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  1. @larrson77............ Hey man I agree with you, I returned May 2012 and the same as you it was a mistake and I am too trying to get back as soon as I can. Good luck Man
  2. andywo21

    6 Months back in the UK....

    Hasn't worked out
  3. Hi Colette Wondering if you have a 457 sponsorship for a Metal Machinist 1st class? Andy
  4. andywo21

    Will this stop me getting a visa??

    I don't think you ex would have been allowed to go to AUS as you were the main visa applicant. I think he might have been able to stay there if you had already moved over but he would have had to apply for permission to stay as you were the main applicant. I don't think it will affect the new application. As Snifter says maybe just run it by a migration expert. I'm sure they would help out better as they know the system well and they are allowed to ask questions to immigration. Good luck
  5. andywo21

    Filed IELTS for the second time :(

    Keep your chin up, never ever give up as your Dream is the most important thing to follow :wink:
  6. andywo21

    IELTS in Wrexham today good luck

    Hi Craigyboy Just a quick question, where in Wrexham did you sit this test? We have been to Aus on a 457 Visa but have since returned to the UK. We now want to return and I have found out that I need to sit the test DOH!!!
  7. andywo21

    457 sponsor required for Metal Machinist (1st Class)

    Thanks for your help guys, will check it out, should pass the skills Assessment as we have been out on a 457 visa before, skills are City & Guilds
  8. Hi hope someone can help, I'm looking for a 457 Sponsor for a Metal Machinist first class. I would like to relocate to Melbourne if possible but will consider other locations. We have been on a 457 visa before but that company is no longer around.......Any help much appreciated
  9. andywo21

    Working Holiday Visa

    @labourvellec......Dont think we can get the skilled visa for PR as I am about 6 months short of 4 years to apply for a skilled visa, also have to bear in mind I will be 44 years old in May 2013
  10. andywo21

    Working Holiday Visa

    @labourvellec........She is in a relationship but not married
  11. andywo21

    Working Holiday Visa

    Its all bloody complicated I know, I can get her on a state sponsorship visa but I cant get state sponsor by Victoria. :arghh:
  12. andywo21

    Working Holiday Visa

    Cheers for the info, I thought he may not be able to get another one, he has no skill. Our Daughter was on our 457visa. We are back in the UK but want to return, I don't even know if the daughter will be able to go on another 457 Visa either as she is now 19 years old. Just trying to find a way to get everyone back
  13. andywo21

    Working Holiday Visa

    Hi, looking for some advice please. My son-in-law was recently on a working holiday visa, he extended for the 2nd year and it has now expired Jan 05/01/2013. Will he be allowed to apply for another working holiday visa or does he have to wait a certain period of time to apply, or is it just the case of he cannot have another one again. Thanks for any help
  14. Hi guys, sorry to hear you are moving back to the uk. We moved back to the UK in May 2012 and to be honest it was the worst think we have done. The economy is real bad at the moment and we are still in the recession. I know you are probably moving back for your own reasons and I'm not trying to put you off but I wouldn't recommend returning and this is just my opinion. Anyway we used OSS World Wide Movers, we found these to be great as they emptied the house in 1 day although we did prepare a lot of stuff ready for them, they have their own website too. Good luck
  15. andywo21

    I've just been attacked and beaten up!

    Hi Geoff, firsty hope you are ok lol If its any consolation, I have had 2 fly's in the eye and have swallowed 3 on the way home today. I did have a close encounter with some bees a few weeks back as I nearly rode head first into a swarm of them, I slammed on the brakes and the rear wheel was at 2 o'clock as I realised what they were as I was closer:biglaugh: