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  1. Chortlepuss

    Considering moving back to the UK.

    We have come to the UK for 6 months and rented out our house in Brisbane to a lovely family via Sabbatical Homes - people on this site need short stays as they are only temporarily in the country. We did appoint a managing agent and change insurance, smoke alarms, other regs. We now have the same problem with our UK house. We came back to sell it but it hasn’t sold so need to rent for 9 months or so. Rentals in our area are like rocking horse poo. The UK govt are making it very hard to evict problem tenants. I feel tempted to use a house sitter and just write off the potential income.
  2. Chortlepuss

    Seeking feedback from people who moved back to UK.

    We are back in our UK house with a view to selling it and returning to Australia. Been here just over a week - furnished it from charity shops & Facebook! My dream was always to have a UK bolt hole and my house here is perfect - we have fitted in like we’ve never been away. But the realities of keeping two houses going are not practical unless you are very rich. My daughter is having a baby in July in Oz and our grownup son in Brisbane has MH issues and needs us. So we will return after selling and use the money to travel. You have had a lot of great advice here & I won’t repeat it, but head down & crack on if it’s what you want. If I was staying here, I’d do what friends do and have a couple of months in Jan/Feb in India or somewhere warm. I’m amazed at the energy I feel and how well I feel, despite the cold! We’re sleeping well under the cosy duvet - and walking is a joy when you’re not slayed by the heat! I love the fact that it’s dark at night, quiet and that Spring is about to unleash beautiful flowers and long days… It’s expensive here for people on low- average incomes, and I wouldn’t want to be renting - grim in the South. Power bills ridiculous. And I’m hoping I don’t get sick when I’m here - friends have largely given up with access to Drs. But for all that, if I was free to move I’d probably return and embrace the beautiful countryside, benign climate and cultural and travel opportunities here.
  3. Chortlepuss

    Furnished rental for new arrivals

    There are many people moving temporarily who don’t want to fight for a rental and go to the trouble of furnishing it. We are in Brisbane in a very ordinary lowset house in a not particularly flash area. We also have a cat that needs care. Advertised our property as a furnished all inclusive rental for 5 months next year whilst we are in the UK and got a lot of interest from lovely prospective tenants. The alternative (Airbnb, service accommodation) is formidably expensive. I’d imagine you would have no problems - but get a good property manager.
  4. Chortlepuss

    Furnished property in Melbourne from Feb 2023

    Check out sabbatical homes. You don’t have to be an academic to register. We are renting our place in Brisbane for 5 months next year via this site.
  5. Chortlepuss

    Claiming state pension in the UK

    Thanks! He will defer until post April 6th when we will be resident in UK in order to get 10% uplift!
  6. Chortlepuss

    Claiming state pension in the UK

    What Im confused about is when the pension is frozen. He will be eligible in January. I understand that If still in Aus and claims, the pension is frozen as at Jan. When we move to UK in Feb and reside in UK, he is entitled to any increases whilst in the UK. But if he defers starting his pension till post April 10% rise (when we will reside in the UK) will the pension be frozen at the post April rate even if we subsequently move back to Aus? Or will it revert to value as at January when he first became eligible to claim?
  7. Chortlepuss

    Claiming state pension in the UK

    Anyone understand state pension and residency? We are returning to the UK for a period of time to live in our UK house. We will be there long enough to be considered tax resident but as we retain Aus property will also be considered resident of Aus for tax purposes. My hubby becomes eligible to claim his state pension in Jan, we are leaving in Feb. If he defers taking his pension until we are resident in the UK (after April) will he get it at UK rates or ‘frozen’ rates? Thanks!
  8. Chortlepuss

    Still here and still feel the pull

    Years back the buyer of our house in the UK threatened to pull out the day before settlement unless we dropped the price significantly (some minor issue about being confused about parking outside the house), Our house had taken a year to sell, but we had to be brave and tell him to get stuffed. He bought it anyway. - it's every person for himself, especially in the (IMO) poorer house buying system in the UK. I'm now hooked into this thread - Please keep us updated Nanna!
  9. Chortlepuss

    Post a random picture of your day

    Our crow waiting patiently for a cat biscuit.
  10. Chortlepuss

    Customs duty/import VAT on returning to UK

    You’re certainly not an idiot for not understanding tax rules - HRMC Guidance is as clear as mud and as you said, it’s rare to get consistent advice even when you’re lucky enough to get on the phone. No tax is payable on your items. As rammygirl says, if you have newly purchased items from Australia with the receipt you may wish to claim for a tax refund on exit if you can be bothered.
  11. Chortlepuss

    Considering moving back to the UK.

    Since moving to Brisbane 15 years ago I’ve spent about 2.5 years on and off in the UK. Some of this was working for an old employer in the UK when I was broken by the bullying culture in Brisbane, some moving back to sort out UK property - and the most valued and treasured time spent with my mum before she succumbed to dementia. I’m so glad I have all these happy memories of spending time at home including travelling to some wonderful European destinations and enjoying time with friends and family. Even if your practical ‘head’ says stay in Australia (sadly mine does due to family obligations), then embrace your heart and make some memories- don’t burn any bridges. Your wife’s profession is highly sought after. For me, the fondest memories I have are of being at ‘home’ and now that travel is a lot easier, I intend to get back there when I can and experience life whilst I’m still young and fit enough. Good luck with whatever you decide but I’m pretty sure you won’t regret giving it a go. Despite tales of woe from the UK, it still offers so many happy experiences.
  12. Chortlepuss

    Still here and still feel the pull

    I suspect that the OP is trying to match like for like and hoping that you can sell a seafront property in the South of UK to purchase in Bondi or similar. Waterfront in Australia is astonishingly expensive - local to Brisbane the canal side properties go for $2-3 million and even less flash areas down the coast won’t get much change out of $2 million. And we’re one of the cheaper states! You have to decide whether the trade off is worth it…
  13. Chortlepuss

    Still here and still feel the pull

    You will definitely lose the RRV if you don’t come, then possibly spend ages agonising that you missed the boat. To get the chance of living here permanently you have to take this option while it is open to you - unless you want your remaining life to be ‘what if’ There is a risk that you will not materially have the same lifestyle as you had in the UK. Australia is an expensive place. Does this drop in living standards really matter? I had a beautiful house in SE UK which we sold. Can’t afford an equivalent house here but we survive and as we’re older, don’t need a large house. You own a premium house that will attract premium rent - or a premium sale value. If you rent it, you will be taxed on income and you will pay CGT on it if you sell. Alternatively you could take all that money tax free and either invest in a decent place in Aus, or rent (tricky I know) while you make up your mind where you want to live. Then go back to the UK if it doesn’t work out, knowing you’ve given it a go but it’s not for you… Your house sale will force you to make a decision but be grateful you have options and have money. A friend is 60+ and going through the parent visa process - it’s agonising- she would kill for your RRV! I’m sure you will always miss your lovely house if you sell but chances are, you’ve outgrown it now and time for different adventures!
  14. Chortlepuss

    Still here and still feel the pull

    I think you’ve got yourself into a right state by over thinking and analysing! I currently own a tiny townhouse in a quite dull village in the south of England - they rent for £1500 per month (not mine - I’m a softie and keep mine low ). Yours looks like a luxury house with a sea view. It will command a top dollar rental I’m sure! Keep your house if you’re not sure…it will be jolly hard to get somewhere that nice again. Keep your house until you’re sure you can settle in Australia. Come over, get your citizenship, stay with your kids until you can find a rental - then rent anything, 2 bed unit if necessary (it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit rubbish - you still own a lovely house). Try to settle here, join in, U3A etc, see if you make friends/can bear the lack of culture. Keep your options open until you are sure. Many of us are worried about being left alone & unsupported. You have lots of options & are pretty well off. I’d support a lot of criticism of Australia that you have heard - but are you willing to tolerate it to be nearer your sons? I would love to grow old in the UK (for many of the reasons you’ve mentioned) and if my son didn’t have MH problems and need us here I’d consider it. I’ve made a decision to sell UK property and then spend money on travelling back when I want to and treating myself. Good luck but don’t burn your bridges until you are SURE - otherwise you’ll spend a lot of time in this forum!
  15. Chortlepuss

    Still here and still feel the pull

    Agree with Marisa - don’t bother with private medical insurance. I have given up my hospital cover (we are 59,65). It was costing an arm & a leg for cover and when I did need it the ‘out of pocket’ expenses were really high. I looked at renewing after I got work again but so much that I might need (e.g cardio) was excluded from basic cover and gold cover is a fortune if you’re older. At $300 a month or so, it’s easier to set aside that amount and use it for healthcare if you need it. A friend is going through breast cancer in the public system - her treatment from diagnosis onwards was swift & efficient. Yes, her waiting times were a little longer but it was more or less free and the surgeon was the same whether private or public. If you are high priority (cancer, stroke etc..) you will be treated swiftly. You can see a bulk billed GP so pay nothing for your Drs visits - bulk bill GPS are easily found here. But even a charging GP is about $35 after your Medicare rebate - not much to pay to see a GP same day!