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  1. Azstafford93

    Migration agent

  2. Azstafford93

    EOI waiting

    im going for nsw aswell my migration person is just getting last few pieces of stuff then hopefully submit by end of the month, apparently states haven't been given numbers of allocations yet, they will get them in October according to my migration people.
  3. Azstafford93

    EOI waiting

    im currently going for a 190 visa with 70 points but if i do English i get to 80 points, i already failed the English test with 55 in speaking i must admit it is hard but i would deffo try again, what state did you lodge eoi with?
  4. Azstafford93

    ielts or pte academic

    im just wondering how people found the english tests. I am English so im only getting it for more points.
  5. Azstafford93

    Proof of funds for 190 visa

    I’m currently contemplating going through a migration expert for a 190 visa probably nsw. I’ve kinda got to grips with everything that I’ve been told I’ve got to do. But I hear you need to prove you have 25000 dollars when applying? Is this true. I’ve already been on a working holiday visa and never struggled to find jobs and I’m only 26 so I was staying in house shares etc so was pretty cheap. So I would probably do the same again
  6. Azstafford93

    Skill Assesment for Moter Mechanic

    I am also a mechanic and mot tester starting the process myself with the down under centre. When I spoke to the man he said it was basic stuff
  7. I’m a mechanic and have been estimated £5700 from start to finish for the 190 visa including skills assessment etc what are your experiences and how much did it cost you?
  8. Azstafford93

    mechanic trying to get 190 visa

    ive recently contacted duc about moving to australia on a 190 visa . they have estimate a cost of £5700 which seems fair. has anyone did the english test? how did you find it? any tips to look out for are welcomed.