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  1. Gbye grey sky

    Fair or Not Fair?

    So your concern is for the integrity of women’s sports only?
  2. Gbye grey sky

    How Fascism Works

    What were your thoughts after watching this? https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/15/opinion/fascists-leaders-america-trump.html
  3. Gbye grey sky

    How Fascism Works

    If it waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck then it is fair to say that it is a (Donald) duck.
  4. Gbye grey sky

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    But...but....but....we will be able to make lots of more advantageous trade deals with countries like Australia, post-Brexit. Did we forget to say advantageous for who?
  5. Gbye grey sky

    How Fascism Works

    This will take up just 5 minutes of your time. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/15/opinion/fascists-leaders-america-trump.html Does any of this resonate at all with you?
  6. Gbye grey sky

    How Fascism Works

    He does occasionally say something which is vaguely rational......though he then normally then spoils it by tweeting the exact opposite. But if the best that can be said of a US President is that he speaks common sense at times then that is a terribly low bar. I prefer world leaders that are demonstrably smarter than me and knowledgeable about the issues.
  7. Gbye grey sky

    Australia Cost of Living $200k + Not enough

    I am amazed how much people spend on cable tv and phone contracts. Neither of which I have. Our 3 cheap mobiles cost us a total of $45 in top ups per month. And Fox/Sky is expensive too. A lot of people do not consider the latest phone, cable tv, big screen tvs throughout the house etc as luxury items. So many if not all of our daughter’s friends have the latest iPhone. Obviously their siblings and parents have them too.
  8. Gbye grey sky

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I guessed that it was.....though I rather hoped I might get an erudite response from one of the sovereignty acolytes on here. It must be taking them awhile to google sovereignty and then pick the bones out of the definition to see where it fits in with the Brexit debate.
  9. Gbye grey sky

    How Fascism Works

    Well, in the land of Trump, being a nutcase would be a very high bar. It is apparent though that you have never listened to him speak. He makes a lot of sense though I do not always agree with his conclusions.
  10. Gbye grey sky

    Shame of Australia

  11. Gbye grey sky

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Being in the EU has never prevented us going to war though.
  12. Gbye grey sky

    Shame of Australia

    So in your analogy...how do you “go after” the supplier?
  13. Gbye grey sky

    Australia Cost of Living $200k + Not enough

    But the point being made is that is only fair to compare your likely wealth when you reach the age your parents are now if you also compare the lifestyle you have now with the one they had when they were your age. Many baby boomers got caught up in the easy credit, easy spend lifestyle and have very little. Many I know of my age or in their 60s still have mortgages and expect to work on well into their 70s if they are capable as they cannot afford to retire. In many instances this was down to life choices that they made and most accept that when I talk with them.
  14. Gbye grey sky

    Shame of Australia

    Yes, I live in a non-diverse, conservative part of the country. Though Queensland itself has a Labour Government and they are notably more environmentally aware than the Liberals.
  15. Gbye grey sky

    Australia Cost of Living $200k + Not enough

    Really. Helps if you read what people actually post than just take away your own preconceptions. As I and others have said we have all accumulated assets by our 50s and 60s but had nothing in our 30s. I only own one home that the family lives in. When my daughter moves out some day we will almost certainly downsize as many do. However some older people become very attached to the home in which they brought their family up and so stay put. Each to their own.