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    British visitors during corona virus

    I believe its a Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) - I believe it is for 12 months but I will have to check. They intended on being here for 4 weeks.
  2. Hi all - I'm looking for a bit of advice. We are Australian citizens, and currently have my in-laws staying with us on holiday. They were due to return in around 2 weeks but obviously the corona virus is causing mayhem throughout the world. They would like to stay with us during the outbreak as they are very concerned about travelling (my father in-law has had lots of health issues in the past). We are very happy for them to stay and are a huge help looking after the kids whilst we work from home. Are there any implications of them staying? Would they need to apply for a visa of some sort? If they have to travel back, it obviously needs to be imminent. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. WelshBen

    Pro rata salary calculator Australia

    I always use this one - http://www.paycalculator.com.au/
  4. WelshBen


    I attended my ceremony last week, after a super quick process. Here is my complete timeline: Date applied: 20/11/2016 City/Council area: Brisbane / Ipswich Council (Springfield Lakes) Online / Paper: Online Date received the acknowledgement email: 20/11/2016 Date Test Appointment email received: 28/11/2016 Date of the Citizenship Test: 1 /2/2017. Rearranged to 11/1/2017 Approval Letter: 17/01/2017 Date of Ceremony: 29/03/2017
  5. WelshBen

    The first three months and how it has been.

    I also work as a contractor in the tech industry, and can definitely can be described as a 'serial contractor' I think you may have just been unlucky. I've recently moved up to Brisbane (currently working on the Gold Coast) after four years contracting in Melbourne. I've had zero issues in any of my roles so far. I was speaking to one company about a contract role, which suddenly changed to a fixed term - but that instantly ended my interested. Personally I'd try another role in Brisbane before considering working away. Good luck in whatever you choose!
  6. WelshBen


    Hi all - here is my timeline: Date applied: 20/11/2016 City/Council area: Brisbane Online / Paper: Online Date received the acknowledgement email: 20/11/2016 Date Test Appointment email received: 28/11/2016 Date of the Citizenship Test: 1/2/2017. Rearranged to 11/1/2017 (they could not do any sooner).
  7. WelshBen

    Help on narrowing down good Suburbs

    Point Cook over in the west might be worth considering on that budget.
  8. WelshBen

    Brisbane IT Recruitment recommendations?

    Thanks mate - I appreciate it. I'll PM you now.
  9. Hi all, I have just made the move up to Brisbane from Melbourne and have recently commenced the job search. I am an experienced Senior Test Analyst and getting the run around from a couple of recruitment agents (nothing new there). Does anyone have any contacts in recruitment or can recommend any agents that will be worthwhile firing my CV over to? Many thanks, Ben
  10. WelshBen

    Are all IT jobs around Sydney CBD only?

    Hi KnK - from my experience the CBD is the place with the majority of banking and financial services roles are based. I have worked a little out of the city on St Kilda Road, Richmond and Abbottsford and also further out in Box Hill.
  11. WelshBen

    Are all IT jobs around Sydney CBD only?

    I work in IT and have lived in Melbourne for just over 3.5 years. I'm on my third role as an IT Contractor, and I am still yet to work in the CBD.
  12. WelshBen

    Interstate Removalist recommendations?

    Thanks Pom Queen - those prices seem quite reasonable, although no doubt they will have risen along with everything else in the last couple of years. Still, that's less than I was expecting. I've done a quick Google search and there's heaps of companies, although they all want contact details before providing a quote - I'd rather wait until I have dates before being hassled by them. Maybe after your experience I'll give Crown a miss!
  13. My family and I are planning on making the move from Melbourne up to Brisbane in the next couple of months. Due to having a toddler and a young baby, hiring a van and doing the move our self isn’t really an option. Therefore has anyone made a similar move that can recommend a good removalist company plus and idea of cost? During 3.5 years in Melbourne we’ve acquired quite lot of possessions (plus 2 kids!) so would be moving the contents of a 4 bedroom house. Also, what would people recommend doing with our car? Is it possible to get that transported up or would I be wiser driving that up myself over the space of a weekend? Any advice would be great – thanks.
  14. WelshBen

    Vapping in Oz

    The sale of the liquid containing nicotine is illegal throughout Australia I believe. It is not illegal to use, or to purchase from abroad.
  15. WelshBen

    Vapping in Oz

    There are lots of shops in Australia that supply the equipment and zero nicotine liquid. I order my liquid containing nicotine from either NZ or the States.