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  1. gpo1971

    What a horrible nasty ****.

    You're prepared to defend paedos and their protectors for the sake of a UK Oz argument? You need a lie down mate.
  2. gpo1971

    What a horrible nasty ****.

    Not really. They're both pricks who shouldn't be given the time of day.
  3. gpo1971

    What a horrible nasty ****.

    Are you being serious? You're not actually going to defend the BBC are you?
  4. gpo1971

    What a horrible nasty ****.

    Eamonn Holmes is a massive knobhead with a huge propensity to offend.
  5. Never voted Tory. Always voted Labour. And Corbyn is a Labour man. Other than that, good reply.
  6. Good. I hope he landslides it again.
  7. gpo1971

    The Labour party, it's kicking off!!!!

    The Italian situation is nothing to do with Brexit, that's a ridiculous assertion. People will be saying that Brexit is to blame for Greece next. The situation with Countries like Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal and others is long-standing and will continue whether the UK is in the EU or not. Financially, the EU is not working, full stop. And I doubt it will again, either with or without the UK. As for Corbyn, good on him. Seems democracy is thin on the ground at the moment, hopefully he landslides again. Eagle is just another Diet Tory.
  8. gpo1971

    Spending money for UK trip.

    I used currencyfair to xfer the money to my Mum and she withdrew it there. Otherwise, the fees are a pain.
  9. gpo1971

    What's happening with the US

    Nah, it would probably start with the bacon being different and then go from there. Within about 2 weeks, it would be the worst place on Earth.
  10. gpo1971

    What's happening with the US

    I lived in Austin for a year, it was ace. It would be savaged on this website though.
  11. gpo1971

    Tony Blair in deep ****

    Most sane people knew it was bollocks as it was actually happening.
  12. gpo1971

    Tony Blair in deep ****

    I was surprised that Blair had the temerity to show his face recently to comment on the Brexit result. I kind of thought he’d be keeping a low profile, what with the findings of this report due. Pretty much what a lot of people thought at the time, no WMDs, lackying to the Yanks, lying to Parliament and the people. A lot of people have said after the Brexit result that there should never have been a referendum and decisions like the EU vote are what elected MPs are for. Well, here’s a living, breathing example of why that logic is flawed; sometimes, ordinary people know better than Politicians driven by agendas. The Labour party is a basket case right now, and that’s Blair’s fault as well. The members want a Labour leader, the MPs want a Diet-Tory leader; this is all down to Blair. Leaves the door wide open for the Tories to establish a dynasty without breaking sweat. Blair’s legacy could actually be worse than Thatcher’s. Illegal wars, Dr David Kelly, saturation bombing of civilians, ill-equipped UK soldiers killed, lying to Parliament, widespread welfare dependency for cheap votes, widespread open-door immigration for cheap votes, alienation of middle England fostering the rise of far-right politics and parties, the rise of ISIS, increased instability in the Middle East … the list goes on. Oh yeah, and Cool Britannia. Thanks Tony.
  13. gpo1971

    EURO 2016. Why so negative.

    The players aren't there though, a lot of that England side is very average. Of course, having Woy in charge doesn't help. To see what a decent coach can do, look no further than Italy. Mediocre on paper, he has them playing really well.
  14. gpo1971

    We've been here nearly 1 year - And are just getting into it

    This will go off topic into Oz bashing territory again. Took us a couple of years to abandon a lot of the UK-centric things we were clinging to and we never looked back. You're right, if you stay in that bubble, you never fully move on. Try a local FB group rather than a site of Poms, a lot of whom are dissatisfied with their lives.
  15. I guess he missed the constant rain, floods, water levels halfway up people's windows etc. We were there for 6 weeks, I think there were 2 days it didn't rain and I saw the sky once. It was winter though so...