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Found 429 results

  1. Hello, Next Tuesday (4th of January), I will land in Sydney, and as policy, I must get tested. Before was a PCR, but today they also allowed with RAT. Does anyone have any suggestion regarding a clinic close to the airport that performs that test valid for my arrival?
  2. Hello, I will land in Sydney on the 4th of January. The rules are that I should do a test within 24 hours and another one on or after 6 days. Does that mean I can do the second test on the 9th of January?
  3. Nikkiroon

    Sitting citizenship in the UK

    We applied for citizenship from Australia in 2019, but had to head back to the Uk temporarily ... as we were planning to move back to Australia andsit the test, COVID meant our citizenship tests got delayed to later in 2020 and then ultimately got put on hold. We have applied for and paid for the process but we haven’t heard anything since. Without any success I’ve been trying to establish if we can sit our citizenship test remotely in a consulate in the UK. Has anyone heard of any instances of this happening at all? or can you offer any advice/ facts? thanks
  4. Hi, I have applied for Australian citizenship and met all the criteria. However, after applying, I had to move back to the UK for family reasons so no longer have an address in Australia. I received the citizenship test notification just now and will fly back to Australia to sit the test. My two questions: 1. Does moving back to the UK before the citizenship test effect my application at all? 2. Do I need to update my application to show my UK address? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi Hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe! I was wondering if anyone knows if the TOEFL Home Special Edition is accepted? Due to the lockdown in the UK, test centres are shut but TOEFL are offering a fully proctored home edition but not sure if this would be accepted by Aus Gov? Anyone with any insight - please share!
  6. Hi there, I am applying for my ENS 186 visa. I have completed my PhD in Australia in 5 years. However, I had interruptions in two research quarters. I had to resubmit my thesis for examination. Nonetheless, I finished in more than 5 years. I know if you have studied for more than 5 years in a secondary or higher education institution, you don't have to provide an Englisch proficiency test ( https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/employer-nomination-scheme-186/temporary-residence-transition-stream#Eligibility ). Does this rule apply to me as well? Thanks for your help!
  7. Evening everyone. I have been searching for an answer for a while on here, but to no avail I was wondering if anyone has sat the citizenship test back in the UK? What was the process? How did you get on with becoming a citizen i.e completing the ceremony after sitting the test in the UK? I'm conscious that the timeline is getting longer and longer from applying for citizenship, getting invited for the test/ interview then having the ceremony so this I feel is a pressing issue with people having ties in the UK. Many thanks
  8. Hi wondering if anyone can help. Submitted paper assessment, which have received a level 1 for, does anyone know if you paid the extra $250 for the Letter of advice for points test, when you get this? Just worried as we need the points for 8 years overseas employment in the nominated trade, but on the assessment letter they state over 5 years, so really need the points test letter to verify we are going to get the points for 8 years plus. Does anyone know, as when I've rang them they have said they don't give this letter until the practical test has been undertaken, but my point is I feel this is stupid as doing an 1 day practical test isn't going to prove years in service, only the paper based assessment is going to prove this point. Incidentally the lady I spoke to was asian and I wasn't convinced she knew what I was talking about or even understood me!! She took 10 mins trying to find someone and then said they would e-mail me back to give me an answer, but not recived anything yet. Any input would be great if anyone has come across this. Thanks
  9. benj1980

    English test for citizenship

    Will native English speakers be required to complete the English test? Since moving over I have been working as a teacher, after completing the IELTS tests for migration purposes and my wife has completed a Level 3 administration course at TAFE. Is it simply a money spinner for native speakers?
  10. Yousuf Abdul Ghaffar

    New Citizenship Test

    Dear All, Need your guidance Any one appeared in new citizenship test after April 20, 2017. Are we supposed to do IELTS etc. , I mean how they check English competency. Regards
  11. Hi there, I've just downloaded the application form for the IELTS test, but I don't know whether to select Academic or General. I assume General, but is this correct? Thanks!
  12. Hi all, Just trying to book on an IELTS test, does anyone know if I should be doing the academic or general version of the test? I'm hopeful of getting an 8x4 so if anyone has any tips for success that would be great too! Thanks Amy
  13. What was your academic IELTS test result? How many attempts did you take to pass? JOHN
  14. Cootsy88

    Vetassess electrician - Brisbane

    hey hey im currently in australia, but had been kicked off site for not having a liscense for electrical work, so have to go and sit all this tests etc. im away to sit my vatasses test in a weeks time but im not really sure whats all to be expected.. the motor is worrying me just now, i know its a 230v coil, neutral bottom and return live to the top, going through all youre switches but the sheet i have doesnt give you enough information about it all... unsure what it means by commisoon, and the testing do you just do a continuity of the 3 phases back to board , take youre highest ready (probably all the same) and do you have to insulate between the u1 - u2 etc the disconnect/reconnect of motor control seems simple enough... just check youre tester, test it on proving unit, switch off mcb , lock it off , proving unit, test , proving unit... ive heard the wiring is fairly easy, ring circuit, rcd breakers, mcbs and a 2 way lighting. and the questions i am currently revising and have the ohms law in my head so hoping one of you helpful lads could help me out.. youve maybe not done it in australia but im sure its the same everywhere else.. thanks alot paul
  15. Hi I have just submitted the paper part of my vetassess assessment for the Refrigeration and Air-conditioning ASCO Number 4312-11 and as I understand it if I am successful in this part I will be asked to do a day’s assessment somewhere in the U.K. I would like to know if anyone has been on this assessment day and what the day involved. How many people take the assessment in one day? How is the assessment done? What tests where you asked to do on what type of equipment? How long the assessment takes is there an exam and did you have to take your own tools? Or where tolls provided? I have had a look on this forum and have found a page that talks about the assessment but it is missing a good break down of what you are expected to do on the day I would appreciate some knowledge of the assessment before I turn up on the day thanks Rick
  16. Hi does anyone have any experience on how long the ACS are taking to process a Skills Test ?? Mine was received by them on 9th Aug. No news yet. My allocated "person" has stopped communicating by email suddenly - just get an automated response. (ENS , 121) cheers, Richo.
  17. Guest

    New points test & aqf

    Hi all Just wanted to get anyones opinion on what I think I understand about this new points test being implemented 1 July 2011. While reading the Introduction to New Points Test on DIAC website I came across FAQ: Q: Are there any restrictions on what Australian qualifications can be used to claim points? A: Yes. To claim points for an Australian qualification, the qualification must have been undertaken while the applicant was in Australia and it must have been completed as the result of a course of study that was at least two academic years (that is, 92 weeks as registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS)). Then further down the page: What points will be awarded for education qualifications? The following table outlines the number of points awarded for an applicant’s highest education qualification. Points and Description of education qualifications 20 points for PhD 15 points Bachelor Degree (including a Bachelor Degree with Honours or Masters) 10 points Diploma completed in Australia, AQF III/IV completed in Australia, Offshore recognised apprenticeship NOTE THAT ALL DIPLOMAS AND AQF'S HAS TO BE OBTAINED IN OZ!!!! As I am currently being assessed for my AQF (technical interview being conducted tonight) and the fact that we just recently got our required funds in the bank (which now has to stay there for 3 months) clearly we will not make it to apply for SS and our visa by 1 July!!! This means that my AQF will be useless by then!! Any thoughts anyone???
  18. Does anyone know what the VETASSESS Trade test for an overhead linesman consists of ? I've been off my tools for a while and want to go back to linework. Thanks
  19. I am about to apply for a CPV 143. I understand about the assurance of Support and intend transferring the necessary monies for myself and partner to my child when the time comes. But I have just read that the sponsor is also means tested. This is of concern to me as my child is not working herself but is in a marriage where the husband works. My question is: is this means test focussed on my sponsor alone of will it be her relationship as it were. If anyone can tell me what kind of income they would need to pass this it would be a bonus. I really need to be sure before we go ahead and apply. Thank you FB
  20. I am getting very confuded about the work experience element of the new points test due to come in July 2011. Will I get any points for work experience if I have three years work experience in the past five years - but 18 months of this was gained in Australia - which was more than 2 years ago so I cant get the Australian work experience, but can I still use this experience to get points. I would assume that I would - otherwise it would imply Australian work experience is less relevant? I would need to get 8 points for my ILETS test if I my work experience doesnt count - which is not impossible, but I would prefer not to have the pressure of getting such a high score.
  21. Hi, I'm currently doing a TRA Migration Skills Assessment. I'm a chef. On the work in your own words, (part 8), it says to include duties or tasks undertaken. I could write a whole encyclopedia on this, so which shall I include. Shall I just use examples from across the board using varied cooking techniques? Is it just examples required?? Now I think I'm obsessing over this:arghh:. Thanks.
  22. rossco1974

    bricklaying skills test

    hi im just asking if any one has done the bricklaying skills test, if so could you please shed some light on the practical test and also ive done the online skills assessement how do i attach any documents to the online application and roughly how long does the precedure take as i want to get there before winter 2011 with the state sponsorship and i have a job to start as soon as im there with a friend does that also go in my favour, sorry if ive gone on a bit but really need to know ins and outs so if anyone can help it will be very apprieciated :wacko:
  23. just recently heard that the points test is changing- we were already just scraping it before, now its even worse! to pass my partner needs to pass an engilsh test at the top level. tried googlin it but dont really know what i'm looking for. does anybody know what the engish test is? hw hard is it? what we have to do? thanks kind regards, shaz
  24. Guest

    vetassess joinery test

    I have been informed today that I have passed my paper based assesment for the carpentry/joinery. I must now do the practical test in july. Has anybody done this or know of anybody who has done it and what is involved? been in the joinery 20 odd years and still nervous when tested. I have a job sponsor in Perth. Paul:arghh:
  25. Guest

    Electrician skills test

    Hi every 1 just want to say good luck to any 1 doing their skills test this week I got mine on fri up in Glasgow has any body sat theirs in the last couple off days and if so can you fill me in on the procees whats involved etc type of questions asked that kind of thing, and good luck to every 1 else