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  1. mariaandmike

    Moving a cavalier King Charles

    Really concerned about moving our dog overseas, as he comes under snub nosed dogs, has anyone moved a cavalier? I know there are factors like timing of flights, avoid certain times of year flying etc, Thanks in advance. Maria
  2. mariaandmike

    Schools in queensland

    We are yet to confirm an area, but will be moving to QL on a stated nominated visa. Does anyone have any useful links, the children will be 15, 13 and 8 next year. In the UK we have Ofsted as a guide ( I do keep an open mind reading reports but use as guide). Is there something Similar in Australia? Any tips for looking at schools and what costs do we need to factor in? Both boys, youngest 2 love football, so will need to keep them involved in sport. My daughter is into acting and often attends auditions and appears in shows in UK, would there be options for her in Australian. We have privately funded drama schools in UK. My daughter has mentioned Newcastle area, she knows more than me lol Thanks in advance. Maria x
  3. mariaandmike

    Proof of funds for 190 visa

    Thanks Marisawright, yes we are seriously considering this, with my husband going as his currently working overseas, away from home. Also his retraining as we speak, as his not prepared to pay out all the costs to retrain in gas, as already completed in UK. so that will reduce outgoings.
  4. mariaandmike

    Proof of funds for 190 visa

    Hi Verystormy, $25,000 is a lot to have available in liquid cash, especially if you are not selling your home in UK. I only think this applies if you go without a job and I would not be moving without security of a job. The deal is 1 of us must have a secure job to afford rent and living costs.
  5. mariaandmike

    Proof of funds for 190 visa

    Does this apply to 491?
  6. Is there anyone else trying to provide a work history where you have been an agency worker. It seems an impossible feat! I have worked for local authorities but secured the work via agencies and then been paid by an umbrella company, one has since gone into liquidation. Despite sending information and despite working since 2009 as a social worker and only have 11 months off maternity I can only evidence 5 years work experience meaning I now need to secure at least 10 points with an english test. I feel like giving up (i know its just an off day) I have been trying to secure this information for 4 months. I feel so frustrated, to make matters worse all documents need to be in letter form to agent and everyone is working from home so until i have this can not submit EOI. Time is against me as I am 44 in January.
  7. mariaandmike

    Thinking about the future, any advise

    I think the main risk is if the job ends you will need to leave the country and the costs involved. We are using an agent, I can recommend John at immigration2oz.
  8. mariaandmike

    190 Visa - Victoria

    Can i ask where you get this data from?... You are applying for sponsorship for a role that is pro-rata. Now the pro-rata only applies to the 189 (and the old 489 so maybe also the newer 491) but at present pro-rata 189's are only going through for this job code at 95+ points. So I can check points for calls for 491 for social worker at present? Thanks.
  9. mariaandmike

    Seeking areas in Queensland

    Thanks Cal, I am a social worker, my husband is a mechanical engineer and also a gas fitter. He currently works as a service manager (engineering) overseas. My husband is keen on Queensland but is also used to very hot temps so will be easier for him. Its been a dream for us since 2006 and i am almost over the age limit so this is our year!! I have been delayed by failing ielts by half a point and PTE by similar. Totally frustrating having to take when I have a degree. Its lovely to hear that you have settled, neighbours have moved and initially rented their house out, it has now sold so guess their staying too. My husband is currently looking for a role to transfer over too. Ideally I would prefer to move with a job offer. Maria x
  10. mariaandmike

    Seeking areas in Queensland

    We are in the process for state nomination visa. We also have the option of NSW and a few others. My husband works in hot temps overseas so second nature for him, I would have to adapt as so used to wet cold days in UK. Yes i guessed we would need a pen, which having been to oz and seen the beautiful wildlife i totally agree. Its nice to see you on here as i remember you were great with information last time we were thinking about moving. Maria
  11. mariaandmike

    Moving to Hervey Bay

    The first place we stayed over in the motorhome as we travelled the east coast from brisbane. (Aug 2016) It was also the whale festival. Amazing memories. We watched the sunrise on the first morning, lovely place. We are moving to Queensland but yet to secure an actual area (visa state nomination).
  12. mariaandmike

    Seeking areas in Queensland

    We are seeking areas in Queensland for a family of 2 kids and 3 children who will be 2 teens and just under 10 when we move. Schools/colleges are important. We visited OZ and travelled from Brisbane up the East coast in 2016 but was in holiday mode. We loved Hervey bay and Byron Bay. We had a short stay in Mackay too but again in holiday mode. Any areas to avoid? Best schools/colleges? Also we will have our cavalier king charles and cat. Heard different stories on cats in Oz be interesting to find out more. I understand we would need an outdoor pen? Thanks in advance
  13. mariaandmike

    Hi just joined and advice needed

    Thanks, im going to look now and any advice on agents there only seems to be 2/3 on here. Maria
  14. mariaandmike

    Hi just joined and advice needed

    Thanks hels, We have our own home here, just wondering abour references, is this character refs they want? or from previous landlords? as dont have the latter, any good agents u can advise of? Thanks again maria
  15. mariaandmike

    Weather in Perth

    Thanks both Maria