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  1. Chortlepuss

    Thinking of moving back to Uk

    I could have written this - my mum passed away in 2019 and I was so pleased I got to spend time with her. I miss the town I grew up in desperately - but with mum going I have no ‘reason’ to return and the place wouldn’t make sense without her. I’ve started the process of moving financial interests to Australia and at some stage will need to sell our house there and move the money back here - I used to kid myself that we could keep that house as a bolt hole but the World has changed and it’s so hard to run things financially across two countries. It all seems so counter-intuitive - if I was on my own, I’d be on the first plane home - even allowing for Covid! I am going to have to console myself with long trips home when possible to keep me sane - I think so many of us have managed so far by getting our UK ‘fix’ For me it’s like filling up a petrol tank with laughter, friendship, outdoor activity, social interaction and stimulation, conversation - I am a much nicer and more confident person there. So many of us running on empty at the moment. I need to stop fantasising about the life I could have lived and try to make the best of this diminished one.
  2. Chortlepuss

    Thinking of moving back to Uk

    Ah Fergie! No sensible advice to give apart from the say you are not alone in your thoughts and concerns. My story is very similar - I came to Brisbane 13 years ago - and I was the one that instigated the move - felt like an adventure which it was. I was on a temp visa and my mistake was not making firm plans to return to UK. My daughter and hubby love it here. A bit of fishing and the odd beach trip suits my husband. He has no need for close relationships outside family. My son hates the weather but gets great mental health support here - so will stay but maybe move down South. I did a police check the other day and had to re-read my diaries to work out where I lived when (we’ve shifted rentals a lot). The difference between the entries in QLD and those made on my regular trips to UK is shocking. And that’s not just holiday mode - I went back for a work contract and rented a room for 6 months - happy as a pig in muck! I’m anxious, anti-social and depressed here and while a lot of that may just be me, it melts away when I’m back home. I like me so much better there! I know I should be grateful but I just feel stuck - has anyone found that counselling helps? I’ve been avoiding it as a) I’m worried it won’t work and b) I suppress these feelings most of the time and am scared to acknowledge them.
  3. Chortlepuss

    Are we mad... lol

    I came to Australia on a temporary visa aged 43. My skills were on the demand list, so much so that my employer pushed for PR for me when I was too old - and I was lucky to get it. I had a great job and didn’t want to miss out on the chance to experience Australia. I understand why you would choose to come here if it is a ‘now or never’ option. In Australian terms, you’re cracking on a bit age-wise - I reckon I started experiencing age related discrimination by my late 40’s and it’s been a struggle in my 50’s (IT) to get work. I was offered my old job back in UK twice & did pop back for contracts! Rented in Brisbane for 10 years and found the process grim with many enforced moves due to ridiculous rent hikes or owners moving back in. Every rental we were in pushed the rent up at renewal. It was a struggle to get maintenance for urgent jobs (dangerous wiring, non closing windows etc) and minor repairs my hubby had to do. We now own a modest house and that has been life changing. It is fabulous not to constantly be moving. I brought my family out here and it’s been great for them - teaching, nursing I think a little easier here. If you have a solid retirement strategy and projected income then maybe it could work. But please factor in that you may not be super employable for ever because things can and might change. Australia is a very expensive country to live in if you’re not working or relying on UK income (e.g state pension). I am stuck here now but pleased that my family have benefited from the move. If I was on my own I’d be heading home, despite Covid & BREXIT. Life is too short!
  4. Chortlepuss

    What would u ship over from the uk if u left again?

    I’d ship more Denby, newer Le Creuset (ours is getting old here), garden furniture, Dyson, quality wooden furniture, bed linen quality clothes & shoes. You can get all the stuff here but you pay an arm and a leg
  5. Happy to proof read If you want to message me
  6. Every time I go back to the UK (last time 2 months, prior to that a year), I love it so I’m not worried about getting bored. I did look into Airbnb but the cost of renting a one bedder in my area for 3-4 months is about 2/3 of what I get in rent minus tax for a 3 bed house. We’d be retired so kids not an issue (but grown up kids in Australia and potentially grandkids mean we need to stay here). I like Marissa’s idea of renting ours out as a furnished let - or I could even look into academic year lets (we are near a university). Food for thought anyhow & entirely dependent on Covid situation easing by 2022...
  7. I would love to live ‘part and part’ I think if I could have a good amount of time (3-4 months) in the UK each year, I would be sorted. I’ve got a head start as have a house in SE UK that is currently tenanted. But doing part n part is fraught with complication - leaving the house empty (and thus uninsured), couldn’t have a lodger as I’m not ‘resident’. What to do about healthcare as we approach retirement? What about keeping a car? We live in a smaller house in Aus so we can keep this house in the UK - we could have a nice house here, and the money from selling it could go into our super to make us very comfortable. We don’t get a huge amount of rent but it is an income and I struggle to find work in my 50’s. It doesn’t make financial sense to really keep it even though there’s no mortgage on it but I keep it for sentimental reasons. Maybe I should time share it amongst my fellow homesick expats?
  8. Chortlepuss

    New CANZUK agreement

    I was fantasising that there may be a move to unfreeze UK state pensions in Australia, given that we’re all going to be new trading buddies. Must be costing Aus a fortune in subsidising UK pensioners.
  9. Ah Snoozy I totally empathise! The honestly on this forum has helped me tremendously and you are very brave. I have been here 13 years and like you I have tried to fit in. I am so tired of trying now and have largely given up. Too many years of small talk. Some can do it better than others and the Aussies I meet are masters of the game. They’re not horrible, just have no need for closer relationships or meaningful conversation (with me at least). If it wasn’t for frequent trips back to the UK and the support and love of friends and family there I think I would have written myself of as just a hopeless person and incapable of making friends. Too many of us have this experience for it to be explained away in victim blaming! My heart breaks for you and anyone else not being able to get home. I feel like I’m on an extended strange holiday in a beautiful location - it’s not unpleasant, I’ve just outstayed my welcome and my purpose for being here. I too was part of a supportive community in the UK - harder I suppose for those that have left this.
  10. Chortlepuss

    UK Buy to Let Mortgage Solution

    I’d add - you may want to remortgage your UK property if the mortgage is low to release funds to buy a property here - we paid off our UK rental property and have a mortgage on our house here which is dumb as we can’t offset any interest against rental income so pay more tax on the rental proceeds also if your rental is quite a new property, get a depreciation report done - well worth the outlay (we used Washington Brown)
  11. Chortlepuss

    Your one word that separates the UK from Australia

  12. I came over after I got a job here In Brisbane. I was on a 457 Visa so a dodgy thing to uproot my family. After a few years, my company sponsored me for PR (lucky because by that time I was too old so ‘special’ case made). Hubby got a job he loved, kids got settled and they all grew to like it here. I always wanted to come here & feel really lucky to have got citizenship. I loved it at first with a passion! But it was never meant to be forever - I love my pubs, National Trust buildings, gardens, cathedrals, the countryside European travel and the quiet (despite not much to do in Brisbane it is never quiet!). I’m still close to my family and lifelong friends at home and chat often. And now I’m stuck here. Only myself to blame. I made us come! Unemployed - at 58 I’m probably never going to work in IT again as I’m ‘overqualified’. I’m so lucky cos investments & hubby’s work means that we can have an OK life here although we’re not rich . When I overthink it, I’m puzzled that I’ve allowed myself to get trapped in a place with no real friends, no work and not even able to be outside much cos it’s too hot! I don’t really like driving yet I have to drive every day to the pool, the gym, the shops, the GP etc. In my village in the UK in the South Downs most things I needed were just a short potter away, and I got to listen to birds and spend time in the countryside instead of constant traffic, DIY, or building noise.....I can’t imagine growing old here, it’s just crept up on me....I feel so daft for not having a proper exit plan - if we’d stayed out four years and returned, we’d have had nothing but brilliant memories of Australia....
  13. Chortlepuss

    Would you move to the UK now?

    If I was going back to the UK (and I would given the chance), I’d wait until the UK spring time. It is always a magical time of the year and the prospect of summer and lighter evenings makes everyone feel a bit more optimistic. Easier for you to ease back into the climate as well.
  14. Chortlepuss

    Is the UK’s weather massively underrated?

    When I moved to Brisbane 13 years ago, a primary motivation was the climate. I loved it at first and still enjoy the winters here. I have been back to SE UK a number of times, including once for a year. I was never really hampered by the weather in the UK (once too chicken to drive in light snow). A key reason for me to return to UK now would be climate. I dread the summer here and all the constraints it imposes (aircon, driving, staying inside). The idea of throwing on sturdy boots and a warm jacket to go for a brisk walk followed by some decent beer in a welcoming pub now seems like a distant fantasy. I never dreamed UK winters could be preferable to Qld summers! I think I needed to get my craving for heat out of my system and would love to retire back home but sadly trapped here by family commitments