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Found 5 results

  1. Rob Frain

    Western Australia Teachers 491

    My wife and I are two teachers who started the AITSL process and TOEFL process back in September. My wife's AITSL has come through as passed (she's the main applicant as shes been teaching for 15 years) and has also completed the TOEFL English test. My AITSL wanted further info which I have now provided and I should hear from them in early April/late March. My question is we were thinking of applying on the 491 and really want to head to WA to teach, however I'm now hearing we cant do this now? Please can someone confirm and if true what other options do we have?
  2. TobyKing91

    What are my chances? 189 Visa

    Hello Guys! First of all I'd just like to say this forum is great! Super helpful and an amazing resource for someone like me who is really only getting started with this 189 visa malarky. So, I'm looking for some advice and guidance with my 189 Visa Application. I have carried out plenty of research and feel I've put in the time but still there is that impending doom that all of this will be futile if I just don't meet the criteria once I've lodged my application. Hence, this is why I'd like to know what my chances are with the skills/qualifications/experience that I have. This is me: Visa Type - 189 Occupation - Construction Project Manager - ANZSCO 133111 Age - 28 Nationality - Irish Country of Residence - UK Education - Honours Degree Mechanical Engineering Level 8 (Irish Uni) & a PRINCE2 in Project Management (Foundation) Post Grad Experience - 7 Years (Project Management Engineering/Construction) English Level - Mother Tongue (Due to take the TOEFL test in the coming weeks) Marital Status - Single Australian Experience - I've been to Oz twice, first time on a Work/Holiday and second I backpacked along the East Coast. No professional experience however. At present, my estimated points are: With Competent English - 65 With Proficient English - 75 With Superior English - 85 Needless to say allot is riding on my english test! So, this is where I currently am with my application: Skills Assessment - Gathered 95% of the required info for the Skills Assessment with VETASSESS Character - I have my UK Police Certificate (waiting for my Irish Police Certificate) English Proficiency - TOEFL (scheduled - will revise and hoping I can get the required results for Superior English) Health Assessment - Unsure when I need to do this - any guidance would be amazing, I have no concerns here I would just like some idea on my chance of obtaining an invitation in the first instance and the chances of actually obtaining a 189 Visa as I've heard a lot on here saying that without 90 points I have little or no chance at this stage. It would also be helpful to know what the timeframes are with regard invitations and processing. I realise that what I'm asking is probably more in line with a paid consultation so please feel free to get in touch as I would be interested in speaking with an immigration advisor! Many Thanks in advance!! Toby
  3. LVN

    Home Edition TOEFL

    Hi Hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe! I was wondering if anyone knows if the TOEFL Home Special Edition is accepted? Due to the lockdown in the UK, test centres are shut but TOEFL are offering a fully proctored home edition but not sure if this would be accepted by Aus Gov? Anyone with any insight - please share!
  4. Hi Guys, I was thinking that when I was looking into taking the English exams I didn't really see information about how people felt about the exams. I took both the TOEFL and the IELTS general, and wanted to give my personal experience in case any others were wondering the differences/which exam to take. I encourage others who have taken the other formats to share their experiences as well, but please remember we cannot give away test questions/answers etc, just our opinions. My background- I am applying for the Skilled Independent 189 Visa as a perioperative nurse. I did nursing as a secondary masters degree and have an undergraduate in communication with an extensive writing history in public relations. I am a native English speaker from the United States and all of my education has been conducted in English. All of that being said, I found the TOEFL test very difficult. I started studying almost 2 months prior. I took 6 full length practice exams with nearly perfect scores on each. I studied every single day. On the TOEFL I found the reading to be the most difficult, followed by the listening. I found the range of subjects very complex, and sometimes felt that without any previous knowledge on the content that the questions were very difficult to answer, especially in the given time. I was hoping on the test day that perhaps the practice exams were more difficult than the real thing, but for the reading I actually found the actual test for more difficult than the practice questions. In addition, the testing format for me was terrible. I took the exam in San Francisco and they asked me if I would be willing to sit first as I was the only native speaker that day. Of course it didn't matter to me- they even mentioned I might get out earlier if I started earlier. Anyhow, they sat me down and my 60 minutes of reading started, however, prior to starting you speak out loud and adjust your microphone for 2 minutes. Little did I know that every other person would start at a staggered time and would come in talking into their microphone for 2 minutes while I was already into my reading portion. The talking and adjusting of microphones occurred for probably 45 of my 60 minutes. It was very distracting, especially with the difficult content. My final score on the TOEFL: R:28 L:30 S:30 W:29 - which meant if I wanted the full 20 I would need to sit for the exam again. I decided instead of sitting for the TOEFL again I would try another testing format. I felt that I could study no harder than I already did, and truly hated the testing format. I decided to sit for the IELTS general (make sure for your individual visa this is allowed- I believe for nursing it has to be the academic, but because I am from one of the countries where it is not required- I was only taking it for points and not my skills assessment). I wanted to have at least a month to study for the IELTS, but didn't based on the testing times I could find. I could either take it in 2.5 weeks or 3 months, so I decided to bite the bullet and take it in 2.5 weeks. I found the actual exam for the IELTS to be easier than the practice exams I had taken. For the IELTS I was most stressed about the listening section and hearing everything I needed. I was also worried about spelling due to differences in American English (color:colour, harbor:harbour, etc) and basically all other countries who speak English. However, the test was very organized. We all sat at the exact same time and started at the same time. There were no distractions and the room was silent. It was a great testing environment. Finally, for the IELTS you have to speak to a person, and not into a microphone. As a native speaker I found this more comfortable, even if the subjects felt silly and awkward. I could see for a non-native speaker though, this might feel more intimidating. My final score on IELTS: R:9 W:8 L:9 S:9 Hope others share their experiences too, and help other people see how the testing scenarios and tests felt. The more the better, as I'm sure there are people who loved the TOEFL and hated the IELTS.
  5. jyotikhtr

    TOEFL for skilled immigration ?

    Hi All, Today, I heard somewhere that one can also go for TOEFL instead of IELTS for skilled immigration VISA. Can someone please throw some light on it ? Thanks in advance. Regards.