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  1. ali

    Flights to Perth

    Yes you need it - Aussie bird is a citizen and is having to apply, citizens interstate trying to get home are also needing to apply
  2. ali

    Flights to Perth

    You apply on line and need it before you travel to WA https://www.wa.gov.au/government/publications/g2g-pass-travel-exemptions-frequently-asked-questions Because the WA borders are closed you can only enter with this travel exemption at the moment. You still need it if you are PR and travelling from interstate/overseas
  3. ali

    Flights to Perth

    You may already know that you need the G2G pass to travel to Perth - it's difficult to say about flights until the premier decides to open the boarders to international travelers fully. At the moment numbers are restricted to 525 passengers per week for WA.
  4. ali

    Help please! Where to start??

    If you only get granted a 1 year RRV - you will have to meet the criteria to apply for another RRV
  5. ali

    G2G pass inquiry

    I was just wondering because you said that people turned up but didn't know about the passes .. but you know about them and have already applied.
  6. ali

    Nurse with expired 176 visa please help

    I think from what's been posted previously, it's always worth applying for the RRV first (partly due to cost), Have a chat to the registered agents who regularly post on this site (they all come recommended), the cost of some well informed advice might make the difference. ETA - as you're usually resident in the UK now - you may also have to look at getting permission from your ex to remove the child to live abroad
  7. Facebook, WA state league, PIO
  8. ali

    G2G pass inquiry

    Might be worth the risk if you can't get an exemption - although I guess if they do a check they'll see you applied and were declined - wondering if the others you mention didn't apply and pleaded ignorance?
  9. ali

    Overseas Post

    I use moonpig alot for that reason - cards arrive on time as they're posted in the country of the recipient. You can also purchase in advance and put the date you'd like it posting. Card prices vary due to size, but generally about $6. I much prefer a real card to an e-card but my Christmas card list is dwindling by the year.
  10. ali

    G2G pass inquiry

    Were they let into WA?
  11. ali

    Getting Family to OZ

    I agree with Marisa - just give it a go and hope for the best
  12. ali


    You can still try if you really like it - you might be the only offer and they may consider. Our home was advertised offers between X and X .. we offerred the lowest which was rejected and ended up buying it somewhere in the middle.
  13. ali

    Which airlines?

    They code share. In a code-sharing agreement, two or more airlines share a flight. In this way, one airline can book a seat on a flight that is actually operated by another airline under a different flight number or code. ... All major airlines are party to one or more code-sharing agreements.
  14. ali

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    Cable Beach
  15. We've found that we've been looking forward to winter a couple of times/ Winter has been pretty good this year. In either hemisphere, Spring has always been my favourite season.
  16. ali

    Which airlines?

    We also like Qatar
  17. ali

    Which airlines?

    In the present climate whichever airline you book with might code share and you could still end up flying Qatar out of Doha if that's the only route available. We've flown emirates and it's code shared with Qantas for example.
  18. You probably don't yet have enough experience to pass a skills assessment for a skilled visa. You could get a WHV but there is no certainty that avenue would lead to a permanent visa.
  19. ali

    Packing begins

    Can you power wash the tent? You hear a few horror stories about things not passing quarantine and other things getting through. There was one on here that they' cleaned the bike and the the removers must have wheeled it to the container - it then had dirt on the wheels and at this end they had to pay for cleaning or it being destroyed. Check about candles - they may be an item that's restricted - quarantine won't check if they contain beeswax or not. The containers do get very hot, so there is a possibility they could be ruined in the journey. Christmas decorations seem to come under scrutiny too (checking for pine cones). We had a free buy/sell paper and we advertised a lot of things in there in the months leading up to the move. We didn't clean everything until the week before the move for chance that it would get dirty again. On the day we put post it notes on all the doors of rooms and cupboards with "for packing". We used John Masons, the packers worked like troopers and it took them 2 days and we couldn't fault them.
  20. ali

    G2G pass inquiry

    Hopefully, the fact that you have evidence of cancelled flights will be helpful - it will show that you had been about to activate your visa and through no fault of your own were unable to validate.
  21. ali

    Impossible decision

    OMG Amber - has it really been two years, that time has gone so very quickly. Sorry to hear you're having to cut back on hours.
  22. ali

    G2G pass inquiry

    I think i'd do similar in that position, particularly with the security of jobs to hold on to.
  23. Think they said it might be sometime in August
  24. ali

    G2G pass inquiry

    Do you have to apply under a specific exemption?
  25. ali

    Losing Online Friends

    I'm particularly close to my friend in New Jersey - she's really a family friend now, we've met up in the states a few times, i've not enticed her to Australia yet, but I hope to one day