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  1. Gbye grey sky

    Household income plunging and poverty rising!

    Price fluctuations are a big thing here. Petrol prices are cyclical moving up and down by 30c per litre each month. Most of our regular household consumables have periodic special prices up to 50% lower. We stock up when on special so tend to have a well-stocked larder. Once you are living here a while you get the hang of it.
  2. Gbye grey sky

    Household income plunging and poverty rising!

    Not for me it isn’t. Some things cost more, some less. I reckon you spent too much time drinking in pubs when you lived in Perth. Drinking in pubs is expensive....but that is an optional spend. Normal household cost of living is overall similar.
  3. Gbye grey sky

    Superannuation and Pension-CONFUSED.

    When you claim it.
  4. Gbye grey sky

    Australia and Climate Change

    What answer would you expect from an astrophysicist? The planet will happily withstand however many degrees of climate change and however much CO2 we pump into the atmosphere. Venus has massive amounts of greenhouse gases and is still there. Whether or not the planet will be suited to the current biodiversity and able to support a substantial human population is a whole different question and certainly outside the scope of an expert in astrophysics.
  5. Gbye grey sky

    Australia and Climate Change

    Is that because you can actually see the plastic and its effects now whereas climate change is more difficult to grasp and in the future?
  6. Gbye grey sky

    Australia and Climate Change

    I will preface this by saying there are a lot of lovely people here where I live in Queensland but their attitude to the environment is awful in every way. Some even reference climate change but talk about it as if it is something happening on Mars. The disconnect between their personal behaviours and the impact on the environment is total. It may be more a generational thing. I am older and the majority of people I interact with are older.
  7. Gbye grey sky

    Australia and Climate Change

    They still do have a choice. The difference was that nobody chose to use them because the disposables were free and the life bags were not. It has been great to see the change. We were looked at as if we had two heads when we brought our own bags out, now we are more mainstream though I reckon half of all purchases still are in disposables. And it is still quite difficult to purchase a lot of items without plastic wrapping. Shop assistants now ask if you want a bag (even for a single item) rather than assume you will have one and give you an odd look when you ask for it to be taken out of a bag (as was the case a year or so ago)
  8. Gbye grey sky

    Australia and Climate Change

    Governments need to enact policies such as phasing out fossil fuel subsidies and provide greater incentives for cleaner energy, home insulation and energy conservation....or at least do these with more vigour and urgency. Individual action can only go so far especially if the majority are either not on board or not prepared to make the required sacrifices (either lifestyle or economic).
  9. Gbye grey sky

    Australia and Climate Change

    What have I got wrong in your opinion? That some celeb flying in from LA to London is the real issue facing civilisation rather than political inaction on climate change? I actually could not care less what Emma Thompson did or didn’t do. I am not at all interested in celebrities either way. However it is all about puerile talking points and deflecting from the issue by using brain-dead identity politics. The sad part is that you have absolutely no idea how idiotic this all is and what is motivating it. Try seeing the bigger picture rather than being led by the nose by the press.
  10. Gbye grey sky

    Australia and Climate Change

    As I said in an earlier post there are still nut-jobs and shills out there peddling denial but they are becoming like flat-earthers - desperate for attention.
  11. Gbye grey sky

    Australia and Climate Change

    A lie does not become true through repetition though I know that is how the internet works. It matters little but she flew BA. You do though manage, by lying, to shift the discussion from the issue to the individual......so well done for that.
  12. Gbye grey sky

    Australia and Climate Change

    The whole point is that the only truly effective action is at a political level and at the highest levels. All those who are resisting never stop referring to individuals (themselves or others) missing the point that the campaign is about getting politicians and governments to put climate change policies at the top of their agendas, not just a small add-on. References to individual journeys or individual lifestyles are missing the point by such a wide margin it has to be the new prime tactic of deniers. Aside from a few nut-jobs or paid shills of the fossil-fuel industry climate-change is now accepted so we now have to put up with all out attacks on the messengers because the message itself is clear. It is, of course, infantile. But, as Trump has proven often, acting in an infantile way is very effective. Even some people sympathetic to climate change action by governments end up parroting these talking points as if they are relevant.
  13. Gbye grey sky

    How is Trump doing so far?

    The fact that you consider Hilary Clinton as left is perhaps a sign of how extreme the right-wing has become. For the most part establishment Democrats like Hillary are a long way to the right of the Australian Liberal Party and the UK Conservatives yet you actually think she is leftist.
  14. Gbye grey sky

    How is Trump doing so far?

    Surely it was George Soros that did it.
  15. Gbye grey sky

    Australia and Climate Change

    Seriously, your primary concern for the climate issue, and the only one worthy of comment by you (a so-called expert in the field) is the materials used building a yacht that Greta Thunberg will be crossing the Atlantic in? A yacht that was not commissioned for this purpose in any case. If you have listened to Greta at all her only message is to pay attention to the science. That is it. If you are not a denier then you are certainly parroting their puerile talking points so no difference really.