore, but due to building and other bookings we were arriving in T3, staying in T2 then leaving that night from T1. So we collected our luggage and went to T2 to find the hotel. We discovered we had to check in for our flight before we could access the hotel. So back on the shuttle to T1 to then discover we had a 4 hour wait before we could check in. (OMG its now 06:00 and we had to wait until 10:00) we spent a long 4 hours before finally being let through. We found the hotel in T2 and all collapsed on the beds (4 of us so had booked 2 rooms). After 6 hours sleep we showered, and ate. If you have not been to Singapore airport, then do, its fantastic, so clean, so plush and a very nice place to wait for a plane. Even the smoking area was clean and very nicely presented. Why can Heathrow or Gatwick be like this, but I guess, to have nice things, you have to respect it, that’s where things go wrong in the UK, respect for others property went a long time ago. We found our flight and after another overnight we landed in Adelaide 07:00, it took us about 45 minutes to get through immigration and customs, and was met by the owner of the temporary property we had let for 3 months. We were driven south to Christies beach to a nice 3 bed, furnished bungalow, I was shocked by the amount of graffiti, but I had been warned. We had a hire car for two weeks, so we didn’t need to rush on anything. We had opened a NAB account so two days after we arrived, we were due to meet with the bank to check our ID (well silly me had the wrong date so had to ring to apologise for not turning up), they were great and understood we needed our bank so the lady set up another appointment the very next day. The ID check was simple, with our EFPOS cards ready to go. The visa debit cards came a week later. Next was medicare, that was easy, then a driving licence. Initially I was told I couldn’t transfer me bike across, but after a little discussion and me questioning their rules they double checked and realised she was wrong. No luck with my HGV though. Next was a mobile phone, now this was difficult. We had checked before to find out we will need, a passport, visa and a bank statement to prove our address. We went into one shop to be told our bank statement wasn’t acceptable has it must have 10 transactions on it. So over next couple of day we used our card to buy everything. Once we had 10 we printed out a statement off the internet (we were told this would be ok) but on arrival in the shop, nope, it has to be one printed from the bank, with their stamp and signature. We managed to catch the bank still open so did as was requested and returned to the shop. This time it was so bad it was funny. The guy serving us, told me my 176 visa wasn’t suitable as It didn’t have an end date. He said I could leave the country without finishing the term of the contract. I explained what a 176 visa was, he replied it wasn’t suitable; I must have a temporary visa, as these had end dates. I again explaining “Despite what visa type we had we could still leave the country tomorrow, just like I will be leaving this shop and talking my business elsewhere.” We walked over to Crazy Johns, 10 minutes later we walked out with two phones. I had an interview arranged with ASC (a defence company) who I did have a pre interview with them in the UK weeks earlier. I had seen on PIO a number of times that UK defence clearance’s cannot be transferred, I had received emails stating showing this was incorrect, emails from the Australian Vetting Agency Director, so I had to believe her. The interview with ASC didn’t go too well, it turned out they didn’t want an Engineering Project Manager, but more of an accountant or someone geared totally to finance. This was not me. I applied for several more defence positions but had no luck. It appeared that the HR staff in some of these companies didn’t know their own rules and policies on security clearance. So to clear up any queries in this. There is an agreement between Aus, NZ, UK, USA and Canada where each person from these countries with in date clearance can transfer them across once work had been found. After a number of brick walls with HR staff and managers I went to a recruitment agency who double checked with the vetting agency again, agreeing with what I already knew. They bypassed the HR in two companies, I had an interview with both. One I felt very confident and answered all their questions with ease and thought I stood a really good chance, but 4 weeks later they have said that they still have not made up their mind. The other I left a 2.5 hour interview not very confident and really mind blown so didn’t hold much hope. We enrolled on the SA interlink program, to get migrants into work, thinking I would need help, so would take it were I could. On the third day I we were riding the Metro back to Christies from the CBD when the recruitment agency called to tell me the second interview went well, they liked me, liked my answers and have since checked with the security agency and now knowing UK clearance’s can be transferred they wanted to offer me a position. I was really pleased, it was the one I didn’t feel very confident in, but it didn’t end there. They were so impressed and didn’t want to loose me to another company they were upping the original salary agreement by another $20,000 AUD. WHAT????? The recruitment agency asked if I was willing to accept. ARE YOU KIDDING, of course. So seven weeks in, we have a car, have a very well paid job, we are all very happy, the kids are in school (Cardijn College) and our dog has joined us. We walk on the beach every day, either in the morning or evening. We have met some great people. And to those who don’t know, most Australians (well everyone we have met) are friendly, are sincere, and when they wish you good day, they mean it. When they invite you to their homes, they mean it. It’s hard to get used to everyone being nice, I still am not, but we are getting there. The wife is happy, her only regret is we should have done it sooner (but I was in the military and stuck in the pension trap, but having a monthly pension helps with the increase in cost of living) We used PET AIR UK and Sydney quarantine for our dog and were very impressed with it all. She arrived healthy, happy, slim, clean and full of beans, just like when we had left her. I would recommend both to anyone. So the next step is to find a new home. We have planned to rent for 2 years, to fulfil our State Sponsorship commitment and to confirm ourselves this is where we want to be. And so far, the answer is YES, defiantly. We miss family, but not to the point of being unhappy. We don’t miss the UK, especially when we watched the riots (or just the idiots out for an excuse to steal). The whole way of life here is different, just why we moved.
  16. Hey Everyone Just a note to let u know how we are finding it so far. We had 2 weeks of nice weather around 18 degrees, but very cold at night, this week it has done nothing but rain so if u are coming in the next few weeks bring some jumpers lol. We r staying in serviced apartment in paramatta. Parmatta is ok, wouldn't live here permanently but does the job until we get a house. House hunting is a NIGHTMARE! Luckily my hubby's work has provided a relocation consultant who is helping us, so many houses look so beautiful (Especially online) but when u get there they are not what u expect inside. Sydney harbour is stunning, we have done the zoo by boat, luna park, ocean world,manly and bondi, all are fantastic, kids absolutely love it. Sydney is a fantastic city, i have found it expensive but i wouldn't let that put u off, there is ways of keeping the expense down. I have a 3yr old and a 8 mth old and they have adapted really well, they even slept all of the first flight and a good bit of the second flight, so if anyone is travelling with young tots don't worry too much about the flight. It's only been 3 weeks and i do get bouts of homesickness, but i am prepared for that :wideeyed: hubby is loving sydney and his work don't think he would return to ireland ever, if it was up to him :wink: anyone planning to drive here i would read up on there rules and regulations etc.. it is very similar to the UK, however, if u park in a disabled spot expect a $450 fine, stopping at a no stopping sign $220 and the roads are well policed, and the speed limits change constantly, just a tip for the drivers. :wacko: I need to get my daughter into some activites to meet friends, she is missing her friends at home and is lost for company her own age, so the sooner we get a house and settled the better, however our furniture got packed up over a month ago and its still in DUBLIN!:mad: so if we do get a house we will need to rent some furniture to get us by. Don't know if this helpful or not, don't let anything i have said put u off, everyone's experience is different and Sydney has a lot to offer. :biggrin:
  17. Would like to meet up with anyone around this vicinity! We have 2 little boys 3.5 and 20 months... We're in an apartment in the CBD at the mo, but looking to get together with some folks to make friends and glean a bit local knowledge Looking to move in 2 or 3 weeks into our own rented place (or perhaps a holiday park until our shipping container arrives!) Please get in touch - thanks Andy & Michelle
  18. Hi All arrived in Bris on 2/9/11. Staying in Ashmore Palms temporarily. Will be working in Mater as midwife. Looking for houses this week. Not 100% on areas have a long short list somewhere between CBD and here. Prob not as far south as Southport due to commute. We have met some lovely people so far although most have younger children. Ours are 15,13,11 ( three girls) so if anyone is in similar position drop us a line we could meet up. Keen to find area and schools now so girls can start making friends. So far so good. Enjoying the sun, scenery and exploring the area Thanks in Advance Jo x
  19. Guest

    Arrived Gold coast 2011.

    Hi All arrived in Bris on 2/9/11. Staying in Ashmore Palms temporarily. Will be working in Mater as midwife. Looking for houses this week. Not 100% on areas have a long short list somewhere between CBD and here. Prob not as far south as Southport due to commute. We have met some lovely people so far although most have younger children. Ours are 15,13,11 ( three girls) so if anyone is in similar position drop us a line we could meet up. Keen to find area and schools now so girls can start making friends. So far so good. Enjoying the sun, scenery and exploring the area Thanks in Advance Jo x
  20. Well Hello All Just a few short lines to say I'm here finally in Sydney!!!! Arrived last night at Sydney airport and am now at home. Flew with Cathay Pacific, (not sure I'd go with again as space around the seats seemed so non-existant although the staff were pretty good). I was over my excess but the lovely lady let me off a couple of kilos but still had to pay a whopping 78.00pounds. Anyhow forget that - I'm here and its freezing, so going back to bed after I've done some more postings. Good luck to everyone in the middle of or nearing the end of this migrant process. I'm prepping for stage 2 now!
  21. We are 4 days in now and so far so good, start work next week. People are friendly the lady next door baked us biscuits and welcomed us to Australia. feeling cold though (we did stop in Bali on the way) Having a problem finding a car we are looking for a Pajero or another 4x4 6/7 seater so if you know of one let me know up to about $15k. Also why is coffee so weak we only drink nescafe so bought some nescafe 43 (i think its called) and its pants so can anyone recommend a good instant coffee. Oh and wraps of chips how big are they.... lol
  22. Good evening folks... So.... we have arrived and are settled in..ish. Chris arrived 8 weeks ago, I followed him out 5 weeks later and in three weeks we have got a house, furnished it, bought a car and been on a few wee adventures. We have also spent a lot of time and money in IKEA! If anyone feels homesick, go to IKEA, cos they all look the same and you could be anywhere in the world! We are living in Hope Island, lovely area, dead quiet. Bit like a retirement village, lots of older folks driving about in golf buggies.....and us! Just wondered if anyone else not receiving a pension lived in this area??? Also if anyone has any ideas about what to do on weekends when its raining, any ideas would be much appreciated. We have been to Moreton Bay and did a whale watching tour, great to see the big guys, but if you get sea sick (like I did) I wouldn't recommend it. Went to Australia Zoo also, it was good to see but if i'm being honest, Chester Zoo in England was much better!! We are currently trying to plan some weekend breaks, Noosa and Byron Bay look good and not too far to travel. Loving the rain at the mo.....feels like home!! Debs and Chris
  23. Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooo I have now been back in Old Blighty for four days........ Landed at Heathrow and yes I did kiss the tarmac, it will be on CCTV somewhere...haha Weather 30 degrees and been nice ever since........ Greenery, trees, grass, green and lush.....everywhere...........Sparrows, thrush's and blackbirds flying overhead and whistling sweetly in the garden..... Historic buildings on every corner......Great buildings with character, church spires, and passing through great little villages on the train..... Country pubs, not ****ty stagnant hotels with no character..... No pokies.......no meat and fish raffles..... Drinking a pint of good beer..... Talking, conversing and socialising...... No TV commercials every 6 minutes........ No forever ending car and insurance advertisements on TV....... Going into supermarkets with so much choice....blows me away......great produce and tasty food on offer.......reasonable prices....... Taste buds have returned...... A proper Indian curry....... Cod and chips.............Mmmmmmmmm Today going to see a proper live football match with my brother in-law......Bristol City v Ipswich Town.......next week the premiership starts again and off to see the Villa v/s Fulham................AWESOME!!!!! Boredom vanished already...........0z feels like a bad 3 and a half year dream and I have just woken up to a place of life................no longer living in heavens waiting room.....Yeeeeessssssssssss The list is endless, happiest I have been for years...... Will come back and tell more......... On another note.......If you are thinking of flying back to the UK for whatever reason, then be careful when booking flight. If thinking of flying with Thai airways then be ready for a boring flight. The first flight from Sydney to Bangkok was okay, flight had the game and movie consul on the seat, so there was plenty to do and relieve the boredom of the nine hours. But the 12 hour flight from BKK to Heathrow was boring with no movie and games consul or even a viewing of a movie to the whole plane, I thought this to be very poor quality for the money paid. But at least they got me home.................Hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa If anyone has any questions about anything then please feel free to contact me. Remember, I fully understand how some of you are feeling.............. Great to be back, off to Amsterdam for a few days on Monday to catch up with some mates.......return flight £45 from Gatwick, will get there in 50 minutes................ I am off to buy a proper Saturday newspaper and go to the bookies and put a bet on and watch some real horse racing........Brilliant........ Big hugs to you all.... Take care all..........x:laugh:
  24. 3FatCats

    My babies arrived!!!

    The relief!!!!!!! The 3 fat cats are safely arrived in Sydney Eastern Creek and I just spoke to their attendant who informed us they are OK. Talk about stressful........ I have been a bag of nerves since dropping them off on Monday and crying my eyes out for about 3 hours. Strangely two had swapped places in the crates during the journey, despite all the name labels. Either they are Houdini or the vet must have changed their places... we will never know but I am so, so relieved they are now safe. Just need to get through the next few days until we can finally leave the UK and go give them a hug.
  25. Hi All, Please can some one impart their knowledge. Self loaded a container form the UK and it is due to arrive in Freemantle tomorrow. Does anyone know what the procedure is next? I have no agent as this end. Do I need one or can I keep the costs down and complete the checks with customs etc myself then just arrange for it to be delivered. Any help would be greatly appreciated as on a really tight budget. Also - anyone aware of the costs involved? Thanks