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  1. Chortlepuss

    Where to retire in Queensland

    Have you thought about Currumundi Lake/ Wurtulla? Very handy for Sunshine Coast hospital. My favourite place in Queensland and pretty quiet
  2. I’m really interested in this as hope to do similar. I’ve written off the idea of splitting time between Aus & UK properties - too difficult to leave one unoccupied - trouble is bulk of my income will come from UK and assets in Australia and UK. I want to visit the UK for at least 3 months of year. Living in Brisbane so choosing when to go in the year is tough - Spring UK is sublime but not sure how many more Brissie summers I can bear. Would Jan/Feb be better in UK or Brisbane (I never thought I’d have to ask myself that!) Current thinking is to sell UK house, upgrade my Aus house and try to get a house swap or house sitter and furnished rental in UK I would prefer to retire in UK but kids are in Australia and one in particular needs us around. It’s tough!
  3. Chortlepuss

    Aussie moving to UK permanently with British husband

    So if you’re resident in Australia and take a lump sum from a UK pension then this is counted as income For Australian tax purposes? I might need to have a year in the UK once I turn 60....
  4. Chortlepuss

    Been in Oz 8 months and struggling - advice please!

    Yes - I had a list of years where there were ‘gaps’ in my NI record from my statement. I paid the cheapest years. The pensions centre acknowledged payment but didn’t tell me that these wouldn’t make a jot of difference to increasing my state pension. The only years that could increase my pension were post 2017 gaps! So you have to call them and ask them ‘which payments will contribute to increasing my state pension’ and then pay those years only NOT just the cheapest years! (If you’re lucky these MAY be the same). After A lot of work, I got the non contributing years reallocated to contributing years. I found this out from talking to a financial journalist after wondering why my forecast wasn’t changing. I personally find it outrageous that they take payments for years that don’t count and don’t tell you! I remind people to chat to Pensions directly and not just rely on the statement so they don’t make the same mistake I did.
  5. Chortlepuss

    Been in Oz 8 months and struggling - advice please!

    Anyone topping up their NI contributions be sure to contact NI to ensure that any contributions/years made will count towards increasing their state pension. Some years count and some don’t. I paid the cheaper years, then found out these didn’t make a jot of difference to my state pension - they will not tell you if this is the case and they’ll just bank the money. I only found this out by chatting to a financial journalist! I’ve managed to get payments made re-allocated to years that will increase my pension but not without a huge amount of effort and complaint. Don’t just get an online statement like I did and pay off amounts but check first. I do wish they would tell people this - it seems almost fraudulent.
  6. Chortlepuss

    Moving back after 31 years

    I don’t think that the UK is particularly less ageist than Australia (although Queensland is a tough market). I found in the UK that there was more of a shortage of skilled workers and so they couldn’t necessarily be so picky - also change management/Project delivery was taken more seriously, so there was a preference for more experienced, resilient workers to get the job done. I lost out on an ICT change role in QLD last year to someone whose expertise was mostly busking, travelling and had previous role titles such as ‘inventor of things’. Sure, they were after a fun youngster rather than a person with 20 years solid ICT change experience - but that wasn’t how the role was advertised. In my experience, preference is always given to youth over experience in Queensland, even at the risk to delivering a successful project. I’ve been back to UK a couple of times in the last 13 years for contracts and my experience has always been a deciding factor for employers.
  7. Chortlepuss

    Moving back after 31 years

    Part of me wishes that age discrimination was still legal! I remember as a 32 year old being told by my recruiter that I was too old to apply for a website development role. At least they were honest with me despite it being ridiculous. Now it is illegal to discriminate on age, you get the run around ‘too experienced’ ‘too expensive’ ‘not a good cultural fit’ etc... if companies were honest about age discrimination we could boycott them, name and shame and target employers who claim to be diverse in their recruitment practice. QLD government don’t even monitor age discrimination - as a major employer in Brisbane ageism isn’t seriously considered in their diversity strategy - so disappointing
  8. Chortlepuss

    Moving back after 31 years

    Gosh I have never thought of 40’s as old! I’m sorry you’ve had that experience- tbh it doesn’t surprise me - in QLD the best person for the job doesn’t always matter. My last job finished in June last year and by then I was aware of how few people my age were in the office. When I see websites for IT companies or features on LinkedIn, it’s all trendy bearded blokes or young women in their 20’s. Then you have to read all the bollox about IT skills shortages! V frustrating
  9. Chortlepuss

    Moving back after 31 years

    Hi KateB I’m nearly 58 and making plans to retire at least part of the year in the UK. My friends and ex colleagues in the UK are still working some part time, some with new careers. I do miss working but as someone who has worked in IT since the late 1980’s I’m now seen as ‘too old’ to work in Queensland so although I apply for jobs and sometimes get interviews, I rarely get anywhere. it is hard - I’m not quite ready to embrace retirement and know I’d be better placed to get some work in the UK but my family are here and not in a position to move so stuck for the moment. I think you should be fine for work once you move, ageism is everywhere but maybe there is just so much more opportunity in the UK? Note Marisa’s comments on pensions though - super important to be able to receive pension once you finally retire. May be worth seeing a financial advisor re: existing super - if you reach preservation date before you leave you could withdraw it before you leave and invest it in UK. You will be taxed in UZ on Australian pension income if you are over tax free threshold
  10. Chortlepuss

    Decision Made...

    Hey Marisa - am I right to assume that once I reach preservation age in Australia and am retired I can take all the $ out of my super and put it in my account - and the UK tax man will not tax it as long as I am still resident in Australia? I am completing UK tax returns as I have a rental property... Thanks...
  11. Chortlepuss

    Moved back and confused!

    Hi Watsy Glad to hear things are picking up - it's great that you are giving it time. I will be facing a similar decision as to where to live in a few years once I'm retired - my hubby loves the heat in Qld but I am over it! We bought a house here 3 years ago and I am feeling more positive about Australia now I don''t have to struggle in the insecurity and frustration of a rental. We still have a house in the UK which we rent out and I am hoping to spend part year in both countries but it is complicated re: tax/super/UK pension etc... Plus grown up kids who have settled here .. I hope you have a lovely Spring and Summer and enjoy those long days that I miss so much!
  12. Chortlepuss

    Been in Oz 8 months and struggling - advice please!

    I say it because I know a couple in a similar position and her partner loved the UK to bits but for work reasons they had to return to Australia and he is now reluctant to go back to the UK due to family obligations. Also know a couple of Australian families from work who lived in (and loved) London for at long while but eventually couldn’t cope with the climate and returned. So just my observation of experience - the OP’s partner could well be different but her message seemed to suggest an attachment to work here.
  13. Chortlepuss

    Been in Oz 8 months and struggling - advice please!

    Some great advice here especially re: waiting till you’re settled to have kids. I’d be tempted to give it a little more time but beware that you could get yourself into a tricky situation. I came over to Brisbane in my 40’s over 12 years ago. If you’re used to the vibrancy of British cities it is very dull, albeit improving. My kids were young and personally I think if you have a young family, and are not so into the social side of things you can make it work. The flora and fauna are fantastic but like you, I find it wearing to drive for hours to get anywhere decent. My kids are grown up now and have had fabulous opportunities here (one is a nurse and about to buy her own house aged 25!). I now feel stuck. I have had a great time but never stopped missing the British countryside, European travel, the weather (!) that enables you to be outside most days of the year with correct clothing. I have met a lot of nice people here through work and activities but no close friends. If I retire here, it is likely to be just me and my husband and we get on well thankfully but I miss our friends and family and the company of others. I am so tired now of the heat and the climate has changed notably even in a decade here. I find solace in my trips home and the prospect of spending at least part of my retirement back home. If I was alone and child free I’d be on the plane tomorrow, grateful for the experience but excited about moving on with my life! Sorry to ramble - but you need to completely enthusiastic about making it work in Australia before you commit completely - and I suspect that moving your partner over with you to the UK may not be the best outcome for him.
  14. Chortlepuss

    Newcastle upon Tyne

    Just to say I absolutely loved it! A great vibrant city, beautiful coast, can see that it would be a brilliant place to live - especially near the sea
  15. Chortlepuss

    Almost There

    I shall enjoy following your adventures back to Australia Quoll - always entertaining x