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  1. I think Bulya is saying that each state is very different and there isn't a one state fits all. Before we arrived my hubby had said that if we didn't like it Australia was a big place and we'd try another state.
  2. ali

    Anyone watching the cricket ?

    Exciting series and well done to India - they deserved the win. Been great to see test matches go to 5 days. Now the Gabba isn't such a fortress, maybe WA will be in with a shout lol Obviously just a typo and he meant Pat Cummins.
  3. ali

    Nervous Cat

    The only way we'd have left ours behind would have been because the vet said it was in her best interest not to fly. He had no reservations so we brought her. As said in previous comments, she was in her teens and we got many more years of her companionship. Totally agree with you Parley
  4. One thing to consider is if you'll be happy just taking fixed term contracts if you're looking to go back to the UK for 3 months of the year (you wouldn't have enough leave entitlements in the public system to do that).
  5. I've not heard the term in Aus, it's more US I think with a licensed nurse being an entry level qualification (perhaps like an Enrolled Nurse). Vet nursing registration is not mandatory which may make a difference?
  6. I've always assumed the financial obligation i.e. the two years, is that should you not be able to work, the sponsor will meet all the financial needs and you wouldn't be able to apply for any benefits
  7. ali

    Moving back to oz

    I don't think there are any loop holes as the condition is to be off shore, travel is still restricted.-
  8. Watching EPL last night in our garden, suddenly we hear a voice coming round the back of the house shouting "hello" (our back gate is locked), turned around to see a fireman had jumped over the fence, a neighbour had reported they could see a fire at our home (it was our citronella oil burners). As we were at the back of the house, we didn't hear them knocking. Went outside and there was a full fire engine .. the fireman just laughed when he saw the burners and said "I'll leave you to it then" ... but it's good to know our neighbours were concerned.
  9. I could weep for my colleague, her son has the mental age of a 5 year old and they thought that he could get two buses to school and were going to withdraw his travel funding.
  10. ali

    Anyone watching the cricket ?

    Would have had a really good crowd, Scorchers have been getting 20,000+
  11. ali

    Citizen by descent - Can I apply?

    Did your dad get citizenship?
  12. ali

    Would you move to the UK now?

    It will be lack of beds Tulip. Our service in the last few weeks/months has had our ED in gridlock and also no available beds.
  13. ali

    Leaving after Citizenship Application

    As long as your PR visa is valid you would be able to leave, however, you don't actually become a citizen (and the PR get cancelled) until you've actually attended the ceremony.
  14. I think currently that significant cost is estimated at $49,000 over 5 years. If the condition is permanent then the cost is considered over a 10 year period (if i've read the website right). The cost is estimated against medical and community services that may be required. The other issue for the OP is that the support services on arriving in Aus may not necessarily be forthcoming very easily, and pensions will need to be applied for and not transferred. Funding can be notoriously difficult, a colleague who has a severely autistic son had had her NDIS funding reduced every year
  15. ali

    Anyone watching the cricket ?

    Bit disappointed that we didn't get any of the series over here in the West
  16. ali

    Anyone watching the cricket ?

    The Indian team did well today, thoroughly enjoyed this test match and it actually went to 5 days!!
  17. ali

    Nervous Cat

    No we didn't Kate,
  18. ali

    Anyone watching the cricket ?

    Some great bowling/fielding by the Aussies this match.
  19. ali

    Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

    Most of the hillary's restaurants are open until 10pm so you could get a 7.30/8pm booking and have a leisurely meal. Breakwater is open until midnight (for drinks) - the kitchen will probably be later. The Boat in mindari is similar, closes earlier in the week, midnight Fri/Sat
  20. ali

    Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

    We always book for 7.30pm (if we can).
  21. ali

    Free travel to Tassie?

    We loved the week we spent there around the island - would recommend it to anyone (Reminded the hubby of Wales).
  22. ali

    Nervous Cat

    The crates are surprisingly large with room for the cat to stand comfortably (or at least the one our cat arrived in was). Like Parley, we couldn't have left ours behind and she was 13. Lived until she was 21. At the time, she had to do quarantine, when we picked her up a month later she'd been well cared for and was healthy.
  23. ali

    Post Study Work Stream Visa (485) Graduate

    If the application is specifically requesting a police check from your home country you should provide one so as not to further delay your application. You will need to apply for one from your home country
  24. ali

    Born in the UK, living in CQ

    When my son opened an account whilst at school, he obviously didn't have anything like utility bills. The bank accepted a letter from his school.