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  1. Gbye grey sky

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Yet there are plenty on here who still think that any further break away within the EU will be good for the UK. Follow that logic and they would advocate that a global recession is better than a UK recession even if the UK suffered even more as a consequence. Russia and China in the ascendency now. Democracy is failing and autocracy is on the rise. Democracy was hijacked by establishment career politicians on all sides along with global corporate elites who were totally out of touch and hopelessly complacent. A few terribly flawed, yet populist individuals backed up by a few slogans and internet memes/trolls have managed to set the agenda across Europe and in the USA.
  2. Gbye grey sky

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I feel it is a myth that right wing governments are fiscally prudent and left wing governments are profligate. The right increase debt opt to borrow to fund tax cuts for the wealthiest (believing that their wealth will trickle down ultimately to everyone else) and, in general, boost spending on things like the military, prisons etc. The left increase debt to fund additional spending on stuff like healthcare and education and helping the poor directly rather than pinning hopes on trickle down. Either way national debts increase. It is a matter of people’s priorities I guess.
  3. Gbye grey sky

    Should Donald Trump win Nobel Peace Prize ?

    So many critics highlighting Trump concessions in return for apparent platitudes. These critics are ignoring the fundamental problem which always plagues agreements such as this. Somebody has to give something first. Which is why these sort of negotiations are so arduous and normally prone to failure. And certainly the reason I was 100% confident that they would go nowhere. It could be by design or by accident but, either way, Trump is clearly taking the only approach with NK that could possibly lead to a lasting settlement. The odds are still long but at least they have a very small chance of success now.
  4. Gbye grey sky

    Windrush Generation

    What has all that got to do with your point? Fascist dictatorships curtail free speech which helps them retain power. Free speech is more often the enemy of extremism. Admittedly the internet has muddied the waters but, on balance, freedom of expression is a positive thing.
  5. Gbye grey sky

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Hardly surprising. I am 57 and the only Labour Governments I have known were Blair/Brown New Labour and the Callaghan government. I was too young for Harold Wilson let alone Attlee.
  6. Gbye grey sky

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    The Tories have won every election since the 1970s in effect (New Labour was simply Tory-lite). The spectre of the winter of discontent, and all that preceded it, still hangs over Corbyn and the predominantly right-wing media and establishment will do everything in their power to prevent Corbyn from being PM. The power of the Union movement back then combined with relentless issues over energy supply and consequential inflation did for The Heath Government too but that is little-remembered. Could a more socialist government do better 40 years on under different circumstances? Who knows, but I doubt that we will see one.
  7. Gbye grey sky

    I know no one will care but...........

    Which is actually in Scotland. I think the coldest I experienced down in SE England was about -10. South east Australia is about to get a very cold snap which will extend up to SE Queensland at least by the end of the weekend. We are forecasted 3C on Sunday night which, for where I live, will be easily the coldest I have seen here. Might see our first ground frost here.
  8. Gbye grey sky

    I know no one will care but...........

    Parley was saying that 3C was like being back in England. Fair comment. I never experienced -20C in England.
  9. Gbye grey sky

    World Cup Thread

    I know.
  10. Gbye grey sky

    Should Donald Trump win Nobel Peace Prize ?

    There is total amnesia from most about past broken promises. So far the only historic event is this meeting. Obama could have had one but he would have been roasted by the media and by Congress for doing so, let alone offering up major military concessions without apparently consulting the military. On balance the meeting is probably a good thing. Trump is also right about the military exercises being provocative. Certainly they should be curtailed whilst there is positive dialogue going on.
  11. Gbye grey sky

    World Cup Thread

    Actually it’s going to be on SBS.
  12. Gbye grey sky

    World Cup Thread

    I like that. ”lack of expectation”, “I think they will get to the semis”. No lack of expectation there given that the semis would equal England’s best result outside of England in the history of the tournament. Hope you’re right though.
  13. Gbye grey sky

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Just imagine the level of subsidies the British taxpayers will need to pay out in the future to compensate them for the loss of easy access to the EU in order to keep jobs in the UK long term. Not to mention many other mulinational businesses which can more easily relocate than car manufacturers whose investments are medium to long term in nature for obvious reasons. The financial costs of EU membership will, in hindsight, be seen as a bargain by those who voted to leave if they ever get wind of the hidden costs of Brexit.
  14. Gbye grey sky

    Transfer UK Pension to Aus

    Make sure you get a value on those pensions from the date that you cease to be tax resident in the UK and become tax resident in Australia. In the future should you transfer them to Oz via a QROPS you will be taxed on the growth at 15% (under current rules). Personally I would consider moving all of them into a single SiPP before you go. Easier to control and manage and easier to transfer.......but be wary of the limits on transferring. It depends how much you have in them. If the combined exceeds $300,000 (current rules) you cannot transfer it over without a great deal of trouble and cost.
  15. Gbye grey sky

    Transfer UK Pension to Aus

    Personal pension cannot be transferred until you are 55 under current rules. State pension can never be transferred.