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  1. Splash77

    Do you regret moving back?

    for me I'm just going with what i have and that is nothing!!!! i will start again ....i know what area I'm going too and I'm gonna try and get my old job back...i won't be returning to the uk anytime soon...
  2. Splash77

    Do you regret moving back?

    yes big regret!!! and i can't wait to return to australia. i could be here all day writing about whats happened to our lives since returning to the uk...but I'm not going too. but put it this way i will be returning on my own with (NO) husband. wish you luck :hug:
  3. Splash77

    Wanting to move back to oz

    can't give advice because I'm not sure...however, i know what your going through and i wish you all the luck in the world!!!! (you are making the right choice):hug:
  4. Splash77

    renewal of australian passport

    thankyou so much...much appreciated :hug:
  5. Splash77

    renewal of australian passport

    hi just another quick question...do you know where to get the photos done as uk photo booths are not acceptable? thanks
  6. Splash77

    renewal of australian passport

    thankyou so much for that x
  7. Splash77

    renewal of australian passport

    could some please tell me if i can renew my australian passport from the uk or do i have to be in oz thanks:confused:
  8. Splash77

    Kiwi living in Aus wanting to move "home" to the UK

    Sorry to hear this... But I would think very hard about the move back to the uk. I would seriously NOT come back to the uk. It is a sespit I would take your rose tinted glasses off and stay where you are... I don't mean to appear rude in anyway at all but this country has gone down the pan so much... they call australia the lucky country for a reason Don't make the mistake by returning to the uk it has not a great deal to offer anymore unfortunately
  9. Splash77

    Mining in australia job vacancies

    Hi yes fortunately I have australian citizenship .. So that's no problem.
  10. Splash77

    Mining in australia job vacancies

    Thank you for your quick response much appreciated
  11. Splash77

    Mining in australia job vacancies

    What do you mean?
  12. Hello, trying to find job vacancies in mining industry in australia ... Does anyone have any contacts? Thank you:-)
  13. :smile:Hello, does anyone out there know of any contact's for mining in australia? Thank you:-)
  14. Splash77

    Wanting to move back to the UK

    We left shortly after gaining our citizenship... We returned to the UK.. We returned due to my sister having a illness I thought I was doing the right thing returning to support her... Which I'm glad I did show my support but hand on heart (DONT DO IT) its the biggest mistake I've made ... I should of just come back for a while and then returned but as times gone on my 17 year old son has met a girl and now I can't persuade him to go back... I could not leave him he's far too young....so I'm stuck in this cold grey dump waiting for him to change his mind... Australia is the best place in the world!!! Especially after coming back and seeing how people are living it's disgusting....stay where you are YOU WILL REGRET IT X
  15. Splash77

    We have a date!

    Dont do it … you will regret it!!! :-]