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I move back to the UK 1 year ago... Oh my, I really wish I hadn't bothered!


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A few of you's on here will remember me on here, how I dreamed of being back here in England, I wish I'd never bothered I hate it here

yes I was certainly looking through rose tinted Glasses when I moved back so fed up with this gloomy grey depressing lifestyle....

Well I'm making plans to come back and to stay for good...

god I was so close to saying stick your citizenship WHY I felt like that I will never Know...

moving back to the UK has learnt me so much in a way I'm glad I moved back because I would of always been thinking an daydreaming about being here but in reality it's not what I thought, I now know the reasons I left in the first place. I've learnt so much and realised after selling our home our cars giving up our wonderfully paid jobs it was the biggest mistake of our lives!

But I'm determined and I'm gonna get my live back in order.... Yes I have family here in the UK but I now realise you can't live in there pockets And they art gonna pay your bills when times are tough so here's to the future...

I never thought I would say this but Australia is the best place to live in world!!!

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Some love the UK some hate the UK, some love oz some hate oz,that's life, hope you settle in oz but I would not bet my house on it,the reasons you disliked oz will still be there....ping pong.


Not necessarily. I accidentally did the right thing - my husband got a teaching contract in Africa for three years, and it was the best preparation for migrating we could've had. We were so looking forward to getting home to Scotland but when we did, we saw it with clear eyes. So when we came to Australia, we knew the pros and cons, and we were also prepared for the Culture Shock syndrome that happens when you arrive in a new country. The OP has now had the same experience, so he should be able to weigh things up.

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Guess this is why before spending a heap on moving back, you should consider spend half of it, and go back for an extended "holiday" and i mean 6 months if you own and can rent out your home in Aus you will have that income coming in at least that way you still have everything in aus if you want to come back, if not stay put, and sell up everything in Aus and ship it back.

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There's nothing personal in what I am about to say, but have you really thought this thing through? Are you just going through a bad patch atm and are making a hasty decision?


I remember how enthusiastic you were about your return to the Uk and your pictures taken when you took your stroll through the village...............you seemed quite happy then.


I also remember (and again, this isn't personal) how "vitriolic" (for want of a better word) some of your posts about Oz seemed to be............you hated the drivers, the tv, and the education system amongst other things...........if your kids are still of school age, how do you feel about bringing them back to that education system.


Whatever it was that you disliked about australia will still be here when you return............. whatever it was about the uk that drove you to return, will still have that pull once you are here. Ask yourself is it really what you want? Whatever it is, I wish you all the best but please assure yourself that you have thought long and hard.

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