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  1. ali

    Etihad, Pre-booking seats travelling with kids

    It seems most airlines are charging now in which case it is a risk because other families may have pre-booked and would object to moving.
  2. ali

    eVisitor (subclass 651) Condition 8528

    You were right to tick the yes box because your have a previous conviction, and no live trace means that you do have a history.
  3. ali

    Contradictory information from agent

    Have you highlighted to the agent you feel that they have made an error and asked for recompense? I would do that first and then you would approach MARA
  4. ali

    Move home? :-0

    Whilst I'm someone who is happy here in Perth, I also believe that life is much too short to spend it being so unhappy, particularly because people aren't getting the best of you and you aren't doing the best for yourself. I think in your heart you know that being back in the UK is where you'll be happiest - start putting a plan in action, it will make the wait more bearable knowing there is an end in sight.
  5. ali

    International student with Crohn's disease.

    I hadn't seen your reply
  6. ali

    International student with Crohn's disease.

    It's a PBS medication - I don't know how the medication is prescribed, but the PBS information, it's $39.50 for cartridges and $39.50 for syringes
  7. Today, my daughter and I will go and see the matinee performance of the Nutcracker at His Majesty's theatre and then be joined by hubby and son for dinner in the city as our Pre Christmas outing. Getting the boys to the ballet was an absolute none starter lol.
  8. ali

    visa application purposefully incomplete?

    If you are being sponsored by the company for PR isn't there some obligation to remain with them for a certain amount of time? Obviously, no one can say if it was deliberate - but could they be aware you don't have any intention of staying with them?
  9. ali

    We are home at last

    Welcome home
  10. I've deleted the other thread with it being a duplicate and this one having had members reply. ETA if you're working you will need to check how much mat leave you will qualify for. Some health funds have a qualifying period.
  11. ali

    8504 condition date of entry

    The first entry is in order to activate your visa (validation), you must do this by the first date of entry. You are can then enter Australia anytime before the expiry of your visa in 2023
  12. ali

    John from Moneycorp - Farewell

    Thank you for all your involvement in the forum John.
  13. The biggest requirement is not to be 'dating' but living as an all but married couple. Mentioning her on your WHV application doesn't register your relationship - you have to do this officially. If you google registering a relationship in NSW it will give you the web page and all the info you need. Statements from family/friends about your relationship are also helpful
  14. ali

    Can you help the owner of the forum - My Mum

    The perk of being a moderator is that I can post on Locked Threads. I can vouch for this wonderful young man who wants to spend more quality time with his mum. I can also confirm that his mum wasn't too impressed with the Go fund me page because she is a giver and finds it very difficult to take anything from anyone. It would be wonderful if she could try this new treatment. Thank you in advance for any donations no matter how small - it means so much xxxx
  15. ali

    Lancashire Cheese Delivery?

    Our local IGA sells British cheeses including Lancashire
  16. You need to be in aus before the travel part of your RRV expires. It sounds like your RRV may have only been a year one if it expires this year. You will have to apply for a new RRV when this one expires - it is possible that having not moved to Aus that they may only grant a short RRV or non at all. You will again have to prove your substantial ties to Aus. You can't extend this RRV, simply apply for a new one.
  17. ali

    How does the UK compete?

    In the grand scheme of things though .. not significantly a lot higher.
  18. ali

    How many quotes?

    Our shippers quoted that it would take up to 12 weeks for our goods to arrive - and it was 12 weeks to the day.
  19. ali

    Ideas for places to stay

    Thanks all - I really like the look of the Southern Highlands
  20. Thinking of heading over to NSW for my birthday in January and will hire a car and spend about a week. Done Sydney before so won't be heading there. We're going to spend 2 or 3 nights in the Hunter Valley - hubby would like another couple of stops. Any suggestions on places to visit and overnight stop offs?
  21. ali

    Christmas Cards

    Me too - posted about 30 this morning, mix of UK, USA and interstate. I usually send my staff one with a thank you message from me. One year at work we decided not to send card but donate to Tear Australia - and bought 7 goats
  22. ali

    Emigrating and leaving parents behind

    It's a grieving process for them Lucy. Thank them for bringing you up so you could make decisions which are best for you. If they say they won't come or skype - tell them that would be a shame as you would really like them to still be involved in your lives. If you stayed then your relationship will be no better than what it is now because there would always be something underlying. Nothing has to be for ever, you may find that you spend time between England and Aus in years to come. You are a parent now and your decisions are about you and your family unit - leaving doesn't mean that you don't love them any less. I wonder if they'd really want you to stay out of guilt?
  23. ali

    The role of a migration agent

    For me, if your application is absolutely straight forward then do it yourself. If it is in the slightest a bit complex then it is here that an agent is worth their weight in gold. Whilst there is a lot of information in the public domain - do remember that forums such as these, whilst having some knowledgeable people - they're not experts and we don't get to hear about any minor changes in immigration (or what the impact means).
  24. Perhaps the 2nd opinion which may give you options to present to the lawyer is the way to go
  25. ali

    Christmas shopping for relatives in UK

    I've ordered gift cards on line and sent them - and ordered gifts from UK sites with delivery to the recipient