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  1. ali

    Front loading 190 visa

    As they're only valid for a year, I would wait until asked as the chances are you might have to do them all again. Generally, your visa grant is from the date of the medicals/police check (whichever was first), and not the date of issue, so technically, you could only have a very short window of a few months to validate your visa.
  2. ali

    3 months in the uk

    I agree with Melbpom - it might be worth considering re-locating to somewhere more affordable and to see if there is better job prospects for your partner. Do you work? Have you been able to find a job? It sounds like it's been a very difficult start to living back in the UK and as you say not as you imagined which will be added stress on you both. Your partner must be feeling it too with the reduced income, doing a job he has no experience in - he's bound to be yearning for what he knows. Keep communicating with each other and talking out and accepting the difficulties each of you are having re-adjusting. Hopefully it will get better for you.
  3. I'd have brought the washing machine and micro - you can start using them right away (a rental won't have them). As others have said, you might find you won't be able to use your cooker until you get a place of your own, many properties has 'alcoves' built in for fridges and will have to set this us elsewhere.
  4. Is the medical specific to his country of origin as my in laws have never had to do a medical for a tourist visa
  5. ali

    The Ashes

    Personally I think he should have been dropped
  6. You have had two migration agents tell you to answer No - that's probably the right answer
  7. I agree about the graduates and if this was a position on the ward then it's certainly worth considering a new grad. Our position is a little unique in that normally all positions in our CMHT's our CN's - but we have an RN position (who would have the opportunity to act up into a L2 position). It's not necessarily about depth and knowledge - but at interview you need to be able to answer the questions in a way that demonstrates your suitability against the selection criteria. You're hoping that the candidate will mention key elements such as MSE, risk, de-escalation and safe administration of medication. ETA - many applicants fail to get short listed due to not addressing the selection criteria at all and the evidence isn't available within their CV's.
  8. Your colleague may just like the peace and quiet and may be doing some study (I have a colleague who used to come in early to do that). I'm someone who is in an hour early - it gives me an opportunity to answer emails, update rosters, work on presentations/reports without being interrupted by staff or calls from clients. In honesty though, you wouldn't know (unless she told you) if your colleague had been spoken to as to why she comes in early (if it was a problem) as it would be a confidential process/conversation between them and the line manager. There may not be any sinister motives in her arriving early e.g. to make you look bad it may just be her preference. As a line manager, I have staff who come in early and some who come in on the dot, some have negotiated slightly later start/finish times (within our operational hours) to drop off/collect children I just see it as their preference and don't have issue with it. I don't think there is a reduced need for nurses, we don't for example offer sponsorship to overseas nurses now and vacancies are becoming fewer and not being filled as quickly. We recently advertised a level 1 position in community mental health and got over 50 applicants with most of them being graduates but we were unable to fill the position due to lack of experience in our speciality.
  9. ali


    I think the advice your seeking goes beyond the scope of the membership here.
  10. ali


    Will you not need your furniture for your rental?
  11. ali

    Kids in Australia, Dad in UK

    Not in that position - but seen other suggest: Regular skype calls, regular visits during the holidays either the children to the UK or absent parent to Aus (I know someone whose ex was recently here in Aus for the school holidays - rented accommodation and the children stayed with them for the 2 weeks). Ensuring the absent parent has copies of school reports, gets to know about achievements etc.,
  12. ali

    The Ashes

    Stuart Broad has bowled well and become Warners Nemesis I think. Warner has to be dropped for the final test.
  13. ali

    Four cats to Brisbane: am I mad to even consider it?

    Do check if you have to apply for a permit for the number of cats you have. States/shires might vary and there may be a limit to the number you are allowed in certain properties/areas.
  14. ali

    Indigenous awareness course

    I've never heard of a course like this getting you additional migration points.
  15. ali

    The Ashes

    I knew that's what you meant
  16. ali

    The Ashes

    #1 test batsman for 2019 and only started playing in August. A few more team members offering some support/runs. They might have to consider Starc (53) as an opener instead of Warner lol
  17. ali

    How is Boris Doing So Far?

    My husband has been guilty of that too lol
  18. ali

    Urgent Move Back to UK Likely

    Good luck with the move Quoll xx
  19. ali

    Medicals ~ past mental health issues

    MH is treated as any other condition when it comes to the visa and they're looking at how much it might cost the government. If you can get a letter from either your GP or psychologist to outline: What condition, what treatment, how it might still effect you (in your case you have successfully been able to manage your anxiety) and prognosis e.g. it is unlikely that you would require further interventions. Submit this with your medical. I did know someone who had experienced depression, they were asked to have a consult with a psychiatrist (just like if someone had high BP and might be asked to see a cardiologist) who gave a letter and they got a visa.
  20. He's 20 this month Newjez - it's cliched I know but I haven't a clue where that time went.
  21. Nice surprise today - my son is due to come of his P plates next month and get his full licence - the reminder came today and as a 'reward' for getting no infringements he gets a years free driving licence.
  22. ali

    Urgent Move Back to UK Likely

    I can't offer advice regarding the move back - but there are some members who will be a mine of information for you. I just want to lend some emotional support, I think you're right given your current circumstances that you make the move sooner rather than later if that was always your intent. I'm guessing that there may be some wait for specialist therapies (particularly in demand), to get additional support in school may require some testing etc., so it would be wise to get any reports you can and diagnoses which may ease that access to services once you're eligible @Quoll is usually very helpful in regard to education Good luck with the move back, use the forum for both practical advice and some moral support even if it's to just let out your frustrations xx
  23. ali

    Australia and Climate Change

    What are the emissions of other countries PB?
  24. ali

    Sad News

    Some of the older members may remember one of our past moderators Joanne (Johatts) who lived in QLD. Sadly her husband passed away this morning
  25. ali

    Sad News

    Sorry to hear of your losses Bunbury